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  1. I look at it this way...my airline job is a pretty cushy job even during the busiest parts of the year or when I get a crappy schedule. It isn't a hard job... Do I want to give that up to go back to AD for 8hr days, 5 days a week, less pay, and some unknown TDY's or god forbid a deployment? That's an easy answer, NO F-ING WAY! What does the AF have to offer me to get me interested: queep, CC's who care about their rank and future promotions, low morale, and a never ending supply of extra duties outside the purvey of my job? I haven't even looked at the money aspect because I left AD primarily due to how miserable it had become. Flying was great but when I wasn't flying life just got tiring in the AF and was only getting worse. The POTUS himself could come out and say "All additional duties are hereby gone". Nothing would change because every CC (be it SQ, OG, or WG) is going to still assign them with some BS excuse because in the end it looks good on them and their OPRs. It's sad but that's the reality. Now add in all that along with less money. My profit sharing check last year was in the ballpark of $20K and that was with 3 months of MIL Leave due to a deployment along with a significant amount of other time lost preparing for said deployment and trying to fly to stay current throughout the year. The carrot they hold is the retirement aspect and bonuses...I will get my reserve retirement when I hit my 20 and will collect when I reach appropriate age. In the meantime I will far exceed what the military can offer in terms of pay and bonuses at my airline all for less work. Returning to AD for 3yrs isn't going to be enough to get me a full AD retirement. Therefore the insignificant amount of "points" that will be added to my retirement (in my personal opinion) isn't enough to entice me to return to AD and take a break from the airlines. I can build my retirement savings far bigger in the airlines than I can with a few extra points for far more work and the typical hassle of AD. Just my personal opinion of course...to each their own. Either way I hope it remains voluntary and no one is "forced" to return if they don't want too. For those who chose to return, good on them and best of luck!
  2. I had a couple of things show up damaged once before. One was a trash can so badly smashed it could no longer stand up and had pieces falling off of it. Guy brings it inside and says to me (as he lays it down putting multiple pieces on the pile), "Was it like this when you shipped it?" You can't make this shit up... Another damaged item I took countless pics of (before and after), found the place online where I bought it, and added the website and link for it in my claim. They countered with a 1/5th offer saying they found it somewhere else cheaper. It wasn't even close to the same item (not even in the same universe)... Took me numerous calls and more pictures because they couldn't understand how the item they found was any different. Finally they offered me their final offer which was slightly more but still insulting and nowhere near what it took to replace my damaged good. Few days later I get the request for a survey. GLADLY filled that one out with my thoughts and experience, and of course when I clicked submit it said it was unable to submit. Tried many more times over the next few weeks and got the same thing every time...coincidence? I called them up after not being able to leave a review, was essentially ignored, I called them crooks and that was that. Didn't help at all but I felt better.
  3. PFC Bradley Manning gets 35 years

    Cry and scream about the Russians hacking yet let this clown go free and say "he's been punished enough". I don't care what he says, between Hillary and now this, this is a dangerous precedent... So why is he/she special enough to get almost 3 decades of his sentence commuted and not this guy? http://www.military.com/daily-news/2016/08/19/sailor-gets-year-prison-taking-photos-nuclear-sub.html
  4. KC-10 Extender info

    They're gonna need to narrow down which write-up they are talking about... Seriously though, was this before or after the boom fell off?
  5. Roll Call - (Rainman)

    Gents, it's March. He's out at the Deid making sure all mustaches are within regs.
  6. E-4B

    Thanks for info. I was looking for where the application stuff was at but with no luck. Is there anywhere I could start a better search for that type of stuff or is it something you just have to wait for the AMS robot to send out? I saw an AMS email many many months back but haven't seen one since.
  7. E-4B

    Anyone have any info or a link that talks about the minimum requirements for guys to go fly the E-4B? Thanks for any help
  8. Competitive Balance at UPT

    I completely agree with you as far as people having a chip on their shoulder. I am part of a great squadron and any of the guys who fit that mold are pretty good about keeping it to themselves. Not to say that we dont have them, but they dont treat studs who want a T-38 differently because of it. If I found out one of my IPs was doing that, there would be hell to pay. We are in the business of developing these young guys and gals into the next generation of warfighters, and I personally feel it is my job to give every stud the best possibility to get what they want out of T-6s.
  9. Competitive Balance at UPT

    Are you fucking kidding me, we are offended because we couldnt get a fighter? I know it may be hard to believe based on your vast flying experience, but not all IP's wanted a fighter. Yes some did and didnt get one, but that doesnt mean they are going to take it out on the studs. Those dudes are still good guys however. What we take offense to is someone showing up like "billy badass" who thinks he/she is owed a fighter spot. I could care less what my students want to fly. Tell me straight up when I ask and I will help you get there, but dont blow smoke up my ass hoping for better grades because we will see right through that. So what can you do? Study, work with your bros, and ask questions! Too many studs are afraid to ask IPs questions. That is what we are there for so ask. I guarantee if you show a good work ethic and are studying, we will go out of our way to help you out.
  10. McGuire info

    I left McGuire (KC-10s) about 6 months ago, but I knew of a few single guys living in Philly. If you are willing to deal with the traffic/tolls ($3 to leave NJ), then it's a great place to live. If you decide on not living there, as long as you live in a city that starts with "M" you should be ok. Granted some of those cities are better than others. I would recommend Mt. Laurel if you decide on NJ. A lot of pilots live in that area, both married and single. Most people rent (mainly the younger guys) but not all. A 2 bed 2 bath condo is going to run you close to $300K, ridiculous I know. The market, at least when I left, was taking a bit of a beeting as well, but that could of changed since then. NJ sucks, but there is a lot around there to go and do (NYC, Philly, DC, ect...). Plan on being gone A LOT!! The deployment schedule was pretty rough, and from what I hear is still the same. You will be busy that is for sure. Enjoy it though, the KC-10 is an awesome airplane!! If you have any questions feel free to PM me.
  11. Pets in the military (dogs, cats)

    I had to ship my dog, 50lb lab, and used Northwest Airlines. I had no complaints and would use the same company again if I had too. You drop off and pickup the pet at their cargo facilities. They let me into cargo area and stay with my dog until they loaded her on the truck to take her to the plane. There was a 5 hour layover in Detroit. They told me, so I assume they arent lying to me, that they put the cage in their facility there, and leave them be unless you want them fed and watered. My parents met her on the other end and said she was just fine and in good spirits.
  12. Flying Scarf/Scarves

    Oh how I remember that email!! Thank you leadership, just when we though morale couldnt get any worse, you are there to show us how wrong we are!!
  13. Flying Scarf/Scarves

    This is no joke unfortunately, and it's not just aimed at the C-17s... I got this email a few days ago as well. It is a base wide thing that the OG/CC sent out. Ridiculous if you ask me. Looks like I will be forced to wear a scarf to work come Monday morning (hint hint on the affected group). Good to see our priorities are in the right place... Wait...so do I HAVE to start wearing my red shirt of Friday's now so that I match??
  14. CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) info

    Knock out the written exams. They are easy. Just memorize the answers and take the test. Its nothing cosmic. If that's all it's going to take to get your CFI, I say go for it. It's a heck of a lot easier than doing it the civilian way. Ellsworb, I feel your pain. The 6+ hour ground eval with no break...thank you Indy FSDO!! EDIT: 40 hours to add on a single-engine rating?? That's complete Bullsh!it!! I got my single add-on, and it took all of 3 hours, which conveniently enough is the minimum time required to get a sign-off to take the checkride.
  15. Tribute to the 80s

    HAHA Classic!!