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  1. Upcoming Boards

    How did you guys find out about the 93rd FS board, if you don't mind me asking? I didn't find out about it until it was too late. I check Bogidope, GuardReserveJobs, Baseops, and some Facebook groups literally every day so I'm bummed that one slipped under my radar. If there's another source I should be checking, I'd love to know.
  2. No problem! Just sent you a PM with more info.
  3. I have a 92 Pilot score. My PCSM went from a 67 to a 75 at 12 flight hours after retaking the TBAS. It’s now an 80 with 21 flight hours. My 201+ hour bracket went from 91 to 97.
  4. UPT vs UFT

    I can't say for sure what the current situation is for OTS applicants, but you can ignore everything in that thread. That's for the Active Duty board in which already commissioned officers apply to cross over into another AFSC. It's a totally separate board and process. Regulations/procedural changes for those boards won't necessarily apply to OTS boards. You might want to try pinging Steve from https://airforcejourney.com/. He's really good about staying on top of all the latest OTS updates.
  5. UPT vs UFT

    When I got picked up for OTS earlier this year, it was a rated-only board with a mixture of civilians and AD enlisted applicants, and you could apply for whichever rated positions you wanted and could list them in order of preference (and omit ones if you desired). I haven't followed the news as closely since then but now it looks like they're experimenting with mixing rated and non-rated in the same boards, having separate boards for AD enlisted and civilians, and I think I read that you're required to apply for all 4 rated AFSCs now if you want to go rated. I don't think I've ever heard of pilot-only boards.
  6. Unsponsored Board

    Thanks for the info! I'll probably PM about that if I happen to get selected by a Guard/Reserve unit.
  7. Upcoming Boards

    At the Open House, they said they haven't looked through the packages very closely yet. There will be phone interviews sometime in November and in-person interviews in early December. So I'd expect it to be at least a week or two before anyone hears anything.
  8. Brutally honest opinions please about my chances

    Start trying as soon as you're eligible (which will probably be when you have your bachelor's degree, or possibly within 6 months of graduation for some units). There's no reason not to. If you don't get picked up and you keep reapplying as you gain more flight time, it will come across favorably because of your persistence.
  9. Unsponsored Board

    Bumping this thread with some stupid questions. Can anyone weigh in on the notion that going the unsponsored route is pretty unlikely to result in getting picked up by a Reserve fighter squadron? I saw a similar claim earlier in this thread but it would be great to hear more opinions/experiences. I'm assuming it would be 100% impossible to go unsponsored and get hired by a Guard unit before Phase 3 of UPT, correct? Once you've commissioned and AFRC owns you, is there no chance in hell of being able to switch over and be gained by the NGB? Is it possible to apply to the unsponsored board if you're an AD OTS applicant/select? I know that applying between different services at the same time isn't possible because only one branch can own your MEPS records at a time. Is it the same deal between Active and Reserve components of the same branch?
  10. Go ahead and include it in your application. Some units specifically require an FAA medical as a small form of medical pre-screening, so you wouldn't be off base for including it as a proactive and potentially useful measure. You could also fill out a DD Form 2807-1 and include that in your application as well. That form is basically your medical history in a nutshell for purposes of getting a flight physical exam. However, a USAF FC1 is much, much, much more thorough, so an FAA medical certificate is really not anywhere close to being a guarantee that you'll have no issues.
  11. Upcoming Boards

    I think he's talking about the 125 FS (138 FW) in Tulsa.
  12. Over in the CSO assignments thread the rumor seems to be resurfacing that studs might be dropping Growler EWO tour slots shortly. I guess in theory that would open up the possibility of occasional dual-AF crews flying Navy jets.
  13. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Another hotel guest hiding out in their room (lights off) taking a photo of the madness maybe? The iPhone camera has a light sensor and the automatic mode will enable the flash if it's dark enough -- maybe the person didn't realize they hadn't disabled the flash/auto mode (since that would make for useless photo with the flash reflecting off the window). That's the only explanation I can come up with.
  14. I think he was responding to my post. I’m not concerned about the actual FICO score either, but rather the contents of the credit report. I know excessive amounts of debt are something they look at as an indicator of ability to be bribed. So if they deem my level of debt (as of April) as being concerning, I’m curious if they’d be willing to obtain a more recent credit report since it will show the significant progress I’ve made on paying off debt.
  15. Here's a piggyback question related to the credit check. I realize this is so specific that probably no one can answer, but maybe it's worth a shot. Since the investigation pipeline is so backed up right now and investigators may not review background check information for many months after the SF86 is submitted, is it plausible that another credit check could be conducted if something isn't to the investigators' liking and a significant period of time has passed since the initial one? I submitted my SF86 in April, and from what I hear, the investigation process can take a year or more. My main concern is my credit history. I had some delinquencies in the past but they've all been resolved for 4+ years now (all were paid in full and none went to outside collection agencies). However, my overall amount of credit card and personal loan debt is pretty damn high (having an unplanned child was the main culprit). Luckily I've procured a significantly higher paying job recently and I should be able to pay off a very big chunk of that debt before I get to OTS next April. I've heard that some people end up doing interviews with investigators and some don't, so I assume it depends on if there are any specific factors that concern them. If they end up interviewing me a few months down the road because of financial concerns, could I have any luck requesting that they pull another credit report so that I can show proof that I've made huge progress on my debt since the first credit check? Or is the system probably too bogged down for them to bother with the extra work?