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  1. Check paragraph 10 of the 18-02 results document, it says "The next AFRC OTS/UFT/URT selection board will be held on 05-06 march 2018. application deadline is midnight, 25 February 2018. This board will select only unit sponsorship applicants; no unsponsored applicants." I'm definitely not saying to not try, but just relaying what I've heard/seen. It sounds like getting in touch with that IP on ALPF is probably your best bet. MAF = Mobility Air Force (i.e. heavies) LNO = Liaison Officer
  2. The latest board (March) took no unsponsored candidates. Here's what a T-6 IP in the squadron that controls the unsponsored pipeline said recently: "Program was introduced because MAF was taking so long to get candidates to boards. They were coming up short every year. It acts as a bridge to fill the un-filled slots. Last year, they turned in 20+ slots. This year, they have around 100, but many more applicants than slots available, a good chunk of them sponsored. First choice is to take sponsored candidates, then fill if needed by unsponsored. So, yes, there are no Unsponsored Boards for a while. They got the candidates. But, that doesn’t mean if your a great candidate you won’t be picked up unsponsored and “injected” into process. But, it does mean your going to have to be “overqualified” for the immediate future. The bare minimums ain’t gonna cut it right now. In reality, we do not have a problem recruiting new pilots, we have a problem retaining them later in their career." More info here (I started this thread at ALPF): https://www.airlinepilotforums.com/military/112125-current-status-afrc-unsponsored-boards.html The IP there is willing to help some people with the process. It might be worth a shot, but at the moment it looks like unsponsored opportunities are drying up.
  3. Question #1: No, the ANG and the USAFR are totally separate entities. You'd need to get sponsored by a Reserve unit. If you got picked up by an ANG unit, you'd have to relinquish your unsponsored Reserve selection to process with the Guard unit. If you'd already gone to OTS and commissioned into the USAFR via the unsponsored route then it would probably be totally impossible to go ANG at that point. Question #2: Traditionally, the point of the unsponsored route was to get guys into training prior to getting sponsored (then they'd need to find a sponsor by Phase 3 of UPT or they'd be automatically assigned to a unit). The latest word I've heard is that they're getting plenty of sponsored candidates now and it seems like the future of taking unsponsored candidates is in question. I've heard that recent unsponsored candidates now aren't being sent to UPT until they're sponsored due to a UPT backlog, and I've also heard that AFRC isn't really bothering with unsponsored candidates at the moment unless they think you're exceptionally qualified.
  4. Upcoming Boards

    Anyone heard from Fort Worth yet?
  5. You definitely don't have to swear in to DEP just to apply for the OTS boards. You do it after you're selected, and then swear in once more (this time to Extended Active Duty) just before leaving for OTS. That said, swearing in to DEP doesn't obligate you to anything and you can be discharged per your own request (per AFRSI 36-2001 paragraph, so if you're worried about your recruiter blowing you off for pushing back and you just want to get the ball rolling, it's probably not going to hurt anything to go ahead and sign. Chances are that once you get to MEPS for your physical, the Air Force personnel there will know what you're there for and they're not going to go try to make you randomly swear in for something you haven't been selected for yet (i.e. there won't even be a contract for you yet).
  6. Upcoming Boards

    Does anyone know if the AFRC UFT boards are not taking unsponsored applicants anymore? I heard that was the case for the board taking place this month. Is that the plan for the foreseeable future or is there a chance unsponsored applicants will be able to apply again in the near future? Also, I read on here a while back that age waivers probably aren't a thing for unsponsored applicants, but to "try anyway". Can anyone speak to this? I turn 29 next month and already have a MEPS physical, IFCI physical, and my security clearance investigation was initiated almost a year ago, so I figure those things could theoretically get me orders to OTS/MFS/IFT/UPT sooner than someone without, but of course the uncertainty of the fate of unsponsored boards + UPT backups mean that I'd probably need a waiver.
  7. Chances for Fighter Units?

    A+ thread, would read again
  8. Wow, that's surprising! Do you happen to still be in contact with him?
  9. Chances for Fighter Units?

