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  1. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Thank you Captain Obvious, but that's not what is in dispute. If it were so simple, we wouldn't have the retention problem we have. I find it incredible that this would have to be re-stated, but the punchline here is that: you dont get the goddamn latitude to exercise the discretion you're talking about in the first place as a 12+ year guy. What part of indentured servitude don't you understand? As has been stated before, slick wing O-3 and younger, by all means you can nap of the earth and focus on flying with a large level of success. But beyond that, especially as demands on family and children start to encroach into the demands of the job? Poof goes that fantasy about scoffing at the qweep unabated and just focusing on the love for "military aviation". You can retain a semblance of the freedom to do what you suggest as an O-4 if you go part-time, but no way Active Duty allows you that discretion. Granted, outliers abound, but that and a $1.20 gets the median a cup of coffee. And if you do make it a point and be a visible shitbag on the qweep front , they'll make sure you don't have any access to a cockpit ever again. Your masters are that petty, and they're not in the business of bartering with their human property. And I digress cuz I'm repeating myself.
  2. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    TR positions are harder to get than full time these days due to the preference for airline work. Lot of turnover and burnout in the full time cadre, which affects the ability to process the TR needs. The ART hiring is a complete dumpster fire. Nobody that can actually get hired by an airline (or wants to) takes one. Which no offense to the legitimate ART guy who has a family setup where he doesn't need the money or whatever, but what ends up happening in the aggregate is that it attracts the very agents you don't want in unit leadership in the first place. But whatever, whoever wants to get umbraged about that statement be my guest. Go take it up with AFRC, they're the ones with the 55% manning command wide in ART hiring. Dont shoot the messenger type of thing. AGRs are slightly better but still in historically atrocious low numbers. The airline dudes reeeeally dont want to touch until AFTER they get the airline number, since nobody is gonna release you to curtailment outside 18-24 months from your original contract, so you'd be an idiot to do that if your goal is airlines. The problem is that it has become a real revolving door of people, some who don't give a shit about the job, and TRs suffer. But that's my bias as a career AGR who takes pride in taking care of my TRs and happy to act as kevlar on their behalf with a smile on my face. I just don't appreciate people shitting where I eat, but admittedly that's the 1% that makes the rest of us look bad. My advice to you, look for non-TFI units if you can help it and damn make sure and ask about involuntary individual mobilizations. Stay the eff away from those two, especially the latter, if you can help it. Good luck.
  3. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    I was in the last class at -6 PIT to have to demonstrate TAC for msn qual. By the time I drove back to DLF , it was nixed from the syllabus and never taught it to T-6 studs. Didn't think there was much to it but your point is noted, T-6 PIT circa 2010 had hella more washouts than the hamburger helper factory they got going on today. I'm a 38 IP these days, so it's a bit easier to tell no slack to someone without getting someone triggered, though it's starting to happen too. I'm afraid they're softening up things here too. But the AF has a production crisis they say, so standards will come down. My conscience is clear though, I document everything, and I'm 100% batting average on students I knew weren't gonna pass the B-course and got sent anyways. 2 of them in the 4 years I've been on this side of the house. One 15C and a 22. Waste of taxpaying dollars, but beats a class A, especially in the latter. I still keep the HUD tapes of the TP stall in the pattern the day I saved his life the first time (I saved his life a second time a month later) as a momento. The AF doesn't listen.
  4. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Except, you're not employed *until you show up at indoc. Ever heard of anyone dropping long tour mil leave one day after a CJO is granted? Of course not. But we've heard plenty of that one jackalope that did do such a thing on the first week of indoc (after he got an unwanted domicile on day 2, to be specific). Why do you think that is? That's the *distinction, and the reason why. The airline has zero legal obligation to protect your employment if you''re not yet employed by them. BTW, this isn't the only scenario where this applies. I've had peers get pinched by a reserve service commitment balance that yielded a denial of curtailment and involuntary retention (whoopsie!), which yielded the expiration of a CJO, fair and square. Yeah buddy. Otherwise every AD cat could interview with Delta, get CJOs then say hey I've been invol retained, which clearly isn't the law. Now, that guy got lucky in that he had interviewed with a second legacy and by the time that airline's training date was offered to him he was able to re-submit his curtailment request outside the RSC balance, get approved, and make the class date. Big brass ones on that guy.... Look, this is just like the Cuban wet foot dry foot policy. You gotta touch sand before USERRA kicks in hermano. You think people are gonna gamble with a multi-million dollar job offer over mickey mouse, invol Operation Deny Airline Blue Dick fucketry in the AFRC? I certainly wouldn't and I'm a lifer (for reasons that don't pertain to this thread). But this new "wellness and morale" program we're rolling out in the ARC is already making it difficult to keep the lights on in the place, let alone legitimately staffed.
  5. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    This is the part where regAF guys don't have the full picture when it comes to retention. See, when 19th went to HAF and told them to carve AETC out of the bullshit make-work so-called deployments that the USAF historically and institutionally has used to justify its money-footprint and existence to the Joint Chiefs and the Congress, they scored a win for their fiefdom. But there isn't much understanding around regAF low level circles as to where that pound of flesh was gonna be taken from. As you're finding out, that's coming out of ARC, which you folks commonly know as the AFRC and ANGB Command/Bureau. Picture this little happy Bob Ross winter scene for a second: You're a regAF dude. You're happy to get paid O-3/4 money with tax free 25% of your check on the 15th and 30th and get free medical, plus 30 days vaction a year you can't use but at least you're banking. Then regAF grinds you to a pulp. You try to hold on to the end of the commitment but say fuck it, I'm out. So you look up the hill to the AFRC/ANG. While you're tripping over yourself to submit that palace chase application to the Dementors at AFPC, 19th is scoring a big win on the QOL by shielding their boys from CENTCOM's rent-seeking combat desk 179s/364s non-flyings' to Bullshitstan. But by the time you get out it's ripe time for AFRC to get hit with the new word of the day: involuntary individual mobs for all TRs. Coincidence? If only. So now here you are, happy wife happy life, never gonna do that again and wham! You get hit with the very tasker you quit Active Duty over in the first place, while the peers you literally left behind in Active Duty are shielded from it. Which is noted, you're going in their place after all. And you potentially lose your CJO at Delta for all your troubles. How you like them apples? Think I'm kidding? Like you said yourself, "not asked, but fvcking handed". Try hiring folks in that environment, plus a double commute. So that's what's going on right now in the ARC. Caveat emptor.
