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  1. Would also recommend doing a drift boat charter for King Salmon on the Kasilof River and then getting a guide for wade fishing for King Salmon on the Anchor River. Beginning to mid June is about the peak for both of those runs. You can pack a lot of awesome fishing into a 10-14 day trip on the Kenai Peninsula in June.
  2. For June I would recommend staying at a couple different places down on the Kenai Peninsula. I would highly recommend staying in Coopers Landing in mid June for fishing the Kenai and Russian Rivers for the first run of Sockeye (Reds) Salmon and Rainbow trout. Opening day is usually June 11. You can wade fish on the Russian and then would recommend taking a drift boat on the Kenai. Lots of good guides in Cooper landing that will get you on fish in both rivers. Homer is also a great place to visit and going out on a Charter Boat and fishing deep for Halibut is a great time. You almost alwa
  3. Copy all. My post was after a “few” beers so didn’t catch that and called you out instead, my bad.
  4. F-35-The AIB President found, by a preponderance of the evidence, that the mishap was caused first, by the MA touching down at 202 KCAS, and second, by the MA flight control surfaces, namely the tail of the aircraft, conflicting with the MP inputs upon landing, resulting in the MP’s inability to recover from the aircraft oscillation. F-16- The Accident Investigation Board (AIB) President found by a preponderance of evidence the cause of the mishap was the MP’s failure to correctly interpret the approach lighting system and identify the runway threshold during his first landing attempt
  5. I know you’re a fighter guy so you scoff at all things involved with flying an approach and landing as motherhood and admin- but look at the data; a lot of mistakes happen in those phases. I actually researched visual approaches for my BS embry top-off paper since I was intrigued by the only two operational go arounds I had seen in the C-17 being from visual approaches. We do a ton of canned local patterns and a bunch of instrument approaches but when dudes get the random “Cleared for a visual” they’d F it up. The ASRS database actually had a lot of info on mistakes on vi
  6. Good for them, actually happy to see them owning the mistake instead of just deleting it with no mention
  7. Appreciate all of the responses. Any thoughts on signing the 3 year bonus? I’m supposed to be at my current duty station through April 2022 so that might allow me to stay here the whole time and then hopefully get hired by the airlines and be at the front of the next hiring wave (assuming they start hiring again in 2-3 years). I’d then have to try to get my last 2 years through guard/reserve which may or may not be difficult. One negative I can think of is if the airlines aren’t hiring in 3 years then I’d probably miss out on the last 2 years of bonus. Thanks again.
  8. I’ve asked a similar question looking for advice and inputs before but obviously things have changed in the last few months. I’m a Lt Col at 15 years and my ADSC expires in December. Pre-COVID, I was planning on putting in my paperwork this summer to separate in December for the airlines. This is also my bonus year and I have until the end of July to either not take it, take 3 years, or take the 5 years. My STRD is December 2005 so I’m semi worried about a 365 at some point. Am I crazy to think about signing the bonus or should I just stay a free agent and hope for a rebound in airline hi
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.tampabay.com/news/health/2020/03/12/macdill-postpones-air-show-scheduled-march-28-29-no-new-date-given/%3FoutputType%3Damp
  10. Starting to work on my airline applications and was looking for some recommendations for books and resources to help with the application and interview process. Are the following books worthwhile to buy? Cockpit 2 Cockpit Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot Checklist for success: A pilot’s guide to the successful airline interview Would you recommend Milkeep to help convert my hours? Any specific recommendations for application review and interview prep companies? Any other advice in getting started? Thanks!
  11. A Nightmare’s Prayer: A Marine Harrier Pilot’s War in Afghanistan was a pretty good read. https://www.amazon.com/Nightmares-Prayer-Marine-Harrier-Afghanistan/dp/1451608071/ref=nodl_
  12. Yea I’ve seen the spreadsheet on AEF online. They’ve definitely decreased the amount of non-commander 365s but the ones that are still out there (including the safety positions which I qualify for) are enough to motivate me to either get a STRD from Korea, try to get hired by the airlines, or try to switch to the Guard/Reserve.
  13. Thanks for the replies. Good advice about not volunteering for a bad deal. If I stay on Active Duty, I would have to think that having a recent STRD as opposed to my current one from 2006 would lessen my chances of a 365 to the desert but that would definitely suck to do two 365s in a 5 year span. My other option would be try to find a Guard or reserve unit that would hire me full time for my last 4.5 years. Not sure how feasible that is with being a Lt Col when my ADSC expires. Thanks again for the help!
  14. Thread Revival I’m an O-5 select with 14 years TIS and an ADSC that expires in December 2020. Looking at my options for the future and one of them is trying to get a year gig in Korea and then sign the 5 year bonus which should get me to 20 years with avoiding a year in Afghanistan. I am curious about how it works to bring your wife and kids with you for the non-command sponsored year assignment. Will I still get my BAH at my last duty station. Am I able to get a place off base and then have them live with me? Would I have to pay out of pocket to live off base? How does it w
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