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  1. Sneedro

    The new airline thread

    Nailed it!
  2. Sneedro

    The new airline thread

    Delta is 12 months or 400hrs, and 3 CPO new hire meetings. The last was added because in my hiring timeframe we weren't sitting reserve ever and guys were flying green slips (double pay trips) galore! Mil pay wasn't even close to what we were making working half the time. It was awesome, but guys/gals were hitting 400hrs a couple of months in so the company changed it a bit to keep us on probation a bit longer. I think if I remember it's a meeting every quarter. As far as those close to hitting a full AD retirement, sure I can understand dropping the mil leave required to get the 20 AD years, but anything more it's exactly like you said, you are losing money and a ton of it! My second year I dropped a ton of mil (days at a time not long term) trying to fly and stay current and eventually qualified due to mx issues. Flew 3x in 6+ months because of mx but had dropped a lot of airline trips. It cost me a massive amount of money that year plus when our profit sharing came that was a double whammy... Even though I was home every night, the amount of work I was doing compared to at the airlines was ridiculous. Even my wife was fed up with it. Now I don't fly for the AF anymore and instead do ground work. Couldn't be happier! I fly enough for the airlines and work my mil around it.
  3. Sneedro

    The new airline thread

    Yes you can legally do this but every airline is different. At my airline you will then start your probationary period where you left off (seen it happen which catches some off guard because they thought they would be good to go when they returned). Aside from maybe deploying or being activated, I made as much on first year pay while I was an ART. I could still do my TR stuff to make up that part of the reserve pay. The only difference was I worked maybe half as much. First year pay can be a kick in the junk off of active duty but coming from an ART job? Not much difference other than the extra free time you have as an airline guy. Get through the probationary period...then if you want to drop long term mil to avoid "lower" pay or seniority, go for it but understand doing so could be F-ing your buddies as others have said. Airlines love retired mil dudes so they can say they are military friendly. With all the shenanigans of people dropping long term mil as soon as they are hired, well I think the airlines are getting annoyed at active reserves because they are trying to harass mil guys more within the restrictions of the law obviously. I have a lot of buddies still in the military hoping to get hired when they punch. I am just one of thousands at my airline but I am not going to do stuff that could hurt their chances.
  4. Sneedro

    The new airline thread

    Depending on the airline you may not know how long you have between INDOC and training until you are actually at INDOC. I was an ART, got hired at my airline, resigned my ART job (because it was the worst job I ever had so I was more than ready to go), and went to INDOC. While there I found out I had 7 days between INDOC and Day 1 of training. During those 7 days I was responsible for getting through the at home training portion of the course and ready to take the written test Day 2. No way I would've wanted to deal with working the ART job or even out-processing from it. Much much much more important things to focus on: airline stuff and family stuff. Obviously the flip side of it is if you have 6-9 months off...personally I wasn't willing to take a chance of having limited time to do anything more than study. If you are a reservist you could probably do the trough thing just as easily as do the ART job IMHO.
  5. Sneedro

    T-38 Down @ DLF

    That was a tough read...I solo'd him out in T-6s. Talk about a great dude with an even better attitude. I felt nauseous reading that.
  6. Sneedro

    Fly-Only Track in AMC

    Fly only track...sorry Air Force, a couple of organizations already beat you to this idea: Delta, United, American, SWA, FedEX, etc... The difference is they don't have any additional duties, 365's, non flying deployments even if it is to a "flying" slot, no ADSC, and more pay/time off. This ADSC to 20 is ridiculous and I don't think it will solve the AF's problems especially as bros and broettes at 11-13yrs are talking about how great their life is on the outside. If they really want a shot at making this work, I agree with the other person that suggested a 3yr ADSC (since you can't take a shit in the AF without an ADSC). That may be just enough to entice some to stay in and fly a little longer. Then maybe you will get a few of those few who chose at 14-16yrs to stick it out to 20. This fly only track is nowhere near a carrot enough to keep most in with another almost 10yr ADSC trapping you to 20.
  7. Sneedro

    The new airline thread

    As I said I sit reserve, commute, and am very junior (read 95% best case from the top I believe). I am very very lucky as I commute NY-ATL and I have basically hourly service between the two every day. I have been away from home the same number of days I have worked (average 4 days per month). Now that takes 2 things into consideration: 1) I am very proactive in working my schedule, and working my requests to fly and/or sit short call which has worked out so far 2) my category is very overmanned and thus far this summer has been at the min hours end of the spectrum so that helps greatly too. I consider myself incredibly lucky in how the summer has gone and realize it will not continue forever. When I get transferred back to NY base, I will likely work more each month but since no commuting I won't have to play with my schedule nearly as much.
  8. Sneedro

    The new airline thread

    I take home a little over $12k each month after taxes. I sit narrow body reserve at min hours every month since April (I think August is a higher hour month though) Worked: April- 4 days May- 4 days June- 6 days July- 4 days so far. Tried to work a 3 day trip starting Monday but didn't get it so likely I will have the week off...not looking like I will work at all the rest of the month August- 13 days of vacation, built another 6 days off for a "mini vacation" at the end of the month as well so I will sit reserve 10 of the remaining days but not sure how much I will actually "work"
  9. Sneedro

    And Yet Another Deadline Missed

    I've managed to work just 4 days per month every month since April. I'm running out of things to do around the house and the wife keeps asking if I can go back to work. I second the statement...VOTE WITH YOUR FEET! And we wonder why people are bailing...
  10. Sneedro

    And Yet Another Deadline Missed

    I don't understand why pilots are bailing as quick as they can to go to the airlines...a real head scratcher here 🤦‍♂️
  11. Ride the employee shuttle with them and just listen...these people are barely functional at life and we expect them to protect our air travel? HAHA It's all smoke and mirrors.
  12. Hilarious!! I wonder how many they missed? They love to celebrate their success... 🙄
  13. Airline pilots should be able to carry a bazooka through security if they want...why the F does it matter? It's not like we don't immediately have access to a crash axe, ability to put everyone to sleep in flight, and the biggest weapon of all the airplane itself! Yet the Smurfs get all excited when they catch you with a big bottle of water or nail clippers. It's a bunch of barely functioning individuals who have been given the authority to be assholes all they want with no recourse, but watch out if you as much roll your eyes at them. I have lost count how many times I have seen them giving some mom holding her small child or elderly individual in a wheelchair the full monty. Meanwhile weapons (real weapons not nail clippers) still get through which I figure has something to do with them focusing on their social life with the other Smurfs as bags are going through the X-ray machine while they aren't even looking at the computer...
  14. Sneedro

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    And we wonder why people are fed up with the AF... Different standards for different people.
  15. Sneedro

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    I was in ATL Tuesday when this happened...it was damn hot there! This dude had to be rethinking his choice of clothing running around that pavement, climbing on the airplane, and eventually laying down. Ouch!!