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  1. ZERO flights at LR? And picking out bits of academics and sims? Sounds like a short gig at the Rock.
  2. My bad, I will be on the U-boat. Is the H schoolhouse at LR significantly shorter than the J school?
  3. I was blessed enough to snag an AC in the drop. Tried finding some gouge on the LR schoolhouse and the pipeline after that, but it's all old. Anyone have any working knowledge of what happens after the Rock and what I can expect?
  4. XL 15-13 T-38 F-16 international F-16 Luke B-52 Barksdale C-130H Elmendorf AFRC T-38 FAIP T-1 C130J Dyess C-17 McChord MQ-9x2 Creech KC-10x2 McGuire C-17 McChord AFRC C-5 Kelly AFRC C-17 Jackson AFRC KC-10 Travis C-130J Little Rock T-1 FAIP AC-130U Hurlburt C-130H Little Rock
  5. I'm trying to decide between putting U's above MC's or not, and want to set myself up as well as possible for a long career in AFSOC on 130s
  6. Anything to suggest that the U is going away anytime soon?
  7. is it common to go from the U-boat to MCs?
  8. Anyone have insight on how long one can expect to be at Hurlburt if they get U's? AC and MC's are on our drop sheet, and info on the U seems a little scarce. I'd like to hear a little more about U's if possible.
  9. Does anyone here have any wisdom as to what the chances are of tracking 38s with a couple of hooked checkrides in T-6s?
  10. So thanks to another paperwork screw up, I'm in a bit of a pickle and can't seem to get any info out of my detco: I graduated this May, but wasn't supposed to commission until FY14 thanks to being put into the system as a 100 instead of a 250. I couldn't compete for a rated board with the rest of my class, and had to wait until this past Feb. I heard back a few weeks ago that as I am now approved to commission in August, with an EAD of 30 Sept to XL. While I am thankful to get the chance to fly, I would still like to compete for ENJJPT, but nobody knows for sure if I can or not, because
  11. Due to a paperwork issue, my commissioning has been pushed back to 1 OCT, even though I graduate this May. Does anyone know if there is a waiver that can be put in to move my commissioning up?
  12. I'm commissioning in October, but I have yet to update my form 53 after getting selected this February. I'm looking for any advice on which UPT base to put in for, any info is helpful. What are the pros and cons of each base, what are some things to do around the area, and are the UOQs any good? Anything else is appreciated.
  13. Does anyone know of anywhere in the DelMarVa area to get some flight time in a DA-20?
  14. It'll be interesting to see how things shake out, I'm in the same boat. Some people have had their scores go up, it looks like flight hours are weighted heavily in the new PCSM
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