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  1. And how bout life insurance, still normal SGLI in the grd/res? Then once out altogether, what’s the favorite life insurance company on the market?
  2. Is there a normal way part time guard/reserve folks while also flying for an airline do health insurance? Or is it the std it depends answer? I’ve heard tricare select and airline dental, what do u all do with a family?
  3. Ah man, not Zippy T! Another good one under the gun, hope it works out for him and was erroneously alleged.
  4. Has anybody had any luck taking years/months of GI Bill ADSC from active duty to the guard/reserves? I asked about it a few messages back, but looking for the specific way to go about it. AFI 36-2649 says you can take the ADSC from active duty to the guard/reserves via Palace Chase/Front, but how is that done? For instance, duder has a date of separation already 6 months from now, Palace Front paperwork good to go, 1288 done, then transfers the 9/11 GI Bill benefits over tomorrow with 6 months left on active duty. Does this need to be annotated somewhere, or other paperwork signed, or what? I know it says so in the reg, but just seems like an easy way to get stuck.
  5. Ha, yikes! All the surveys suck anyway, but a survey to see who's willing to jump on the grenade?!?! Good on ya Catman!
  6. Let's say you are getting ready to start terminal leave and the day after your terminal leave ends, you start with the reserves/guard. Is there a standard final out kind of thing you have to do with mpf that last week prior to terminal leave starting? Meaning, can you fly Mon-Fri that last week of active duty, then go on terminal leave for 30 days prior to starting the reserves/guard?
  7. Anything helps... https://www.gofundme.com/captain-stephen-quottripquot-grace-education-fund&rcid=r01-154450004177-dc5f7a1e834b4f4f&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_m
  8. What ifs r open! Haven’t even called roll yet!
  9. Question about the BRS.... im currently AD in search of a reserve gig with 15+ yrs time in service. If I have a few month break in service from getting out of AD and starting reserve job, how does that work for retirement plan? After starting with the reserves, I have 30 days to decide legacy plan or BRS? Or auto enrollment into BRS?? Thanks
  10. Nickel on the grass for a fighter pilot gone too soon as Trip flew west yesterday. I imagine there will be a full up donation site for his lil girl and wife before too long, i'll post when it comes up.
  11. Able to share what non rev apps and websites you’re referring to?
  12. I'll be vague for now til a more proper donation page comes out, but a 30 year old USAF fighter pilot is in need of A LOT of prayers right now. One of the healthiest bros in the squadron went for a run Wednesday night by himself and eventually collapsed from an apparent heart attack. He was deprived of oxygen for a while prior to being found and rushed to the hospital. He's not in good shape right now, breathing with the help of a machine, but is fighting hard to come back from this event. He's got a ton of squadron family around him and family praying and sending good vibes, but the more prayers the better. It's an hour by hour update kind of thing right now to see how he goes. If/when a donation site is set up to help with expenses, I'll let you all know. Things like this just don't make sense and always remember to hug your loved ones.
  13. https://theaviationist.com/2018/11/21/new-dedicated-usaf-f-35a-demo-team-announced-for-2019-airshow-season/#disqus_thread
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