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  1. In general, the answer is no, it's not slated to be a UPT base. As to the T-7, if you're a FNG reading this thread because you got orders in hand, don't worry about it, none of you will see the T-7 as an undergrad. Even the 2023 number is optimistic right now. Good luck at DLF. It's only a year for a Guard/Res guy. Ironically, I did 8 full-time years there as an AFRC guy but that's for another thread LOL.
  2. Our feedback from IFF is the exact opposite wrt the cut in hours. Now, in fairness to your point, IFF is teaching to the classic wingman philosophy, and I concur with your assessment that a movement towards the "multiple flights of one" of the "5th gen" paradigm would yield some efficiencies in cutting some MIF items. My only objection to your assessment of the T-38 program, is that I think you dismiss the degree to which the dexterity required to fly formation to a 4th gen standard in an incredibly manual and underpowered airplane like the T-38, does lead to more well-rounded baseline product, and safer 5th gen wingman by proxy. Yes, it is also more expensive, but I thought we were the world leader in tactical proficiency...we certainly have the defense budget for it no? (don't answer that, I'm being rhetorical). My read of your argument is one similar to what the airlines are making these days with the MPL approach to training. E.G. "The airplanes are so automated, we can lean on that automation to mask the significant lack of pilot comprehensive dexterity we're willing to eat in order to cut training length. These guys are to be system/sensor monitoring experts." I'm not particularly persuaded by that argument. As to the macro philosophical point on 5th gen nuances, I'm with ya by all means. My objections to your assessment of UPT Next efficiencies are not to be taken as a Luddite argument at all. I agree with you that the syllabus should incorporate hardware that better exposes the kids to the new rides. I believe the T-7 will achieve that.
  3. https://landing.redbirdflight.com/posts/the-pilot-and-the-fbo-a-love/hate-story
  4. Sadly the FBO is no more. Nice little rant the CEO posted on the internet too about it.
  5. "I think we landed!" LOL Classic. There's always one heckler. My kinda people. 😄
  6. Yeah buddy. A guy in my old unit got drummed out of AF flying with two consecutive Q3s. Went direct to Allegiant hire (oh the writeup for the second -3 was EPIC). Certain west coast base CA now. *yikes* Pretty sweet gig, that day turn business. I wouldn't mind doing that, if these smaller outfits had better career staying power than a senior popping his cherry at prom and a more robust retirement offering. No free lunch in life I guess.
  7. I'm afraid as far as certain circles within the MIC is concerned, that's not the bug, that's the feature.
  8. you're not saying anything new, nor far fetched. Those of us who weren't born into the decade of "everyone gets a regional job!" have been saying it since the lost decade. Air Force plays run the clock offense, always has, always will. And will continue to do so, until the next trigger for airline hiring slow down. It's an incredibly cynical play, but historically has always been THE play. The only difference between the upcoming recession and the 9/11 confluence is the number or mando retirements plus the capacity right sizing the airlines did under post BK contract. That will yield few if no furloughs, as they throttle the demanded capacity with organic retirements and displacements as required. That doesn't help the newly-hired of course, which brings me to the next point. Sub-10 year airline Reservists flock back to their units, as they always do. Being the plug in your BSE during a period of no new-hires is no picnic, even if you're gaining longevity pay. At any rate, most of the sub-10 year guys come hide at the squadrons when the airline reminds them of the other side of "livin' da dreeeeam". This fills up the full time positions immediately, troughing pot gets thin, and the angle for active duty separatees to use the ARC as a leverage position temporarily disappears. Rinse and repeat, just like daily wind trends. I've seen this movie before. Caveat Emptor. My only dog in this fight? Whatever one decides to do, just don't sh!t where you eat. Most do an honest job on that front, but we got a small cohort of boomeranging blue falcons that ruin it for everyone on both sides of the airline/mil continuum. As to AD? I don't think it will ever get any better. I treat is as a known quantity, and something ultimately to be tolerated in small and/or non-consecutive quantities. To each their own.
  9. Their revolving door contract mx was running a shell game and trashing the flyers and hangar queens alike due to lack of continuity. No free lunch in life but hey, contractors got paid so the senators are happy. When you realize the DOD is fundamentally a jobs program in modern times, you start seeing the fiscal failures of our military spending as success and not the Orwellian irony ive come to privately accept them to be. We might be picking up the slack for CBM by next summer until their new contractor presumably rights the ship. Hope in one hand and shit on the other amma right?
