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  1. hindsight2020

    The new airline thread

    The mil gig kept people alive during the rough times, but it's a different ARC than it was 15-20 years ago. A lot of the dudes who had their bacon saved when they were furloughed after 9/11 were from the good old days when the Guard and Reserves were a flying club and we only went to places like Guam, Pisa, Cypress, Curacao.... you know, the real "rough" ones. Those were the times you could have fun and get a little stupid without it ending up on FaceBook a day later because one of your brown-nosing unit mates wanted to play buddyf#cker. Those were the days when straw after straw after straw breaking the camel's back didn't exist. Most of those dudes have since retired. Those are the ones, some of them at least, who managed to walk away with an AD retirement, an ART retirement AAAAAAAAAAAND walked right back into decent seniority and a $200,000 per year job. I know at least a half dozen guys like this from the lost decade who did very well for themselves while guys like me waited for a full time job at the unit. Timing is everything. I am in "ghost mode" now. I go to the unit a few times a month, get my shit done to stay off the bad boy lists, but for the most part, I try to spend very little time there. I think it's a case of senioritis, but with first year pay at $90+ an hour these days, fortunately I don't need the extra cash... just a few more good year's worth of points. Agreed on all counts, and as a junior guy during the lost decade myself, you're preaching to the choir wrt the double retirement furlough gomers getting to have their cake and eat it too. I was just reminding the gallery these things go in cycles is all.
  2. hindsight2020

    The new airline thread

    Those are not real blondes. Break break--- I think its clear southwest is the pack leader when it comes to MLOA friendly ops. Some of the stuff I've been recently made privy to is straight up burger king. Good on 'em. Also, I personally love the insta switch from some airline guys the second they make a nickle more per credit hour than their mil gig. To quote an old ART buddy of mine : "you know, for the best job in the world, these mother----- sure spend a lot of time hiding here.." . I think peter gave Jesus a better treatment than some of these guys do their squadron pay people the day after that 2nd year longevity pay anniversary lol. I still remember the lost decade, so I'm naturally inclinded not to ballwalk around a job that kept people paid during a trough, but to each their own.
  3. hindsight2020

