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  1. Our current scheduling board is over 69% wingman pucks. A handfull of IP's (mostly attached awaiting retirement) and a few flight leads. Standby for more back to basics SII's as inexperienced pilots do what we all did as inexperienced pilots.. except now there is no more real supervision... Congress needs to hold the senior leadership accountable for this problem, and they are not.
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    Just took a "Desert Eagle .50" to the range. 'Merica. Pretty heavy and concealed carry may be difficult, but that thing is a beast.
  3. Don’t use community bank on base!! They charge like 3% for the conversion from $ to £. Cost me literally a thousand dollars out of pocket using them for a year. It’s a little bit of a pain to set up but I’d highly recommend a Lloyd’s or Barclays account. Then get a contactless debit card and it makes life easy. (Also set up contactless lay on your iPhone, otherwise you’ll be signing for everything). Transferwise is a website / app that makes it super easy / cheap / fast to move money between my US Bank and Lloyd’s. Recommend this too. Find a credit card that doesn’t have foreign transaction fees. Heads up on the cell phone contracts - there’s no real US military clause etc.. so if you leave early you’ll be held responsible for paying out like half your contract or something ridiculous. Have fun! It’s awesome.
  4. As an 11F separating from AD all of this doesn't suprise me - but it's still hard to watch from the sidelines. 75% promotion rate for MSG dudes? Create some room at the B Course because we could really use these hard charging leaders in a MWS in CENTCOM. For me, ever since TAMI-21 I stopped listening to anything Big Air Force SAYS and started only paying attention to what Big Air Force DOES. For all those looking at a bonus or extending their ADSC past their UPT commitment I would fence in appropriately and do so only with very high SA. Get your ATP and be ready with options as you get close to your commitment. Best of luck to everyone!
  5. Bump - if anyone else is looking for a good night flashlight. Just used a Surefire Kroma Milspec for the past few months and it is expensive but awesome. Red / Green / Blue / IR / White and good levels for NVG cockpit usage. Highly recommend. Super tough and lightweight as well. Tried to get the Phantom (above) but ran into issues being overseas.
  6. HHG - Japanese movers are awesome. If stuff gets broken it will most likely be when it's getting packed in the States. Most electronics should be fine, (Japan is 100V) and your laptop adapter should say 100-240V (double check). I think TVs may have issues, so heads up on that, but you can get a transformer. Only a factor off base. I would highly recommend living on the sea wall. It's awesome and generally the traffic wasn't bad (10 minute commute or so). You can walk to little bars and sushi restaurants. I was able to pocket about $400 a month out of my utilities that I didn't use. Easy to go for runs along the sea wall and the sunsets after work while you're eating dinner is pretty cool. I would find a card that doesn't have a foreign transaction fee. I don't remember how I paid my rent (I think GI Bill Pay or something?) You can get Yen on base easily and there's no reason to get a Japanese bank. I imagine contactless pay with an iPhone is full up there too.
  7. That's called an ADO double turn! Other double turn options include: Top 3 to Red 1 Red air to SOF OR the elusive AM SOF to closing Top 3!
  8. This is a big point. It makes no sense to me to have the F-22 sitting alert. Also the USAF has been training with the 4th gen 5th gen mix for a while, and the whole "night one of the war" situation I don't think is an insurmountable problem with FI. Plus, the legacy jets give you a lot more options for basically uncontested air environments, like Syria, or Afghanistan etc...
  9. Does anyone fly with an automatic (mechanical) watch? Specifically in a high-g airframe? Did the timing get thrown off? Usually I fly with a quartz watch but it’s in for servicing and looking to fly with a Bremont instead. First world problems...
  10. Well no IPZ luck here. 11F on third ops tour. Not stellar records but not bad either (strats, OEF, DG, awards etc..). Time to get smart on the guard and airlines - glad I had enough SA to avoid the bonus.
  11. Saw the obligatory AFPC U2 email. Not my cup of tea to fly around in the bozosphere for long missions in a pressure suit... but what's the b-course / tx like for that?
  12. I'm curious how a T-6 would do in a race like that... probably not competitive against an L-39, but maybe against the piston engine planes.
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