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  1. U could look at enlisting in the Langley guard while u go to school too. Different state for me, but the air guard paid my tuition plus a monthly pay while I went to a civilian college flight school. U can nerd out and be an RA too, they pay room and board. Bingo bango! then u have a military foot in the door with options.
  2. U talkin more than the 6? https://breakingdefense.com/2019/05/lockheed-says-it-can-fit-2-more-missiles-in-f-35-bay/
  3. http://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/arizona-news/luke-air-force-base-officials-respond-after-photo-of-penis-contrail-surfaces nothin to see here folks, just tactics
  4. Some relief from the now constant threat of eielson 😬. Copy some people love eielson.
  5. Lol, ultimate troll! What’s ur bonus number?! I know a person that got the mythical about “are u sure u want to separate, or what could we do to keep u” email. The legend lives!
  6. Are u living in base for both gigs, or u commute to one?
  7. Shady J has Reserves right? Prolly gotta be established in the Strike world for that gig tho. South Carolina isn’t too far away if u are willing to be close to North Carolina instead of IN North Carolina. As for the firefighter piece, I used to fly jets with a former firefighter, no kidding. On another note, “My father was a fireman....he puts out fires!! My sister Sal....”
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/defence-blog.com/news/japanese-f-35-fighter-reportedly-crashes-during-routine-training-flight.html/amp
  9. Also a good idea to rush a Reserve unit if ur not already. Reference the guard/reserve forum if u havent seen that yet.
  10. Not sure how it works with u as an active duty person, but when I was in the guard a long time ago I applied for OTS and some guard bases at the same time. I had a couple guard pilot interviews lined up when the AD pilot slot came calling. U kinda get a guarantee-ish of what plane you’ll fly with the reserves tho. It’s always nice to have options and any accessions recruiter should b able to help u out.
  11. And how bout life insurance, still normal SGLI in the grd/res? Then once out altogether, what’s the favorite life insurance company on the market?
  12. Is there a normal way part time guard/reserve folks while also flying for an airline do health insurance? Or is it the std it depends answer? I’ve heard tricare select and airline dental, what do u all do with a family?
  13. Ah man, not Zippy T! Another good one under the gun, hope it works out for him and was erroneously alleged.
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