    The new airline thread

    "I turned down 100 grand because their bidding wasn't [line/PBS]"...said no one, ever. just saying. It reminds me of my back and forth I have with other airplane owners when it comes to Lycoming vs Continental (for the record, go Lyco!). It's a captive audience argument, since in order to get the airplane you want you have to accept the engine they come with (on the non-experimental side of the hobby at least) or just do without. Ditto for these airline considerations. You can't cherry pick it, so why cry over spilt milk. But maybe I'm wrong, and there are folks out there who wouldn't apply to an airline because it has PBS (the one usually hated more, anecdotally at least).
  4. Yeah I can't speak for Guard 11F units. I don't doubt you may be correct on the scorecard for Guard 11Fs currently flying and invol IAs. I thought @EvilEagle had already provided examples of his own unit (non-TFI?) where they send the backshop people to them, instead of the flyers. So by that metric alone you already have data that non-TFI fighter ANG has already bought into the bad deal. I think we're mixing apples and cantaloupes here though, at least on the AFRC side, which is what I can speak for. The Bama situation as you state, wasn't an invol IA from my understanding. We're talking about invol mob IAs here. The loss management policy (the euphemism that AFRC uses for what essentially is a de facto STOP LOSS policy) was pretty clear on the COAs. Nobody has the ability to 1288 out of an invol IA who didn't have it approved BEFORE the IA tasker got assigned. So the "deploy or 1288" conversation wouldn't be an option here. Again, generally those ultimatums are done in the context of a primary duty, combat coded in-AFSC deployment, or even yearly participation requirement discussions (we lost 4 this month alone to that btw; I think closer to 7 for the year). IOW, you have to have a separation date or retirement date approved in the system BEFORE they drop the IA tasker on the unit, otherwise they will not honor it. If you're tagged, you will be given whatever amount of days the regs state past the return date of the IA in order to separate/retire. So even if you drop paper as a result of the tag, you're still going. That's what absolutely spooked the herd here 2 years ago, and leadership had to start the Baghdad Bob routine ever since on the topic... fwiw, we're currently sending an O-5 active flyer IP to fill a AFE flt/cc job normally filled by an AD O-3. Nevermind a duty position effectively run by an E-6. Nobody in that IA to date has ever had AFE background, or even secondary AFSC from a prior-E life or the sort. The continued O-4 leaving the position LOL'd when they did the initial handshake phone convo. Even he couldn't believe they would be so brazen as to put an ARC O-5 flyer in an CGO nonner job. To quote the propaganda arm though: "It's not science fiction.....it's what we do every day." To be fair to the system, this was an 11th hour volunteer, who at the end of the tour will have an AD retirement in the bag as a TR. Getting it a good two years ahead of schedule, and can go back to his topped out WB FO gig. To finish the fairy tale there is to miss the real point. That being that, those guys are gone. There's no more, otherwise we wouldn't be running around with revolving "open until filled" AGR vacancies. When, not if, they get to the first true invol, this place will collapse overnight. Leadership is playing a dangerous game of chicken with its human property, when what they should have been doing two years ago is telling AFRC leadership to sack up, push back on the COCOM and turn this AD pork barrel graft off before our own squadrons start popping red in those god damned slides as manning combat ineffective. Everybody acts like that's an idle threat and merely the sport kvetching of supposed perennial malcontents (ask me how I know). But the second this hits the pavement it's "all hands on deck" again and "more with less" rah rah speeches at the beginning of the year. Meanwhile the support functions are still shit and riddled with OCP-wearing apathy, people are preemptively getting out, SG keeps pickling guys off and acting like they're doing the Country a favor, and ENRON mark-to-market accounting run amok still shows manning green on the slides at the Wing. There's zero integrity in this entire dynamic. BWTHDIK, they're probably right...
  5. Jesus Christ what a mess. Talk about a toxic environment. Btw, the term you're looking for is RSC = Reserve Service Commitment. It's the ARC version of an ADSC. The main difference is that an RSC can be served part time, but it expires by calendar just like an ADSC. So if you're stuck with an RSC, you technically can fulfill it by min running the snot out of the unit and it expires just as quickly as if you were full time/active duty. For an AGR, an RSC can be problematic as it can stop you from getting a curtailment approved, which affects civilian employment. I know of someone who couldn't take a Delta CJO over an aviation bonus RSC they wouldn't cut him loose from. For TRs in an environment of no invol mobs, RSCs mean nothing. But as your co-worker found out, in this brave new world of active duty light, RSCs are a big problem for TRs. Caveat emptor. RSCs are incurred for similar (but not all) things AD incurs an ADSC for. GI bill transfers, formal schools to include initial qualification training in a different MDS/MWS. Palace Chase (2:1 on the balance of whatever ADSC you had at the time of PC approval ) is another popular one. Aviation bonus (AGR or TR bonus) is another one. And so forth. Your buddy probably had a palace chase RSC balance and the rest is history. Green-on-blue is a sore subject for me, as I lost a friend and OTS classmate in 2011 to those mfckers we're told to "aid and advise". CENTCOM IA nonner taskings are thus a trigger topic for me. I would quit, and leave a retirement on the table over it. My monkey my circus. I've been taking paycuts for 5 of my 13 years in order to retain the ability to say no; I'm certainly not about to start making exceptions to that policy in this hiring environment. What you describe is real though, and I know that calculus goes into many airline dude's ledgers these days. We've all done our time, and there is no lack of volunteerism on our part if we are called to do our primary duty. But the rest of that rent-seeking fucketry, yeah count me out. What the ARC is doing right now is neither good faith nor good business imo.
  6. Buddy, the wheels came off this bus a long time ago. There's no turning this Titanic around. It gets even more ludicrous on our side of this mess. So first of all, AFRC volunteers for these nonner IAs, which is the original sin, but that's what happens when you promote Active Duty sycophant blue falcons to AFRC leadership in Washington. At any rate, it then realizes it can't do so legally, so it cooks up a new partial presidential mobilization authority in order to do so. Meanwhile on active duty land, our "mirror NAF" executes a flank and takes its own bodies, those the ARC members are supposed to replace-in-place during a wartime tasking in the first place, and manages to fence them out of those very COCOM rent-seeking nonner IAs. So the TRs end up doing the Active bubbas invol IAs, and the Active folks are fenced out from them while getting active duty points on "nights and weekends" too. How u like them apples? Nevermind that TR probably got out of Active Duty precisely to regain control of his life and away from those very dynamics. You literally cannot make this stuff up. And when you take the senior managers to task about the legality of our charter, and I quote the O-8: "you're dealing with outdated information, Major". Basically sit the F down, which I find myself doing a lot of these days.... To the ARC leadership, TFI (TFE is the actual name today BTW) was never the bug, it was the feature. This is a decade long decay and it has worked to morph the strategic reserves into the expeditionary reserve, and unsustainable abortion, that it is today. The Air Guard folks need to take some serious accounting of their situation. I know it's du jour to believe the Guard Bureau retains the kind of rebel without a cause atmosphere that shields people from the indignities of AFRC life, but those days are over. This IS coming to a Guard unit near you, as it has already to some, so plan accordingly.
  7. The ARC? Let me put it to y'all this way. We're losing people over flu shots, SG gatekeeper fucketry, and OBOGS. And that's before they added that individual INVOL mob bullshit grenade. LOL it's total chaos. Leadership says we're good though, mainly because we have the last remaining bastion of lost decade guys finishing active duty retirements, taking these on a voluntary basis. But that pot is drying up right quick. Oh and the cherry on top: Turns out AFRC actually volunteered to cover these rent-seeking CENTCOM nonner IAs. You cannot make this shit up. This job should be enviable. Leave it to the ARC to fvck up a two car funeral. If my wife hadn't got sick, as much as I hate admitting it, no doubt I too would have punched to Cat-E Shangri-La, go sit short call in MIA over a plato of arroz congrí with a goddamn smile on my face. And I don't even like flying airliners mind you...the hassles and nonner antics are outta hand.
  8. hindsight2020

