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  1. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Regarding PCSM and lowering standards, one thing that might be worth mentioning is that the PCSM formula was revised around 2012 or 2013 to weigh flight hours much more heavily. I remember reading about a lot of dudes with 90+ PCSMs and little to no flight time seeing their scores plummet 30+ points once that rolled out. So if you were selected before that, your revised scores actually might be significantly lower now, so it's a murky comparison. That said, those AFROTC select averages are definitely considerably lower than I would have guessed.
  2. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Just happened to "find" the footage in question and his Facebook is plastered with drone enthusiast stuff, including selfies taken with his drone. What a coincidence!
  3. Anyone have experience with the Balfour Beatty on-base housing at NAS Pensacola? Specifically with family housing. Most of the opinions I can find online appear to be negative but that seems to be the case with all house/apartment hunting in my experience since people usually don't feel compelled to write reviews when they're satisfied. I'll be reporting to Pensacola in June after OTS and my wife and I like the idea of living on base for UCT (will also be accompanied by our 2 year old son), but if it's particularly atrocious then it would be nice to be informed ahead of time and dodge a bullet.
  4. The maximum commissioning age for non-rated was recently increased to 39 (commission by 40th birthday) per AFI 36-2005. Find a line officer recruiter and get the show on the road!
  5. CSO drop nights

    Interesting. So the tour makes up your entire ADSC? And would that mean no PCSing since you’d be at Whidbey Island the whole time?
  6. AD to Guard

    Didn't realize you'd commissioned through ROTC rather than OTS. Have you tried getting in contact with your old detachment? I wonder if they've got any documentation that shows you graduated from Field Training. I don't see why you'd need to go through OTS if you can prove you've done that. With regards to records, it's possible the discrepancy could just be from people looking specifically for OTS documentation (and coming up with nothing) rather than Field Training documentation since they're technically different programs even though they're both at Maxwell. Just a thought since you've referred to going 'back' to OTS.
  7. AD to Guard

    I'm not an expert but I don't see why a DD214 wouldn't exist. As far as I know, even serving a single day on AD orders should result in a DD214 having to be created when discharged. Even being at Navy OCS for literally about a week before leaving for a family emergency got me a DD214 since my orders to OCS were AD, so I think you should have a DD214 showing your time at OTS and your time post-commissioning. You might want to try requesting a copy of it here: https://www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records
  8. New BAH rates are out.

    The "guys with 19 kids"/BAH-is-welfare angle of the argument seems a bit strange to me since there's only a with-dependents rate and a without-dependents rate, i.e. the dependent rate does not increase based on the actual number of dependents. The extra ~$350 a month will surely get stretched pretty thin once the clown car's on the road.
  9. Hi everyone, I have some questions about what the PCS process is like after OTS, specifically for CSO trainees reporting to NAS Pensacola. I've tried to do some research but haven't found very specific information and I was really hoping that somebody could break down things step-by-step. I am married and my wife and I have a son who will be 2 years old when I graduate OTS next June. We are currently renting a house, so we don't need to worry about selling before moving to Pensacola. My wife and I share one car due to our financial situation, so I will be flying to OTS unless I'm able to get in touch with a local candidate in the same class who happens to be interested in bringing me on their drive. I've read that typically the required report to date to Pensacola is 1 or 2 days after OTS graduation since it's not extremely far from Maxwell. This has me pretty concerned since I have no idea how I'm supposed to get my family squared away that quickly. Here are my main questions: 1. When will we find out if base housing is available (as opposed to having to sign up for a waiting list)? 2. If we choose to live off-base, when and how are we supposed to house hunt? Should I try to knock that out and maybe even sign a lease before I even go to OTS? 3. How/when should I move my family to Pensacola? Will the Air Force arrange for movers to come to my house before graduation so that my family can move in as soon as my report date? Or will my family need to stay behind for a while (and how long)? If they do stay behind, can I take leave at some point to fly back home to help the movers and make the drive to Pensacola with them and my family? And if they do stay behind, where do I live in the meantime (BOQ?) -- and if it's longer than a month will I receive BAH so I can pay rent since my wife and son will still be at home? 4. Speaking of movers, will I need to pay the movers upfront and get reimbursed by the Air Force later, or does the Air Force pay for them right off the bat? Any other information would also be greatly appreciated! I'd just really like to know what to expect so that we can prepare.
  10. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    By TX hill county would that be Kelly as speculated earlier? Randolph? Bergstrom Intl with contracted instruction? Are these students going to drones like the guy on Reddit thought or is this actually a materialization of the "direct to fighters with no college degree and skipping phase 3" thing? I know this is just the initial experimentation phase but I'm curious about what the prospective goal is since it seems like a couple of different things are being discussed.
  11. Upcoming Boards

    How did you guys find out about the 93rd FS board, if you don't mind me asking? I didn't find out about it until it was too late. I check Bogidope, GuardReserveJobs, Baseops, and some Facebook groups literally every day so I'm bummed that one slipped under my radar. If there's another source I should be checking, I'd love to know.
  12. No problem! Just sent you a PM with more info.
  13. I have a 92 Pilot score. My PCSM went from a 67 to a 75 at 12 flight hours after retaking the TBAS. It’s now an 80 with 21 flight hours. My 201+ hour bracket went from 91 to 97.
  14. UPT vs UFT

    I can't say for sure what the current situation is for OTS applicants, but you can ignore everything in that thread. That's for the Active Duty board in which already commissioned officers apply to cross over into another AFSC. It's a totally separate board and process. Regulations/procedural changes for those boards won't necessarily apply to OTS boards. You might want to try pinging Steve from https://airforcejourney.com/. He's really good about staying on top of all the latest OTS updates.
  15. UPT vs UFT

    When I got picked up for OTS earlier this year, it was a rated-only board with a mixture of civilians and AD enlisted applicants, and you could apply for whichever rated positions you wanted and could list them in order of preference (and omit ones if you desired). I haven't followed the news as closely since then but now it looks like they're experimenting with mixing rated and non-rated in the same boards, having separate boards for AD enlisted and civilians, and I think I read that you're required to apply for all 4 rated AFSCs now if you want to go rated. I don't think I've ever heard of pilot-only boards.