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    Nah. Didn’t cross my mind until the timeline came up in this thread. I always was an avid contributor to the douffer book. I guess it was a flashback to that. 😬
  3. JeremiahWeed

    B-1 Landing at Midland

    ????? The only way that guy was making it out was a safe landing and ground egress or a sudden restart of the ejection sequence. It’s also possible the auto sequence mode might have worked as advertised and punched him normally. Get out of the seat and now he’s down to only one way to survive. I’d stay in the seat, ready to take a ride in it until the jet was down. If at some point the seat fires, it’s a 0/0 seat he was fully planning to use just minutes prior anyway. If the situation goes south rapidly at some later point during the approach, at least i’d have a glimmer of hope I’d go along with everyone else using the auto sequence.
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    I found an obscure article that just came out that might explain.........😁 Fallon, NV (AP) An American hero is back. Following a desperate call by the US Air Force and Navy for retired fighter pilots to consider returning to the cockpit, Pete Mitchell, better known as “Maverick” is returning to the skies. Turning 60 later this year, he is one of the oldest fighter pilots to answer the call. When asked if he’s concerned about being able to keep up with his younger counterparts, he quickly dispelled any doubts. “I’ve been working as an instructor at Air Combat USA”, Maverick explained. “I’m one of the most requested instructors and I always tell the customers that they can be my wingman any time…… They really like that.” Mitchell also touched on his fitness routine which involves, “A LOT of volleyball…..Just a whole bunch of volleyball.” Beyond his time in the spotlight 33-years ago, Maverick has had his share of ups and downs. There is much about his time in the Navy that has been relatively unknown to the general public. He enjoyed a storied 30-year career that began with fits and starts trying to escape the shadow of his controversial father and some misdeeds of his own. His story took a turn for the better following multiple MiG kills, a spin as a Top Gun instructor and tying the knot with his new sweetheart “Charley”. Success was his new back-seater and for the next 25 years, he lived a charmed life. However, as the twilight of his career approached, things began to unravel. Expecting to be promoted to Rear Admiral, Maverick ran into trouble when a faded polaroid surfaced and began to make its way around social media. The picture clearly showed him extending his middle finger to another country’s fighter pilot at very close range. Once it was learned that this foreign pilot was, in fact, that services first woman fighter pilot, it was just a matter of time before he was facing the first of several sexual harassment law suits. Other women fighter pilots from the United States as well as several European allies came forward with similar “me too” charges of airborne insults. “It…was just awful. I felt so marginalized and ridiculed. That kind of behavior just doesn’t belong in a fighter. We’re up there training to kill people and he just took it to an ugly place. It’s hard to see the HUD, let alone gun someone when you’re having to constantly raise your visor to blot away tears.” said a French Mirage-2000 pilot on condition of anonymity. Feeling pressure from all directions, the Navy began to re-evaluate Mitchell’s pending promotion. The final death blow came from retired Admiral, now California Senator Phillip Benjamin. Benjamin was able to build support in the Senate to disapprove the promotion. It’s unclear what his motivation was, but it apparently involved his daughter Penny and had something to do with Mitchell’s flying as the Senator was overheard saying to himself, “How’s that high-speed pass looking now, Mav?” Forced to retire at the rank of O-6 in 2010, Maverick put the Navy behind him and began to look for new career opportunities. Three unsuccessful major airline interviews were all marred by persistent inquiries by HR about the polaroid and rumors of his use of the women’s bathroom at the Miramar O-club. His attempts to deflect the questions usually involved agreeing to answer on condition of murdering the interviewer afterwards. Needless to say, Mitchell’s transition to airline flying never really left the ground. To make matters worse, it was at this time that it became readily apparent what had really been behind Charley’s overly enthusiastic pursuit of threesomes with Maverick. Unable to remain in denial any longer, their threesomes became twosomes and Pete wasn’t invited. While difficult, this period carried a silver lining simply because even he had come to admit that Charley had pretty much let herself go to the dogs. Childless, thanks to Maverick spending 4000 hours sitting 5 feet behind a 3-Kilowatt radiation source, the marriage dissolved quickly. The last 8 years haven’t passed without some difficulties for Mitchell. There have been several failed business ventures including a Karaoke Bar. Patrons typically left frustrated because there was only one song on the machine and Mitchell usually insisted on singing it with them. He does admit he took a while to adjust to civilian flying, even the mock dogfighting he now teaches at Air Combat USA. “It was tough at first”, Maverick explained. “It got better once I got them to install the locker room for the post-flight showers. A lot of good learning happens in there. I think everyone comes out a better combat pilot than when they put that towel on and walked in”. But now Maverick is ready to put that part of his life behind him and begin the re-launch of phase two of his Naval aviation career. The world is watching and MiG pilots are running scared. Look out.
  5. Whether it's airlines or something else, much is done on line now. But, it you have a chance/need to go old school with a resume, "writing style" is probably going to make it a fail. An effective resume is 1 page/1 side - just the facts. If you start trying to go for style points, it's going to grow to multiple pages and whoever you give it to is going to stop reading. If you're looking for an example of an airline focused resume, I can send a generic one if you want to message me an email address. Not sure I have the technical ability to just post it. Non-airline, I'm probably not going to be much help other than what I've already offered.
  6. JeremiahWeed

