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  1. There are 3 national airlines that I know of that have never furloughed a pilot: SWA, FedEx, and JetBlue. Based on their balance sheets and the nature of the current threat, I'm really confident those 3 will continue the streak. I wouldn't be surprised if the F word hits 1-2 of their peers though.
  2. Sample size of one: I left an H model ANG Wing 6 months ago. In my 17 years in the AF I had never been in a squadron with higher morale.
  3. It's true - you will entirely separate from your ANG unit and technically be a Reservist on Extended Active Duty orders. Your ANG unit does not have to hire you back when your 3 years are up. I'm not sure why AFPC would accept an unsponsored Reservist, since the intent here to to provide experienced manning in critically undermanned billets. That being said, the worst they can say is "no thanks." I decided to agree to VLPAD in order to chase an Active duty retirement. Since 3 years would get me just a few month short of 18 years - and thus into sanctuary - I felt like I was rolling the dice big time, because I had a good thing going with my Guard unit and my airline job. Since VLPAD qualifies you for the pilot retention bonus, I just signed on for 4 years (at $35k/yr) which will get me to retirement before my USSERA protections run out. Win for me because I'm getting an extra $140k to do what I was willing to do for free, and win for the AF because they have me by the nuts for 4 years.
  4. Everything you are asking about is protected by USERRA. Your new boss can be douchey about it all he/she wants, but at the end of the day you are protected by federal law. Familiarize yourself with USERRA protections (because your company likely won't), get in touch with the companies military affairs personnel, and stand your ground if they are trying to give you the shaft.
  5. Most of what you asked will vary by squadron. One deployment every 2 years is a realistic expectation. If you want 4 months you'll get it, if you only want 2 you might not (will vary by squadron). My last deployment was a year ago, and we were flying a lot more than we were in the 2013-2014 time frame. Every other day was about average, but of cource in this airplane a full day can be anywhere between 2.0 and 12.0 on the 781s. If you are looking for hours quickly, the C-130 is not the best plane for you. If you are a good dude and you fly regularly, getting to AC upgrade within 2 years of being MR is not uncommon (will vary by squadron). Bumming is still an option, but we have a dysfunctional government that shuts down sometimes, NGB promises money then takes it away, and days sometimes disappear down the memory hole. If I was talking to anyone other than a. single Lieutenant with no kids, I would not recommend it as a sole means of income. Your ability to reliably bum will vary by squadron. Did I mention that all these things will vary by squadron? without AMC as the godhead of the Herc community, you see a lot more variation among the units than the Active Duty ones. Figure out where you'd like to work and ask these questions to the bros there - they will be a better source than the internet.
  6. Except he doesn't speak truths, pretty much ever. Obama's wiretaps, Arabs dancing in New Jersey, millions of illegal voters,Ted Cruz's dad in Dallas, inauguration crowds, his opposition to the Iraq War . . . . . The man is so full of shit, when he happens to say something factual I'm more inclined to cite the broken clock theorem than attribute it to any political wisdom. If the special prosecutor finds collusion with the Russians I don't for one second think it's because of malice. He's demonstrated over and over he's just so incompetent that this kind of thing could happen right under his nose and he's too busy tweeting about Kristen Stewart's boyfriend to know what's going on.
  7. So valid though. I used to be on here damn near every day. Now I might see it once a week. I didn't know APC existed until about 2 years ago.
  8. The Chipotle is still open on the BPC side though, right?
  9. SWA & JetBlue by far - generally on time, good customer service, and they've never lost my bag. Never flown Virgin or Alaska but have heard good things. Almost every single time I've flown on one of the big 4 (now 3) in the last decade, it's been cramped, I get in late, they lose my luggage, and/or their service is crap. Also, their flight attendants look like AARP cover models. I know there are valid reason why, but when you compare them to European and Middle Eastern flag carriers, it's embarrassing.
  10. Originally was a YouTube link. Video said it was pulled for copyright infringement. They're still in the race?
  11. The gem of my collection. Got it from a Hell's angel who I initially though was interested in killing me: available on eBay. This one proudly hung over my desk for nearly a decade, untill the great morale purge of 2013:
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