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  1. hindsight2020

    Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    yeah well fuck that snowjob. There's nothing "perspective" about PRP and flying the memphis belle in the 21st century. The check ain't bouncing... it's about all I got outta that one. I'd quit before I do that again. I got my AF wings and I own my own airplane, so I got nothing to prove to myself anymore by wearing a bag and practice bleeding for a living.To each their own. All that said, absolutely, I'm a firm believer of 'it's not what you do, it's who you do it with'. In hindsight (see what I did there lol) I think things are as they should be. I think I would have enjoyed the hell out of physically flying the Viper, but would have probably not meshed well/enjoyed the ancillary/cultural hazy shit that comes with it. Lord knows I've enjoyed shorter debriefs in my life as a result lol. As an older man I've become aware of that nuance, and I'm at peace now. I admit it didn't feel like it 10 years ago. In all honesty, the fact is I got a family and then life got complicated, so the "live to work" impositions of certain airframes in this line of work just became complete non-starters for my current priorities in life. Which is why I do love my trainer job. It's weak sauce to the youngin's, as it should be, but i'm really happy with it. I wouldn't mind a light attack mission if I had to do it all over again. A-29 or the sort. It's a bit more engaging to me than the bomb truck driver without a pickle button thing. Knowing the AF though, they'd prob fuck that up too. Guess should have joined the Army ....nah. LOL
  2. hindsight2020

    Accepted a CSO slot

  3. hindsight2020

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Yes, at least in the AFRC, lack of ACSC completion is a guaranteed non-promote to O-5. People forego it and retire as O-4s all the time. Leadership is very much still interested in you having all their PME boxes checked in order to be considered for leadership. I don't recall what the difference in retirement pay is for O-5 but for a TR who gets paid at 60 (minus whatever they drew down with MPA) it's probably ballwash. AGR it may be worth pinching your nose and doing it. Can't speak for the guard.
  4. hindsight2020

    C-130 down near Savannah, GA

    Based on the video and the witness recollection of the relative position of the aircraft to the landing rwy (28?). Looks like a base to final stall/spin, or a Vmc roll if they were doing some sort of engine out work and it went south (no pun intended). Condolences to my childhood hometown unit.
  5. hindsight2020

    Upcoming Boards

    So much for the fighter pilot shortage LOL. When it comes to hiring in times of low retention, the 11F community truly knows how to fvck up a two car funeral.
  6. hindsight2020

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    And this happened in the Guard gentlemen. Put in other words: the USAF is fucked.
  7. hindsight2020

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    The club parking lot after the Single Airman dinner invite hits the flying squadron incontainers.....
  8. hindsight2020

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Linky? LOL
  9. Negative, this was in lieu of the current flight pay structure.
  10. u fvcking new, right? Cuz that's most fvcking new guy thing to ask I've heard this month. Just letting ya know. Return to Go do not collect $200 for you.
  11. I dunno. It's part of the AvB FY18 AFRC bonus announcement on myPers, under Tier 2. But it's pretty clear it's a bonus contract, not a permanent raise to the 558 SSR tables. Payable at the anniversary of every full year accomplished (no credit for partial years accomplished) and can be agreed between one and whatever years you want, not to exceed 25YAS. Some other provisions in there I didn't care to read. But it's on mypers.
  12. What do you mean "unlike" the airlines? That's not what @LookieRookie posted. He said the brief specifically mentioned pay that's re-assessed EVERY YEAR based on market indices specific to your civilian equivalent . I want zero to do with my hard-pay indexed to airline hiring. Soft pay, knock yourself out, but not hard-pay. That's why I don't support going to the doctor model for a 'pylet'. This skillset is simply not that market resilient in the civilian world. But this is all to do about nothing. This proposal has fvck all chance of getting passed by Congress. Stop loss has a higher chance of happening in earnest on FY20 than this pipedream. Either way, we're kind of a captive audience here in the mil side. The only play is to exit stage.
  13. AFRC AGR bonus for FY18 is 35K/yr throttable between 1 thru 3 year contracts, no apparent discount for renewal contract versus initial, which is a change from previous years. Also, everybody gets the 35K up to 24 YAS, which was the other big change. ART bonus is 18K/yr with one year minimum to a maximum contract length to 25YAS. All in all, thanks for the free money Blue, but it's not changing the calculus of those who are intent on getting airline jobs. Once they get the airline job, they'll cash this bonus, but not a day before. Not sure how this changes anything in the AFRC. The TR invol IA are absolutely killing morale and retention down here, fix that instead. There's no pay problem here (well, TRs getting their flight pay still jacked up is a problem), only a QOL one, and its costing them the kitty, just like the regAF. As to them going to a dedicated career field incentive pay on a year to year float index, to the tune of 6K/mo increase over today's water line? ROFL. You guys crack me up.
  14. hindsight2020

    The new airline thread