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  1. He was asked a question, and he answered it. As someone who has been around for a while, I didn't see a problem with his response.
  2. You should have a copy of your signed your PRF--what exactly did your push line say?
  3. Actuall, marijuana is still illegal in the US per federal law. It's just that the main prosecutors of marijuana use is at the state level, and quite a few states now have legalized recreational marijuana use.
  4. You can't fly 1830-1930 on weekdays in the summertime if an IP is available?
  5. 11R's only get 30K unless they sign up for an additional 10-12 years. https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1737932/air-force-announces-fiscal-year-2019-aviation-bonuses/
  6. Correct. Didnt 'several hundred' helicopters lost in Afghanistan seem just a 'little' bit high to you? And if you don't think the Army is concerned about their pilot shortage as well then you're wrong. The Army gives a higher annual bonus to Apache pilots than some AF fixed wing pilots. https://www.military.com/defensetech/2018/09/05/army-paying-out-35000-bonuses-reduce-apache-pilot-shortage.html
  7. Dude, did you even read your own source? You're not even close to several hundred.
  8. Wait, what? Do you have a link to support this claim?
  9. HeloDude

    Gun Talk

    Never allow movers to touch your firearms. And never register a firearm.
  10. Well this post didn't age well...
  11. If the threat of 365s is why the take rate is so low, then the take rate would have been just as low (if not lower) 6-9 years ago when there were much more 365s. It's a perfect storm right now: Economy is doing well, airlines are hiring at higher rates than seen in the last 15+ years, the wars have not gone down to pre-9-11 rates, more queep, lack of faith in senior leadership, and on and on. This arguing about 365s wrt to the bonus/getting out is silly...all non-vol 365 requirements could go away (most have) and the vast majority of guys who are getting out would still get out.
  12. Haha--you are the delusional one! Progressives now upset with Trump pulling troops out of Syria are the same people 1-2 years ago who said Trump will get us in a war with Syria. Saying Trump is pulling troops out of Syria to appease Russia is the equivalent of saying Obama pulled troops out of Iraq to appease Iran.
  13. Why? I thought standards were still the same...
  14. For what's it's worth, I personally know of an enlisted flyer whose FEB recommended keep his wings, the NAF CC non-concurred, and the MAJCOM CC concurred with the board and retained the member's wings. Again, the FEB is his chance to make his argument and defend his record...which is very fair. None of us have an inherent right to fly for the Air Force, and if we give our leaders legitimate cause to question whether we should be in this business, then there is a process to make this decision. The MAJCOM CC knows how bad the AF is hurting for pilots and if he believes the Air Force can benefit from giving someone another chance/keep them flying, then that is what he will do. But let's face it, on the rare occasion, we have all met that guy who we scratch our head and wonder how they made it through UPT/graduated X course, passed their checkrides, etc. Well, the FEB is the formal process to decide whether that person should continue or find a different job. And as for the U-28 (if this indeed in the aircraft in this situation), I'm not aware of the community having a high washout rate during initial qual (but perhaps I'm wrong?). So if the min standards are successfully achieved by 98% of their students, this unfortunately doesn't say much about the rare exception. Just food for thought.
  15. It appears that the FTU/convening authority think your flying skills are sub-par and don't wish to pass you on to the next/3rd airframe which could also potentially be a challenge for you. I have been a reviewing/voting member (whatever that role is specifically called) on an FEB and IMO it's a pretty fair process. The board members, covening authority, and the MAJCOM CC will take this process very seriously and most likley give you the benefit of the doubt, not to mention they are also very aware of the pilot manning situation. If your record shows that you should be reinstated/keep your wings, then that is what will happen. Good luck and make sure you are taking care of yourself outside of the FEB process by going to the gym, eating well, getting adequate sleep, keeping positive relationships, etc.
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