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  1. joe1234

    F1 Thread

    I'm skeptical. NASCAR is already the biggest racing circuit in America, and anyone who's seeking something a little more skillful and technologically advanced is probably already into Formula 1. Simply put, there's just not an audience that exists to grow IndyCar beyond where it is right now.
  2. joe1234

    F1 Thread

    My boy Lewis just clinched #6! Definitely GOAT status at this point.
  3. joe1234

    F1 Thread

    I got into F1 because Lewis Hamilton is the coolest mofo on the planet (back when he was racing for McLaren). Now he's a virtual lock for GOAT status and I hope I can catch one his races one day.
  4. If they based their decision on that far of a logical reach, I can see why it didn't end up working out.
  5. Honestly, I just go where I want and then list my travels during the reinvestigation process every 5 years. Nobody really seems to care. And I certainly don't give a shit if they threaten to yank my clearance.
  6. Maybe that's the way we should pick potential students from now on.
  7. I mean, that's all well and good, but why take a flimsy deal that the AF will probably renege on, when I can just be a full-time guard dude or reservist, and have ironclad protections so that big blue can't eventually fuck me over? Because they definitely will at some point. But as an ARC member, I still have the freedom to drift from job to job as I please, yet not be on the hook for active duty fuckery.
  8. This thread is actually really kind of comical. On one hand, you have pointy nose dudes bitching about the lack of quality of UPT/IFF grads they are getting because the training pipeline is so badly undermanned, and then in the very same post, come up with this elitist BS about how other people don't have what it takes to train your guys. Like, okay, fine, the rest of us weren't exactly knocking down the door to come join your dumpster fire, but hey good luck with not having a midair with your shitty VR-trained UPT Next wingman that the last 3 training programs have been passing the buck on.
  9. Smoke em if you got em.
  10. Fighting people's wars for them is the cost of doing business if you want to be an economic superpower. A little too late in the game to be getting buyer's remorse.
  11. Glad I married a low performing woman. Life is so much easier without expectations.
  12. At my airline, you'd just bid a line, drop leave the days you knew you'd be on alert, maybe add a little slop time, and then show up to fly your trips at the end of the month. They literally do not give a shit that you're double dipping as long as you actually show up to fly what's on your schedule. Meanwhile other dudes are getting threatened with being fired. Fuck that. The company you work for matters.
  13. It's like watching a bunch of homeless people fight over a ham sandwich that someone threw in the trash.
  14. One often forgotten thing about tankers is that you work with almost every single other flying community in the AF. You have a piece of the fighter mission, conventional bombers, the AE mission, AFSOC, mobility, secret squirrel ISR, C2, TACAMO, Naval carrier defense, test pilot stuff, CAS, homeland defense alert, nuke bombers. You get a taste of several different parts of the flying world. Pretty much everybody except slick herks and helos. On the airlift side, you tend to work a lot more with ground troops. Tankers have almost zero interaction with the Army. So if that's your bag, then go after it. The most common guard/reserve heavies are herks and KC-135s, followed by C-17s, then C-5's, then finally KC-10's which only have 2 units, but honestly it's not that hard to transition if a unit is willing to hire you. But I guess what I'm saying is you're more likely to find a nearby tanker unit for your commute than you are a C-5 unit or something.
  15. Yeah....that's why you don't do hiring for Google. I'd put my money on that college kid being able to run circles around some government trained IT troop when it comes to coding. That kid was probably staying up at 4am every night in Palo Alto or Pasadena smoking weed and coding apps and video game mods with his buddies for the past 6 years, instead of having to worry about dorm inspections and showing up at 0600 for squadron PT or something.
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