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  1. I’m curious if anyone has experience and/or advice for my situation. I’m a former 13B left AD in 2012. Transitioned to IRR and after establishing civilian career, attempted to join ALO unit as Cat E reservist. During the enrollment process I crossed 2 years in the IRR and was unexpectedly discharged. Fast forward a couple years later, I’m looking to rejoin the Reserve to finish my 20. I understand the administrative process to get me back in is going to take a year or more, but looking beyond that I’m trying to get a feel for how I should approach prospective units to get hired with a sizable break in service. I work/live close to MacDill so I’m looking there. Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks!
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    VA Loans

    Here's my situation: VA financed at 5.375% / 30-year fixed single family home. Purchased 11 years ago and is currently a rental property. I plan on keeping the home another 9 years or so to get more principal out. I've read some great reviews in this thread, so I was wondering if it makes financial sense to refinance with today's rates plus the fees associated with a re-fi. Thanks