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  1. Okay that's a sampling (n 916) of the 150M or so voters. I understand how stats work a little and I don't know if you can just post a poll from NPR to put this to rest. My personal opinion is that the alleged rampant fraud wasn't in every state but the ones that it was in was enough to overturn the will of the people in those states. A lot of Americans feel the same way. The coordinated radio silence and censorship on the MSM and social media platforms along with big tech (Google, big tech) should be cause for alarm for ALL Americans. Regardless of ideology or background or politics.
  2. 100% disagree.. they are dead serious.
  3. Not to armchair quarterback but it looks like a shit hot job from the C-130 crew getting it down safe in a field. Good work!! 800mg of Motrin should work for shoulder pain if there are too many high fives.
  4. Jet pack guy: https://www.foxnews.com/us/los-angeles-american-airlines-pilot-jetpack-near-lax
  5. I disagree on any emphasis on race or gender or any discriminator. It's divisive. The individual is the ultimate minority.
  6. Watching these videos you can see the shockwave traveling outward. I would think that it would travel at the Mach. Is this true? Can a shockwave travel faster than the speed of sound if there is enough energy? Or do they travel faster than the speed of sound? What happens (if anything) when it slows to the Mach and below?
  7. If you fly a jet to the boneyard you should get to keep something from the aircraft.
  8. When does it turn into Lord of the Flies? Is there a warlord? Man, what a time to be alive! /sarcasm I'm not sure how much to trust my memory of the 90's when I was in HS, but subjectively it feels like America has changed a ton since there. And not for the better. 1) Limited media outlets limit opposing views (I'm no liberal but I did read Chomsky's Manufactering Consent, and it talks about this). 2) The echo chamber of social media where people make decisions based on groupthink and their feelings as opposed to facts and logic*. 3) Big tech companies (FB, Google, Y
  9. I can’t believe we are on another iteration of this. My first black leather boots were broken in (in basic training) and worn forever. Super comfortable and awesome. Now after another decade my green boots are getting broken in and we have to change again?! Can someone please cite the last steel toe injury that came from an aircraft egress? They keep good records at AFSC. I would bet $100 there has never been one for the last 20 years. If we get in a shooting war, I am grabbing my black boots.
  10. Known pitch power settings is where you want to start (memorize them for whatever airspeeds you fly around at, for cruise / pattern etc... I don't really remember for the T-6). Look outside at the horizon and freeze the picture of level flight in your head (cross checking the altimeter / VSI). Just like you freeze your aimpoint on final in the canopy, same concept. Then trim it all out. Repeat. Eventually you'll have a flight path marker in your HUD / fancy autopilot help / better avionics to help out... same sitting height every time will help as well. Once you hit instruments you'll f
  11. I ended up getting a Rogue rack (RML-490) and it's super heavy duty. Maybe a little overpriced but it was basically the only thing available at the time. They do have a cult following and their website is almost always sold out on anything good. I'd recommend it, in-fact if I had it to do over I'd spend an extra $100 and getting the one with numbers on the uprights (490C). Had to lower the upper cross members a bit and the uprights had to go in between rafters in the basement but it worked out pretty well (didn't have to cut anything). Also ended up with urethane bumper plates (vs rubber)
  12. Looking at the M1A Springfield SOCOM 16 model. Anyone shoot one of these? Own one?
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