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  1. Do NOT get talked out of your dream. Pilot or bust dude! You won’t regret it. But you will if you allow anyone to talk you out of it. Best job on the planet.
  2. The cost will depend on your performance and learning curve as well. Plan between 6-10k. Closer to the bottom number if you study early, and on your own, which will allow you and your CFI to focus on mostly flying. Remember, that guy/gal is on the clock when you show up at the flight school and continues getting paid until you walk out. With that in mind, come up with a plan to minimize your dependence on said CFI outside of the airplane. Most of all, enjoy yourself and learn as much as you can along the way. It’s a blast! Good luck dude!
  3. Perhaps some of these things could have contributed to the autopilot kicking off, as well as a momentary loss of altitude/pitch control. But dude...full throttle with 49 degrees nose low followed by a 7000 foot vertical loss??? There is more to this story.
  4. Unbelievable chain of events. Just wow. Very sad.
  5. The push line is all about the strat. The rest helps to support it. The push for command is simply that. It needs to be on there, along with a plug for school & staff. I guess in the absence of a stratification, the wordsmithing may carry more weight, but I think we are pretty far down in the weeds on this one.
  6. You aren’t alone, but our numbers are scary thin. Wheelz
  7. Sound logic. Unfortunately, this logic also requires self discipline on the investment side, which most people lack...no matter how good a game they talk. HeloDude makes a great point, and it works for many people, myself included. Maybe his advice is too conservative for some of the “experts” out there, but ole’ Dave Ramsey didn’t get rich selling books for no reason.
  8. I’m currently in IQT for my 3rd MWS, and there was a trainer tour in there too, and I’m at 14 years of service. Yes, it’s still totally possible, just takes effort, and the performance to justify being advocated for. Certainly keeps things interesting, and I’m still a happy camper. Give it a shot if it will keep your cynicism needle off the peg. That was my motivation.
  9. That’s General Robin Rand. The AF Global Strike Command CC.
  10. Not 100 percent true...reference this article written two days ago.http://amp.macon.com/opinion/opn-columns-blogs/article214309864.html A small recap option (less than 17 jets) is currently being discussed in Congress in order to address the capability gap that will exist after divestment of the E-8, and before ABMS comes online. This limited recap option sounds like it may actually have some traction. For the original poster, if you wanna fly JSTARS, come on down and do it! The jet will be around for 6-9 more years, and after that, you’ll get to fly something else. Good luck du
  11. C model T-38 got heavier, and the CG shifted forward due to all the equipment added to the nose. From a handling perspective, this reduced instantaneous and sustained turn rate and overall nose authority. While the PMP engines improved the TOLD a bit, they also increased form drag, fuel consumption, and noise. Today the jet is even more fuel constrained than before, can’t fly nearly as high, and has far more garbage in the cockpit to keep you heads down rather than appropriately focused on the art of aviating. I’m with Huggy. From a purist’s perspective, it’s the “A”.
  12. Density altitude can be an issue at Fallon, and I would guess that gear door drag and less than sea-level performance may have played a role here. Engine failure would also make sense of course.
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