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  1. Because he has his “intuition” to rely on...it’s a train wreck from here on out. The last credible General has left the building. Last person be sure to turn out the lights..
  2. No kidding. Just ask these guys.. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.tampabay.com/news/military/macdill/air-force-blames-pilot-fatigue-for-c-17-landing-4-miles-from-macdill/1272014%3ftemplate=amp
  3. I’m curious if anyone has experience and/or advice for my situation. I’m a former 13B left AD in 2012. Transitioned to IRR and after establishing civilian career, attempted to join ALO unit as Cat E reservist. During the enrollment process I crossed 2 years in the IRR and was unexpectedly discharged. Fast forward a couple years later, I’m looking to rejoin the Reserve to finish my 20. I understand the administrative process to get me back in is going to take a year or more, but looking beyond that I’m trying to get a feel for how I should approach prospective units to get hired with a sizable break in service. I work/live close to MacDill so I’m looking there. Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Here's my situation: VA financed at 5.375% / 30-year fixed single family home. Purchased 11 years ago and is currently a rental property. I plan on keeping the home another 9 years or so to get more principal out. I've read some great reviews in this thread, so I was wondering if it makes financial sense to refinance with today's rates plus the fees associated with a re-fi. Thanks
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