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  1. Anybody have any luck getting your final separation move delayed? Not retirement move, just when you separated from the AF for guard/reserve and needed to delay the move a bit. I've had success for a medical deal delaying it so far (1 year), but looking through some info from TMO, I see that an AF Reg conflicts with JTR (imagine that). Queepy now I know, but trying to figure out life things. JTR (dated Jan 1, 2021) says for a HOR move after separation, it's possible to extend that in 180 day increments, not to exceed 6 years. The lovely AF reg AFI24-602 (dated Oct 2020) says not to exceed
  2. Homestar, you're trackin what i'm throwin down. Trying to pay taxes now on that money i put in during my active duty days, but was too dumb to change it to roth while I was still pouring dolla bills in! Through my research, I didn't see a way to relatively easily transfer my traditional tsp to a roth vehicle as you put it.
  3. Bump! Anybody get out of AD, go into the reserves part time with a Traditional TSP? Looking at options to move it to a Roth IRA (or something roth) now, rather than later. 37 years old....recommendations on past experience with anybody? Seems a direct rollover to an account is possible, just wondering what people have done on here, aside from just reading articles on the truthful interwebs. I know it's talked about a bit a couple pages back, just wondering about experience in the last 5 years I guess.
  4. Madison? https://www.google.com/amp/s/prosportsextra.com/breaking-f-16-fighter-aircraft-has-crashed-in-michigans-upper-peninsula-2/
  5. Is there a way to see in Milconnect or somewhere else my TAMP eligibility (AFRC part timer, doin orders for a month and a half - not necessarily a deployment, but Title 10 man days)? Confirm ANY Title 10 orders over 31 days, allows for Tricare Prime while on orders, then 6 months of TAMP Tricare Prime after orders? Just trying to find that reassurance somewhere instead of waiting until off orders to find out.
  6. So if u retire as an AGR with a reserve retirement(get bennies starting at 60), do u get any final move pcs entitlements? ie, will AFRC pay to move u to ur final destination? I immediately think no way, but figured I’d ask.
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/theaviationist.com/2019/12/02/u-s-air-force-f-16-crashes-while-attempting-to-land-at-kunsan-air-base-south-korea-pilot-ejected/amp/ sounds like good news for the pilot this time
  8. How do you figure out which jobs allow you to be paid and get points, and also be on Tricare Reserve Select? Just talking to the people at that job?
  9. What's the best way to find IMA jobs? I found the ones on AFPC Secure, of which, a lot of them don't have any contact info other than "volunteer for this vacancy." Also, I imagine there are other part time IMA jobs out there that aren't listed on that website, but could be found elsewhere as you "sift the internet?" Looking for something obviously that doesn't require a large commitment in time.
  10. How many times have u extended and for how long each time?
  11. Found a few posts about this in this thread, but topics usually stray away before a good answer. Has anybody had luck delaying the final pcs move after separation/retirement? Also, is it 6 months or 1 year from separation to use it? i went from AD to Reserves a few months ago and I’m looking to move in 3-4 years ish to the final “plant the roots location.” For those that have had success, how’d u go about it? I’ve heard it’s only a 1 year extension at a time, if it’s granted. TIA
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