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  1. I though service secretaries had speech writers. Just saying.
  2. In the Travis AFB mission set, it takes an unusual amount of hate to achieve war crimes leading to death. What'd they do, land wheels up on a group of enemy combatants? And does that rate an Air Medal or GCM?
  3. 1) Tough love: everybody gets grounded sooner or later. Everything good in my life and a lot of cool aviating happened after the AF told me to find a Plan B because of a condition I don't have (that's no longer disqualifying, to boot). 2) Optimism: excel where you are. Amazingly cool things happen in UAV land. This will also set you up for other opportunities as they present themselves (WPS, TPS, something after AD, and who knows...maybe an AF short on pilots might change a few rules). To some extent, happiness is a choice. While you never have total control, you'll always have influence. Practice a positive mental attitude. That doesn't mean ignoring suck, it means knowing there's always a way through, over, or around.
  4. Posterior or ulterior? Almost any version works in this unfortunate case. That sucks when people screw up that badly, but it happens. Wing status of discipline briefs are sobering. Fuge is gold, I’m sure it was legit.
  5. https://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/19810010485.pdf Nerd it up. Could have saved ~$1-2B by now. My other favorite stupid decision is the continual failure to re-engine the BUFFs, but I digress.
  6. AFPC should be able to make it happen if you ask. Your boss will ask why (I would). Good luck whatever the situation.
  7. It’s complicated. AQ and RCO manage program elements (pots of money), executed by a center (or RCO), to requirements from the MAJCOMs, all backed by studies from whoever supports your PFA (RAND, Red Team, etc). J8 is a significant gatekeeper and BS filter. Air Superiority 2030 Flight Plan is recommended reading. People who worked that were top notch. The ECCT concept seems to have legs.
  8. Is that kind of your own damn Dutch Oven problem in the suit & helmet?
  9. Little, if any. The walrus was an NG exec. James was SAIC and United Tech. Wynne was G-D. Don’t care as long as they keep their allegiance straight.
  10. Totally up to the senior rater. Luck & timing. Let’s not forget we’re talking about DE...don’t fret about whether the ugly chick asks you to dance.
  11. Valid. And there’s a big brother aspect to the videos disappearing. A point towards “world was better without the internet.” As I type on my phone more powerful than a 20 yr old supercomputer.
  12. Don’t know him, but several friends do. I’ve heard nothing but good from his peers and subordinates, dudes and dudettes, for what it’s worth. He likely did the best he could for the situation. Sometimes command sucks. Rarely am I the fun police, but reposting the video is like taking photos in the bar. While TDY. It can’t possibly do any good. I also don’t get what the big deal ever was...PG-13 at most.
  13. And don’t apply to be an astronaut. Apply to do experimental flight test. It’s a possible path to astronaut, but that’s the slimmest cut there is.
  14. 1) 99%+ probable heavy to heavy. 418th and 413th do cool, relevant work. 2) You’ll fly it all during TPS. 3) Depends on you, your record, and what the board needs that year. Can’t hurt. Check the AFIT container and they’ll send you if that’s the only thing holding you back. 4) Yes. Edwards and Hurlburt are the main ones for heavy pilots. But there’s a C-17 exchange to UK, KC-46 test is in Seattle, Rescue CTF is at Nellis, and Big Safari test.
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