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  1. I wish I understood what was going on right now... S&P 500
  2. When does it turn into Lord of the Flies? Is there a warlord? Man, what a time to be alive! /sarcasm I'm not sure how much to trust my memory of the 90's when I was in HS, but subjectively it feels like America has changed a ton since there. And not for the better. 1) Limited media outlets limit opposing views (I'm no liberal but I did read Chomsky's Manufactering Consent, and it talks about this). 2) The echo chamber of social media where people make decisions based on groupthink and their feelings as opposed to facts and logic*. 3) Big tech companies (FB, Google, YouTube etc...) filtering their content politically, selectitvely. 4) The hijacking of language, to the point where it is not possible to disucuss things as they are. The actual truth becomes impossible to dig out, which makes already difficult problems impossible to solve. 5) Academia (colleges) imparting their ideals on an entire generation of Americans. I went to the Academy so I feel like this isn't something I have witnessed first hand, but I have absolutely seen the effects. All my previously farily conservative relatives come out of college with all these wacky liberal ideas and views that don't seem to be grounded in reality at all*. *These two points I think are related. One of the root causes of our countries problems right now is falling back to our emotions and using emotions over logic to address our problems. College is supposed to teach the opposite. It's like we are evolving the wrong way (Behave by Sapolsky talks a lot about how are brains differ from lower animals, and basically our greatest tool is critical thinking, animals rely heavily on emotion - you shouldn't need to read a book though to realize this!) I realize that I am preaching to the choir, but I am much more concerned about our country than I have ever been. The division will be our downfall. The 1st amendment (censorship, COVID assembly bans), 2nd (talk of more gun control), 4th (mass survellence and contact tracing "justified" by COVID)... Ugly times.
  3. I can’t believe we are on another iteration of this. My first black leather boots were broken in (in basic training) and worn forever. Super comfortable and awesome. Now after another decade my green boots are getting broken in and we have to change again?! Can someone please cite the last steel toe injury that came from an aircraft egress? They keep good records at AFSC. I would bet $100 there has never been one for the last 20 years. If we get in a shooting war, I am grabbing my black boots.
  4. Known pitch power settings is where you want to start (memorize them for whatever airspeeds you fly around at, for cruise / pattern etc... I don't really remember for the T-6). Look outside at the horizon and freeze the picture of level flight in your head (cross checking the altimeter / VSI). Just like you freeze your aimpoint on final in the canopy, same concept. Then trim it all out. Repeat. Eventually you'll have a flight path marker in your HUD / fancy autopilot help / better avionics to help out... same sitting height every time will help as well. Once you hit instruments you'll freeze the sight picture that gives you level flight on the ADI, which is harder. Chairflying will help reduce brain bytes used on other admin. Good luck!!
  5. I ended up getting a Rogue rack (RML-490) and it's super heavy duty. Maybe a little overpriced but it was basically the only thing available at the time. They do have a cult following and their website is almost always sold out on anything good. I'd recommend it, in-fact if I had it to do over I'd spend an extra $100 and getting the one with numbers on the uprights (490C). Had to lower the upper cross members a bit and the uprights had to go in between rafters in the basement but it worked out pretty well (didn't have to cut anything). Also ended up with urethane bumper plates (vs rubber) as again that's the only thing I could find (they are nice, just spent more than I would have liked). Spud Inc makes a pulley cable attachment that you can attach to the rack for a poor mans cable machine. Rubber stall mats from tractor supply and a second hand mirror (probably should have gone bigger on the mirror, because gains...) I only bought a few pairs of dumbbells (didn't know they were so $$$$) and all the locals are price gouging on marketplace here in the NE. I would bet in a month or two there will probably be a lot of second hand stuff from closed gyms, or if gyms re-open people selling their quarantine home-gym stuff. It was a pretty big upfront cost, but by being a little creative I can do just about everything I was doing in the base gym. It takes a little longer moving stuff around on the rack as opposed to walking over to the different equipment, but then again it's never busy. On the Pelaton stuff, I heard someone at work talking about buying a $2k road bike and a set of rollers and just get the app and subscription. That way you can train indoors and outdoors and it's cheaper than their $2400 bike. I don't really ride bikes without engines anymore though.
  6. billy pilgrim

    Gun Talk

    Looking at the M1A Springfield SOCOM 16 model. Anyone shoot one of these? Own one?
  7. Thanks to COVID I went ahead and put together a home gym. Our ANG base gym is closed until fall... Took forever to piece together with everything sold out and back-ordered online, but it's pretty sweet being able to lift at home. FYSA Rep Fitness and Vulcan Strength have 5% military discounts, Rogue doesn't unfortunately. Anyone else out there doing this?
  8. You can afford to be lazy when the state runs the media and censors the internet. All those woke protestors should head to HK and see what it's like to protest against an authoritarian government for real.
  9. Working CAS in OEF, if shit got bad you could send some vipers or strike eagles over a TIC quickly and then get some .4 mach A-10s overhead when you could. The A-10’s once on station would finish the fight 10/10 times.
  10. Valid at pickle? Might not have had the tapes on...
  11. The next generation(s) will pay it back. Whether they want to or not. The panic in the media feels orchestrated, over reaching and unnecessary. The social media reaction to all of this is what scares me the most. The acceptance of curfews, ridiculous restrictions and just general “the government knows best” attitude. That’s what is truly scary, and I have immediate family in the high risk category for this.
  12. Tracked down TRANSCOMs POV shipment and storage contract after some help from the local contracting office. This whole thing only occurred because the contractor (IAL) didn’t uphold their end in several areas - like notifying me that my storage was no longer authorized etc... I brought this up when I asked for an 30 day extension today and was told to expect the collection letter tomorrow. There is a DoD IG report from 2016, during this timeframe on the lack of oversight between TRANSCOM and IAL on this exact contract. UFB Trying the IG - thanks for the links. Anyone here do a congressional inquiry or anything before? This is a mess.
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