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  1. Bro, I don't know what's going on. Your PRF looked pretty darn good to me. I've got another 4 years until I'm IPZ for O-5, but I'm already debating if it's worth playing the game and hoping for the best or do what I want and focus on being a lethal pilot.
  2. LtCol board? Do we even have BPZ to Major?
  3. That’s awesome, thanks! It’s amazed me how much stuff I’ve learned about applying for UPT from active duty, promotions, writing OPRs, etc. from the bro network (especially here). I’ve contacted the promotions section here multiple times throughout this major board process and they never seem to have any answers.
  4. How do you know what day you pin on when your month is time? So if you pin on in September and you are line #1, what day do you actually pin on?
  5. When the board results are announced, does that include your line number?
  6. Sucks it’s so slow, but I guess it ultimately doesn’t really matter. The new O-4s don’t start pinning on until September I believe. There’s still time. I just like to sport gripe about AFPC.
  7. Just checked again. It’s showing the Major board at the SECAF and the LtCol board at the SECDEF. Both estimated release dates are late June. I’ll check back in 2020.
  8. I love that. “Nothing nefarious or inappropriate.”
  9. MyPers still says SECAF. I just don’t understand how it has been pushed back so many months without moving at all (unless potentially the SECDEF). I don’t see it being pushed through any time soon if it’s waiting on the SECDEF.
  10. Thanks @frog, @Duck, and @Breckey on the info about the boards. It’s a whole process up there I have no idea about. @pawnman / everyone else, I see all the posts talking about strats and awards being so important for promotion. Have you seen people who have gone the breadth of experience compete well with those who have depth? Any example I’ve thought about, the depth just seems much more promotable on paper.
  11. I wonder how the promotion board would know that. Maybe it's even a different level somewhere higher that's disagreeing with the 100% policy and trying to sift through records for DUI's, etc? I don't know. It just doesn't make sense that 100% promotion would need to take half a year or more to get approved. On that note though, why would it take months for any board to be approved once the board adjourns?
  12. Does anyone know why it takes so long for promotion board results to be finalized and released? The CY19D LAF major board met at the beginning of Dec 2018. The board results were supposed to be out originally in late Feb-early Mar. It seems that every couple weeks they move it back further. In the last week it just got moved from late May to early-mid June. What takes them so long?
  13. #fakenews She claims to be the first female fighter pilot, but she flew A-10's.... I'll leave that grenade here as I slowly walk away.
  14. Pawnman, How did your major board turn out? Or is that this year you’re running into these shenanigans?
  15. Anyone have insight into the new major board 100% promotion opportunity shindig? Looking at the stats from last year, there were ~3x as many DPs as there were Ps. If I recall correctly it was 100% promotion for pilots with DPs. Pilots with Ps only got around 76%. Were there good dudes still getting passed over with clean records or was that mostly from DUIs, PIFs, etc? My MPF office hasn’t known anything about the upcoming board, so I haven’t been able to get much info on how it’s working.
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