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  1. Alright partner I can tell you that Air Force pilots are not punching due to the use of humorous word games. Actually quite the opposite. Sounds like you've got some gray hair so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, but I recommend reading a few threads here on BODN to see root cause for pilot exodus.
  2. wtf. What's your back ground?
  3. A lot of this debate boils down to hardware. The dudes behind CSAR-X (-47) had a solid solution. This paired with new technology (droids) actually offers realistic PR solutions. Hanging our hat on the -60W doesn't offer a lot of dynamic capabilities similar to heavy lift options
  4. Not true, they were ready and willing to take it all (sts). Bottom line, the GA made a better decision than the -60 drivers on this one.
  5. Fort Rucker (H-1s). Trust me.
  6. WTF over?.... I love when FW dudes treat us like disposable assets. You do realize that it takes years ( just like a pointy nose driver ) to develop a solid helo IP? Just because the Big Green doesn't have SA on their manning issues doesn't make us worthless.
  7. As an instructor currently in the pilot training enterprise, I think it's safe to say that "UPT Next" has enough momentum that it's here to stay. https://warontherocks.com/2019/01/rebuilding-the-forge-reshaping-how-the-air-force-trains-fighter-aviators/ That being said, I'm interested in hearing what FTUs and Ops Units are seeing with regard to baseline results.
  8. I'm just spit balling slick F models, then contract out the AF hardware ( radios, SPS, FMS, throw a probe on it...etc) But I'll agree to disagree.... Merry Christmas!
  9. I think the H-47 proved the test of time. The AF has a bad habit of weighing down its helos with various hardware to the point of pushing max gross. The -47 would allow for that and still have the power to operate on a wide range of environmentals. And, it's fast! ( relatively )
  10. Exactly. As I'm reading through this thread, I can't help but think of Rescue's decision to buy another -60 in this day and age. Yeah it has some nice software upgrades, but the bottom line is that we are just getting another -60. IMHO, the battlefield has changed way way too much to be driving a Hawk downtown to get a dude/dudette outta there.
  11. This. The SMAFIA has managed to hijack way too much power/influence in the RW world there serious negative effects that go along with it.some of the bros are trying to fix it but they don't even know where to start.
  12. 3 I'm just happy that I joined the AF to be at the controls of a multi-million dollar manned aerial machine with the goal of helping people.
  13. I'm just a helicopter pilot, but aren't you a Nav?
  14. Nailed it. this post needs to be printed and posted at the step desk at every HH-60G squadron.... I just laugh when dudes talk about expanding mission sets with the W. I don't think a lot of -60 drivers actually realize that we are actually initially losing capabilities with the first block..... blah blah oh yeah, Stockholm Syndrome.
  15. Welp, this thread pretty much sums up being a helo driver in the AF. Fighter and heavy dudes giving their perceptions of dirty, low-life helicopter pilots, mixed with pictures of their personal fantasies. All while the actual 11Hs on BODN just STFU, drink cheep beer and chuckle. Yes PM me if have any more questions. Still driving helos here on AD. BTw, there's nothing like flying a helo.
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