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    What step(s) do I take

    And this military demographic has the stones to demonize civilian welfare recipients.....
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    Tanker to Fighter

    Absolutely, and it's happening more now that the 38 side of the UPT IP landscape has been stacked with heavy drivers. Numerical necessity has created pressure on the ol' "airframe ethnocentric" apartheid of Air Force pilot tracks. It's still statistically insignificant, but more examples are becoming a reality, which is a good thing considering the barn doors are already wide open and the horses have largely left the barn in this airline hiring wave. Yup, we had an C-17 (38 UPT tracked) guy finish his 38 white jet and go straight to IFF enroute to Strikes.
  3. hindsight2020

    Columbus T-38 down

    @HuggyU2 I'm glad you are happy with the Northrop seat, I've flown the A, the C legacy and the C PMP all with the old seat, then I flew the T-6 on a MB seat and now the C PMP with the MB seat. My family and I much prefer the latter. The recent DLF fatality doesn't go against the seat, and like it was hinted at, you need to go read the safety outbrief in order to find out the reason why. That fatality occurred in my host squadron and was a co-worker, so hits close to home. I've flown the tail in question as well. I understand you don't feel the expense is worth it. I agree with you in the aggregate point regarding the procurement of the T-X could have been afforded easily by not wasting it patching the T-38. You're 100% right: the piece meal procurement of life extensions programs on the T-38 has been wasteful. But you're also old enough to recognize the jobs program nature to our rent-seeking DOD contractor funnel business (ie the DOD), so that falls under the wish on one hand shit on the other axiom. So as far as Congress is concerned, said waste is the goal and thus a political success. On a personal level, I disagree with you on the merits of improvement of the MB seat versus the old one. Btw I also flew that old seat in the BUFF (same seat, different firing handles), and several components of that and the 38 seat alike were on the fly to fail component list. So please excuse if I part company with you and find peace of mind in doing this job while strapping to the MB seat, just as I did in the T-6. RCP Visibility is horrid now during no-flaps, but I'm quite content with that opportunity cost. Let's not create false dichotomies here. The procurement wastefulness argument (and you're 100% correct, the RNAV implementation on the -38 for instance is embarrassing and a human factors nightmare I'm surprised hasn't killed anyone yet) can be had without having to shit on the objective improvements made on personnel recovery (for once, the meat in the seat is valued above zero) via this particular seat upgrade.
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    B-1 Landing at Midland

    Asked a buddy of mine and they were back flying like a week later. He wouldn't go into the details of whatever made them feel the malfunction was addressed, but I understand that's his prerogative. Considering the fatality we had in the 38 last Thanksgiving, I'm surprised the bone community took to getting back on the saddle so quickly after a confirmed misfire of a seat. Way too rich for my blood. The community must know the details already, that we're not privy to. Lord knows we raised a stink down here regarding the lack of transparency in the safety process relating to the integrity of the egress system, which led to some people even falling on their swords and being sacked out of jobs by a scorned leadership. Second time in my AF career I was wholly unimpressed with our so-called safety process. Bunch of political CYA hackery. I digress. At least in the Buff we still had the ol school bomb bay manual bailout if all else failed lol. Mostly placebo in all likelihood, but whatever gets ya through the day kinda thing. Ya can't do that when the chute is in the seat though, as in the bone's case. As an AC I agree, no way I'm getting out of a controllable airplane if one of my guys is trapped. I don't see that decision difficult in the least. They're certainly lucky though, my understanding is if that thing actually gets to the other hydro, it becomes an uncontrollable event and it's game over for the guy with the bad seat. I used to brief the 4 engine on one side drill at low altitude on the buff, turn the whale on its dying back and give the first floor guys a chance to get out. No guarantees in life. Tough business we're in indeed. Whether the decision to sequence manual in this accident was purposeful or a lucky happenstance matters not, these guys are getting hardware out of this one guaranteed. Bravo Zulu.
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    Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    yeah well fuck that snowjob. There's nothing "perspective" about PRP and flying the memphis belle in the 21st century. The check ain't bouncing... it's about all I got outta that one. I'd quit before I do that again. I got my AF wings and I own my own airplane, so I got nothing to prove to myself anymore by wearing a bag and practice bleeding for a living.To each their own. All that said, absolutely, I'm a firm believer of 'it's not what you do, it's who you do it with'. In hindsight (see what I did there lol) I think things are as they should be. I think I would have enjoyed the hell out of physically flying the Viper, but would have probably not meshed well/enjoyed the ancillary/cultural hazy shit that comes with it. Lord knows I've enjoyed shorter debriefs in my life as a result lol. As an older man I've become aware of that nuance, and I'm at peace now. I admit it didn't feel like it 10 years ago. In all honesty, the fact is I got a family and then life got complicated, so the "live to work" impositions of certain airframes in this line of work just became complete non-starters for my current priorities in life. Which is why I do love my trainer job. It's weak sauce to the youngin's, as it should be, but i'm really happy with it. I wouldn't mind a light attack mission if I had to do it all over again. A-29 or the sort. It's a bit more engaging to me than the bomb truck driver without a pickle button thing. Knowing the AF though, they'd prob fuck that up too. Guess should have joined the Army ....nah. LOL
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    Accepted a CSO slot

