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  1. I've seen O-2 in AD non-promote to O-3 for less than this scenario. The particular O-2 in question (FAIP) landed on his feet in the Guard and promoted a year after his AD non-promotion (palace chase approved at that young DOR mind you). Went on to get fighters in the Guard. So silver linings abound, but I don't see same outcome being "a given" in AD.
  2. who needs legalzoom when you got jailhouse BODN. 😄
  3. College towns are on the top of the list for mil-retirement destination for us precisely for that reason. In my experience, the closest I've got to a bona fide "live and let live" construct, has been in 2 of the three college towns I've lived in. We're very much looking forward to exploring college locations as we approach my mil retire. Snowbirding is another alternative we've explored in order to ameliorate some of the political recalcitrance of both sides of the political divide. Sort of a poor man's "purple state" construct by proxy. Now, can't we all just get along? Don't answer that, I'm being rhetorical 😄
  4. LOL. Nope. Jest aside, that question is moot. It's a distinction without a difference. The small denominator of course will make anything look "competitive". It's a small bowl, only two squadrons, belonging to the same ADCON wing. [AFRC only, don't know the status of the B-2 Guard boondoggle these days]. Well three, but the FTU doesn't hire off the street anymore, well unless you're somebody's husband or golden-key holder (aaaand I digress). Flying/rigor wise? Meh, it's just another droning-heavy job, but you build a heck of a lot less TPIC than 11M assets. Post-TFI really ruined whatever merits were left of that job, ask me how I know. As for the rest of the 'draw', I have enough SA than to have the temerity of waxing poetic to my former A-10 co-workers I Cos-played permissive "CAS" from 30,000feet. Honest day's work driving the bus. Fighter UPT board slot it is not. Good luck with the job hunt.
  5. That's just fighter privilege bruh. 😄 Jest aside, see my comments above regarding controlled grades. BL, it ain't gonna happen for our esteemed aspiring quitter unless he does some time as a TR/DSG first.
  6. It's very difficult to get hired as an AGR, because the O-5 AGR billets at the flight level are scarce. You cannot overgrade AGR positions as they are controlled aka an O-5 in an O-4 AGR billet. TR/DSG is much easier, since most units play the shell game of "overage", then swap people in and out of permanent positions the UMD, giving them another 2 years. Rinse and repeat. It's a risk like everything else, but for the most part it works at kicking the can down the road. ARTs have no rank restriction, but nowadays you're looking at people running back to the units, some never to return to the airline game, so the musical chairs on the full-time side have kinda stopped for a couple years. The other piece where being an O-5 already gets more complicated is the waiver of sanctuary stuff, if your unit is tracking active retirements. O-5s are generally getting close in AD time, and the units don't want to have a guy show up for the proverbial one day and boom, claim sanctuary the second he gets on a 30+ day set of MPA. Color or money and all that jazz. BL, it's not particularly exigent an ask to get hired as an O-5 TR in a flying unit. AGR is much more difficult, especially as an outsider to the unit (it's pretty much unheard of, unless the command climate is super toxic at said unit already). Hardest part is letting go of the rope. Good luck, you're not the first one nor last one to make the jump. It's gonna be alright. 😄
  7. Except I didn't make that false dichotomy, you did. The point of my post wasn't about STEM vs social and humanities. My point was that "soft-skill" peddlers of all shades, are chock full of pseudo-intellectuals wrt middle management labor market. The Country is riddled with bullshit jobs. LinkedIn is but one exemplification of that dynamic.
  8. Sounds like a euphemism for "soft skills" sophistry. Not that's anything wrong with "fake it til you make it" middle manager cannon fodder; somebody gotta keep the cheap blazer stores afloat. 😄 As to PME, agree to disagree. I'd never put that shit on my CV. Not to say there's not a lot of waste and grift in Big Ed at the collegiate level. After all, part of the origin story of my username is in fact my running away from academia. But in general, the level of academic rigor is absolutely embarrassing for PME; again I say that with the bias of having completed graduate STEM education before I ever set foot in the military. Going through ACSC right now, this shit is irredeemable. Reminds me of the RAND and McKinsey and Co frauds I had to deal with during grad school on the non-STEM side. All hat no cattle cohort of pseudo-intellectualism.
  9. Dude I'm in the middle of that garbage right now. I question my decision to continue with every module, and now they're subcontracting Arizona State Univ to handle the thing, so only Lord knows what the migration will do. I'm taking screenshots of my transcripts as we speak. If they short me credit, I'm quitting. Figured Iron Major suits my career aspirations well anyways lol. Cheers!
  10. You're describing the water bro. We know the dynamics of female labor participation post 1970. We've also known about Hypergamy in Western women behavior post- labor market flooding for ages. The subtext is whether you want to pursue the reversal of the trend by coercive forces. That's what gets people defensive, high-achievement women of course included. Stop feigning neutrality, say what you really think. Are you on the "Johnny get my belt! and whip her back to the kitchen" crowd or not? 😄
  11. Pft. Amateurs. Everybody knows you surrogate your wife's FB as a sockpuppet account.
  12. Ditto. One of the few line items of my life that is not part of my username's origin story LOL. To be fair, watching a pair of SLUFs from the PRANG from out the chain link fence was what sparked my entire vocational interest in flying at the young age of 9. All the fighter posters in my wall as a teen were all ANG swag/merch from the hometown unit, so the ARC was a known quantity for me since day one. I was still surprised people were so relatively aloof about the ARC going through OTS and UPT. And this was in the time of flightinfo and the first days of baseops, so the internet was a thing back then already.
  13. Again, you don't have to convince me of either position. I'm just a messenger that has heard it over and over again at pretty much all the squadrons I've been a part of, by virtue of having to manage these people's schedules. Like @SocialD highlighted, the more common complaint seems to be regarding full AD retiree falcons who happen to be management pilots and thus have (or perceive themselves to have) a bigger say/stick on these matters. At any rate, to your question, essentially they articulated the reason was in so many words, the same reason some civi-only pilots also resent ARC pilots: resentment over participation throttling/cherry-picking of relative juniority (and all the associated schedule/QOL that defines it), via rolling MLOA. Again, don't sic the cartero. 😄
  14. I believe so. I don't have a dog in this fight either way, but the inference that pilot washouts in future management positions hold a passive aggressive grudge against mil pilots has at least been the anecdotal experience for me in some professional circles I've dabbled in. I'm not suggesting this would be the case with particular CEO and his airline pilot subordinates. Again no dog in the UAL fight. To be fair, I've also seen mil-on-mil hate from full-AD retired pilots against their dual hatted ARC/airline peers, so it's not just washouts that can hold animosity.
  15. As I currently muddle through the trite and pathetic excuse for what passes for post-graduate academic content via PME vis a vis civilian post graduate education, they keep bringing in this toxic and narcissistic leadership themes on these recycled modules. Descriptions of senior leadership on this thread are almost plagiaristic replications, it's uncanny. "Do as I say not as I do" anyone?
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