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  1. I’m 99% sure rated boards are only for those who are already winged and qual’d AF pilots. I’ve met some unsponsored candidates while rushing squadrons for their UPT boards.
  2. They used to do them for prior service (up to age 29 for Pilot and up to 31 for NFO), but the new program authorization does away with waivers in favor of making the limit 32 across the board (for both designators).
  3. Siamese Dream 🤘 I’m not sure if things are different now that the UPT age limit was increased to 33, but based on what I’ve read, it seems like those in charge of Active Duty accessions were completely unwilling to do age waivers regardless of circumstance (the AD officer rated cross-training board seemed to be a different story). Hopefully someone with first hand knowledge will chime in. Is there any reason you wouldn’t consider Guard/Reserve? I’d heard of guys getting age waivers from heavy units at age 35 when the age limit was still 30, so it’s probably not unthinkable that they might stretch even further now. That way you’ll be able to search specifically for C-5 units. You’d probably be a really competitive candidate with your prior AF experience.
  4. mb1685


    I can’t really think of a reason you’d need it for the TBAS. I guess for the multi-tasking portion, but if you took the time to write down the items you have to (short-term) memorize, that would probably get you so behind that you’d bomb it anyway. You can’t tend to the other simultaneous tasks if you’re tied up writing things down (and subsequently looking at the things you wrote down).
  5. Yep, got a call from the 175FS a few hours ago.
  6. The good news is that the Air Force recently increased the UPT age limit to 33. Search around these forums a bit and you'll find some threads about it and a copy of the document. Right now that comes from just a memo from HQ USAF/A1P (the AFI hasn't been updated yet), but based on everything I've read, it seems like it applies to all types of accessions (AD, Guard, Reserve; and both civilian and military applicants). Since the ROTC rule to commission by 29 is probably just a buffer to ensure candidates can make it to UPT within a year after commissioning (to account for IFT, SERE, waiting to class up, etc.), I'd expect that cutoff to increase too.
  7. You might get a discounted hourly rate if you manage to get a job at a flight school/FBO.
  8. That would be great! I'll shoot over a sanitized copy of my main application documents to you soon.
  9. That method is also age-neutral, which seems strange. The older folks who are good runners would probably still be penalized since it’s almost inevitable that waist circumference will increase. So a 40-year-old is going to have to run faster than a 20-year-old of the same height and smaller waist to get the same score. I did some quick number crunching though and it seems like it doesn’t take an amazing run time to get a high score (compared to the current PT standards for younger age brackets), so I guess that’s the flip side. There would probably be (even more of) an expectation for young people to crush it.
  10. Thanks for responding! I've been following your story and it's inspiring, although again I do make sure to keep my expectations in check since my background pales in comparison to yours. If it matters at all (although it's difficult to communicate everything concisely in an application package and assumptions instead prevail), I did try to pursue an age waiver twice from the Navy to go back to OCS, but their Program Authorization explicitly specifies that age waivers are only authorized for prior service and so they wouldn't budge, despite my persistence. I hope that a unit will be willing to hear the whole story if they're interested in considering me but have reservations about that. What EvilEagle said makes perfect sense. Although I know the biggest hurdle is convincing a unit that I'm a good fit and that the lifestyle (during and after training) is compatible and won't diminish my ability to thrive despite my age, there's perhaps a tiny silver lining in that I'm no longer in age waiver territory for another year or so thanks to the age limit increase to 33. When I had just turned 28, I had one fighter unit give me a call and told me I was on their short list for interviews but my age was the only concern -- then later they told me that ended up being why I didn't get one. That gives me a little bit of hope (and was also the moment that took me from thinking there's no way in hell I'd have a shot at fighters to wondering if maybe there's a chance). But I fully understand that the regulation isn't so much the issue, it's the actual real-life implications of how things have tended to shape up for older guys. I definitely have no qualms with flying heavies, and if the age limit extension hadn't happened then I'm sure I'd be trying to rush heavy units in hopes of getting selected with an age waiver. But since I'm now technically eligible again for a little bit longer (cue Lloyd Christmas "so you're telling me there's a chance..."), I figure I'll hard-charge after primarily fighters for a while and see what happens.
  11. Thank you, gentlemen. Definitely sounds like the odds aren't in my favor but there's no reason not to try of course. I'll give it my all but keep my expectations in check!
  12. Whoa, how’d you manage that? I tried to pay my own way to do MFS since I already had an IFC1 but they wouldn’t let me.
  13. I've been on these forums for quite a while but have never bothered to post one of these. I guess now is the time. I previously attended Navy OCS with a Pilot slot and disenrolled due to a family emergency involving my pregnant wife. Tried to get an age waiver but they don't do them for non-prior service, then started pursuing Guard/Reserve units, but got to be too old. Now that the age limit has been increased to 33, it looks like I've got some time to try again. -Age: 30 next month (I assume that gives me a solid year of attempting this again since 28 seemed to be the cutoff for most units when the age limit was 30) -AFOQT scores: Pilot: 92 Navigator: 55 Academic Aptitude: 77 Verbal: 85 Quantitative: 63 -PCSM score: 80 with 20 flight hours 200+ hour column is 97 (mentioned because I've heard some units compare all applicants based on that) I'm planning on knocking out my PPL as soon as I can. My flight time has all been really staggered over many years so I'll probably start from practically the ground up and I figure I'll end up in the 60-80 hour bracket, putting my PCSM at 88. -GPA: 3.11, B.S. Mass Communication -5+ years of professional digital marketing experience, including a promotion to management -No medical issues, clean background Already used both AFOQT and TBAS attempts so I figure the PPL is the only thing really within my power at this point other than taking the time and effort to rush units. I definitely can't afford a master's degree + the PPL. I know my stats/background aren't extremely impressive and time isn't on my side, so I'm not fighters or bust. But I do want to shoot for them primarily. Do I stand a chance with a PPL?
  14. Welp, I just overnighted a package that's due by COB on 1 March. I put the MFR in the package. Read this news, got on BogiDope to look at board listings, and then left work really early to run home and put this together in record time. 😂 Hopefully the change indeed applies for Guard/Reserve + off the street accessions.
  15. Actually I’m not sure. This seems to refer to an extension for Guard/Reserve applicants too.
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