  7. hindsight2020

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Yes, at least in the AFRC, lack of ACSC completion is a guaranteed non-promote to O-5. People forego it and retire as O-4s all the time. Leadership is very much still interested in you having all their PME boxes checked in order to be considered for leadership. I don't recall what the difference in retirement pay is for O-5 but for a TR who gets paid at 60 (minus whatever they drew down with MPA) it's probably ballwash. AGR it may be worth pinching your nose and doing it. Can't speak for the guard.
  8. hindsight2020

    C-130 down near Savannah, GA

    Based on the video and the witness recollection of the relative position of the aircraft to the landing rwy (28?). Looks like a base to final stall/spin, or a Vmc roll if they were doing some sort of engine out work and it went south (no pun intended). Condolences to my childhood hometown unit.
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    Upcoming Boards

    So much for the fighter pilot shortage LOL. When it comes to hiring in times of low retention, the 11F community truly knows how to fvck up a two car funeral.
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    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    And this happened in the Guard gentlemen. Put in other words: the USAF is fucked.
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    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    The club parking lot after the Single Airman dinner invite hits the flying squadron incontainers.....
  12. hindsight2020

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Linky? LOL
  13. Negative, this was in lieu of the current flight pay structure.
  14. u fvcking new, right? Cuz that's most fvcking new guy thing to ask I've heard this month. Just letting ya know. Return to Go do not collect $200 for you.
  15. I dunno. It's part of the AvB FY18 AFRC bonus announcement on myPers, under Tier 2. But it's pretty clear it's a bonus contract, not a permanent raise to the 558 SSR tables. Payable at the anniversary of every full year accomplished (no credit for partial years accomplished) and can be agreed between one and whatever years you want, not to exceed 25YAS. Some other provisions in there I didn't care to read. But it's on mypers.
  16. What do you mean "unlike" the airlines? That's not what @LookieRookie posted. He said the brief specifically mentioned pay that's re-assessed EVERY YEAR based on market indices specific to your civilian equivalent . I want zero to do with my hard-pay indexed to airline hiring. Soft pay, knock yourself out, but not hard-pay. That's why I don't support going to the doctor model for a 'pylet'. This skillset is simply not that market resilient in the civilian world. But this is all to do about nothing. This proposal has fvck all chance of getting passed by Congress. Stop loss has a higher chance of happening in earnest on FY20 than this pipedream. Either way, we're kind of a captive audience here in the mil side. The only play is to exit stage.
  17. AFRC AGR bonus for FY18 is 35K/yr throttable between 1 thru 3 year contracts, no apparent discount for renewal contract versus initial, which is a change from previous years. Also, everybody gets the 35K up to 24 YAS, which was the other big change. ART bonus is 18K/yr with one year minimum to a maximum contract length to 25YAS. All in all, thanks for the free money Blue, but it's not changing the calculus of those who are intent on getting airline jobs. Once they get the airline job, they'll cash this bonus, but not a day before. Not sure how this changes anything in the AFRC. The TR invol IA are absolutely killing morale and retention down here, fix that instead. There's no pay problem here (well, TRs getting their flight pay still jacked up is a problem), only a QOL one, and its costing them the kitty, just like the regAF. As to them going to a dedicated career field incentive pay on a year to year float index, to the tune of 6K/mo increase over today's water line? ROFL. You guys crack me up.
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    The new airline thread

