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  1. Just wear the combat shirt and you don’t have to worry about it.
  2. My last unit uses http://corporatelogos.org/index.htm Once they had our colors on file we would usually receive the name tags in about 5-7 days from ordering.
  3. T-38 Down @ DLF

  4. I’m still rocking my initial commitment. And the big AF hasn’t given me much reason to jump ship. I enjoy what I do and why I do it...
  5. From my understanding there are no C21s at ADW now.
  6. I’ve looked into that however I have to wait for the next board cycle to be posted.
  7. My wife was recently offered a job at the pentagon and isn’t sure about taking it. Her hesitation is she doesn’t want me to stop flying. So, with a C17, T6 and C208 background and a few bases In the area what’s the possibility of flying attached to one of those units while working the the HAF? I know I’m probably going to get laughed out of the park on this one since flying staff job are a dying breed. However I️ have to ask and am looking for people that have good intel before we make a decision. Any info would be appreciated. If I’m missing something let me know.
  8. Personally believe this is a first step to stop loss. "Hey we tried to get volunteers and we couldn't do the only other option is...." that's what I see the leading to.
  9. Leadership at the 'Deid

    Do tell. I know they have rotations forward deploying from there.
  10. I heard similar words recently from my J1.
  11. If they have a temp tower for the show it gets rid of the NTA problem. I know when I took a 6 to Rome GA last year that's how we worked around it.
  12. 60-90 days from public release.
  13. The posted increment of 191 is through December.
  14. So at this rate it will take til Sep 18 to finish. What again was the point of moving the 09 yg up?