    Happy 2019! May your exit dreams come true!

    All good points, though I'd say there's some rumblings of slow down this year, recession talks (my personal prediction is by 4th Qtr calendar 19). That may temper hiring. Of course the retirement numbers are what they are, so that natural attrition should keep everyone well safe from the F word. Much better setup than the Lost Decade, to say the least. I'd say between late 2016 and the end of 2019 (maybe the Fall) is the first apogee of a double wave of hiring. I think things will cool off through 2020, then pick back up again in a couple years (wrt hiring). If I was in that race, I'd probably secure a Guard/Reserve position, or some form of mil leaving that regional work, until things picked back up, if you get caught without a chair through the slow down. If my PM inbox is any indication these days, folks are worried about this slowdown, when they come asking about the ARC in the context of the airlines and jumping ship. Don't shoot the messenger. Other than that, the advice is still to punch, and I agree with that advice as a generality.
  9. hindsight2020

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    yeah it was tongue in cheek. I was talking about the MC-12, but the barrel dive reference meant to draw a parallel to the Q400 thing. Unsat overall indeed on that one.
  10. hindsight2020

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    "Attempted" aileron roll was more like it. But the MIF is Fair (3+) so "barrel dive" is good enough. No fighter/FAIP follow-on, press to next block. LOL
  11. Yeah I ran outta pop up books for all y'all lol
  12. You guys attribute too much virtue to our senior leadership. Occam's razor: when you view the world from the prism of economic self interest, you realize that perpetual war and its rent seeking is not the bug, it's the feature. As such, there is no failure, only profit. Sure, we the pawns eat the opportunity cost. People are getting paid off our idealism, check that, RAIDING the cash registers on the backs of that naivete, and you guys are quoting Sun Tzu? Lol.
  13. hindsight2020

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Do u even barrel roll bro?