  19. hindsight2020

    The new airline thread

    Try DOD 5500.07-R , DOD JOINT ETHICS REGULATION, Section 2, subsection 206 and further. Here's the bottom line: AGR is Active Duty for the purposes of civilian employment. As such, you need a DOS, or authorization to work that civilian job in lieu of. Your chain of command is never going to approve it, which is why your buddy would never intend to ask for it anyways. So when your friend interviews and gets that CJO as an AGR, he is specifically directed to provide a verbal and/or written statement of availability date based on a DD214 separation or a DOS in lieu of DD214. Your friend as we all well know, wouldn't be in a position to fulfill the request, so he'd perjuring himself in the eyes of the airline. Once that blue falcon attempts to drop long tour MLOA, he'll furnish an AGR order (the only one he's always had) with a start date that precedes the CJO date, and he will be summarily dismissed by the airline with cause for lying on an application. He may also face administrative punishment on the military side for accepting and engaging in outside employment (even half a day at indoc) in violation of DOD ethics rules, nevermind conduct unbecoming for being a lying POS. A complete layup for non-judicial punishment IAW the UCMJ as an activated member on status. The legal way of doing it is to provide an availability date to coincide with the curtailment. Most AGRs interview, get a CJO, then proceed to submit curtailment paperwork that allows a DOS to be established and that falls prior to indoc (with the exception of terminal leave, which is legal). But they show up with a DOS in hand when they step foot at the indoc building. Then and only then can they attempt to seek a new AGR tour with effective date post-hiring. Don't kid yourself, NAF may also have a bone to pick with that stunt. This isn't conjecture, this became verbal warning circa 2013 by (nn)NAF/CC when United started hiring in earnest and AGRs started pulling that very stunt I describe. NAF is fully in their legal right from stop you from getting re-hired by your sweetheart unit doing ya that solid. And I say that as a career AGR myself who would face that very scenario if I decided to go airlines before my 20. It's just a terrible precedent in my eyes, and unabated blue falconry against both your airline peers and your squadron peers. But it would technically be legal. The former scenario of never curtailing however, that would be patently illegal. In short, blue falcons is why we can't have nice things.....
  20. hindsight2020