  6. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Well, that's kind of orange and apples. The decision matrix question only exists because you have the seat available in the first place. In its absence you're expected to dead stick it obviously, so the question is moot. Actually in the -135 I heard they used to carry spare chutes for a manual bailout, but took them out. So there's that I suppose. As to T-6s. I disagree with the dilution of the syllabus, but it's always been understood that it is preferable for the student to punch himself out than mishandle a forced land recovery and mort himself. the Air Force has also officially codified the lack of emphasis of single engine aircraft recovery with total power loss. That certainly has always been the imparted standard on our illustrious middle eastern "partners" to say the least, and they still manage to mort themselves stateside. So the practical application on the question of solos hasn't really changed, but the dilution of the syllabus and training is truly something I can't endorse as reasonable, if we're trying to remain leaders in military aviation that is.
  7. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Indeed, and I'm certainly not advocating affirmative action is the solution to the "now" problem. And the whole canard of re-segregating races in training is an absolutely boneheaded and tone deaf utterance from the CSAF. I still can't believe they let such a tired ethnocentric utterance out as an official statement. My only point was to disprove the notion that there's an anti-Anglo conspiracy behind the Air Force's present inelasticity wrt addressing non-economic retention metrics. This is easily illustrated imo, by the fact the USAF has always been this inelastic in addressing QOL metrics for the 12-13 year O-4, along with those without ADSC balances. Particularly in a world that used to be even more white than today mind you. Thence, no conspiracy, just dereliction of duty by our so-called leaders. What I want to avoid is giving credence to the production problem in the first place. I don't subscribe to that. I do not believe in the production problem narrative. I believe there's only a retention problem.
  8. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    I think you're off target insinuating the retention problem is being purposely fostered in order to de-throne white nativism from white collar pay grades. Take a paper bag, breathe into it, and internalize viewing "American" identity from the prism of that anachronistic 1943 Norman Rockwell portrait may be your formative experience, but no longer represents the experience of the American Street by and large. By mid 21st century, Hispanics (Mexican Americans specifically, which does not equate to all Hispanics mind you) will be the majority of the USA. It is what it is. The sun will rise tomorrow. No need for the swan song. Second, you're conflating issues here. There is NO production problem. Don't buy into that narrative. There's only a retention problem. What should put you at ease that they're not merely trying to run your white ass out of town, is that this retention problem has existed before, when there were even less non-whites in the pilot ranks. Historically, management has always banked on "run the clock offense" in order to solve it. That being, economic hiccups that stop airline hiring have always yielded those loud-mouth military separatees to crawl back to Uncle Sugar's teet when the airlines unapologetically give them the F-word treatment the morning after the economic crash. The problem here is that in 2013, this is no longer the historic case. Specifically, the boomer retirement numbers, plus the post-BK and targeted consolidation of airline capacity (and rocketing load factors) by the remaining airlines has made a one-two punch that promises to last too long for the DOD to be able to effectively rely on 'run the clock offense' in order to solve this iteration of the same retention problem of yesteryear. As a result, they're flailing publicly. Instead of being leaders and having the stones to publicly acknowledge the problems that make the 2013+ exodus different, they coward like the derelicts they are and create the fallacious "production problem" narrative, breaking AETC's back in the process, especially when you consider the absolute zero chance of the T-X being fielded in time to make a difference. That's it man. Two different issues. No conspiracy theories here. You want to focus on the first one? Have at it hoss, but it's got zero to do with the second one. The airlines have had that issue forever too (read late 80s affirmative action hires at US legacies, military females included at the time mind you) so this theory isn't unique to the military. Don't be this guy if you can help it...
  9. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    I'm willing to give fingers the benefit of the doubt on the whole attempting to acknowledge the socioeconomic and cultural reasons why the pilot corps is predominantly white, but man the follow-through needs some serious work. It's incredibly condescending to suggest minorities don't pursue pilot work and/or thrive in said training environment because the demographics are white washed. Ask me how I know. Segregation is categorically not the answer. The problem is that the suggestion itself is indicative of the very tone deafness he accuses the Service of having in the first place. The fucking irony. Tweaking standards is nothing new. Actually segregating classes though, that reaches a whole new level of FUBAR, in 2018 no less. What strange times we live in. What blows my skull is that all of it fundamentally stems from not wanting to give 13-year O-4s some measure of QOL control. That level of visceral recalcitrance against ceding even an RCH on the one-sided nature of military indentured servitude is why this won't ever be solved by so-called leadership. They almost rather lose a war than ever catch themselves negotiating with their 'human property'. In a way I understand the civilian trope about military membership being cannon fodder and "it was this or Walmart" economic draftee dynamics, as a collective. With the level of treatment we get out of management when it comes to non-economic retention measures, can we really say civilians have it wrong? Don't get me started on the UCMJ in garrison in a military with 1069% more women than when they wrote the god damn thing. Fact is, only a peer war will rip these derelicts off the helm.
  10. Stratux?

