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  1. joe1234

    F1 Thread

    Lewis just became the 7 time champ! Happy for him to cement his status as GOAT. He's a great driver and even more amazing human being and role model for my kid to look up to! 2020 has been an incredible year for sports, despite all the challenges.
  2. Damn, some of y'all are taking this L really badly. Grieving is a process, I suppose. What's more interesting to me is how close elections have become these days. In the past 8 elections, the GOP has only won the popular vote once, but were able to compete because of the built-in electoral college advantage to take 3 of 8. The GOP used to win decisively back in the day, but we just haven't seen that in almost 30 years. It's been either a Democrat beatdown, or a closely contested election that goes either way, which usually went Republican. But now the GOP are losing those close contests too. Even though Biden's margins in multiple states were tight, he opened up multiple battlegrounds and won almost all of them. Like, 10 states were battleground states this year, when there used to be only maybe 2 or 3 in an election. It used to be that whoever won Florida and Ohio won the election. Now you don't even need either of those states to win by a good 70+ EV. Personally, I think we're already seeing the long-heralded demographic shift starting to produce real effects. By 2024, millennials will have overtaken boomers as the largest generation in the electorate. Sure, Republicans will compete for many years, utilizing advantages with SCOTUS and built-in advantages with how the number of Senators and Representatives work, but from where I'm sitting, it looks more like a fighting retreat than anything else.
  3. christ dude, maybe try stepping away from the computer and taking a break for a bit
  4. I stand for popping bottles, cashing checks, generally having a good time, and sexy adventures around the world. But hey you go have fun with all that freedom and all those, uh....goats.
  5. Except that Biden was widely known as the primary force in the White House pushing him toward changing his stance. And was the one publicly cheering the most after it happened.
  6. 2 big reasons I disagree with your last paragraph: Let's be honest, the business world is filled with control freaks, and you just can't control an employee very effectively from behind a computer screen. It's hard for me to believe all those millions of hardass "you're fired if you show up 5 minutes late" managers will just be cool with the way things are now. So much business is done through conventions and face to face networking. So much of it has to be done in secrecy, or requires someone to be "boots on the ground" at a work site. The second reason is, the market will adjust. Commercial rents will get cheaper if there's lower demand to balance. Service companies (like, say, a consultancy) trying to save on rent costs and insurance will have a clear competitive disadvantage to companies that are willing to fly people out and spend the money. Video and teleconferencing has been already been out for a long time --- there's reasons why it never really took over.
  7. joe1234

    F1 Thread

    Uh..sure, dude. Anyway, glad to see McLaren start gaining some ground. Ferrari tho, lol.
  8. joe1234

    F1 Thread

    Must have touched a nerve. I apologize.
  9. joe1234

    F1 Thread

    Get over what? I don't disagree.
  10. joe1234

    F1 Thread

    Here's why it's not a legit critique; runs of dominance have been part of this sport for a while now. I'm sure people would talk about how boring Schumacher and Ferrari were during their dominant years. I remember people talking about Seb and Redbull being boring, too. If that is a dealbreaker, then like I said, this is not the sport for you. Formula 2 uses spec cars, so does IndyCar. Try them, maybe. And it's fine to think it's boring, but we don't need to rehash that fact every single week. It's like complaining about people shooting too many 3's in the NBA. Complaint noted, let's move on. And I'm not here to naysay brick, but we do have a lot of disagreements. If that bores you, then I'm sure you'll keep with tradition by complaining and then watching it anyway.
  11. Personally I don't mind either corporatist cartel, as long as I keep getting paid and making money, too.
  12. joe1234

    F1 Thread

    Their drama was on full display today. Ferrari is pretty much the definition of a mismanaged organization at the moment. But it'll be interesting to see what it looks like with Leclerc firmly at the top next year. I think maybe Max sent a wakeup call to Lewis last week and brought out the beast in him.
  13. joe1234

    F1 Thread

    Idk why people come on the thread to whine about it being boring. This sport is what it is. If that doesn't float your boat, then idk maybe NASCAR is more where you belong. Anyway, nice to see Max's effort finally pay off. Merc needs to figure out their tyre issue. And Racing Point is a total joke.
  14. If you had any kind of balls you'd go up the first fighter tracked T-6 faip before your dollar ride and ask him if he was jelly. Now THAT is a power move.
  15. joe1234

    F1 Thread

    Given what he's faced growing up and in his career, I think he probably knows better than you do. But I know one thing, he definitely knows how to win on 3 tyres! Absolutely brilliant driving to limp that car in for the win. A few more wins and this season will basically just be a coronation.
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