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  1. UPT vs UFT

    In some contexts, it seems like UFT is sometimes just used as a broad term that encompasses all rated AFSC training programs (UPT, UCT, URT, UABMT).
  2. Chances Thus Far?

    I'd go ahead and take the TBAS. Getting flight time beforehand won't really help you on it IMO.
  3. Published list of OTS start dates?

    Classes are definitely a mix of AD/prior service and civilians (and Guard/Reserve accessions and AD accessions). I'm slated for 18-06 and there's a bunch of AD people on the Facebook group. It's all TFOT now -- there's no more AMS. TFIT (the first week) has been chopped and there's a computer course prerequisite instead now.
  4. Published list of OTS start dates?

    Check this out: https://airforcejourney.com/2017/04/30/fy2018-tfot-schedule-unofficial/ Looks like they circumvent the holiday leave issue by not having classes that take place around that time.
  5. Deciding to retake AFOQT

    With your current scores, I don't see any need to sweat failing the retake. You're 19 percentile points above the Verbal minimum and 50 above the Quantitative minimum. I don't think I've ever read about anyone doing worse on their retake. I don't think you'd necessarily have a better shot at going RPA to Pilot than CSO to Pilot. In either case you would be applying for the Active Duty rated board, which as others have said, is probably the most competitive of all methods. Your AFSC would probably only play into your selection chances if it were critically undermanned.
  6. Upcoming Boards

    I just saw an awesome photo pop up on my Facebook feed (from the official ANG page) of a 175W/104FS A-10 taking off from a highway in Estonia as part of a training exercise, and the description says it was on 10 August. So the deployment is probably a good guess as to why there's been no word yet.
  7. Chances at an ANG Fighter Squadron

    PCSM score is calculated solely by AFOQT Pilot score, TBAS performance (you won't see raw scores for that), and flight time.
  8. Positive/Negative Reputation Gone?

    Looks like it's working fine now. Thank you!
  9. Running into a little bit of confusion about this issue again and I'd appreciate if anyone could clarify or confirm. @deaddebate, did I infer correctly from your previous response that it doesn't matter if a MEPS physical expires prior to shipping to OTS as long as the IFC is approved before the MEPS physical expires? My old recruiter let me know that my FCI is approved, but also said that he got a system notification about my MEPS physical expiring next month. Do I need to do another commissioning physical even though the FCI has found me to meet even more stringent standards? I go to OTS next April.
  10. Positive/Negative Reputation Gone?

    Looks like the update is affecting the "Unread Content" (my preferred browsing method) and "All Activity" functionality too. New posts don't seem to be showing up there.
  11. Upcoming Boards

    Congrats! What unit?
  12. Awesome, thank you for the info! I was assuming the FAR would prevent the ability to log it without the IP being a CFI but I'm glad to see that's not the case.
  13. One more quick question (or rather request for clarification) -- if you don't have a PPL, then UCT T-6 time could not be logged as Dual Received (unless the IP happens to have an FAA CFI rating), correct?
  14. Does anyone have a rough ballpark figure of how much T-6 UCT time could be logged as described above?
  15. Upcoming Boards

    The AFRC board being referenced is a sponsored board, correct? Is the word still that there will be no more unsponsored boards?