    I just bought one, should be here this week. I'll try to PIREP when I get a chance. My setup is Fltplan Go with an android tablet. The form factor leaves something to be desired with the external antennas, and battery pack being strapped together with a velcro strap all bush league. But I just wanted the cheapest compatible ADSB-in for my EFB client, which this one is. For the past 6 years I've used an old single-band Skyradar puck with its dedicated software. It's wifi is only detectable by iCrap products and I got sick and tired of toting a second device (disconnected iphone 4S acting as a de facto ipod touch) in order to run the skyradar app when I need to play frogger with the weather. Can't believe the thing retailed for 700 bucks in 2012. Things have come a long way. My only interest in ADSB-in hardware is the FIS-B feed goodies; I couldn't care less about TIS or portable AHRS functionality, though I'm sure it's fine for it. Now, if you're asking about attempting to sneak one of these things for work as a "SA builder"? The form factor is a no-go for me. I'd want an all in one puck in order to keep everything simple and FOD-proof. But of course this is all hypothetical because we AETC warriors don't do EFB. We very much prefer to get violated while shuffling through reams of ripped apart charts and [crewdog-standard] hastily stuffed bible-page approach books at mach snot into DFW class B, busting headings and altitudes with a CAPster in the FCP, while everybody else taps on a glass screen and voilá. LOL
  11. Help with a Divorce

