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  1. CBM 15-02 T-38 F-16 Holloman T-38 FAIP U-28 Cannon RC-135 AT-38 (Reserve, a Lt Col!) T-1 T-1 FAIP KC-135 Mildenhall KC-135 Birmingham (Active) KC-135 McConnel KC-135 Fairchild C-17 Hickam C-17 Dover C-17 Elmendorf x2 (One Active, One Reserve) C-21 Scott C-130J Little Rock EC-130 Davis-Monthan KC-10 Travis MC-130J Cannon (Pilot-Physician) C-130H Charlotte, NC (Guard) C-130H Bradley ANGB, Connecticut (Guard) C-130H Youngstown, Ohio (Guard) C-5 Dover (Reserve)
  2. We were given a sheet with every plane and base that we were dropped, just not how many of each. So for instance we know we were dropped at least one C-17 to Charleston but we don't know how many. When we looked on AMS, it said there are 5 2LT slots open for C-17 to Charleston. Does that mean our class was dropped 5 C-17s to Charleston to divvy up among all 3 UPT bases?
  3. Elders, Our class's drop sheet came out this past Friday and today we were snooping around AF Portal and came across AMS. We found that when we put in 2LT and C-17 with "All" as the base selected, the bases that showed up exactly correlated to what was on our drop sheet except there was a number next to how many slots were available. The same held true for other planes we typed from our drop sheet. Was this coincidental, or did we stumble upon a way to find out how many of each plane/base we dropped?
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