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  1. HeloDude

    The Next President is...

    If public schools are worth attending then why do so many wealthy progressives send their children to private schools?
  2. Do you honestly believe that the decision to train/not train internationals at UPT is made at the HAF level?
  3. HeloDude

    The Next President is...

    Oh please...progressives don't care about maintaining the integrity of government anymore than statists who self identify as conservatives. Just look at the IRS scandals, Fast and Furious, Obama's Attorney General refusing to cooperate with releasing government records to Congress, and on and on. So don't give me the "it's different now" BS. I'm not a fan of the political games/nonsense when Trump does it anymore than when the same was done by his predecessors. But to say that it's worse today than a few years ago just goes to show your bias. You don't like Trump because he signed a tax cut, has reversed many of Obama's executive orders/allowed for more deregulation, gets to put put at least two new conservatives on the Supreme Court, etc. You have even recently said yourself that our gun rights need to be reduced...again, you're a progressive, so I just see everything you post regarding Trump as bias. I, on the other hand, can tell you that there are many of Trump's policies that I disagree with and think is causing some harm to the country in some areas, while at the same time see thst some of his policies are improving quite a few things from just a few years ago. As for Trump himself, he's not anything close to as classy as Obama or Bush when it comes to speaking/rhetoric...but I've learned over the last couple of decades that actions speak a lot louder than words.
  4. HeloDude

    The Next President is...

    You're digging yourself a hole man, but keep going! "People who live in glass houses..."
  5. HeloDude

    The Next President is...

    So Obama can fire his top Generals for being "a thorn in his side", but Trump can't take away a government security clearance (for someone who is no longer working for the government) for also being "a thorn in his side"? I get it dude, you don't like Trump and don't like 99% of what he does, so why should this be any different?
  6. HeloDude

    The Next President is...

    It shows that you're not credible, that's all...
  7. HeloDude

    The Next President is...

    Weren't you almost court martialed or something close to that effect?
  8. HeloDude

    The Next President is...

    How do you 'fire yourself'? And if you're for Obama removing anyone he wants then why are you against Trump revoking security clearances?
  9. HeloDude

    The Next President is...

    Yeah...Obama just fired him instead. So much for "trust".
  10. HeloDude

    The Next President is...

    By what day will this happen? I just want to check back on the date you provide to see if your expectation was correct or not...
  11. HeloDude

    New AFPC commander a pilot

    When the one suggesting such nonsense has only been a FAIP.
  12. HeloDude

    The Next President is...

    Yeah...rights are horrible things.
  13. HeloDude

    Gun Talk

    Register? Unless you live in one of the few progressive states that are extremely anti-2A, there is no federal requirement to register non-NFA firearms, which probably accounts for more than 98% of the firearms in private hands, including semi-auto AR-15s, AKs, etc. When you purchase a firearm from a licensed dealer, you fill out a BATFE Form 4473 in order for an instant background check to be completed. The licensed dealer is then required to keep the form for 20 years and allow the ATF to view the form at anytime on demand. Also, if you then decide to sell the firearm as a non-licensed dealer, there is no federal requirement to perform a background check, keep a record of the transaction, etc...and that's where the paper-trail stops.
  14. HeloDude

    Gun Talk

    So if I rent a drill press from a business (who is not a licensed firearm manufacturer) and use it to make my own firearm, then the business and I have committed a crime? I don't think so...
  15. HeloDude

    Retirement / Separation Considerations

    Fair enough...the reg was updated/changed and I wasn't aware and was wrong. Thanks for the correction.