    Border crisis

    Agreed @Stoker. Besides, the main vector for illegal immigration is overstaying of visas via airline travel, not foot traffic. You want to curb the so-called problem, address it via punishing the US employers who break immigration/labor law (generally socially conservative voting block too, the hypocrites). Now, what I would like to see on the constitutional side is a repeal of the jus soli statute behind section 1 of the 14A. It made sense in 1868, but it's been wholly subverted in its spirit of intent. I'm fully in support of the jus sanguinis concept, but the jus soli interpretation has got to go. As someone who lives in the border, I can tell you with good % confidence that such an amendment to the 14A would do more for illegal immigration than the ICE gestapo, perennially-fearful-white-nativist appeasing antics will ever accomplish.
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    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    You have a pretty good case for the IG due to the stonewalling of not getting a signature on 1 and 2 QTR FY 18. Unless the non-signature is for cause (pending FEB, MEB, admin UCMJ action), they're gonna have to honor your November date, which would fall well before the 4 April date they have given as the deadline for honoring requests. But we simply don't know the circumstances behind your loss of qualification. That may be the sticking point and you may not want to expand about it on here, which is certainly your prerogative. As to the practical implications of this scenario? Just like @SocialD described, it's basically high time to idle-boards participation. UTAs are the only required periods needed to gain a good Reserve year, and AT are the only days your SQ/CC can legally compel you to the squadron and away from your civilian responsibilities (plus the MUTA(s)). If you've already burn those, they can't do fog all. For someone who is already dead to the unit due to the loss of qualification, this is only being done to pad the numbers. What is most likely to happen is you'll submit your IG, everybody will get umbraged, you'll get your signature effective 1 Oct 18. Then, just like two years ago, loss management will get lifted on 1 Oct 18 and you'll be on your way out. I don't have any reason to believe based on earlier loss management that they will concurrently implement loss management on 1 Oct 18 to keep folks for the entire FY 19. Usually these implementations have happened mid-FY, just like this one. Personally I think it's a complete loss on everybody's part that people end their service tenure on such jaded and toxic terms. It truly is a loss for everybody involved. Then again I've also encountered the opposite, people whose attitude is so price-elastic that the second they make a nickel an hour more per duty period at the airline than at the unit, having two jobs is all of a sudden the biggest affront to their livelihoods and the welfare of their children you could ever impose on them. It's a bit much sometimes. That said, the invol IA BS is what's killing manning these days, I'd say even above and beyond TSPs and/or unit-wide mobs.
  22. hindsight2020

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    It's not a joke, and it's not new. We had it a year or two so back as well. AFRC calls it loss management. It's essentially a freeze from moving to IRR or retirement until 1 OCT 18. 4 April or earlier signed will be honored. Beyond that, sorry johnny, you wait til October. It's a shell game. Yeah, it sucks for that guy trying to cut ties completely, but there's ways of min runnning the snot out of the rest of the year. Now, if they invol IA ya on top of that, yeah that's a cold dagger to the back; I'd prob be pulling some TR shenanigans too if that were the case. The trick is to have that IRR/retirement request in and approved before the IA drops; then you'll be alright, even if you have to wait until November to quit. People can still 1288 internally within the SELRES. What do you mean "now"? It's been on since last Fall; we've already filled 2, and there's more to come I'm sure. I've been harping about it for the past 4 months on here. *snaps fingers* I keep telling y'all need to pay attention, shit's not blowjobs and unicorns anymore in the ARC. I'm in no way suggesting people stay in RegAF over it, but the Guard/Reserve party was OVER on 9/11/01 period dot. This is the culmination of more than a decade of ARC leadership top-cover erosion and regAF power grabs via the QOL concession we call "Total Force Enterprise", formerly Total Force Integration. Joint-basing initiatives, host wing functions dependence, proliferation of GSUs (geo-separated units) and classic associations (active associations are still considered a good deal...for the regAF member at least). And now the no-shit, straight up NAVY RESERVE KOOL-AID, involuntary individual non-flying deployment of a billet that was sold to the member as a deployed-in-place-institutional in the first place. Unabated bait and switch. All for no other reason than 19th shielding their guys from it in order to fulfill the new bad idea of the year from the HAF: the UPT production surge boondoggle. And hoo boy you guys should see the stuff they're doing to the syllabus. B-course IPs, lock your harness and stay on your Gs. All this of course, to distract from the retention blood bath they're not going to address in earnest, EVER. It's all a trade, and precisely because 19th has more pull than 22nd. We all smile like we're friends, but all we are are competing fiefdoms, and that goes especially so for the architects of this blue falconry, the COCOMs. CENTCOM in particular. Read above, just like I told @Duck, this is a robbing Peter to pay Paul dynamic. Of course they know the pilot production ruse is bullshit. You can't take what HAF edicts in official channels at face value, that's a checkers move. You guys are gonna absolutely love what's coming though. It's gonna be MAJCOM on MAJCOM crime, octagon style. Give you guys a hint. R_ _ _ _ _ A. And I fully welcome it; it's time to tell CENTCOM they're not special. They don't get to blow up the service just because they want to retain footprint while contractors rob the kitty blind. Meanwhile you spend another Xmas updating slides and meat gazing away from your kid and frau, just to incur requal expenses while a so-called production crisis is simultaneously ongoing mind you. And there's skydiving and a shopping mall outside "the wire" for the cherry on top. GTFOH with that rent-seeking nonsense. And they want to question my patriotism?¿! MF please. *mic drop* It's not a rumor, and they are part of the same Group; that's not a distinction without difference either. For those who fell off the wagon early: These are Institutional Reserves tasked with COCOM BS rent-seek IA as TRs. It's the same pot brother. It affects us all the same. If you're asking that question because you still think this is a matter of if and not one of when for the UPT GSUs, you must not be part of the 340th, otherwise you wouldn't be making such a distinction. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on that one and assume you're not privy to what's going on. Now, let's reiterate: there's return fire coming. Suspense was this week, so sit back, grab a corn bag from the "heritage" room, and enjoy tonite's selection... they're about to dial up the drama to 11 at the MAJCOMs.
  23. hindsight2020

