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  1. The document I've attached is the most recent MFR I've seen regarding the age limit. I found it in the AFRC UFT Application Guide, but since the document is from USAF HQ, I believe it applies to AD + Guard + Reserve. What I find fairly interesting is that this MFR refers only to "the date as specified in the Undergraduate Flying Training Selection Board Announcement message" as the cutoff. AFI 36-2105 used that language to refer to a cutoff for AD boards, but it also had an additional sentence that delineated the cutoff for Guard and Reserve as the UPT start date. If that omission in this MFR isn't a mistake, then it seems like the new rule across the board is just "be selected by age 33" rather than "start UPT by age 33". As for age waivers/ETPs not being a thing, that's nonsense. Search around here and you'll definitely find cases where they've happened for Guard/Reserve selects. 21 - HAF_A1P Memo.pdf
  2. You'll definitely have to mention it either way since form AF56 has a section requiring you to list any applications to commissioning programs. This is also on form AF24 (Guard/Reserve appointment). I don't think there will be any difference at all turning it down while already in DEP (other than your recruiter probably being more peeved). The bigger deal is dropping on request at OTS since AFRS/NGB/AFRC could deny the waiver request when reapplying. I'm reading now that AFRSI 36-2001 was eliminated a few years ago and AFI 36-2005 is the relevant reg for officer accessions. Paragraph goes over applying after disenrolling from a commissioning program in the past. The wording makes it sound like a waiver is only required if the disenrollment was punitive or for poor performance/adaptation and I don't see anything about RE code criteria now, but still, best to make your decision long before going to OTS.
  3. I'd assume your recruiter means that in 2 days they're going to start setting up a MEPS appointment to have you swear in. The first time you swear in, it's just to DEP (Delayed Entry Program). You're not obligated to much other than meeting with your recruiter and other selects about once a month for DEP calls and getting the ball rolling on things like your flight physical and paperwork. You can still turn down the selection at any time. This would technically be a DEP Discharge, which is mentioned somewhere in AFRSI 36-2001 if you want to dig through the regs. I don't think that requires any sort of waiver to reapply, but you will have to disclose the fact that you applied and turned down a position. It's probably anyone's guess as to whether a particular selection board will find that significantly objectionable or not, but it's probably going to be neutral at best. Once everything is squared away and you're about to actually report to OTS, you'll go back to MEPS a few days before and swear in again. This time you're swearing in to EAD (Extended Active Duty). From this point on, you're officially "in" the military and it's a more involved process to have you released. The ability to do this might change depending on particular circumstances at the time, but short of a major war and/or critical manning issues, you generally have the option to DOR (Drop On Request) while at OTS and get discharged from the military. If you do this, you'll get a DD214 since you were on active duty and it will indicate that it was an entry-level uncharacterized discharge. Because of this, you'd need a waiver to rejoin the military in any capacity (have a look for "RE code" sections of governing documents). Not impossible but not a guarantee either. Short answer: you definitely don't have to decide within 2 days.
  4. Since you’ve invested so much in your hours and ratings, I 100% would recommend not accepting the CSO slot. I’m sure it’s a great career in many ways but you’d be throwing away so much money and opportunity compared to someone with little or no flight time. I can’t speak to the odds of getting picked up for AD OTS again after turning down a position, but it doesn’t hurt to try. And as most people here would recommend, pursue Guard and Reserve units. You’d be able to continue your civilian flying career in parallel, and I’m pretty sure 99% of their selection boards are not going to bat an eye at someone in your shoes having turned down an AD CSO slot.
  5. Probably a dumb question, but we won't need to resubmit applications to Fresno if we don't have any updates, correct? Or will this essentially be a "new" board?