  10. 38 is getting implemented as we speak. The fleet is mixed right now. T-6s had a version of TAS (NAWCS derivative), later TCAS implementation. When I left T-6 land back to T-38s, T-6s were also mixed on TCAS capable and not. 38C is all TCAS. Not sure what the implementation timeline is for ADSB-Out for 6s. NextGen is a joke, but that's for another thread. I do love me some FIS-B in my private flying. At least I get something out of my avgas and general funding taxes. I'm still not ADSB-Out compliant in my personal aircraft. I might just quit before sticking a 5K transponder into my spam can. Thankfully there's the skybeacon, which is probably what I'll end up doing.
  11. Your best bet will be the individual units. They all have POC for hiring, and they forward the inquiries to the respective flight commanders. the eventual formal application occurs at the 340th level, submitting an application with the unit or units, of interest, and they internally forward your application to the unit. It pays to just speak with the unit directly beforehand since they'll have the immediate pulse on hiring needs at the time. As to the 97th, nothing different about them. Not sure what portion of my previous comments gave you the impression they're different. Certainly they've had prior hiring policies in the past I consider a bit insufferable, to pick the most mild euphemism, but those dynamics are anachronisms today frankly. The game has changed and the old guard has by and large retired. As to paid travel, I've typed that on here ad nauseam. Look at my previous remarks touching on that topic. Good luck!
  12. You can't use outliers and call it a success. There's not enough sample size density to ascertain they're not gonna start lawndarting expensive 5th gen toys in the course of one ops assignment or deployment cycle/fighter drag. Establish a more robust sample size, undiluted by classically attained (aka more expensive) personnel in the same batch, then we can talk about whether the T-6 to 11F direct is or is not a false economy. This isn't a Luddite argument, it's a truth in advertisement one. Statistics are fungible. Airlines I think? The hiring is robust at the airlines so far, so not much disincentive for being a Blue Falcon in military life the way it would have been during the Lost Decade. Indeed, but they don't have that luxury, in order to meet the production targets. Our innovation antics torpedoed our production numbers at PIT last year. We've spent the last year surging on the classic syllabus just to catch up. Which is another way of saying we fell short of the increased target for another FY in a row. No free lunch in this sausage factory....
  13. weird, people are always singing the praises of guard autonomy over active duty lite on here. must be real bad in 130s if AFRC looks like shangri la to you. That or someones lying, cuz it cant be both.
  14. Hooking for localisms as a factor of consequence? Meh, hyperbole ime. So is the assertion the IP cadre is so green they can't fly let alone instruct to said localisms. It's just not a current driving reason for the otherwise production quality waste in the UPT syllabus, anecdotes notwithstanding. From our perspective and feedback on the PIT/IFF side... it's the sortie count, stupid. The cats have in aggregate 50 less hours (fiscal 06 vs fiscal 18 number comparisons, per the last big brain meeting last December). Less solos, and can't fly tac form to save their lives in IFF. So to me, stop effing with the sortie count in phase III (+ solos) and you can improve the product baseline from a B-course customer perspective. But the entire premise of the innovation wank of the last 3 years was to crank up production and retain quality. That effort is failing demonstrably, and from where I sit at least it has killed a couple guys already but don't mind me. I digress. From a IP-production/development which is my current wheelhouse, the program is not resource-allocated to get non-T38 MAF/NSA guys to get to a proficiency level in tac form to be able to IP-demo to the level expected of a top-off Track A 11F "classic guy" with currency in the prior airframe. With enough extra allocations though, sure I can totally get a non-38 prior herbie to that level, but not with a track A allocation. 19th won't hear of it though. And UPT wanks as a result, big surprise there. Oh well. Kwast is gone. Maybe this ---t will normalize as a result, maybe. Going back to legacy certainly worked wonder for us as a band aid these last 12 months, un-effing the production backlog of the SGTO experiment. I personally saved a couple potential casualties from checkered FEF through no fault of their own but the syllabus fiddle -----ng, so I sleep with a clear conscience. But not all baby turtles will make it to the ocean under this clownish paradigm. We're certainly on track to eff it up again with another round of innovation, so who the eff knows. *sighs* check ain't bouncin' I guess. 🤷‍♂️
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