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  1. Random anecdote, but my wife's suitemate committed suicide in the dorms during my wife's first year of enlistment. Clamoring for attention paid to toxic SNCO leadership was and continued to be a common topic among her enlistment, which she smartly capped at one term. Her suitemate of course wasn't so fortunate.
  2. LOL I always get that. It's not wrong; your "correction" is a common misconception from the American mouthbreathing collective. Marcus Pontius Pilatus is the full Latin naming convention for said historical figure. Pilate is for those who think historical Jesus spoke 'Murican and had Jim Caviezel for a doppelganger.
  3. Yeah, I resemble that remark. I have a few marked regrets in this life; having decoded the AD/ARC chasm as a civilian, before I ever agreed to set foot at OTS, is definitively not one of them. A relative outlier outcome compared to most military aspirants, and certainly one of the one or two times in my life I've been #foresight2020. An AD OG once uttered in the middle of a hot swamp-ass bread van in the middle of July at DLF, when confronted with pilot talk about retention, and me being the only ARC patch wearer in the van: "Thing is guys, we already have a technician track...it's called the Guard/Reserves". Took me a while to process, as the AD dudes initial reaction was to quietly snicker and roll their eyes, but the dude was right, and I was proof of it. Not what the AD cats wanted to hear, and certainly a bit of a Pontius Pilatus derelict stance on the part of said OG, but not an inaccurate statement in the least. To each their own. Nothing will change. Recession's coming. Run the clock offense wins again, from Big Blue's perspective. We all gotta make lemonade, and we all have our personal/family drivers. AD martyrdom doesn't have a high ROI from where I sit, but I don't discourage those who wish to pursue that avenue.
  4. No, it's no longer a thing. The bomber cap is long gone. That said, there's plenty of T-38 tracked guys making the transition to the Reserves. T-1 tracked guys are still largely being steered to T-6s and T-1s. Also remember, active Duty is sending 11Ms (et al) who were 38 tracked in phase III, so saying 11Ms are now the lion's share of the 38 UPT cadre is an unnuanced take on this manning shift. Not saying they couldn't at some point just chuck people into 38 IP UPT billets without having flown the airplane as students, but as of right now that's not the majority case. As to the Reserves, we are not undermanned in T-38s. CBM is broke and on their ass, so the manning is masked by that since there's not much metal to turn on the 38 side. Active Duty is getting creative and you guys will hear some more about it in the coming month but I'll keep that close to the vest for now. Our (AFRC 38s) footprint is the smallest within the realm of the 340th, IFF exempted. Our IFF inputs are probably the the worst manned overall based on airline projections and people's unwillingness to do that job past a certain age, but they are holding steady on the requirement for IFF graduates only. DLF would probably be the worst, and I don't know how bad it is currently. I know it's not as bad as it was when I went in as a T-6 guy in the tail end of the Lost Decade. People are posturing for the upcoming recession, so things will get quickly snatched up the second the airlines stop hiring for a bit and people panic back to Uncle Sugar. Mark my words (only been doing this shit for 13 years, BWTFDIK). 100% chance of not getting what you don't ask for though. Good luck.
  5. Hey white knight, I was merely asking. Calm the fuck down with the keyboard hostility and go fuck yourself right back with your misplaced umbrage, trying to make me the straw man for your buddy's lot in life. You re barking up the wrong tree. This god damn board I tell ya. The stundepilot.net days seem civilized by comparison. At any rate. My aggregate point on the dynamics of the UPT fiasco stand. FUBIJAR.
  6. Seriously, does anybody know what the "consolation" assignment was? Kinda hard to plaster your sob story on the internet about getting a 38 UPT gig removed from you, if you scoffed offline at a T-6 assignment to the same location, which would have effectively ameliorated the life disruption issue for the family. Not saying that's what happened here, just asking.