  6. Just my opinion as a wannabe (although I did go through the Navy OCS selection process with a recruiter who wasn't really on the ball) but I'd think now is not the time to be a squeaky, determined wheel. I believe many MEPS locations are closed right now, and obviously the past ~4 weeks have been some of the most chaotic the world has seen in recent history. I've also heard that WP isn't doing flight physicals right now and at least one of the UPT bases is delaying new class starts (which will create a backlog that will probably be felt for quite some time). Ordinarily I'm all for doing whatever you can do make things happen (while striking the balance of not stepping on toes and pissing anyone off who could pump the brakes on your trajectory) but I don't think anyone in your acquisitions process chain of command realistically has the power to expedite things right now. Definitely no harm in touching base with your recruiter for updates if it's been a while, but going around them and trying to schedule things yourself right now could maybe create a bad perception and blow up in your face. The caveat is maybe if you're age critical, but in that situation I'd suggest maybe asking your unit if they might be willing to put in for an age waiver if it comes down to it... because again I think realistically no one has much power to get things moving right now. I'm also about 99% sure that even in normal times MEPS is not going to let any candidate schedule themselves under any circumstances. They run a really tight ship from my experience and observations.
  7. I love how seeing these old posts is like coming across a perfectly preserved time capsule. Seeing discussions about Fall Out Boy, The All-American Rejects, and Hawthorne Heights is an instant trip down memory lane. I've been listening to a lot of Mark Lettieri lately -- killer rock/blues/jazz guitarist based in Fort Worth. Might not be your cup of tea if you're not a guitar nerd but I'm always blown away by his playing and songwriting, plus the tight rhythm section. The song "Seuss Pants" from his newest album is a bit of an adventure.
  8. Just to clear up the regs, the new age limit is to start UPT by age 33. The wording of the memo makes it sound like “be selected by 33” only applies to already commissioned AD officers applying for the cross-training board. However, I’ve noticed some Guard/Reserve units making their cutoff <33 on the date of their selection board, so I could be misinterpreting or maybe those units are just more willing to put in requests for age waivers. Either way, the applicable number is 33, not 34. Search around the forums a bit, there’s a lot of stories and discussions about age. Age waivers are possible and tend to be more common with heavy units. It seems that you to need to have a pretty strong background for a unit to want to select you and put in the waiver request, but they happen. There’s a guy here who was picked up at 36, and I believe that was even while the age limit was still 30.
  9. Yikes! Not good news for an older dude such as myself who was starting to get some interview traction before this charlie foxtrot. Wonder if they'd consider bumping up the UPT age limit even more once things eventually return to any semblance of normalcy. I imagine the backlog from this is going to add a massive amount of time to the pipeline. 😱
  10. I've heard the same. I think AFPC HQ is at Randolph, so that would make sense. I took the test at San Antonio MEPS and I think it only took about 3-4 days to get my scores.
  11. USAF: "Alright, we need pilots. Older dudes, you've got some time. New UPT age limit now in effect." COVID-19: "Not so fast..."
  12. 103rd Airlift Wing invites are rolling out.
  13. Anyone planning on attending the 104FS meet and greet in May? Just booked my airfare, would be great to meet up with some folks throughout the rest of that weekend.
  14. Yeah, I’ve always wondered exactly what’s proper to put in that spot on form AF24. I’ve noticed that the 121FS attaches an AF24 in their UPT board info packet with a few sections prefilled and 11F is in that spot. I’d assumed that’s because that’s what the squadron’s vacancy being filled is, but it does seem kinda weird putting that as a UPT board applicant.
  15. I’m just another wannabe but I’d say your stats and background are outstanding. Pretty much the only mediocre thing would be your non-aviation AFOQT scores, but I’d think your Pilot/Nav, PCSM, and flight time outweigh that. I guess you could retake the AFOQT if you feel confident you won’t do any worse. Retaking the TBAS could maybe help a little too — my AFOQT Pilot is a 92 too but my PCSM 201+ hour projected column is a 97, so that seems like evidence that there’s a little room for improvement in your TBAS performance. In the grand scheme of things I’d say that’s trivial, but then again this is an extremely competitive endeavor so it might be worth doing. You have tons of time with the new age limit. I don’t think there’s any one single thing you could do at this point to significantly improve your chances other than casting a wider net (even just opening up to F-15 units, since it sounds like you’re set on fighters) and staying persistent. As long as you’re not a douche and you keep taking feedback and advice to heart, I’d say it’s only a matter of time.
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