    Gotcha. Although it might not make or break your chances, I'd suggest retaking the TBAS since it's a free and pretty painless option. I don't think I've ever heard of anyone doing worse the second time. My PCSM went up 8 points after I retook it. I also recommend it because there's evidence that there's still a lot of 'headroom' for your PCSM and the TBAS looks like your bottleneck, because I have a worse Pilot score than you (92) and I'm in a lower hour bracket (21-40) but my PCSM is 2 points higher. Might as well give it a shot unless you're really worried you'll do worse.
  10. Chances for Fighter Units?

    How'd your PCSM projections go down since the original post? Did you retake the TBAS?
  11. This question might be a bit absurd because the scenario is pretty unlikely, but I figure it's worth a shot to ask about it. I have an active duty CSO slot and will be going to OTS in the near future. I had been applying with a lot of Guard and Reserve units up until recently (because now the timing is obviously getting sketchy) but have mostly ceased. However, I'm still pursuing my dream unit, which is a Reserve unit. It looks like their board will end up taking place while I'm at OTS (but before graduation), but it might be feasible for me to interview (if selected for one) before I ship out. If the stars align and I manage to get selected and receive word of that while I'm at OTS, is there some possible way that things could be switched over and AFRC could gain me instead of the active duty AF, and therefore I could commission into the Reserve and vastly expedite and simplify things for the sponsoring unit? Or would I need to SIE from OTS in order to not incur the original ADSC (which I know will require at least one waiver because of the DD214 RE code) and then re-attend OTS later? I'm assuming the latter option is the only somewhat realistic one since the sponsorship isn't really official until the bimonthly AFRC board "selects" me and then I believe I'd need to enlist into the unit, but there's probably someone out there who knows more than me. Again, I know this is extremely unlikely and I'm not betting on it, and I'm grateful for my CSO slot. But if this opportunity presented itself, it would be great to have some more knowledge about how it could pan out.
  12. How quickly are you able to see the images? Are you able to consistently get every single one in 1-2 seconds or do you have to stare and adjust your focal point for a while to get them to pop out? If you can't consistently do them almost instantly, keep practicing. I could never do those as a kid, and the first time I went to MEPS, I couldn't even make it through section A even though I knew there was no way my depth perception could be that horrible. I bought 3 Magic Eye books, downloaded a stereopsis iPhone app, and also looked at every website I could find with stereopsis images. I mainly practiced with such a large sample size to try to reduce the chances of instinctively knowing what focal depth to focus at by becoming super familiar with each image. It took a lot of practice since I couldn't see them at all at first, but I got good enough at the technique to be able to see any image (even new ones) within 2 seconds max. I've taken the test once more at MEPS and again for my flight physical and both times I was able to get through every single row with no problems. So unless you're already absolutely crushing it at the Magic Eye stuff, I'd recommend continuing to practice as much as you can possibly stand and then seeing if you can get them to let you give it another shot. Also, here's another thing that might be worth a try. When I went to an AME for an FAA Class 1 physical, I noticed that the visual acuity test looked like it was on the same kind of machine and I asked if I could practice the depth perception test (even though it's not required for an FAA physical). The AME was happy to let me give it a shot and I think having a no pressure practice run helped a lot to ease my nerves the next two times that I did it for real. So it might be worth getting in touch with some AMEs in your area and asking if they have the machine. If you're worried they'll think you're a douche for wasting their time, you could always offer to pay them for an FAA physical even though you don't need it.
  13. Thanks! I'd definitely prefer to avoid storage at practically any cost so I'll keep that in mind.
  14. Thanks so much! Before I'd read this, my wife and I started looking around on Zillow a bit and almost immediately abandoned the idea of living on base, haha. I guess we didn't expect the rental market to be all that good. I guess my plan will be to try to scope out houses on real estate listing websites during the last half of OTS (if time allows), report to NASP, immediately start checking places out during my 10 days of house hunting leave and hopefully quickly find a decent place and sign a lease, then fly back home on whatever date the movers are supposed to arrive and then make the drive back to Pensacola with the family (we just have one car at the moment but we'll probably get another car ASAP). Does that seem feasible? Could the TMO process result in a really long wait for the movers to be scheduled?
  15. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    To make things even more confusing, the Doss program is now called IFT (not IFS anymore).