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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/theaviationist.com/2019/12/02/u-s-air-force-f-16-crashes-while-attempting-to-land-at-kunsan-air-base-south-korea-pilot-ejected/amp/ sounds like good news for the pilot this time
  2. How do you figure out which jobs allow you to be paid and get points, and also be on Tricare Reserve Select? Just talking to the people at that job?
  3. What's the best way to find IMA jobs? I found the ones on AFPC Secure, of which, a lot of them don't have any contact info other than "volunteer for this vacancy." Also, I imagine there are other part time IMA jobs out there that aren't listed on that website, but could be found elsewhere as you "sift the internet?" Looking for something obviously that doesn't require a large commitment in time.
  4. How many times have u extended and for how long each time?
  5. Found a few posts about this in this thread, but topics usually stray away before a good answer. Has anybody had luck delaying the final pcs move after separation/retirement? Also, is it 6 months or 1 year from separation to use it? i went from AD to Reserves a few months ago and I’m looking to move in 3-4 years ish to the final “plant the roots location.” For those that have had success, how’d u go about it? I’ve heard it’s only a 1 year extension at a time, if it’s granted. TIA
  6. So unfortunately, I officially morphed into the L5S1 herniation community as a fighter pilot. It's been one of those things that's been going on for....well years, but I finally gave in and got an MRI. So I'm now DNIF, in the Reserves with 17 years TIS(only 12 active tho). It seems like the option is easily available to get treated, get a waiver, and return to flying fighters. I feel tho that the risk is high to reanger the disc and be right back in the hurt locker if I continue flying. Other pilots with this issue, or something similar and expected outcome? Or how did you handle the situation? Options I see are to 1) get a waiver and continue flying to a reserve retirement with risk that I'll hurt my back more, 2) see if I can just keep goin at my reserve unit doing things other than flying for 3 years to get a reserve retirement(but I want to be in the AF to fly fighter jets, not to dream up OPRs for people), 3)Medical separation/retirement options as a reservist? Seems to be several options out there. I imagine other fighter pilots have gone through this, so looking for opinions/best ways forward. TIA
  7. Anybody use the tricare retired reserve plan for health insurance before u turn 60? Seems like my airline insurance is cheaper/similar depending on which plan, but just wondering how people like the tricare? Or maybe no one uses it?
  8. Well that’s pretty cool. I don’t want the mortgage payment to go along with the no money down, but good news nonetheless. im tryin to make sense of what it’s talking about if I’ve used some entitlement that hasn’t been restored. How’s it work if I’m tryin to buy a house when I’m still trying to sell my old house? No limit there either?
  9. PEX!! Gross!! If u look at the bright side tho, it’s better than having 12,000 issues. Ha!!
  10. So does that do away with the jumbo loan or whatever it is called now if u go over the $475000 or whatever it is? Meaning, u could take out a $650,000 loan and not have to put the 25% down of the overage?
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