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  1. hindsight2020

    Pilot retention in your neck of the woods?

    Yeah, chalk another one up for AFRC being AD without the name. I do find it hilarious that the retention bonus in the Guard doesn't actually retain you. Truly free money unlike the AFRC. I bet ya the whole title 32 vs title 10 is probably part of the difference. At any rate, yeah I told the wife I'm gonna take a lap on this whole bonus thing UFN. Things are changing too fast around here. Time to sit and watch for a little bit.
  2. hindsight2020

    Pilot retention in your neck of the woods?

    LOL Are you new? That is NOT how it works my man. I'm a career AGR, going on 9 years to be exact. I know the gig. And even more to your point, I have point blank witnessed someone have his Delta CJO compromised over this very scenario. Straight up curtailment application DENIED with a DL CJO in hand. I don't know where you got your gouge as to retention rules in the AGR program, but it's not accurate.
  3. hindsight2020

    Pilot retention in your neck of the woods?

    Losing a six figure civilian job conditional over the military stonewalling you with the threat of imprisonment or UA because of service commitment date fucketry, hoo boy. if that's where we are at, we are straight fucked. Hell I'm a full time Reservist and as of this writing, I am not inclined to sign the AGR bonus, and I'm not airline-seeking mind you. That's how fucking terrible things are right now.
  4. I suppose you mean RegAF. For some of us there's a canyon of difference between a primary AFSC deployment, and an AFCENT rent-seeking, combat desk, operation deny family, green slide warrior, congressional pork barrel jobs program nonner 179. It may be a distinction without difference for those who entered the military with a high level of price inelasticity relative to what their income potential on the civil sector is. For those of us who have options on the outside however, it's anything but the same difference; it's a non-starter of a difference. I've left quite a bit of money on the table over that so-called non-difference over the last 12 years. And I have point blank asked my family that question: in my household's case, the consensus is that if they are to involuntarily be without my company for 200 days out of the year, they prefer the sentence to be served out on a 3-on-4-off basis, vice a 200-on-165-off. Gee I wonder what that looks like? I digress. To each their own.
  5. hindsight2020

    Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    Depends on which one you're asking about. There's PTN (Austin), UPT-Next, PIT-Next. I don't feel comfortable expanding on the implementation realities in this political climate, but I can tell you the end game is a combination of both propositions: e.g. VR-aided/integrated self-study, AI-led VR syllabus events, and IP-led VR syllabus events. On a personal note, this wouldn't be the first time we get people killed in the name of innovation and shiny doo-dads. I've seen it in my former MWS. Nobody likes talking about it and I can understand the sensitivity. But it's a real opportunity cost nonetheless. Brings a whole new meaning to that tired "service before self" trope, that's for sure.
  6. hindsight2020

    Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    There is a difference between cutting chairflying time via VR technology (implementation which I support btw) and bypassing phase III in an equalizer type airframe like the white rocket; an animal much more unforgiving of airmanship deficiencies than a viper via severe underpowering and no flight control automation of consequence. People are straight up playing with fire going from t6 straight to a big mouth burner jet, on the rails of VR potato. I'm balls deep in VR implementation at work; its a very immature development right now imo. And that's for guys with standard upt and a heck of a lot more hours under their belt. We are currently not making any cuts to the flying sortie count, which I think is a much more honest approach to VR validation than the PTN boondoggle. My issue is that the PTN thing has "too visible to fail" written all over it. That's not honest brokering in the least, especially when sold as an experiment. Do not construe this criticism of the implementation timeline as some sort of luddite argument.
  7. ...said no Southwest pilot ever. I keed I keed. Kinda.
  8. It's basically what happens when you find yourself becoming the crusty one-strike divorced Major while babysitting FAIPS during "fat and backs". It's amazing the millennial stuff you can pick up on a double turn. These cats got the dragon slayin' apps on point. The only thing I ever carried with me on a computer when I was their age was a nerd ass -38 PMP TOLD Calculator. Of course that's back when text was charged by the message, yahoo messenger was a bona fide ass-scouting venue (being decommissioned this month btw..sad that I know that), and I had to tell the slam mat to call me after 1900 so I can tap the nights and weekends minutes. These cats today have the slam mat apps pre-selected on their phone so when they chock they're already swiping right. Lining up ass has become so much easier. I will say, closing still requires ol school game. Brave new world nonetheless. I regret having married my college girlfriend after UPT, especially after she got fat and lazy in the sack. I don't regret divorcing her though. So DFP Inst Fix: 1)Stay single for the first 10 years of AF tenure...fuck it make it 15. 2)Load smartphone with "Target or higher" quality ass-scouting apps prior to off-station sortie or TDY. 3) Smash. 4) Ghost app on the RTB. 5) Profit.
  9. bumble is where it's at these days yo for future exwife and crazy ex. Same ratio of single mothers (69%), but the quality is more Target in flavor than Walmart (tinder), if you're looking for the lightly used exwife material. PoF is still the grab and go, 'grab er by the ----' mecca though. Like sticking your hand on a wood chipper.
  10. hindsight2020

