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  1. Dream Sheet Advice

    Don't you know, that doesn't matter these days. Fighters for everybody...until the Viper pipeline starts sucking hind teet again and the BUFF gotta get their tributes. Rinse and repeat. Timing and luck muchacho....
  2. Air Force to begin testing enlisted pilots

    The Moody UPT re-activation is still in the vaporware stage.
  3. T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    The last line is legalese so Stanley doesn't default to disconnecting the mask hose at the CRU-60, as opposed to the airplane hose at the CRU-60. Big difference in outcome of course. But yeah, that's gonna be a lotta sit-downs during stand-up and procedural phase tests lol.
  4. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    It doesn't appear this has percolated outside 22AF circles. We'll take it to PM if so inclined. I'm done talking about it here, plus it's thread drift.
  5. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    I'll give ya a hint....Navy Reserves.
  6. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    WRT to UPT production..... Not helping is the grenade they threw into the bunker two weeks ago on the AFRC side. Let's just say if it goes through, kiss Reserve manning at UPT bye bye. Someone apparently hit "send" too early up there in Robins and now they got a hell of a situation down here in the catacombs. RC is not exactly a captive audience, retention-wise. WTF were they thinking.... Big Blue senior management has officially lost all composure. They're grasping at the straws and it's making it worse everywhere. Frankly, I expect stop-loss at or before end FY18. If they're so willing to lose 100 dollars to save 2 pennies on the RC side, then that tells me they've all but thrown their arms up in the AC side. Stop loss has to be the only logical next step.
  7. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    I've addressed that very point, albeit over at APC. It is understood that an enlisted with access to a job at proverbial Delta (a growing percentage of junior NCOs are attaining a bachelors degree, compared to generations past) at the end of their training commitment has much less incentive to stay than a commissioned officer as the income delta (pun very much intended) is indeed much larger than for the O. I've yet to see evidence there's a sweeping push for the 11X career field to be manned by enlisted.
  8. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Fraternization rules could use a lot of updating. Too much drama over nothing burgers in the military these days. Female participation in the military to the degree they do today, warrants more liberal frat policy. Of course, pretending every single male/female interaction out there is a casting couch power dynamic is the flavor du jour, so fat chance frat policy getting liberalized in this climate.
  9. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    Sure....if the MIF is U (2+).
  10. Future T-38 replacement?

    No kidding, especially considering it took him two shots! That guy owes money at the bar for almost missing that turkey twice.
  11. Future T-38 replacement?

    We did. The T-100. That in no way means it will be the choice. Again, those of us who live in the land of what things are and understand the nuances of politcs, understand that the T-50 is all but on rails here, unless Boeing can dig up dirt on Lockmart and stall it out.
  12. Future T-38 replacement?

    glad I'm not the only one who noticed...
  13. Future T-38 replacement?

    Exactly my thoughts.
  14. Future T-38 replacement?

    T-X compliant retrofit to the Cessna SuperCitation, I mean Airland Scorpion, is not even in the T-X running anymore. So it's My money is Lockmart gets the contract, though in an aggregate view I think the Leonardo DRS M-346 variant (T-100) offering is probably the most balanced option out there that meets the criteria. Current production, ground training systems as well, Israelis currently use it successfully to follow on into the F-35. I really don't know the reason Raytheon backed out of the partnership. Something tells me they probably knew something about LockMart that Leonardo chose to gamble with anyways.
  15. Future T-38 replacement?

    The T-100 economics are on par with the Citationjet, when viewed in the aggregate. We could even beat those economies of scale by going to Yakovlev (the M-346 is but a Yak-130 permutation), but no way the US awards a T-X contract to a peer adversary. Why are we talking about the Scorpion anyways? They're out. I have a better chance of winning bronze in female gymnastics than the T-X program is to down-write the RFP for the hardware. This is coming down to T-50 and Boeing T-X, with Leonardo DRS (Raytheon stood them up at the prom) as the Cinderella underdog with the T-100 stand-alone pitch. As long as Boeing doesn't win I'm happy. Because Fvck Boeing that's why. Their poorly coded MFD tries to kill me every week, and their tech support literally looks like they hired some laid off cable guys yokels from San Antonio to go give me the runaround while their field office contractors back in KSKF probably make more surfing the web than I do spinning the revolver chamber one more time down here...and I digress.