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    I think it's kind of down to semantics and I'm no expert either. But, looking at your original comment, my point was that being charged simply means the evidence supports that. It still doesn't mean the person's guilty or has yet reached the point where there is "no excuse" for them. Until there's a verdict they are innocent until proven otherwise - "charged" shouldn't matter.
  7. JeremiahWeed

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    So....... being charged is enough? No slack if they end up acquitted?😉 Maybe you meant convicted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwrvDBmoaXo Also, what is an "alleged crime"? A crime that hasn't actually been proven to be a crime?
  8. JeremiahWeed

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Mmmmmmaaaayyybe........ Is she hot? 😀
  9. JeremiahWeed

    Raptor Gear Up at Fallon?

    use enough? - I'll grant you that. If Mr. Left hand wasn't locked in the forward-most position, that may be a contributing factor. have enough? From what I've been told, if just one of those dino-burning monsters was full up, that lad had as many thrusties available as I used to start out every takeoff roll with in the might-mighty. Whether he opted to use them in a time appropriate manner may be the question 'o the day. Time will tell.
  10. JeremiahWeed

    Raptor Gear Up at Fallon?

    Ohhhhh... he meant gear door drag as in actually dragging on the runway. That could cause problems. As far as losing an engine at brake release?......... and not realizing it?......... lots to say but I'll refrain..... other than a general observation. You've got a kick-ass set of engines if you can't even tell you've popped one between pushing up the power and rotating. Just sayin'
  11. JeremiahWeed

    Raptor Gear Up at Fallon?

    Gear door drag on an F-22? Seems hard to believe 60-70K worth of thrust wouldn't be able to solve that minor aerodynamic challenge.
  12. JeremiahWeed

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Annnnnnnd that right there, ladies and gentlemen says it all in a nut-shell!!! Single seat A/A - sport of kings.
  13. JeremiahWeed

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Send the WSO to go call the crew van on his 02 mask tester in life support and step without him?
  14. JeremiahWeed

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Curious. Do the single seat aircraft do the same mission as the two seaters (and what are those missions)? Do I understand correctly that the jets are assigned to the same squadron? Do pilots fly a single seater one day and a two seater (with WSO, RIO, whatever) the next day?
  15. JeremiahWeed

    The new airline thread

    Yes. Although the Cathay flight is my doing - not the company's. They had me direct to CAN on Air France in business class for $6400. I decided to deviate from their plan, found the first class ticket on Cathay for $5500. Saved me some $ for other travel expenses, got a better ride, some AA frequent flyer miles and all it costs me is a 2 hour connection in Hong Kong. That should be enough time to stop by their lounge for a free foot massage and a few fingers of 18 year old single malt (ah.. who am I kidding, it'll probably be at least a whole hand).