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  1. So he didn’t condone the behavior, tried to stop it, and still got fired. Sounds about right for the AF.
  2. I know him from my first ops assignment. Great guy, heard he was a great SQ/CC as well, both at home station and deployed. Overall, I don’t know if there is more to the story though. I will PM you his Air Force email this morning. Appreciate you willing to look into it.
  3. Copy, yea I wasn’t sure if you referring to BTZ or ITZ. I haven’t heard of anybody ITZ while in school getting passed over but your statement checks with what I have seen for BTZ while in school.
  4. Are you saying that you know a dozen people that were ITZ while at school and did not got picked up for Lt Col?
  5. Looking for info on the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC) IDE program at Ft Benning, GA. I am currently slated to go to ACSC this summer with a 1 year follow on to teach ACSC or SOS (AU Fellowship). I was offered this WHINSEC program today which would be going to Monterey for 6 months to learn Spanish and then attend the IDE program at WHINSEC the next year. From what I can tell, the course is very similar to Army Command and General Staff Course, only taught in Spanish. Not sure if this is a good deal or not. All help and info is much appreciated.
  6. For the Majors board, what % of people get strats in the push line? Is it a standard number or does it vary by Senior Rater? If you don't get a strat, are your chances of school select slim to none? Thanks
  7. I've checked my golf clubs on a couple TDYs with no problem. Alaska Airlines allows 5 bags with no overweight bag fee for military on orders (most airlines have similar policies). For golf on Oahu, highly recommend Ko Olina, Koolau, and Kapolei Golf Clubs. All are sweet courses that give military the kama'aina rates- for Ko Olina the tourist rate is $199 and the kama'aina rate is $85. Pretty awesome.
  8. Founders Centennial is easily my favorite IPA. Will have to try the porter when I make it back to the Midwest.
  9. New article by Tony regarding the new budget deal. http://www.jqpublic-blog.com/?p=569#more-569 Has a link to the MOAA website to email President Obama and your state Senators with a canned letter. Takes about a minute. http://capwiz.com/moaa/issues/alert/?alertid=63028561&PROCESS=Take+Action
  10. Things that have made my life easier since I've been in (2005). -logging in with my CAC instead of some ridiculous 15 digit password that needed to be changed every 6 months -tying my CAC to AF portal, vMPF, myPay, ADLS, and so on instead of passwords for each one with ridiculous requirements -AFnet migration from about a year ago that allows me to check my email on any AF computer w/o webmail and gives access to my share drives -Sharepoint As far as any improvements directly related to Gen Welsh, the only one is no Blues Monday. After meeting him and hearing him speak, I do still have hope that he will make some improvements. I personally think all of his time has been consumed by dealing with Sequestration, budget issues, govt shutdown, and congress over sexual assault that he has not had time to deal with other stuff.
  11. I don't think they are proposing that move because it makes sense but to replace the iron and bodies so the NJ congressmen will go along with the plan.
  12. Back from when KC-135s had navs. What's the typical front end crew complement of a -135? One dude that washed out of pilot training and two that should've.
  13. Mountain Hardware also does a pro deal for military through their website. 50% off all their stuff. http://www.mountainhardwear.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-MountainHardwear_US-Site/default/ProPurchase-Signup North Face does a promotive pro deal that is around 50% for most things if they are in stock. http://thenorthface.promotive.com/ Marmot's pro deal is through promotive but you don't automatically get it if your team is US Air Force. You need to apply through Marmot's pro deal website and once approved you can then use your normal login for promotive and access Marmot's deals. http://www.promotive.com/ http://marmotpro.com/user/register Mammut does not have a pro deal website but if you email them, they will send you an Excel spreadsheet with all of their stuff and the pro deal prices and then you order through email.
  14. Merrell is offering an extra 20% off their pro deal prices plus free shipping for military/vets through Nov 18. Code Veteransday20 at checkout.
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