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  1. Then there is no pleasing you Mr. Powers... Everyone screws up, how they try to make it right is what really matters in my book (within reason of course). USAA could barely return my weekly emails last time I refi'd. As for the closing, they didn't even bother to show up, seriously.
  2. Ah yes, the standard AFSOC banter, it's like watching shit-talking at the special olympics. But that's just my opinion...
  3. Shouldn't have clicked the link but I couldn't help myself. Reminds me of a 30,000+ word diatribe published in the Washington Post in 1995, authored by a certain Ted Kaczynski--only more garrulous, half as germane, and twice as dry. I probably shouldn't open my mail for a few months after posting this...
  4. Wow, I haven't laughed so hard in a very long time! Some dude really thinks people care about his political views on a Texas Longhorns sports forum?! haha, I laughed so hard I almost shit myself. I think Ive finally caught up with the PYB story and Ive determined that this individual clearly exhibits pathological behavior. Normal people do not spend their lives attacking others on random internet forums. On a serious note, is this dude still flying planes in the AF? Because that's certainly not someone I would trust with one...
  5. The issue isn't whether or not the airlines care about SOS DGs, or even why SOS DGs are leaving the Air Force. The issue is why the Air Force has determined that SOS DG is somehow an accurate indicator of leadership ability/potential. It's truly amazing how content the Air Force is to watch so much talent and potential walk right out the door everyday. "Thanks for your service!"
  6. While I agree that driving to work poses a higher threat to the average individual in the near term, the remoteness of probability is not sufficient justification--in my opinion--for lack of mitigating action, particularly given the potential severity of the consequences. The time for preventative measures is beforehand, not during or after the fact. You don't wait to buckle into your should harness as you're flying through the air after pulling the handles--despite the remoteness of the probability of ejection. If anything is clear here, it's that the transmissibility of this virus is not as low as originally advertised--swimming in vomit is not required. Finally if there's one thing I still have faith in, it's the utter inability of large beauracratic organizations to have any coherent idea of what the hell they should be doing, much less do it correctly. While the media certainly loves to sound the alarm to sell papers, the consequences of Ebola going--dare I say viral--in the US, are almost unfathomable, and certainly not worth the risk or inconvience of robust preventative measures--yesterday.
  7. He should just tell the Navy that it's unrealistic of them to expect perfection.
  8. I like how the first thing they do is shut down the entrances. I thought they told us that restricting access (i.e. flights) wasn't a useful/viable option. I'll show my misanthropic side here and admit that in some ways, I'm actually rooting for ebola this time around...
  9. Unreal. I wonder how well that excuse would go over if I used it to explain why I accidentally torched a motor. I guess it's also unrealistic to expect zero sexual harassment/assault complaints. What the hell is going on in the Air Force?
  10. That's probably the crux of it. Little to no trust remains within the system and so guys are forced to play defensively.
  11. So essentially the AF is so systemically dysfunctional, that not even an inspirational and respected leader--placed at the very top--can affect the service in a lasting and meaningful way? Sounds about right I guess.
  12. "Guys, the Chief of Staff won't be around much longer, get your master's degrees done. You don't want to be caught off guard when they change it back." Just a FYI stake in the ground from my sq/cc at our commanders call the other day--in case anyone is looking for a benchmark at how well the CoS' changes are being received down here at the sq level. Anyone else seeing similar?
  13. 7 figures and I'd reconsider. Honestly, at this point, what the hell is the difference? Just call Mrs. Yellen and ask her to keep the presses running for a few extra days. No one would even know the difference.
  14. Don't waste your HOR move to ship a few boxes of clothes. Buy a decent slightly used truck before you move. You likely have 4-11 years of service ahead of you at a minimum so you shouldn't have any problem paying it off. Also, you will most likely have at least 3-5 more PCS's ahead of you, the truck will come in handy there too. The amount you can make off the DITY portion with a truck can be decent, plus they're just damn useful in general. Alternatively, you could just take what you can fit in your smart car and buy an extra pair of wrangler jeans at walmart or the BX. You really won't need much.
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