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  1. hindsight2020

    Part time jobs...

    Just trough dude. civilian employment is a PITA to juggle under anything but the most inconsequential military reserve commitment (basically part b IMA or cat E).
  2. hindsight2020

    New BAH rates are out.

    You have to understand that Enidstan is a former oil "boom" casualty of the 1980s. They are exceedingly skittish, like Minot, in allowing excess housing inventory to be built for a gritty transient population of energy blue collar workers. I understand where they're coming from regarding the housing stock. The DoD happens to be the welfare employer of the area via pork barrel, so servicemembers are the pawns. Captive audience dynamics abound.
  3. hindsight2020

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    An AD OG not so many moons ago was yet again faced with that question as we BS'd amongst each other in the bread van on our way to the parking row. His response to the collective question about that proverbial technician/pilot track inquiry was : "We already have that, it's called the Guard/Reserves". As the sole Reservist in that van, I just quietly shook my head. They don't get it, and never will. For those who fell off the math bus, it is increasingly difficult to attain an Active Duty retirement by that metric. Not impossible, just laborious to a non-starter degree, given the nuances of double commuting and the pay/QOL deltas of major airline flying work. Furthermore, that second class treatment of the flying track disincentivizes the retention of tactical combat corporate knowledge, and dilutes the value of it (80 cents on the dollar by my last count, in the ARC), if one is to suspend disbelief for one second and assume 100% experience retention of separating members into the ARC component. And Lord knows it isn't...hell we have people quitting with no 20-year letters over ¡flu shots! I shit you not. Airlines are that frothy. A true technician track would allow someone to attain an active duty retirement while remaining in ops for the duration, with the recognition that O-5 may be just as scarce as it is in the FTS component of the ARC flying unit ecosystem. But recalcitrant AD just won't barter with their human property as a matter of principle, so we have what we have today. A completely fraudulent and gratuitous apathy toward point blank hemorrhaging of the experienced demographic. It is terrible stewardship of the People's money, and completely uninspiring as a fellow "pilot who happens to be an officer". This particular iteration of the see-saw has convinced me that nothing will change. If they are unwilling to stem the loss in this environment, there really isn't a single additional variable that would compel them to do so. They'll stop loss and then allow it to get worse, while they continue to run the clock offense until the next airline hiccup. The only people who could take them to task would be Congress, and they seem aloof as to the criticality of this manning deficit if we were to get mouth-punched with a peer fight today. So do your 12, fly your ass off, then punch to make whatever life and vocational priorities are the center piece of your life. We managed to pull ourselves out the ropes of Pearl Harbor like Rocky in the fourth movie, so I guess we can keep winging it like that when China sucker punches us. "Late to the melee...", the American Way it seems. LOL
  4. hindsight2020

    Herk Down

    Is Tinker depot part 145 though? I understand y'all are majority civil servants, but isn't Tinker still mickey mouse AF MX run, to include military procedural fucketry standard? Genuinely curious, wife's born/grew up in Midwest City and I dropped more BUFFs at TIK that I care to recall, so I'm familiar with the area.
  5. hindsight2020

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Your shitty PRF won't be a problem for O-5 in the Reserves, hell we promote convicted deviants. Your lack of ACSC in correspondence however, will 100% guarantee your non-promotion. I'm telling you, it's that binary. It's a matter of opportunity cost. A reserve retirement is not that lucrative when you have to wait for it until 60 (or high 50s as a disbursement buydown for certain 90 day chunks of orders post-2008), to the degree that O-4 vs O-5 would make a difference in your life. All you're doing with reaching for O-5 is increasing your MSD in the reserves, which for an airline guy may or may not be worthwhile, depending on if the airline treats you right or you get sodomized in the *next (not *if) airline musical chair stopping period. That's more of a airline timing and industry thing, than anything inherent to O-5 considerations on the mil side. Active duty retirement via the Reserves? Sure, you probably have an incentive to push through the bullshit ACSC side quest (which gets worse by the decade). Of course that also requires looking for O-5AGR in the line, where a lot of people time out waiting on a younger guy sitting ont the controlled position, and have to go looking for some retirement desk job just to get the TIG and go back to their airline. I'd certainly wouldn't do that just to get O-5 since I don't have a turbine job in my back pocket like MLOA airline guys do, but that's me and my reasons for sticking around in the military full time vice rummaging through civilian commercial aviation. So do ACSC, and you'll make O-5. Don't, and you won't. It's not the end of the world, but it is that simple. Meaning there's no decoder ring here like there is on Active Duty. No excuse for not knowing this in the AFRC side. I'm not defending it; I'm exceedingly UNINSPIRED by every administrative aspect of my career, and it is tough as an intelligent individual to accept that mediocrity. I'm only here because I'm still having fun in the flight line. They touch my "baby" single issue vote, and I vanish like a fart with the wind so fast all they'll see is the outline of my prior self like Wylie coyote. I digress, my point being, the outcome track is open source, so it's an easy decision to formulate in the ARC. No decoder ring needed.
  6. hindsight2020

