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  1. Totally up to the senior rater. Luck & timing. Let’s not forget we’re talking about DE...don’t fret about whether the ugly chick asks you to dance.
  2. Valid. And there’s a big brother aspect to the videos disappearing. A point towards “world was better without the internet.” As I type on my phone more powerful than a 20 yr old supercomputer.
  3. Don’t know him, but several friends do. I’ve heard nothing but good from his peers and subordinates, dudes and dudettes, for what it’s worth. He likely did the best he could for the situation. Sometimes command sucks. Rarely am I the fun police, but reposting the video is like taking photos in the bar. While TDY. It can’t possibly do any good. I also don’t get what the big deal ever was...PG-13 at most.
  4. And don’t apply to be an astronaut. Apply to do experimental flight test. It’s a possible path to astronaut, but that’s the slimmest cut there is.
  5. 1) 99%+ probable heavy to heavy. 418th and 413th do cool, relevant work. 2) You’ll fly it all during TPS. 3) Depends on you, your record, and what the board needs that year. Can’t hurt. Check the AFIT container and they’ll send you if that’s the only thing holding you back. 4) Yes. Edwards and Hurlburt are the main ones for heavy pilots. But there’s a C-17 exchange to UK, KC-46 test is in Seattle, Rescue CTF is at Nellis, and Big Safari test.
  6. That is a sad thing. But probably true.
  7. Great program if your kiddos/frau need it, though. It’s ridiculous that it’s a compulsory program—parents should have a vote on need. There must be funding tied to enrollment numbers, because they tried to get us to enroll for one kid’s eyeglasses. We were, however, forced into EFMP for minor physical therapy that finished before we departed. Now have to go through the disenrollment debacle.
  8. Thanks! (sent via brief word vice reaction emoticon) I agree with Danger's caveat. Somebody who knows details of the situation would be justified contacting media.
  9. That is terrific news for the AF after many years of disqualifying too many. Expect a wave of highly qualified candidates for the active duty board. At least those who aren't too old.
  10. DoD spends $220M/yr on those charts and associated courses. One might wonder if all those student course evaluations (at least midrange because you must take time to explain any low score) accurately represent the value of these training programs...
  11. Fightin’ words for nerd flag! (Depends on whether order of merit, medical, and/or personal interest drove career path.)
  12. Not sure if addressed at me, but I was talking about a computer color vision test. The AF DQ rate is now significantly higher from what the docs report vs the old tests, and this is a win in their book. Navy allows the same computer test now, but with a lower passing score. Don’t want to derail the thread, but min acceptable standards should apply to every “gatekeeper” standard, e.g. if the somebody who’s an inch below/above some anthro standard can do the job, then we should adjust that standard. Then we’ll DQ the least number of otherwise high aptitude candidates. Whether or not we can identify/measure aptitude is a different problem.
  13. It doesn’t help that they cranked up the DQ rate with the computer eye test in that exact same timeframe. Tighten the crank too far on one thing and something that matters has to give...that something is aptitude. Sister services aren’t exactly crashing a/c left and right with old school tests. Bros on waivers wouldn’t have made it through the front door today. EDIT: I notice you have a VMFA tag, so not sure what the USN/USMC issue would be unless they did something similar. Point remains for the AF pipeline.
  14. Has anybody validated that Chang is in a position to answer such questions (besides himself)?
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