  7. Indeed. I'm certainly not defending the AF assignments process. Our PCS outlays are an example of FWA imo. But that's part and parcel of the total war campaign the AD component has always had with the concept of homesteading in military life, as a matter of principle it seems. It certainly has spilled into Active Duty Lite (aka AFRC), while the NGB is probably the last remaining bastion of hope on that front. I've never witnessed a professional organization so gratuitously and pointedly contemptuous against their employee's home life, as the DOD. I know late-to-UPT guys who gambled and lost at ENJPPT. They took a special assignment heavy, which was a hell of a lot better than an FEB, then pivoted to T-1 land and moved on to better things, whether it be an AD retirement, or an airline pivot, or both! The unfairness of life is noted, but you gotta make some lemonade if you want to move forward. As to the degradation of UPT. Again, we're conflating subjects. From my vantage point having done it for the last decade (I've done all subsets of the UPT/PIT mission, with the exception of T-1s): it's pretty much a lowering of the hours/culling of events imho. MAF folks in 38s are frankly a red herring on this topic. Yes, there's an aggregate pressure on the development programs as a result (sorry if that triggers some, but it's what we've witnessed in PIT and phase-III alike), but most end up doing ok for the job given enough time and mentorship. Furthermore, I disavow the dismissive notion that phase III 38 rigors are so overstated, the ladies at the CDC could be tasked to do it and thus there's nothing to complain about on the IP development side. It is something I've heard from both some disgruntled T11K3D coded 11F that find the UPT mission set beneath them, and MAF guys resentful of the waiver impositions. I'm a casualty of the "bomber cap" stonewalling myself for years, so I'm not speaking from the cheap seats on this one. But a spade's a spade. Not everybody is cut out for T-38 IP work, upsetting as it may be for those who may resemble the remark. From my perspective, the MAF-38-butt-hurt "problem" arose when PIT got timeline/production pressured to punt that extra mentorship, a syllabus/resource allocation PIT was never designed for mind you, to the TI side of the UPT 38 squadrons. UPT 38 squadrons naturally wailed when IFF started throwing shade at them for a product that was legitimately rushed through, in part (not in whole) due to the low turnout of IPs based on said no-kidding attrition from TI. The finger pointing went off the rails at that point. And here we are....and now we have these drunken embarrassments on FB, coming full circle. Color me not surprised. I've seen the dynamic from two of the three-sided mexican standoff now (aka UPT-PIT-IFF). Everybody has a valid gripe on that, but again from my perspective, the product is rotting at the UPT level due to syllabus cuts. At the macro level, the problem is that every time one makes this argument as an older head, one gets accused by the NAF/MAJCOM of making a Luddite argument against PTN, which isn't the case at all. Fact is Kwast is out that job, and hopefully that good idea fairy will die with it. It caused enough chaos and production losses last year as it was (again, don't ask me how I know). Guess what made up for the losses at the expense of fatigue and manning for the least year? You guessed it: surging for a year on the legacy syllabus. And now AETC wants to take credit for that, whilst touting PTN as the solution to the problem they created, and not the genesis of the problem in the first place? Typical gaslighting. It's a total con job. The ultimate reality is that HAF has essentially accepted this dilution of quality, and the deaths we have and will cause as a result of this greening, are an acceptable and more importantly, plausibly-deniable quantity to them. So we're tilting at the windmills here as the labor pawns with no say in the matter. We all signed up for a certain level of commodification of our lives when we agreed to this indentured servitude. The kitchen just happens to be getting real hot on that front as of late. I'm not being flippant; I have a family I'd like to come home to at night, and buried two co-workers in the last year alone on account of this "so easy a CDC lady could do it" job. I'm just describing the water here with the benefit of a decade's worth of hindsight. Don't hang the postman.
