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  1. STAR? I'm ignorant. Please explain.
  2. schokie

    China & Chinese Shenanigans

    Gotcha. Then unregard.
  3. schokie

    China & Chinese Shenanigans

    Can if you have SIPR access. Just search for the blog in Intelink.
  4. schokie

    Headset questions for PPL and beyond

    David Clark keeps getting mentioned because they're a standard issue set that we all have. They're certainly worth the money on the open market, but not sure if they'd be my first choice if I was buying on my own.
  5. schokie

    Headset questions for PPL and beyond

    I bought a converter for my DCs that works great for about $69 all said and done. Key is to get the mic adapter as well since it's a different impedance from the mil standard. It's not as nice as some of the higher end sets of course, but for my occasional GA flying with a <2.0 ASD it works fine and is a fraction of the cost.
  6. schokie

    Future T-38 replacement?

    How common are these dual loss of thrust events? http://www.vance.af.mil/News/Article/1452397/vance-t-38-instructor-pilots-earn-air-medals/ Sounds like great piloting. I also didn't know you could get an Air Medal for peacetime flying.
  7. schokie

    VA Loans

    Researched it when selling my last house. Someone picks up payments on your loan and debt is transferred to them. They essentially pick up your mortgage where you left off at your original interest rate. They also have to pay you anything above the loan amount if you sell the house for more than your current mortgage payoff. Catch is they have to use their VA eligibility. You can transfer it to someone that doesnt have the required VA eligibility, but then your eligibility remains tied to that loan. That negatively impacts your ability to get another VA loan until the original one is paid off. Also, if they default it will again count against you at the VA, since it was your eligibility. Doesn't affect credit rating though. So, good sales pitch if you have a great interest rate. Just make sure to only transfer it to someone that has their own VA eligibility. That way you walk away clean.
  8. schokie

    Promotion and PRF Information

    What are they odds they backtrack on this next year just in time for PRFs to be late? While this is a kick in the balls for folks that have been passed over for O-4 in the past, it's the right thing to do. Of the 5% not being promoted in the past, 2.5% have been good dudes getting hosed by the system. The other 2.5% with negative indicators will continue to be ID'd. But the real win is cutting out the insane amount of queep driven from the group and wing level. Maybe the O-6's will have time to actually leave the office and lead now that they're not stuck wasting time on Major PRFs. Second order effect will be the lack of Christmas party planning and masters degrees since no one will be worried about making Major. Young wingman actually have time to study now.
  9. What tips do you have to actively use LI? I feel like I done more than the bare minimum with an actual resume, work history, and actual real professional photo. But the page just sits there passively. What am I missing out on? You mean those hours I spent mastering the perfect slide transition are wasted? Perhaps the real key is to work in MX P&S.
  10. So if folks don't feel comfortable sharing specifics of job options, can they shed light on the hiring process? Networking? If so, informal-I-know-a-guy or some sort if networking function? Recruiter? Random resume blasting? If my plan is to stay in the RegAF for 3-5 more years as line flyer, what can I do now to prep myself? I realize that's a fairly open-ended question, but what would maximize my options? MBA? PMP? 6-Sigma?
  11. What are the odds of cross-training in 3-5 years? Once the 35 manning gets flush I expect them to just take pipeline folks, similar to F-22 stand up. How far out is that? So for a current UPT student, is it 5th gen now or never?
  12. schokie

    VA Loans

    Just closed with Dave Nichols at NBKC. 3.375 on a 30 year VA. This is the 4th VA/IRRL I've used them for and each one has been great. Another awesome job by their team.
  13. schokie

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Anyone going to press to test on this one? Sounds like some barracks lawyer story that Big Blue will be quick to crush. But it would be sweet justice to see someone out-shoe the shoes.
  14. schokie

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I hate being late to the party. I obviously missed something exciting, but now it's all gone and I'll never know. That's what I get for not checking this thread more often.
  15. schokie

    Changing/Switching airframes

    Did faipmafiaofficial delete all his posts? All I see are quoted replies. Kinda takes away the impact of his apology. And here I thought he learned something today.
  16. schokie

    Stocks for Dummies (Aviators)

    How are those stocks currently valued? My experience has been that companies with great future potential already have that expected growth factored into their value. I'm less interested in buying into a well-run company at any cost than I am at buying a well-run company for cheap. While that seems rather obvious, how do you calculate "cheap"? Or does that not matter as much considering the other variables?
  17. Well actually, the guy who infamously barrel rolled - technically aileron rolled- an MC-12 now flies for Fed-Ex. What's ironic is the CFACC at the time, now current CSAF, went on the warpath briefing all deployed units at the time bragging about how he was going to railroad that guy's career. Now 'that guy' is a retired O-5 flying the line at Fed-Ex, living the good life, and laughing all the way to the bank. I think the AF is proper fucked.
  18. schokie

    UPT Visiting Home

    Too lazy to look it up, but I remember someone quoting the reg in a different thread recently. I believe it just forbids you from gaining a new certificate or endorsement, not from exercising privileges you already have. So you can't go work on your instrument rating or get a head start on that ATP, but nothing other than aforementioned AETC discouragement prevents you from using your previously earned PPL.
  19. I thought the discussion a few pages back said each of those were specific situations being one-off deals. I don't think any of them were random drops out of the blue. Not to ruin anyone's hopes of course...
  20. schokie


    I never used APACS traveling in Europe. Only time I used it was a trip to Egypt. pre-Arab Spring days of course. I stopped consulting the FCG somewhere between my 6th to 9th foreign trip. Unless you're going to some weird or possibly dangerous country, or on official business, it's all just standard boilerplate. Instead I relied on common sense and letting my chain of command know where to find me if they needed me for something.
  21. schokie

    VA Loans

    Marty, you licensed in NC? Your website doesn't mention that state.
  22. schokie

    Dependent travel during OCONUS to CONUS PCS

    I had a similar problem. Short answer, you as the member can not depart your PDS until the 1st day of your DEROS month. However, there are no such restrictions on your defendants and HHG. I was stationed OCONUS with a CONUS PCS. My DEROS month was April. I wanted to leave in March, for purely personal reasons. I scheduled my HHG in early March, asked TMO to book tickets for my defendants (wife and daughter) in late March, and I left about a week later on 1 Apr. I didn't have to cite any AFIs or jump through hoops, just used plain English to explain my PFA to TMO. They did not care. YMMV. Ask nicely. The long pole in the tent is going to be getting your orders early enough to schedule HHG that far out to stay on timeline.
  23. schokie

    Close Air Support

    Turns out you can barrel roll an MC-12.
  24. schokie

    Close Air Support

    That's a more detailed version of the argument that Pako makes in the article Nsplayer linked to above. Hopefully we have time to relearn all our lessons from Fulda Gap scenario training before they're actually required.
  25. schokie

    Security Clearance questions

    That was extremely careless, but I wouldn't worry. I don't think the FBI will care.