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  1. Sorry, can’t help with the non-offering/holding back of continuation, but as far as the 5-year promotion window, I don’t think that will be a factor for a bit. I got an email from the WG/CC that says “the USAF is not implementing the 5-look window for officer promotions for at least the next two years.” Which I guess means that now you only get three looks for promotion? Your former in the zone and 1 & 2 above the zone; I’m tracking that the next O-5 board will look at 07, 06, and 05 year groups. *with the caveat that the board is not supposed to use year group/time in serv
  2. Well we just started a 4-8 week night phase (all dependent on student performance), so you may be in luck!
  3. Not in the 2.69 years I’ve been at Luke, but it sounds like it worked well and I wish they would bring it back. Get a bunch of reps in a short time period, because seeing something multiple times is good, but seeing it multiple times in rapid succession is even better. This could especially be helpful for Holloman - us at Luke at least have the 161st Guard bubbas out of PHX that we can work with pretty easily (our normal AR tracks are also their local sorties). Not to say we haven’t graduated a student without them ever seeing a tanker, but it’s rare...
  4. “...promote the general welfare...” is probably the catchall. Is it good if Americans are healthy? Yes. Is it good if Americans are wealthy? Yes. I’m not saying that everyone just gets to be rich because America is rich (a la UAE), but to me, healthcare is like the road system. We all pay for it, some people happen to use it more than others, it helps us all. Isn’t that the point of government? To help the majority of the populace?
  5. Fingertip, yes; form landing, no. Why? Short answer (and applies to 4th and 5th gen) - Aerial refueling in the weather. Gotta fly close without killing everyone. Long answer - Fingertip isn’t used tactically, but it is a good skill to have, as I have simply rejoined my wingman to fingertip to get through a cloud layer as opposed to drag him to radar trail only to have him rejoin 6-9k’ later (when going to/from the airspace in 2+2 route or even offset container it’s a lot faster to rejoin to 1/2 and 3/4 in fingertip with 3 maintaining radar trail, rather than string the whole 4-sh
  6. Fingers crossed...my last acsc course finishes a week before the original board date. If it slips, maybe I can actually get “complete” on my SURF/OPB...
  7. Also yes - we were supposedly that last fighter FTU still doing them (F-16s) and we just got rid of them (both form takeoffs and landings) because the CAF doesn’t need that skill set/hasn’t done them in years.
  8. Sorry, I don’t have it. I simply heard about the video about 9 months ago from a friend at CBM. However, it fits the narrative my buds in the Viper community told me about her time at Kunsan.
  9. Yeah, is this the same Wg/CC who got abysmal results on the climate survey, and then instead of holding an all call/open forum to discuss the results, made a video sitting at her desk explaining why the 14ftw personnel (and therefore survey results) were wrong?
  10. This is my surprised face. Then again, it doesn’t change anything at my base, because when the policy changed to allow the squadrons to take care of PT testing, Wing leadership decided to “uphold standards” by continuing to use a Fitness Assessment Cell (ie the squadrons were not allowed to administer the test, there was literally zero change from the previous procedures). Which is a roundabout way of the wing cc telling the Sq commanders “I don’t trust you or your people.”
  11. This is very similar to the old Fighter Air Crew (FAC) year we used to take. It was about 6 different weightlifting movements (bench, lat pull downs, bicep curls, squats, leg curls, and maybe leg extensions?) all based off of your body weight (percentages like you suggest) along with another set of squats at body weight and crunches. Of course this test didn’t mean anything, but you had to pass it by the end of IFF (and then again at the beginning of the B course) or you couldn’t fly a fighter. They have since changed it and it is no longer a test but a “program” leading you to a health
  12. We did. But when every airman/NCO/SNCO in the afe chain responds with “well sir, the AFI says...” then I give all that feedback to the oss/CC (who seemed receptive) and went on about my business. I don’t have time to 847 every damn afe reg, and since I can’t order people to use common sense, not sure what other recourse there is that is worth my time. I tried to used the CSAFs “if it doesn’t make sense, stop doing it” mantra, but good luck finding a SMSgt who will let their shop actually violate an AFI, whether it makes sense or not.
  13. Empires, man. During the last exercise on the RoK I participated in, AFE went super-reg-Nazi mode and when we showed in the morning, we all had to individually go to afe to get issued our pistols with fake bullets, but only one person could be in the room at a time (never mind the 5 other afe personnel watching a movie, it’s “dangerous” to have more than one non-afe person in the room near some pistols, in case they snap and start shooting), and we would have to get the gun, arm it in the barrel, put it in the holster on our vests (which we had to fully put on/wear to put the gun in - co
  14. Trip was an exemplary husband, father, and bro; a truly phenomenal fighter pilot. I can only hope to emulate him. If I may take some literary liberty, "His is a dying breed, and now that he is gone, the world is a lesser place." Blue skies, brother...
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