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  1. herkbum

    Rushing Units

  2. herkbum

    Rushing Units

    You need to update your data-C-130s have been gone from Nashville since 2012. If age is your limfac, RPAs are your best bet. Nashville just held a URT board, so next one is likely at least 6-9 months away. Nashville is very open to speaking with folks that are interested. Manning is pretty good but they are always trying to be prepared for force mgmt. Memphis is undergoing some leadership changes. Not sure if they are actively hiring for UPT or not. Call them to find out. I believe they have a difficult time keeping full timers since purple is across the ramp Knoxville is usually fairly consistent on UPT boards and are also getting ready to undergo a few leadership changes. If I happen to hear of their next board, I will post it here. I believe Bergman is a current member and he may be able to shed some light on their hiring situation.
  3. Doing this now and it is rather eye opening from the way I was raised. Lots of autonomy and freedom to do things. Kind of a pain in the ass for most of the support functions that I have taken for granted for most of my career.
  4. herkbum

    Military appreciation has jumped the shark

    Damn right I have Air Medal tags on both of my vehicles. Free tags for life are hard to argue with and will save me a ton of money.
  5. herkbum

    C-130 down near Savannah, GA

    You are correct. They were Nashville birds. We received the WCs after our H2s were BRAC’d. My last flight in the Herk was to deliver a plane down to the PRANG. I last flew the MA (968) on 30 Apr 12, almost 6 yrs ago to the day. The airplane I delivered, 866, ironically is currently sitting in Nashville and will reportedly soon have its wings removed so it can be trucked to the boneyard. To the crew
  6. herkbum

    Blended Retirement System Puzzle

    Our guy is an enlisted troop who stayed DSG. Not sure why he preferred to be T5, but his call and we get to maintain his knowledge and experience.
  7. herkbum

    Blended Retirement System Puzzle

    Our first one started this week and he can’t be any happier.
  8. herkbum

    The new airline thread

    That wasn’t you in the DEN USO Thursday morning was it?
  9. herkbum

    RUMINT: AD FTU F16s to Kelly Field

    I remember the ramp at MacDill being loaded with F-16s and a bunch of other iron back in 1994 prior to the Haitian Vacation.
  10. The 105s were awesome and the easiest thing ever. It was too easy sometimes as we had a few get busted for signing them on a swing thru on the way to their airline commute. Needless to say, the process changed thereafter.
  11. I have the change message. I haven’t read it yet since it’s the weekend and it wasn’t pressing. I’ll forward it to your .mil.
  12. The word is the Bureau is short-handed. Things are taking forever. It’s hard to get anything pushed thru unless you personally know someone up there in A1. I do not and it’s like a black hole when packets go there. Pipeliners’s packets seem to move a little faster than already rateds, which doesn’t really make sense.
  13. Must be a young un.
  14. I think @17D_guy may be the only one. I’ll get my lone 17D to check-in here. He will definitely be able to answer your questions. He and the shop NCOIC broke down the difference between a 3D0 and 3D1 for me, but I’d rather he explains instead of me.
  15. I’m interested in seeing the responses. I not highly confident there are many Cyber Warriors perusing this forum.