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  1. PlanePhlyer

    Upcoming Boards

    This site helped me get picked up for OTS/UPT back in 05, here it is 2017 and it just got me hired with the NH ANG. Thanks everybody who helped since I joined this site in 2004. I’m forever thankful for the guidance. Cheers! 🍺
  2. PlanePhlyer

    11-217: should it stay or go?

    You mean to tell me pictures of NDBs and ADF equipment is out of date? Next you're probably going to say fix-to-fixes are archaic too. *sarcasm*
  3. PlanePhlyer

    Age Waivers

    Buddy of mine was a 8 yr AD B-1 Evaluator WSO and has been through the C-130 Nav course for Reserves, is currently deployed with C-130 and heads to UPT next June. Anything is possible. He'll be 36 at UPT.
  4. PlanePhlyer

    AF Form 8

    A Form 8 is the official piece of paper where your checkride/flight evaluation is annotated. It has areas to annotate the scores of your written tests, simulator emergency procedures evaluation and checkride score.
  5. PlanePhlyer

    Line Up Cards

    TOLD on the hand. That's all you need.
  6. PlanePhlyer

    Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    Call me an @ss, but I'm so glad the entitled Fighter era is coming to a close (at least for now). Let the butt hurting commence.
  7. So I've had a Cap 1 card for 15 years (3 years before I joined active duty) and applied a couple of months ago for SCRA benefits. Just the other day I received a $925 credit on my account. Awesome deal if you have had a card since before you went active duty. Took 8-7 minutes on their website. Worth looking into.
  8. PlanePhlyer

    Upcoming Boards

    I received an invite as well. I'm already a rated dude though.
  9. PlanePhlyer

    Upcoming Boards

    Nothing yet man. I'd give them a couple weeks after apps were due to send notices out.
  10. PlanePhlyer

    Leadership at the 'Deid

    I go off base to Carefour and get milk there. It's a pretty solid grocery store and they have those little yellow capped milk bottles that most Deid regulars recall.
  11. PlanePhlyer

    Leadership at the 'Deid

    Win at the Deid, ACP baseball hats now authorized with desert flight suits. If anybody wants more info, feel free to PM your .mil address and I'll email you the new reference.
  12. PlanePhlyer

    The Congressman is back yo

    Just got the official email today. Over 6 years goes up to $700 and over 12 goes up to $1000. Effective 01 Oct. memo signed 01 Jul.
  13. PlanePhlyer

    Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    What was the DLF drop?
  14. PlanePhlyer

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Gist is that Maj's w/>14 yrs TAFMS and O-5s w/>17 yrs TAFMS can apply to spend another 3 yrs at their base. It's a program that they apply for and is approved by the WG/CC. I think it's still in the inputs phase. It seems like a dog and pony show IMHO. The ADP and reclama process should do this, but AFPC does whatever the hell they want. Latest is that I'm on the VML but never got notified and it's after the reclama window. Can't wait to fly for the airlines. UFB.
  15. PlanePhlyer

    Renewing FAA Class 1 while deployed

    Thanks man. Those were my initial thoughts as well.