    Ah yes. Scorched Earth. My personal favorite. A toast!
  12. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    All "volunteer" force....
  13. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    I'm still amazed at how they can get away with painting a fake target on the production side and so egregiously dismiss and deny the retention side. Basically that means, as has been posted on here ad nauseam already, that senior management point blank knows the issue IS retention, but has fvck all interest in acknowledging the retention grievances. Basically writing off retention as a sunk cost. WOW. The level of misappropriation of taxpayer funds that goes along with that attitude is epic. Their only problem is they can't stand up in front of C-SPAN and give such a ballwalk-level allocution of their sentiments, and immediately be called out as derelict by Congress of course. So all you'll get is this troll level 69 obfuscation of the facts at hand, and the privately-held HOPE the economy tanks and they can solve retention that way (the historical way). Forget dereliction, that's borderline documentable cowardice in the conduct of their duty. Didn't we hang people for that in the past?
  14. Arizona F-16 stirkes cable makes emergency landing

    Nothing new. *Key players of the aircrew associated with the '07 BUFF bent spear got 2-BTZ. So yeah, that's about right..... * = ({})
  15. Israeli Viper Shot Down in Syria

    who doesn't love some 7-party FUBAR'd proxy war this time of year? *cue Louis Armstrong What a Wonderful World tune*
  16. Tanker to Fighter

    I have no SA on who regAF cross flows these days and how. My comments dealt with the ARC. 100% chance of not getting whatever if you don't ask, but I wouldn't bet the farm on it as a plan A. The scope of my comment was just to highlight there is a conduit to cross flow dude a non-38 guy outside of UPT, rare as it may be.
  17. Tanker to Fighter

    yup, so-called D course at PIT. It's not just for non-T38 priors, TPS heavy bound guys and initial qual only topoffs (RPA support T38 drivers at Edwards) also get an spin up. It sucks a lot for the never 38 at UPT, unless that dude happened to have some A model time in some CTP program, at which point it's a distinction without difference. Cold turkey D-course to IFF? The struggle bus rate is high on that one. These days I consider that squarely in the personal favor/legacy case, for a unit to spend the money to send you to T-38 topoff and IFF to wingman as a senior Capt/junior Major. AFRC has deeper pockets so presumably it wouldn't be as noticeable on the money fund (school tours are central funded by the MAJCOM), though it would still fall in the PFA bucket. A guard unit would stand more to lose financially, considering the high washout rate of such a stunt. I will say though, today is probably the best time to pull that, as IFF is pretty hamburger helper these days with this whole pilot shortage canard. Back in 04- 07? Crush city.
  18. Draken / ATAC

    As for Draken, no full-time gigs, they very much insist on part-time work (there's your sign). Pay day-rate is pretty paltry compared to corporate day rate in most turbine equipment. Retirement and healthcare benefits are effectively non-existent from a military or even airline benchmark. Essentially you're paid to play fighter pilot on a day rate basis in mil retirement (it's assumed nobody without a second income would agree to the rate) for a paycut. But there's a niche for those interested in that agreement. My source was mostly speaking about their Florida and SW operation. No SA on their OCONUS pay or work agreements. Good luck!
  19. Med school?

    yeah, a Buff nav I knew who later became wing leadership went to med school as a trougher. It's possible, but it takes a lot of flexibility on the part of the unit.
  20. B-1 (Bone) questions

    "Make do".... By proffering strategic heavy bombardment assets as the answer to that supposed deficit? Joseph on a donkey, that's equally as derelict and/or egregious imho. I know I know, everybody wants their turkey shoot commemorative t-shirt, but this goes beyond individual egos. Some of this CENTCOM shit borders on FWA.
  21. The new airline thread

