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  1. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Naval Aviation Leadership, I know you are all familiar with the recent VAQ pilot incident with sky writing (drawing). The Air Boss just finished the Field Naval Aviator Evaluation Boards (FNAEB). He stated, it was clear their actions were impulsive and immature, but both were very forthright and remorseful for the embarrassment they caused Navy and Naval Aviation and for violating the trust we place in our aircrew. Although all in the endorsing chain considered revocation of the right to wear their insignia, unanimously the COC recommendations were that both pilot and NFO be retained, but remain in a probationary flight status for a period of time. Air Boss concurred with those recommendations and imposed the following remediations: a. Probationary flight status for a period of six months. Failure to satisfactorily complete b-d below, or any similar lapse of judgement in the air or on the ground, where their actions/behavior don't align with our core values or treating our people with anything less than dignity and respect, will be grounds for revocation of the right to wear their wings. b. They will provide an introduction to each of the "Change the Culture" briefs scheduled for next week in Whidbey Island, addressing the event, the ramifications and embarrassment it caused, how it is counter to the culture we desire, and contrasting their actions with the excellence and discipline our aircrew exhibit daily in operations around the world with a full understanding of the strategic effects their actions might have. c. They will present a more detailed brief to all junior officers (O-4 and below) at Whidbey Island covering same topics. d. The pilot, with instructor orders to VT-9 in Meridian, will conduct the same presentation separately with both the instructor cadre in Training Wing One and the student naval aviators. I ask that you discuss this situation with your O-5 leaders and aviators within your units. This is one of those situations where the many can learn from the few. Our actions can have significant consequence well beyond our units... especially with social media these days. This event deserves some discussion time in the ready rooms to recage our aircrew professionalism. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for what you do each day. V/r, Trigger RADM Roy "Trigger" Kelley Commander, Naval Air Force Atlantic
  2. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Whatever they call it, I was told this has CNO interest/oversight
  3. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Confirmed- it’s actually “Tess” Tickle. One of ours was a RAG IP with him.
  4. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    I heard they are facing an FEB this coming Monday. Sounds like the USN means business.
  5. 11-217: should it stay or go?

    API 1, 2, 9, flying on the line 3 &4, fly no more 5 will keep you alive 6 & 8, the flying's great
  6. Guard Promotions

    Yep, we’ve picked up a few USN and USMC recently; all have been affected.
  7. Guard Promotions

    Nope, talking about the promo to O-4. I can’t remember the requirement wrt SOS and O-4/ROPMA. Your unit should be able to provide the info. My unit requires SOS completion for promo to O-4. Your switching of service is very likely to cause a delay in your promo.
  8. Guard Promotions

    Are you talking to your unit? They are the ones with the control.
  9. I am an ANG guy and did get the increase
  10. Flight Scheduling

    WINPEX seems incredibly slow at startup, but stays logged in over a much longer time. EPEX spins up quickly, but will log you out after a fairly short period of inactivity. As anything else, multiple pros and cons for both.
  11. $160 increase in upcoming les
  12. Been in the ANG for almost 26 yrs and we have never used the terms IPZ or APZ, at least not in our OG. Position Vacancy is used for an “early” promo. Other than that, it’s typically when a promo packet is put up or you meet ROPMA. Each unit handles their promo timelines differently. We have hired many folks off AD (from USAF, USN, USMC) that had been selected for next rank, but hadn’t pinned, that ended up having to wait to get promoted. Leadership has to think about Force mgmt-how you fit into unit rank structure, how it affects other folks, how long you plan on staying in the ANG. It is very different than AD and there are only so many positions.