    Join Spouse for UPT Studs

    See bolded. Bro, kudos on one of the most candid and on-point assessments of female military pilot dynamics out there. I've said that shit offline a couple times and get tar/feathered. It is def not a politically correct assessment, but it's hella repeatable and easy to illustrate for those without an axe to grind, let alone those who resemble the remark. Let's not even get started on how these dynamics create tension and a sense of inequity in the squadron when it comes to deployment cycles, work schedules while in garrison, and even post-separation working expectations, especially in the dual pilot couple household. Again, my experience with acquaintances on the post-separation side of things, tracks 100% batting average what you highlight. Problem is that 'thirsty' won't see what they don't want to see. So you're spinning your wheels with these types. Or that poor fuck I know that forewent a Viper for a bomber so wifie T-6 FAIP could join spouse with him, even though wouldn't stop the lamentations in the bar when not in mixed company (aka wifie not there). Just a god damn self-imposed heartbreak. Not all baby turtles make it to the ocean; I used to say that about UPT grads, but Jesus these days it's the late rate Capts, priors, or FAIPS going into second assignment the ones that look in need of better adulting mentorship. LOL
  7. hindsight2020

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Airline X? You presume too much. Robin Olds would have failed the Hogan.😆
  8. hindsight2020

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    At the end of the day, the only people who need to believe you in post af life is your wife, your mother, and your airline hiring board. The rest is ballwash. Lol
  9. hindsight2020

    New Mexico dairy concerned about Air Force contamination

    Good for the goose good for the gander indeed.
  10. hindsight2020

    The new airline thread

    As to the first paragraph, that has been happening for years now. USERRA is a joke wrt hiring in the real world. Caveat emptor. As to the second paragraph, I haven't heard of it. If true, eh, fvck 'em.
  11. hindsight2020

    C-130 down near Savannah, GA

    valid. Not the right forum for this discussion.
  12. hindsight2020

    Military Pilot Shortage and Aero Clubs

    Indeed. One of the things I'm most glad of is that my first exposure to aviation was civilian flying. UPT almost cured me from wanting to fly professionally for a living. I absolutely cherish my private aircraft ownership and also work hard to keep it as far away from anything work-related as possible. I enjoy the craft I'm allowed to draw a paycheck from the AF for, but at the end of the day it's tiring work. It would absolutely cure me from flying if I had to approach my own recreational/travel flying the same way. fwiw, I would say the same thing about airline flying. Just not my idea of a good time while flying. To each their own.
  13. hindsight2020

    Military Pilot Shortage and Aero Clubs

    I was briefly involved in the attempt to galvanize support for the re opening of the flying club two duty stations ago, and the bottom line is that it comes down to money over risk. WG/CC don't want the hassle and the club would be a burden on the general funding if not supported by the IFT graft money. Good bad or indifferent, it was a straight up cash cow for the instructors involved, but once thatmoney dried up, the other facilities wanted nothing to do with upkeeping the airplanes, which is why you saw them die en masee when the money was gone. The ladies at the CDC outvote you compared to the couple cats that want to have access to general aviation. It;s not just the military, as a private aircraft owner myself and involved in GA for longer I've been in the military, I can attest to the fact GA is a hard sell to the pedestrians on the civilian side of the street. Costs of certified anything make it a troubling proposition. Also, since most people want automotive quality accomodations for automotive prices, the proposition of spam cans become a non starter quick, since it only offers automotive comfort at million dollar housing prices.
  14. hindsight2020

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    LOL The fvcking irony of that statement....
  15. hindsight2020

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    There was a flag officer in attendance but it is my understanding he was the parent of a different student, not of the female targeted.