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  1. I'm as bearish as they come when it comes to finances, but even I acknowledge the airlines will resume dod-retention germane hiring in way less than five fiscal years. I'm not saying blue is pulling anything surprising by taking advantage of covid to cajole people into a de facto 20 year ADSC, but I think they overplayed their hand by telegraphing for posterity what we all privately knew: the DOD does NOT care about experience retention, get it through your thick Stockholm syndrome skulls already. Any rhetoric to the contrary from senior leadership is rank gaslighting at this point.
  2. what do you mean T-1? You're too young to have seen it. (UPT 2.5 joke, too soon?) 😄
  3. At AA? I may be misunderstanding what they mean, but speaking with my AA "associates" at the sqdrn, coverage rules at American are supposedly horrible (the whole red/redder thing), which would make that airline a terrible one to be a low-credit/trip-dropper guy. I remember asking that specifically as someone who'd be in the trip dropper category as a junior guy without the MLOA crutch non-retirees still have at their disposal. Your anecdote runs completely counter to everything I've been told about the schedule-germane work rules at AA. I'm completely open to stand corrected since you wor
  4. Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification. I thought you were implying one couldn't gainfully retire as an FGO without the need for a full-time occupation; premise which of course I vehemently disagree with. To bring it back on topic of the airline talk, as someone who will be circa 46-49 with a check in hand, a kid out the house, and a working spouse, I'm going to be wanting to prioritize time-off over pay, full stop. I've debated a lot what potential avenues I'd be willing to take at that time (GS stamp licking job, FW EMS, part 135/91, sim jobs, even expat .mil contracting), and so far have
  5. I'm sorry, I missed the punchline. What do you mean by that?
  6. You're missing the point. Airline training baby. Turns out .mil flying is so simple you can just tabletop it. What's a 'little' handflying atrophy here and there. And yeah some folks may die, but well within Big Blue's ALR on this one. Innovation! *wet fart* /s Oh, we're still not hitting the production targets, 4 years since they began this pseudo-intellectual word salad affair. At the rate we're going, they're just gonna contract out undergraduate training to part 141 and the unvetted cholate mess they get out of that one can go direct to FTU MAF cockpits (aka CP
  7. Would love to hear more about these avenues, as someone who has made a career in the T11Kxx world with little interest or incentive (less than 10 years to self-imposed full retirement after .mil retirement) to dabble in the airline thing post .mil. Are we talking GS jobs? contractor? OEM employer? flying, non-flying? PM if you don't want to divulge specifics. How did Stan/Eval affiliation helped you? Cheers.
  8. Correct. TERA program of fy 14 and 15. Lot of eligible folks took the 15 year retirement and hit the airlines at a great time. It was high cotton for a couple years. And you're also correct on the reprisal accusation wrt the signature strike extrajudicial killing of a us citizen, he prevailed on that one. The one that got him more notoriety was the uvalde exchanges with the CBP during his days at DLF, complete with the accompanying youtube fame. Argument could be made he was the first baseops influencer before it became fashionable to have "I love me" channels lol.
  9. Heh, amateurs. We had an illustrious guy at a former unit I shall not name, no sh-t sit out lap #5 on the back bleachers where the turn provided cover, and got back in the peloton at the white flag. Can't make this stuff up. Proctor didn't see it, but enlisted AD clipboard holder caught it. Splash one FGO bandit. Copy kill. Paperwork city. We got our diapers ration thereafter and lost control of our internal proctoring at the host base. #FUBIJAR apparently wasn't a good enough alibi. At least fitness-by-phone retains more plausible deniability. Taking your 3-3 cues from a Bugs Bunn
  10. well, airline pencil tabs got MAGNUM'd out here today. Not an airline guy, but considering the bent of the SECAF letter was the presumed liability of whatever ethno/race-identifying historical patches were still in presumed circulation, homing-on-jam on the airline/"outside agencies" thing was the weirdest flex to say the least. 🤷‍♂️
  11. in a perfect world it would. In the real world?.... I've seen plenty of Marielito boatlift antics on the AETC side to know it's an actual thing coming from losing commands. I don't blame functionals from playing those metrics close to the vest as a result. Nobody likes being the last guy picked in kickball, but that's just life. I'm not advocating for it, just playing devil's advocate.
  12. white jet most likely, based on what I see come through PIT. The ratios still leave that community (bone) overmanned, judging by what inbounds into my sq have intimated of their time in that community, especially downrange.
  13. And that's the signature marker that tells me RCA TFI is a pipedream, and not at all the direction of interest by the 10th/307th critters on the AFRC side. They're not going to dismantle the entire TFI footprint in order to make a move towards the B-21 FTU (assuming it ends up in SD in the first place) in a duty station that'd make the DYS operation look like UNICEF charity work on the the commuting/travelpay front. 😄
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