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  1. Bode

    We’re doomed

    https://www.runnersworld.com/runners-stories/a20832025/fado-never-runs-unless-there-is-food-at-stake/ Real deal, squadron mascot.
  2. Bode

    Afghan Caravan (208) 365

    I wouldn’t worry much. For any coalition to be on board we are required to have a coalition pilot at a set of controls. I’ve flown over 500 hours with the Afghans and have never seen that situation. They tend to have a very conservative mindset when it comes to flying. They carry extra airspeed and land fast because they are so scared of stalling.
  3. Bode

    Afghan Caravan (208) 365

    I know there are a couple on the forum who are en-route to theater. Also I will reply when I can get my message page to work.
  4. Bode

    Afghan Caravan (208) 365

    That’s what it sounds like. I will say if I didn’t have a wife and children I would probably volunteer for a second year (and probably commit career suicide). I actually am really enjoying it. It’s just rough with a family.
  5. Bode

    Leaving family behind for UPT?

    This... I completely agree.
  6. Bode

    Afghan Caravan (208) 365

    That’s the place. Been here 11 months never heard it called KAIA. The gouge is fairly accurate. I’m part of the wing by not there. BTW HKIA = Hamid Karzai International Airport
  7. Bode

    OCPs Arrive Oct 1st, 2018

    This!!! 100%
  8. Bode

    Afghan Caravan (208) 365

    KAIA? HKIA maybe? Good grub at the Turkish chow hall. The US is all right. Internet free to 10 GB a week and yes it is FaceTime friendly. They did shut down the morale drive because the new comm major said it’s illegal. Bathrooms at communal and right now everyone O-5 and below have a roommate except CCs. Right now 2 to a room about 8x20 and they are trying to figure out how to get three from what I hear. I believe all the dorms are hardened facilities as well. Never been to the main gym I do know they have an out door CrossFit area and on the FOB there is a gym right next to the current ops area. Daily life seems interesting, winters are cold and shitty with the burning of trash and other stuff for heat.
  9. Bode

    Afghan Caravan (208) 365

    There are a couple billets for A-29 bubbas to go to Moody and teach on this assignment cycle. From there they do multiple deployments to the Stan. There isn’t an 365s unless it’s command (which is another discussion).
  10. Bode

    Afghan Caravan (208) 365

    My guess is the better part of a decade or two. We have been doing it for 208s for almost a decade with no end in sight.
  11. Bode

    OCPs Arrive Oct 1st, 2018

    If I could get a picture of my squadron out here. We currently have guys wearing about 7 different versions of OCP, Scorpion and other multi cam patterns. Nobody gives a shit except the blue Air Force on the other side. I swear I saw a chief twitching the other day looking at us.
  12. Bode

    Afghan Caravan (208) 365

    From what I have heard the RFF is in the works. Short timeline once it’s released. Talking spring of next year for the first birds to show up.
  13. Bode

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    It took 15 people for one to stick with my deputy group. It was an 11G billet. The two other fixed wing advisors replacing myself and a Maj both volunteered.
  14. Bode

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    That checks. He’s a 60 pilot now.