    We're conflating topics here gentlemen. AFRC white jet dude != AD white jet dude. Much to the grimacing of Active Duty, there is a difference, or at least there used to be one. Invol IA for the institutional reserves is a game changer, and one that the sycophants at the puzzle palace seem to be seriously underestimating. AFRC does 22% of UPT/IFF/PIT pull on 17% of the effective manning. AETC is already on the record stating they cannot meet current production, let alone the surge, without the AFRC piece. Even the pipe dream of some in AETC, the elimination of the Reserve Associate IP Program, is statistical vaporware in a regAF already 2000 flyers in the red at-large. Pulling this invol non-flying IA stunt will yield effective manning below 50% in the less desirable GSUs for the AFRC side, just like the Navy Reserve folks learned in the late 00s/early 10s, as @Buddy Spike already alluded to. The BL is that this will directly impact AETC's ability to come up with the pilot production surge HAF is clamoring for, especially in these new days of UPT-Next and other assorted faggotry. Regardless of the fact we all understand the AF has a retention problem and NOT a production one, the fact remains UPT is the flavor of the year for HAF, good bad or indifferent. This move will not help AETC. It would be ironic if they had any hand in suggesting this myopic COA to the HAF against their supporting MAJCOM (AFRC). I have not heard any supporting evidence that AETC had a hand in this, so I'll reserve judgement on that end. At the end of the day, and as far as I'm concerned, AFRC just showed their cards. There's no going back now. There's is no amount of dollars they could throw at me in this environment to sign a retention agreement of any kind in the AFRC or ANG. Maybe wiser heads will prevail, maybe not. But they are truly asleep at the wheel if they don't recognize the sheer attrition they're about to cause themselves by doubling down on this checkers-move decision that benefits neither AETC or AFRC, only CENTCOM. Biggest moral hazard I've seen in all my years in AFRC. This isn't bluffing, the Navy Res has all the data already. How the eff do you think we know? We hired their exodus!

    Active duty "light"? Your gouge is dated homey. We str8 up AD now. Nothing sets us apart anymore. Individual staff/non-flying Invol Mobs in AFRC now, just like regAF. If you're looking for reasons to quit this tonedeaf rudderless ship, SOS ain't it. Invol staff deployments are probably the near rock right now, at least in my corner of the ARC. Welcome to the Navy Reserves. And a big '2' on @SocialD comment regarding full time workload in the ARC right now. This shit's full stop broken, the airlines keep siphoning people away, yet the O-7s keep getting green slides on the stand up. Good thing I got that ATP before the old rules expired; I may need to quit the military and swing bitch gear for rent money earlier than planned if this bullshit keeps up. This place has lost its damn mind.
  23. Civilian T-6 IPs?

