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  1. Thanks for an insight into the process. It's been a mad scramble to get enough info to know what to do next. So what would the next step, if or when it comes to that?
  2. Hi, Was just told by the local flight doc that he was not going to recommend that my waiver for depression be approved. I was also reassured by him that I was still commissioned qualified, but the recruiter thinks otherwise. Not that it means anything on a flight physical level, but mental waiver has been cleared several times on the MEPS level. I was just wondering if there was any recourse for me and if there was a way for me to go for a lower medical like a FCII for RPAs? Or if there was a way to challenge the diagnosis? And if not, a gist of what the medical process is for a non rated position? Thanks in advance for any advice
  3. 5'3.625" (Their measurement). Went to a local optometrist right after my post to double check the prescription that the Flight Clinic gave me. They were able to correct my vision to 20/20 in both eyes with a different prescription. Will go to a second optometrist tomorrow to confirm and if confirmed, get the right glasses and retest. In the meantime, I'm going to try to stop the Flight Doc from sending my packet out.
  4. Hi, I'm an OTS CSO-select and I just came out of my FC1A physical. Had a couple items that they said was waiverable (PRK, Height, and Depression) but the vision for my right eye near vision came out to 20/30 uncorrected and 20/25 corrected with lenses. They've submitted the package for approval but I was told that the 20/25 was unwaiverable. Any chance if they're wrong or recourse if the physical get shot down such as an ETP? Or is my only option to not pass Go and not collect $200?
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