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  1. This is everything when it comes to the issue at hand.
  2. I like them both a lot as well. I am fairly moderate politically with views from both sides depending on the topic. They both have a lot I like and a lot I dislike policy wise, but fully agree that they seem to actually care. I would vote for either of them in a heartbeat over the overwhelming majority of politicians from either side.
  3. $$$$ massif and dri-fire make fire retardant moisture wicking shirts that I like. The dri-fire are softer and lighter but the massif are more durable. $ on Amazon, Soffe makes some nice cotton ones
  4. While there isn’t actually any black in the actual pattern (there is some dark brown though). I do think it looks good!
  5. Love the brown boots, but the tan shirt should have remained optional tan or brown and just stop selling/issueing the tan ones and let the transistipn occur gradually
  6. In the past few years the USAF HC-130J’s have been doing it as well. I refueled Harriers on the same track this incident occurred on when I was stationed at DM.
  7. To me it looks like it is the AR pod on the ground behind the plane. Additionally, the fuel pouring out indicates that the AR manifold was still pressurized. So wither they didn’t have time to get the transfer pumps shut off, or they were dumping fuel.
  8. SEF guy (not working this incident) and HC-130J guy here. I agree with this assessment. Left AR pod and #1 prop likey contacted the ground during the forced landing.
  9. We are looking in the Rio Rancho area and possibly considering west mesa. Lived in an apartment in the NE foothills for both times through FTU (HC-130P and J) nice but too expensive.
  10. PCSing to Kirtland AFB (Albuquerque NM) in September. Looking to buy, this will be a second VA (first one was about $140,000 and is now a rental property). That one was done by NBKC (later sold to wells fargo). I see that NBKC is still popular and that now Trident is as well. Looking in the $275,000-$325,000 range. Thoughts on the pros and cons of these two lenders?
  11. For HH-60 CSAR units there are 2 reserve (Patrick AFB and Davis-Monthan AFB), and 3 Guard ( Gabreski field Long Island NY, Moffett CA, and Elmendorf AK) Don’t know much about other guard/reserve rotary wing units but I imagine there are some UH-1 units out there.
  12. HC-130J CSO Very busy ops tempo. Mix of TDY and deployment. Most deployments are to bad places for 4 months. TDY’s are a mixed bag of Red Flag and good deals (I went to Thailand last year for example). We fly our own aircraft to the locations and usually have fun overnight stops en route. Flying is a mix of older school AFSOC style tac low level, helo, tilt-rotor, and navy/USMC fixed wing Air to Air Refueling, air drop, and CSAR skills. CSAR duties include searching for the survivors, coordinating pickup, etc... Mission is evolving and expanding with the new CSAR Coordinator role. Fun pla
  13. D-M: No travel for non essential activities. Essential activities include: -buying necessities such as groceries (can go to commissary or normal grocery store), household supplies, etc... -medical appointments -government appointments such as court and such -outdoor exercise to include running, hiking, biking, etc... (cannot drive more than 1hr to go do these things) -etc Relaxed grooming standards for hair length and bulk (must still shave, police side burns, etc...( Masks required at commissary Work from home to max extent possible. Still go in to mission plan and fly (reduced flyi
  14. Only works TDY. Down range the ball caps are approved. Other ideas, if you have combat shirts, wearing them stateside without body armor is another good way to get chiefed.
  15. Roughly $200 raise for an O3 at Davis-Monthan. Can’t complain!
  16. This! I used to do a ton of autox and track days (time and priorities have shifted but I still enjoy one on occasion) if you are looking to get into the car scene for fun (not status symbol or “my car is fastest”) big money is not required. I have driven some seriously fast cars but they aren’t always more fun (often less fun) I bought a used Honda S2000 for $11k with part of my cadet loan and modded it slowly over the years. Still have it almost 11 years later and added a 2015 WRX to the mix as well. The fun per dollar ratio is insane. There are lots of really fun reasonably priced cars. Used
  17. Can’t fly with contact lenses at all at any base unless in the USAF contact lens program. Maybe base optometry will enroll him in the program with his existing contacts?
  18. Unless things have changed, You’ll have to start out with glasses at flight training. For contacts, Work with base optometry to get on the contact lens program they will evaluate you and set you up with lenses. This is the only way you are technically allowed to fly with contacts. It is what I do.
  19. Holy crap the staff guys actually listened to our input!
  20. Out of curiosity, what track are they pulling from for HC-130J and MC-130J?
  21. Honestly, that depends quite a bit on genetics. I, for example need to run semi-regularly to pass, but even a couple times a month and then a couple times a week the month leading up to the test is sufficient. I have to do similar for push ups and sit ups. I am not complaining, I am genetically predisposed to perform poorly in these areas so I make an effort to compensate and I do well, everyone has weaknesses they need to overcome and natural baseline fitness is mine. But that said, if realistically to just pass, someone like me who had this weakness can pass with just a couple workouts a mon
  22. Spent a week attached to 4/160 SOAR... they all complained about that and were talking about how awesome it was being TDY to a Navy base so they didn’t have to. Lmao
  23. This! Blousing them is expressly forbidden in the AF regs.
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