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  1. How do you feel about your airframe and mission?

    Are F-16 guys still flying a lot with the mass influx of UPT grads?
  2. There was one here not long ago.
  3. Anyone know the Laughlin drop for 17-08 38s?
  4. CBM 38s: 3x Vipers 1x F-35 1x F-15E
  5. Does anyone know Vance's drop?
  6. Any word on Vance or Laughlin's drops?
  7. What turned a lot of guys in my class off of fighters were the fighter pilots that we did have in phase II.
  8. U-28 reported down IVO CVS

    Miss you bros
  9. I heard the F-16 pipeline is getting backed up with all the drops lately. Are other FTU's getting backed up as well?
  10. Maintenance, then weather and maintenance.
  11. Can you still be competitive for an airline job with a R-ATP?
  12. B-2 Spirit info

    Does anyone know how much you actually fly in the B-2 community these days? I've heard that you rarely fly, but I don't know if that's in relation to just the B-2 or at all.
  13. 2017 Active Duty UFT Board

    Is it true that if you apply and don't get selected that it's your only shot at applying for a rated board in the future? A buddy of mine heard that and decided not to put in a package until he can raise his scores.
  14. 2017 Active Duty UFT Board

    Congrats to the guys who got picked up. I've been watching for the PSDM, but it looks like it still hasn't been released.