    Oh, this shit again? Jesus, how little memory this place has.... Yeah, this is just going to attract the unhirables period dot. No offense to the retirees who can't or won't do the airlines and wouldn't mind playing jet pilot for a paycut, this is statistically not going to carve up enough qualified volume to matter. I know I know, broad brush, but we went through this shit when they tried to ram the ART conversion at DLF. In the end they had to relent and give us the carve out to the policy. There were simply no takers of consequence. It's always been the same shit with ARTs, prototypical dudes who value getting any federal job as long as it's in this one town, or with townie-dependents, plus an unwillingness or, more often than not, outright inability to get hired at the airlines. And the toxicity that arises from ART leadership out of that demographic is a well established quantity amongst TR circles. None of this is new. The problem in this particular variation of this bad idea, is that from a straight GS perspective, it gets even worse because the payscale delta gets ridiculously worse from the AGR/AD benchmark. And we haven't even dealt with the survivor benefit issues when a civilian pulls military ejection handles vice ARC, vice AD. RegAF guys simply have no clue on these nuances. You guys think it's merely about living the simple life post-retirement and getting to fly a fun(ish) clapped out jet, but work dynamics are much more complicated than that. Don't be naive, the friction associated with doing the same job as the other guy for an almost 50K paycut does not go unnoticed. You can't keep AGRs and ARTs from each other's throats, and you think a non-SSR table -2181 series GS making flat GS-13 like a goddamn border patrol guy schmuck, is not gonna dagger at the ARC full-timers or AD green suiters over what he deems a fair level of participation in the organization for his paycut? And now you have an AD OPCON SQ/CC that has to tolerate the same level of title V scoff as they currently tolerate from the sim cadre leadership? Look, I get the schadenfreude for giving UPT IPs a paycut is strong on here, but the second tier effects of this proposal will make the UPT environment more toxic than it already is, by opening up the doors for these statistical-outliers to keep doing this job for a paycut in proverbial Del Rio. Extremely myopic. And I do know that the dynamics of places like Pensacola were not as rosy as described on here either. I know because we have a guy from there who double dipped as a green suiter and tan suiter, and is now at United when they finally gave him the finger about GS-13 as a T-1 pilot for the nav program down there. The level of toxicity was incredible at that outfit, and people left in droves. And that's in P-cola, CBM DLF and END have no chance of this gaining critical mass. The only proposition of this bad idea we had heard about on the ARC side "town hall" early this year that I think might have gained traction, was civilian contractor UPT at KAFW. Internationals only, all civilian run, fort worth in order to get these yahoos enough of an geographic incentive to do my job for 50K less, with that crappy FERS retirement, without the ART SSR pay even. The reality is that the people who could staff these billets as qualified (aka mil retires) are statistically insignificant. This isn't conjecture, we literally went through this exercise in 2013. The rest of the applicants will be the broken toys from the OPM/USAJOBS cesspool who mine that hiring system. Complete unqualified retards. We had anywhere from affirmative action web-footed african american lesbian secretary, to a no-shit ARMY tank driver with a PPL, to a female Affirm action UND graduate 23yo fresh CFI with no turbine experience.. all flagged as qualified for my job (when I was a T-6 IP). Let's stop wasting each others time. And it went nowhere when informed and rational heads prevailed. We just wasted hundreds of man hours repeating ourselves until it predictably went nowhere. And lost people to the airlines due to nothing more than lack of predictability in the midst of this terrible idea being proffered as a threat to their career prospects within the ARC. Stupid. The fact that this end should have been self-evident to the people in charge, was my only gripe over the entire god damn question. You guys keep tilting at them windmills though.
  24. The new airline thread

    It's a bit of a distinction without difference if you lose your CJO over it, wouldn't you think? But no, not all your friends at the same time. Just one friend at a time, which is worse frankly imo. At any rate, if you're seriously interested in understanding what I'm talking about, google "institutional USAF reserves". It's pretty self-critiquing at that point, when you then start talking about navy reserve style invol mob IA within these special coded units. Got your attention right quick didn't it? Yeah dude, existing TRs as well. Everybody is vulnerable, this isn't the breakfast buffet. Would you commute to UPT to be vulnerable to 180 day (+41 = 221 freebie for transit) non-flying CENTCOM IAs as a TR airline guy, or even as an AGR with an AFI "deployed in-place" charter back when you signed on the line? Don't answer that, it's a rhetorical question..... ETA: The Air Force has lost its fucking mind. I'm just describing the water at this point, I'm not really surprised by anything anymore.
  25. The new airline thread

    Your gouge is dated I'm afraid. They just handed down non-flying, individual involuntary mobilizations as part of the conditions of employment. I'm not gonna derail the thread with all the implications this has for this specific and non-standard conglomerate of flying units, but suffice to say the impact of not turning this good idea fairy off will be as close a reason as regAF will get to stop loss in the next 12 months. They're about to break the UPT mission on national TV and they don't even know it. If this is still too cryptic for the gallery, get a map of the CONUS, mark undergraduate training locations, then have google draw the punchline in purple dick crayola for you. Or go ask an airline TR the nuances of double commuting because your frau won't get caught dead living in neither. And for the newhire types in the room and to keep it in tune with the spirit of the thread: Raise your hand if you're interested in playing russian roulette with that shiny new DL/UA/AA/SW CJO your wife gave you fellatio over last night, because you told her you're done missing all your small kid's life milestones on account of updating powerpoint slides for a living in absentia. Caveat fvcking emptor. Not a personal dig at you or anyone, but like my old CAF DO used to say: "the thing about SA is, if you don't have it, you won't miss it....". Game is chess, it ain't checkers. If people don't pay attention they'll find themselves right back on regAF asking WTF happened...