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  1. Fair point, but having to even care about a 5k/yr difference in retirement pay is not exactly my idea of "success".
  2. I truly believe that the guys up at headquarters understand that there is a manning issue, but the truth is, nobody above them is really clamoring for them to fix it. SecDef doesn't seem to care that much, and POTUS obviously has enough on his plate. The wars and high priority missions are getting flown and fought, we're losing an acceptable number of jets (enough that it doesn't make the news), and Congress is getting money flowed into their districts under the current status quo. I mean, let's all be honest, manning numbers are pretty much notional as it is. Until we start losing lives and jets because the few pilots that are left can't safely fly 200 hours a month, you're not going to see any revolutionary changes in the way we do business.
  3. joe1234


    Not only would I not upgrade, I would start giving away trips.
  4. Depends on the person. But let’s not sit here and pretend like the military route is always the right (or the best) choice. For a lot of guys, it turns out to be a mistake, though an ultimately profitable one.
  5. I see no reason why anyone should ever feel guilty for min running their unit. The fact that we burn so many TP's on top of our normal UTA/AT requirement to stay current is plenty. But if you're chronically NMR then yeah you need to shit or get off the pot.
  6. If you live in an area where both your mil job and civ job are located, then IMO it can be a pretty good deal to stay in the reserves. In a situation where a guy who got out might stay in a narrowbody to maintain their QoL with relative seniority, a DSG/TR can maintain a similar QoL while bidding up to a higher paying seat.
  7. Widebody reserve F/O living in base. You could realistically block less than 100 hours of hard time in a year and earn 250k. Personally, I blocked around 340 and credited 850, and only dropped about 20 days of military leave last year on a narrowbody. Not making huge bucks, but I'm not working very hard either.
  8. FedEx is probably still the best flying job there is if you want to see the world, fly the nicest jets, and make the most money doing it. Also by far the best job to commute to. American is hiring nearly every goddamn mil pilot they can get their hands on. Pretty sure they should just send HR reps to the TAP class and just hand out class dates at this point, because it would save them a lot of trouble. Also has the most movement. Delta's still hiring a lot but not going bonkers like they were 4 years ago. But apparently those numbers show they're due for another run in a few years. Great options on the narrowbody/SNB side and domestic operation making a ton of money, but not a great option if true widebodies are your goal. United is hiring a lot but still has yet to hit their peak. Definitely the place to be if being a fat lazy widebody pilot (least amount of energy expended per dollar earned) is your dream job. And SWA, who has the slowest movement and only one fleet type. Yeah it's a great gig, but I personally don't see the appeal unless she's the only girl at the dance who'll even give you the time of day.
  9. Personally I like PBS. I don't have to browse a bunch of lines.. I just tell it what I want, and make it less restrictive for the next bid, and so forth. Sometimes a few gems will fall through the cracks. But, I just trade into what I want if I don't like it anyway.
  10. What's there to get? You extrapolated your personal bad experiences at Travis into being a MAF-wide problem, and how life is better being in U-2's. Which, I'm sure your new life is a great experience and all, but the problem was never the MAF, it was your priorities. I somehow managed to exist in the same MAF as you, at the same time, and had a much different experience. Because I had different priorities. It reminds me of the dudes who choose career over family and then bitch and then complain about how the Air Force ruined their marriage and estranged them from their kids. Like, no dude, that's your own damn fault.
  11. That wasn't my experience at all. I had tons of epic fun trips with great crews, even more fun experiences at home, and never wrote any bullets or did any of that crap when I was on the road. But then again, you probably got good strats, awards, and PME opportunities. We all make our choices in life, I guess.
  12. "Hey we're going to have a naming parties and roll calls to boost morale, so that makes it totally okay if we drop a short notice 365 with a follow on to Altus that causes your life to fall apart, right?"
  13. See, that's the beauty of being a part timer. The military is far more attractive as a side piece than as a wife. When you get tired of the Air Force's shit, just ghost it for a few weeks until a nice TDY drops down.
  14. This thread is almost 200 pages, but at the end of the day it comes down to 4 words: "Fuck you, pay me" There is a price point at which enough people will tolerate all the deployments and military bullshit, and we are nowhere close to it yet. Procurement programs out of control and eating up your personnel budget? Fuck you, pay me. Congress won't authorize a higher bonus? Fuck you, pay me. Profession of arms, service to the country, whatever, fuck you, pay me.
  15. Binary in 2018, yeah, but I'm hoping my laziness combined with the desperation to backfill hundreds of vacant O-5 billets will outlast AFRC's resistance to change. It's going to be a battle for the ages.
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