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  1. This is a great time to illustrate the benefit of living in base AND living near your guard unit. Just bum until you get recalled, and sit at home and bid short call while junior because it's honestly no big deal. It's so easy to make this into a painless career but you know what they say... you can lead a horse to water...
  2. Wait, is that a thing? Like you get long term MPA orders just to go run some squadron's training shop?
  3. How your unit is set up or who owns what iron honestly doesn't really matter much if you're a part timer. Even if you're a guard bum. Let the fulltimers worry about the bullshit -- that's what they're paid for.
  4. They're not without their various issues, but even that is when they're trickling in a few at a time. When it's 100% of the new guys, it becomes a way bigger problem and now the FTU has to address it with what limited resources they have.
  5. It's not even about instruments -- it's about experience with a more relevant type of flying. At a certain point the efficacy of flying a single engine trainer starts to drop way off. Back when we had a single track system, the heavy FTU's had waaaaay more sorties in the actual jet, so you had time to catch them up to speed. But because of the "new normal", those sorties got cut down because the vast majority of dudes didn't need a top off from UPT in order to learn about things like how to fly as a crew, aircraft performance, and OEI climb gradients or whatever. They just needed to learn how to fly the plane and do the mission since they already had that other exposure in T-1's. The fighter TX guys were generally okay because they were already experienced and so the FTU instructors don't need to teach them so much how to handle the plane, and you can top off the heavy crew jet stuff. But if you heavily cut T-1's, at what point do they get exposed to that? At the FTU, where it's way more expensive? On the line? But then how can you even pretend a guy with no clue about those concepts is even remotely qualified? Somebody has to eventually pay that bill. Hell, send them to an ATP flight class in Arizona if you have to.
  6. Very true. A lot of guys get so institutionalized into this life of assignments, OPR bullets and promotions, that they become utterly lost when it doesn't pan out.
  7. The idea that they are not the same is objectively untrue. You know full well how a military chain of command works. But honestly, I've dragged this on long enough, and my original point keeps getting strawmanned and twisted, so I'll throw in the towel now.
  8. I never said that they were perfect. If you want to advocate beyond those documents, feel free. I certainly do it. But I always make sure, loud and clear, that they understand the fine line of what is actually required of them, and what is simply my personal opinion. But you can't go instruct techniques and enforce subjective standards, and then get pissed off when people don't follow them.
  9. I didn't "suggest" anything, I'm just stating the facts. The vol 1/2 minimums ARE what our country demands of us. That's what is required of a professional combat aviator. And going above those minimums is purely technique. If you want to advocate your techniques and opinions, then fine, make a persuasive argument to pilots you fly with. But, it's bullshit to imply that meeting the standard isn't acceptable, when it actually is. And even more bullshit to get pissed off at other pilots for not meeting whatever arbitrary standard of professionalism you've cooked up in your mind.
  10. In the words of The Dude, "yeah well, that's just, like, your opinion, man". I appreciate that you have your opinions on what our professional duty consists of, but so does stan eval, safety, the DO, the commander, the wing king, the MAJCOM, and so forth. And that battle has already been fought, the result being the MDS vol 1/2. Anything above that is technique, and I hope you're making that clear to the guys you're instructing after preaching about professional duty. Personally I like instructing, and I'll advocate for going above the minimum, but if a guy wants to get vectors for the ILS and then speed off to the airlines, that's entirely their prerogative and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.
  11. Is it really a cancer, though? I mean, if your concerns are clearly and logically valid, then you should have no trouble getting the currency requirements increased. Go and raise the minimum standard by which the pilots are expected to maintain. Ah, but then that's the trick, because now you're making it harder for squadrons to send people on the road to fill taskings coming down from the dudes wearing stars. Which means your priorities are in direct conflict of the other 25 agencies who all think their priorities are the most important thing in the world, too.
  12. Except for the fact that....it is Texas? Literally right in the middle and also its capital? Fertile ground for the revolution, comrade.
  13. Amazing how fast the fake cowboys abandon their civil libertarian "freedom ain't free" bullshit persona once even the slightest threat shows up (that can't be blown up or shot out of existence).
  14. Ugh, the last thing I would want to do when I'm 63 is be forced to work myself to the bone during a global pandemic that's deadly to older people because I was too greedy to rebalance my portfolio more conservatively.
  15. Of course they're not worried on March 11th. It hasn't had a chance to spread yet. But I bet it won't be "fake news" anymore when people start burying their relatives.
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