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  1. When I was at Pensacola UNT circa 1998 there was a USN Navy pilot who became a F-14 RIO. Apparently he couldn't pass carrier quals and instead of becoming a land-based pilot (P-3, etc.) he decided he had to do the carrier thing and became a NFO. Likewise there was a USMC pilot who in the pipeline to become a Marine NFO while I was there for reasons I don't remember.
  2. I had a SFS squadron commander at Randolph tell that me that to my face. I mentioned the long line of cars every day outside the gate and the CIA gate shooting and he said, "It's not my problem if it happens out there."
  3. We've spent more on Afghanistan in adjusted dollars than we did on the Marshall Plan FFS. Fellow alum was a PRT commander there about 5 years ago, so like 14-15 years into the war. He and crew rolled up into a valley in western Afghanistan near the Iranian border and the locals thought he and his folks were Russians. Never heard of 9-11 and didn't know there were any Americans in Afghanistan. 14-15 years into the war!
  4. I didn't have any of that and got Korean ACSC as a B-1 WSO. The only thing I had going for me is my wife is Korean. I know I beat out some prior enlisted Korean linguists; how, I don't know. The F-15C guy that came after me had absolutely nothing to do with Korea and didn't even have any foreign schools on his IDE app. And I think the F-16 guy after him had nothing to do with Korea either except a Kun or Osan tour under his belt. My impression was that AFSC was more important than other factors.
  5. I'm surprised this has taken this long for this to happen. When I went to nav school at Pensacola in the 97-98 time frame seemed like half of the Saudis were like, "This is great. Allah can't see me here so I can drink, eat pork, party, etc." But the other half, you could tell, were like, "Ima give all my pay check to Osama Bin Laden."
  6. They, as well as the RAF, were already offered the B-1 from the ones sent to D-M in the early 2000s and they said no.
  7. pbar

    Gun Talk

    Be careful. Just bought one and the pistol grip didn't come with the screw to hold it to the lower.
  8. They found people like us dumb enough to be CSOs/WSOs...
  9. 94 year group and I went to school (ROKAF ACSC) in 2009
  10. Weird. In my year group in the Bone, we got 9-10 IDE in-res slots and out of those, 8 were WSOs (myself included, though how I got one is beyond me). Once again, timing is EVERYTHING.
  11. I know a B-1 WSO who made O-5 like 4 or 5 APZ. I know 2-3 B-1 pilots who made it 1 APZ too. I also know a B-1 WSO who made O-4 7 APZ.
  12. That must of have changed. When I was in the B-1 community (left in 2004), people who left, like me, didn't do as well as though who stayed. I left and wasn't able to get a squadron command and so got passed over for O-6.
  13. Until the bad guys patch their systems...
  14. While the process doesn't have to be as imperfect as the AF does it, it's not an easy process. One of my AFROTC instructors was a personnel type who was involved in creating the PRF and later changing from the OER to the OPR. He said they talked to all the Fortune 500 companies at the time to ask how they did performance eval and promotions. They answer they got back from all of them was basically, "If you figure it out, come back and let us know."
  15. pbar

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    https://spectrum.ieee.org/aerospace/aviation/how-the-boeing-737-max-disaster-looks-to-a-software-developer Interesting article on the 737 Max and its software issues.
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