  8. We're conflating grievances here. They could give him a T-6 to SPS, problem solved. No meltdown, no waiver needed, no PCS expenditure loss, wifiey can still be assistant DA (jesus how many times did he mention that, it was like watching one of Khalessi's minions announce all her titles on GOT). As to the rest? Get a fvcking grip man. I have a story too. Many of us have a story of personal grievance in this line of work. Life's not fair, we make lemons with the batch we get pelted in the head with. I didn't go on a whiny bender on the internet about it. I have family challenges too, one I seriously considered quitting the military over. Jesus T-1 driving Christ do you AD folks not have better friends to commiserate to than the internet? Or is this a millennial thing, and it pains me to say that as technically I'm the oldest year of a millennial. Here's a pro-tip for that guy: Fighter units in the ANG/AFRC pick up separating heavy drivers every now and then as a consequence of circumstances/PFA/et al. Having a god damn melt down and posting it forever on the internet, where you allocute to still having a fundamental chip on your shoulder about legitimately sucking hind teet in ENJJPT and/or not getting what you wanted out of UPT 6-9 years ago, is not the starting point to a clean transition to the next chapter of your flying career. Here's another pro tip: There's a metric fvck ton of AFRC UPT drivers on this board (and FB). Ask me how I know. Guess who's also at the hiring boards for said FTG. Our main source of guys is separating AD UPT cats. Don't drink and internet,folks, though it may be a bit late for some.
  9. The irony of your post ending in "I like working" in a thread about scoffing at airline work via MLOA, is must definitively not lost on me. Freudian slip if there ever was one, even if "tapatalk did it". 😄😉
  10. chicken or the egg kinda thing ain't it? In any event, from my experience doing this gig for the last 9 years, MAF guys end up fine but require non-insignificant extra time and mentorship on flight lead admin and tac proficiency, let alone debriefing to what the hell is going on, before they're in a position to be able to instruct and supervise to the same level when undertaking undergraduates. Problem is it's mostly MAF, and FAIPS on a heavily diluted UPT run, that we are getting to PIT. The syllabus was legitimately not built for this. It was built for alpha-track 11Fs doing a quick proficiency spin up and off we go. FAIPS also had the benefit of more proficiency in UPT phase III, so the extra time was devoted to the instructional skillset. I've seen their evolution from both the UPT and PIT perspective. They end up fine for the most part. The problem is that we don't have the hours or the syllabi to provide that extra training.So predictably, the product suffers both on the UPT side and the IP development side. And the B-courses complain, it's not complicated. But senior leadership won't hear of it. IMO People have died already as a result of this greening up, but it won't be acknowledged. More will die as a direct consequence of this manning/quality issue, before the trend is reversed. As to the dismissal of the rigors of phase III to the degree that it proverbially doesn't matter and the ladies at the CDC can do it? That's just more of the same chasm that creates the animosity against 11Fs in the first place. The manning realities are here, the goal is to move forward and catch these guys up so they can provide a phase III product worth a damn. Currently we are not meeting standards, and the B-courses are paying the bill in the end. It's not an insurmountable problem, but cutting hours and syllabus events in the manner we're doing is not working. Senior AF is not interested in that answer, so we will continue failing the product. Nothing to see here. I digress. Everybody stay safe out there, not all the sea turtles will make it to the ocean on account of this, politically incorrect as it may be. G'luck.
  11. yeah understood, "tragedy of the commons" behavior abounds. To each their own.
  12. Froggy? Probation? LOL. Try the last trip of IOE. Seen it happen twice. And not just any ol' "31+" MLOA... no no, actual effin' Title 10 3-year EAD (AGR) orders. ...and that's why we can't have nice things.
  13. I did it as a trougher during my days as TR, and I didn't have a civilian job (hence, the term trougher). Bank required LES and tax returns for prior years. I got approved. The moniker TR/DSG may be technically true, but I didn't consider myself a "TR" when I was working as much as a full timer and with no civilian job, for cents of the dollar of course, which is why I left that unit after years of empty promises for one who would offer me employment parity (AGR in my case, and I never looked back). But I digress. So yes, it's possible.
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