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  1. I probably shouldn't, but I'll step into the lion's den for a minute because I feel bad for the dude... I don't think the part about banning was legitimate, just part of his satirical take on BLM (i.e. 'disagree with me and I will completely overreact and try to silence you'). I didn't read any ill intent at all, just seems like a joke that didn't land well. As a guy who often can't resist terrible inopportune jokes based on nothing more than a play on words, I sympathize.
  2. Did anyone catch word of the 136 AW's board ahead of time? Just saw their recruiting Facebook page post a pic of their selectee swearing in. I had no idea they were having a board.
  3. I think it's Eddie Van Halen reincarnated. Ol' Spanish Fly. 😅 I'll see myself out...
  4. That seems to mirror what someone said they heard in this post. Seems pretty plausible.
  5. I'm fairly certain there's no requirement to already be in the military in any capacity before getting the job. As long as you have active duty orders in hand, I don't think your employer can get out of the requirement unless you've exceeded that 5 years. It also might be worth digging into your employer's military leave benefits, if any. Some will hook you up with at least a couple of weeks of pay. Some even do differential pay, where the whole time you're away on orders they'll pay you the difference between your regular salary and your military pay. I think that generally tends to be defense contractors mainly though. And if you have some sort of long-term incentive bonus, it's possible that could continue to vest while you're on leave.
  6. Keep in mind that if you go Guard or Reserve, USERRA law requires that your employer holds your position (or a similar one) for up to 5 years while you’re on orders if I recall correctly. The ability to immediately have guaranteed income is a huge plus for gaps in training and post-seasoning when you become a part-timer. If you’re unemployed when you ship out, you won’t have that protection. Continued employment is also going to look better on your applications IMO.
  7. Has anyone ever seen Seadogs and General Chang in the same room? 🤔
  8. This sounds a billion times more plausible. Was that from a Reserve recruiter?
  9. Anyone heard a rumor about only ~20 selects going to UPT next year? That's what I'm hearing in the Make Them Tell You No Facebook group. I know there are huge backlogs but that seems absurdly low. And supposedly that's a Total Force directive so that 20 reflects AD, Guard, and Reserve.
  10. Dayum, you must have killed the TBAS. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone get above a 90 PCSM for the 21-40 hour bracket.
  11. That's definitely a flight sim.
  12. Anyone who interviewed with the 103rd a few weeks ago heard back yet?
  13. That unit trains international F-16 pilots, so after graduating from the F-16 B-course you need to find another F-16 ANG unit willing to give you ~2 years of seasoning orders so that you can get your IP (instructor pilot) upgrade and then return to Tucson to instruct. There's more information in their application guide. I believe Klamath Falls has a similar requirement since they're an F-15 FTU.
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