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  1. I'll say 3/20 to hopefully be pleasantly surprised it's earlier.
  2. That's my understanding as well. Since that came out after the board, I would assume they're wanting to make sure the top packages want to do enjjpt since people don't have the option to not choose it.
  3. I haven't even heard of that email. Is it just asking if you want to compete for enjjpt? Edit: Do we even have the option to volunteer for enjjpt since the current 215 combined upt and enjjpt?
  4. There was a guy I was in ROTC with that got enjjpt with ~2.9 and a 70ish PCSM. That was back when commanders had 50% of the score's weight though. I had a buddy get picked up last year for it and he had a low 3.something GPA and mid-90s PCSM. I don't know what the exact cutoff is or if there even is one. I've always heard they fill up the total number of pilot slots available, then give the top packages enjjpt slots until they run out. I have no idea how true that is, but it sounds legit.
  5. Oh wow. I hope it's not that long. I'll be deployed before I find out if that's the case O.o
  6. Is that 3-4 weeks from the board or from now? I'm assuming from the board. The guy I talked to said 2 weeks, but I've never seen results released that quickly.
  7. So maybe we can expect around 45-50 total slots being available?
  8. Spaceballs

    IFS (now "IFT") for CSO's

    I went through in January 2010. The CSO syllabus was a breeze. I had finished my PPL about 6 months prior to starting and they let me take all the flying while I did the navigation piece. It's nothing to worry about. Just check out the doss website, study what you can, and then study your butt off while you're there. It's not hard at all. They just want to make sure you're willing to work hard and can grasp the basics.
  9. Awesome thanks. The guy I talked to when I called Randolph said the results would be released this week. That was the week before the board met. I'm really hoping to hear something good tomorrow, but it could be a couple more weeks if the release moves at the speed of excellence.. Another guy from my squadron applied and called the same office at Randolph. The guy he talked to said they were extremely short on RPA slots and they were going to offer them to a lot of people that don't get picked up for pilot slots even if they don't check the RPA box.
  10. I'm just going to keep checking mypers every day to see my name not on there then haha. I just found last year's stuff on mypers. The 2014 UFT board met 14-17 Jan 2014. The results were released 13 Feb 2014. The 2015 UFT board met 17-20 Feb 2015. I guess we can expect the results around the 12th or 19th. I heard they are always officially released on Thursdays. The board contact I spoke to said to expect two weeks, but history seems to show it about a month.
  11. Awesome thanks. I'm kind of expecting just to wait for the list to pop up on mypers somewhere and then we'll know. I called the board a couple weeks ago to make sure my package made it to them and the captain I talked to said the results should be released within two weeks. Hopefully that's true.
  12. Any rumors on what the board is looking for this time around? I've heard some years the rankings are the big thing and other years it's the PCSM/AFOQT scores.
  13. Spaceballs

    Appealing a promotion board

    So the new USAF captain board just posted their results and many of us believe there were some mistakes made. There are people who were wash backs in flight school who got promoted and others who graduated in the top half of their flight school class and top of their FTU class who were nonselected. There is a certain airframe in which everyone at that schoolhouse when the packages were sent in was nonselected. My understanding is that a promotion board cannot discriminate based on the job. A promotion board has to select based on job performance while a retention board can discriminate based on the job. Maybe there was a paperwork issue out of that FTU? Has anyone had experience on how to appeal a promotion board and what steps to take?
  14. Is it odd that the board still has not been announced for Jan 2015? I thought I read before that they have to announce the board at least 6 months prior the board meeting. Last year it was announced on 14 August and the year before was in June or July. It's almost September and still no board. Is that a sign it might not happen?
  15. Spaceballs

    Ad board still hasn't been announced

    I feel like I have a very strong package. My AFOQT scores and PCSM score are almost maxed. I've got my PPL, lots of combat hours, good pushes, and nothing negative on there. I've had a couple guys look over it who got picked up before and said it looks really strong. Is not having any letters going to look bad enough that I would get passed over against someone with a weaker package but has letters?
  16. Spaceballs

    Ad board still hasn't been announced

    Are letters of recommendation required or do they hold an exuberant amount of weight? I was given a call today saying they didn't think I had a chance to get picked up without any letters.
  17. Spaceballs

    CSO drop nights

    That's an incredible drop. I wish ours would have been nearly that good. The first few classes that went through Pensacola had hoooorrrible drops. If the guy who got U-28s has any questions, he can e-mail or pm me anytime.
  18. Spaceballs


    Any of the other hundred guys in the squadron who don't deploy could do it. Plus that gives those of us who deploy 4 on, 4 off for years a chance to stay home rather than fly a desk.
  19. Spaceballs

    Apology Letter to Finance

    I wonder how many bronze stars these finance guys have...
  20. Spaceballs

    Best Base in the AF

    Cannon isn't nearly as bad as people make it out to be, but it is pretty miserable. The only halfway decent thing about it is the people. You have to drive at least a couple hours to eat or do anything decent. I would take pretty much any base in the States other than Minot over Cannon.
  21. Spaceballs

    Can anyone give recent FC1/MFS Experience?

    I just finished mine at Cannon a couple weeks ago. It is extremely low key and not difficult at all. You'll get blood taken for about 20 different things, which isn't as bad as it sounds. Just make sure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and keep your blood cells at the right levels. You'll also do vision tests, hearing tests, x-rays, an EKG, and then a doctor will probe around your body for a bit. It doesn't take that long to do the tests and get the results back. The most painful part is waiting on AETC, or whoever the approval board people are, to approve it.
  22. Spaceballs

    Total Federal Commissioned Service Date?

    So I tried calling Mr. Peterson's replacement multiple times over the past couple days and I can't get anything. He has a voicemail that says something about AFPC is working summer assignments, so quit asking. I also tried to e-mail the listed e-mail on the board announcements from the past couple years, but it immediately gets rejected saying the e-mail is no longer in use.
  23. Spaceballs

    Total Federal Commissioned Service Date?

    So would the best way to do this probably be to go ahead and write up a memorandum asking for the waiver and start pushing it up my chain? It doesn't seem like there is really any other way around it. I guess I can put down that it was a counseling error when I was told I could not apply while I was in an FTU, even though technically I think I could have. I just read through a reg on writing memorandums. Does anyone know what type of letterhead they want? Maybe it's best just to use my Majcom's letterhead since it's going up and being approved by them or should I just use my squadron's letterhead? There doesn't seem to be any hard guidance on this and no one I've contacted in my squadron has any idea.
  24. Spaceballs

    SGT Bowe Bergdahl Freed

    Lots of new reports have been coming out from people that served with him saying he was a traitor. The "secret" documents that were leaked a couple days ago claim he started a jihad against the US. Even before that he made statements about hating the US and the Army. He needs to go to a court martial and face the proper punishment if he did willingly desert his unit. Obviously none of us were there so we don't know the real story, but from what I've seen it appears that he is a deserter at best and a traitor at worst.
  25. Spaceballs

    Total Federal Commissioned Service Date?

    I've been digging through the AFI for a while this morning and it is waiverable. I would have to submit an etp waiver request up my chain and it goes really high. It says it is only for rare circumstances. The waiver requires you to submit the reason for the error (clinical, medical, etc), but in my case it's just that I've never been able to before. I'll call mr Peterson on Monday and see what he says, but it looks like I will need it.