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  1. Ha, yikes! All the surveys suck anyway, but a survey to see who's willing to jump on the grenade?!?! Good on ya Catman!
  2. isuguy1234

    Happy 2019! May your exit dreams come true!

    Let's say you are getting ready to start terminal leave and the day after your terminal leave ends, you start with the reserves/guard. Is there a standard final out kind of thing you have to do with mpf that last week prior to terminal leave starting? Meaning, can you fly Mon-Fri that last week of active duty, then go on terminal leave for 30 days prior to starting the reserves/guard?
  3. isuguy1234

    Retirement / Separation Considerations

    Thanks for the inputs
  4. isuguy1234

    Fighter Pilot in Need of Prayers

    Anything helps... https://www.gofundme.com/captain-stephen-quottripquot-grace-education-fund&rcid=r01-154450004177-dc5f7a1e834b4f4f&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_m
  5. isuguy1234

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    What ifs r open! Haven’t even called roll yet!
  6. isuguy1234

    Retirement / Separation Considerations

    Question about the BRS.... im currently AD in search of a reserve gig with 15+ yrs time in service. If I have a few month break in service from getting out of AD and starting reserve job, how does that work for retirement plan? After starting with the reserves, I have 30 days to decide legacy plan or BRS? Or auto enrollment into BRS?? Thanks
  7. isuguy1234

    Fighter Pilot in Need of Prayers

    Nickel on the grass for a fighter pilot gone too soon as Trip flew west yesterday. I imagine there will be a full up donation site for his lil girl and wife before too long, i'll post when it comes up.
  8. isuguy1234

    The new airline thread

    Able to share what non rev apps and websites you’re referring to?
  9. isuguy1234

    Fighter Pilot in Need of Prayers

    I'll be vague for now til a more proper donation page comes out, but a 30 year old USAF fighter pilot is in need of A LOT of prayers right now. One of the healthiest bros in the squadron went for a run Wednesday night by himself and eventually collapsed from an apparent heart attack. He was deprived of oxygen for a while prior to being found and rushed to the hospital. He's not in good shape right now, breathing with the help of a machine, but is fighting hard to come back from this event. He's got a ton of squadron family around him and family praying and sending good vibes, but the more prayers the better. It's an hour by hour update kind of thing right now to see how he goes. If/when a donation site is set up to help with expenses, I'll let you all know. Things like this just don't make sense and always remember to hug your loved ones.
  10. isuguy1234

    F-35 Lightning info

  11. U can check in with “Retz” here... https://m.facebook.com/cfsaircraft/ Chennault Flying Service will help u out, just verified. Not sure where u r, but his op is in North Las Vegas. There r others like u
  12. That’s the word I’ve seen. PCS ADSC still applies. Said it may take a few days to sort it all out
  13. When ur pilot adsc is up, how does ur date of sep work? For instance, adsc is up May 2020 but for whatever reason u want to separate in aug 2020 for job reasons or whatever. Can u do that, or do u have to separate on the exact end of adsc date?
  14. isuguy1234

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I also noted this quote.......... "We have asked them to do a lot over 25 years," said Gen. Mike Holmes, head of Air Combat Command. He spoke during a panel addressing the service's pilot shortage at the Air Force Association Air, Space and Cyber conference. HEAD!! who said head?!?!................. Speaking of community, remember when it was killed? Quote from a few previous bros, "I used to do these things and sing these songs, but now I forbid you!"
  15. See lots of SFOs and PFOs from 16s and 35s at Luke. Maybe that'll change though with PTN/new T-6 studs. When did teaching ELPs stop?