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Thank you Captain Obvious, but that's not what is in dispute. If it were so simple, we wouldn't have the retention problem we have. I find it incredible that this would have to be re-stated, but the punchline here is that: you dont get the goddamn latitude to exercise the discretion you're talking about in the first place as a 12+ year guy. What part of indentured servitude don't you understand? As has been stated before, slick wing O-3 and younger, by all means you can nap of the earth and focus on flying with a large level of success. But beyond that, especially as demands on family and children start to encroach into the demands of the job? Poof goes that fantasy about scoffing at the qweep unabated and just focusing on the love for "military aviation". You can retain a semblance of the freedom to do what you suggest as an O-4 if you go part-time, but no way Active Duty allows you that discretion. Granted, outliers abound, but that and a $1.20 gets the median a cup of coffee. And if you do make it a point and be a visible shitbag on the qweep front , they'll make sure you don't have any access to a cockpit ever again. Your masters are that petty, and they're not in the business of bartering with their human property. And I digress cuz I'm repeating myself.
  24. hindsight2020

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    TR positions are harder to get than full time these days due to the preference for airline work. Lot of turnover and burnout in the full time cadre, which affects the ability to process the TR needs. The ART hiring is a complete dumpster fire. Nobody that can actually get hired by an airline (or wants to) takes one. Which no offense to the legitimate ART guy who has a family setup where he doesn't need the money or whatever, but what ends up happening in the aggregate is that it attracts the very agents you don't want in unit leadership in the first place. But whatever, whoever wants to get umbraged about that statement be my guest. Go take it up with AFRC, they're the ones with the 55% manning command wide in ART hiring. Dont shoot the messenger type of thing. AGRs are slightly better but still in historically atrocious low numbers. The airline dudes reeeeally dont want to touch until AFTER they get the airline number, since nobody is gonna release you to curtailment outside 18-24 months from your original contract, so you'd be an idiot to do that if your goal is airlines. The problem is that it has become a real revolving door of people, some who don't give a shit about the job, and TRs suffer. But that's my bias as a career AGR who takes pride in taking care of my TRs and happy to act as kevlar on their behalf with a smile on my face. I just don't appreciate people shitting where I eat, but admittedly that's the 1% that makes the rest of us look bad. My advice to you, look for non-TFI units if you can help it and damn make sure and ask about involuntary individual mobilizations. Stay the eff away from those two, especially the latter, if you can help it. Good luck.