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    You can say that again. It's fucking terrible. Not so much that, it's TFI imo. That fucking initiative blurred the lines all to hell, and the AD sycophants ran with it. It's been game over for a while. If you see someone in a TFI outfit who isn't leadership, understand that person is merely calculating on a second to second basis WHEN and not IF, the pain ratio will exceed his or her tolerance, at which point boldface applies. It's no way to man a place worth being a part of, I tell you that much.
  11. I should have put ethnocentric on quotes, as I'm not using the term literally but figuratively. I meant to say that the air Force is obsessed with one drop rules and degrees of separation in everything they do, regardless of fiscal realities or combat readiness. 11f centrisms in pilot training pipelines being the historical perfect example of this obsession with elitism. Enlisted flyers or the warrant discussion would be another one. So then, even though the reason the idea is stupid is because an enlisted flyer would have a bigger economic incentive to jump ship with his training than a comissioned officer, the reason they'll end up shelving it will have little to nothing to do with this reality. But dead is dead so what does it matter anyways. That was my point.
  12. Correct. He's banking on the notion that the Es are smart enough to fly the airplanes but dumb enough to not be able or capable to get an online (or hell even brick and mortar) 4-year degree, thence making them non-competitive for major airline work. An absolutely checkers move and mentality on the part of senior management. You can't make this shit up. In all reality the AF is so insufferably ethnocentric that they'll end up shelving the idea anyways for a completely different and biased reason. I guess the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The clownshow continues.
  13. hindsight2020

    What step(s) do I take

    And this military demographic has the stones to demonize civilian welfare recipients.....
  14. hindsight2020

    Tanker to Fighter

    Absolutely, and it's happening more now that the 38 side of the UPT IP landscape has been stacked with heavy drivers. Numerical necessity has created pressure on the ol' "airframe ethnocentric" apartheid of Air Force pilot tracks. It's still statistically insignificant, but more examples are becoming a reality, which is a good thing considering the barn doors are already wide open and the horses have largely left the barn in this airline hiring wave. Yup, we had an C-17 (38 UPT tracked) guy finish his 38 white jet and go straight to IFF enroute to Strikes.
  15. hindsight2020

    Columbus T-38 down

    @HuggyU2 I'm glad you are happy with the Northrop seat, I've flown the A, the C legacy and the C PMP all with the old seat, then I flew the T-6 on a MB seat and now the C PMP with the MB seat. My family and I much prefer the latter. The recent DLF fatality doesn't go against the seat, and like it was hinted at, you need to go read the safety outbrief in order to find out the reason why. That fatality occurred in my host squadron and was a co-worker, so hits close to home. I've flown the tail in question as well. I understand you don't feel the expense is worth it. I agree with you in the aggregate point regarding the procurement of the T-X could have been afforded easily by not wasting it patching the T-38. You're 100% right: the piece meal procurement of life extensions programs on the T-38 has been wasteful. But you're also old enough to recognize the jobs program nature to our rent-seeking DOD contractor funnel business (ie the DOD), so that falls under the wish on one hand shit on the other axiom. So as far as Congress is concerned, said waste is the goal and thus a political success. On a personal level, I disagree with you on the merits of improvement of the MB seat versus the old one. Btw I also flew that old seat in the BUFF (same seat, different firing handles), and several components of that and the 38 seat alike were on the fly to fail component list. So please excuse if I part company with you and find peace of mind in doing this job while strapping to the MB seat, just as I did in the T-6. RCP Visibility is horrid now during no-flaps, but I'm quite content with that opportunity cost. Let's not create false dichotomies here. The procurement wastefulness argument (and you're 100% correct, the RNAV implementation on the -38 for instance is embarrassing and a human factors nightmare I'm surprised hasn't killed anyone yet) can be had without having to shit on the objective improvements made on personnel recovery (for once, the meat in the seat is valued above zero) via this particular seat upgrade.