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  1. Why is an Iron Eagle reference related to the KK universe?
  2. Why are we retiring 30-year-old KC 10 tankers and still flying -135s twice their age? Is it the difference between a/c designed with a slide-rule and extra engineering slop as a result vs those designed using a computer or something else?
  3. I’d feel badly for him too, since eating crap in SA is much worse than dying in a fireball of your own creation or doing same while taking some buds with you. 🙄 At least 3 tries at a set of wings is way more than most guys get. Somehow I think the free world will be okay without another target occupying the driver seat of an otherwise useful fighter.
  4. I don't claim to have my finger on the current pulse of a typical AD squadron. If CT sorties are non-existent, that's a problem, no doubt. However, MQT or FLUG syllabi shouldn't require extensive BFM missions. It's a spot check to ensure the trainee is proceeding at an acceptable pace. Is the MQT student reasonably proficient as a new wingman fighting a full-up adversary? Can the FLUG student fulfill his new role leading and debriefing that mission, setting up the engagements, ensuring safety and adherence to the TRs. If either of those students needs more than a couple of BFM sorties to move on to the next phase, there's a problem.
  5. This right here.^^^^^^ The monthly, building block training cycle is key. You don't do one BFM sortie per month. You spend ALL of your monthly sorties focusing on BFM and then move on to a more advanced phase. Development of muscle memory and "snap-shot" recognition of fleeting opportunity only happens through repetition. Instead of having an engagement always develop from a familiar perch or high-aspect "go" point, now we all can recognize those snap-shots seen over and over through the meat of the engagements in any visual situation we might encounter. The "startle" is gone and our ability to quickly analyze a situation is enhanced. Sure - BVR and longer range WVR employment is the most likely outcome to current combat engagements. But, discounting the value of enhancing the skill of visual maneuvering to a WEZ is to make the same mistake our predecessors made more than 5 decades ago when they blew off the gun and assumed missiles removed all requirement for visual engagements. Success in the visual engagement is still one of the most difficult skills to master. Hoping our weapons and technology remove our need to use those skills is to repeat the mistakes of the past. A well designed, repetitive training program should allow development of basic skills all the way to the most complex.
  6. Uh oh, now I’ve done it. 🙄 So, are all the F-22s and F-35s just missing a seat in your world?
  7. It was designed for two in the late 1980's when the weapons and information interface may have supported two crew members (primarily for the ground attack mission). The inconvenient truth is that the only production line open at McBoeing is the two-seat version. If the USAF had the option to buy a single seat version, my guess is they probably would. So I wouldn't read too much into the extra seat. The fact is that the current data flow available through on and off-board sensors and the interface between aircraft and pilot is stagnated and even hindered by filtering that information through another human linked to the pilot by a simple voice intercom. Hate to burst the bubble for some of you GIB types, but this isn't 20th century fighter employment where an extra set of eyeballs saves the day when an undetected bandit swings your wingline or sensor interface or weapons employment is so complex that another crew member is required to do the job. No offense, just reality.
  8. 31 year old data from 1989 hasn’t changed much. 196 total in UPT 86 T-37, 110 T-38
  9. Dafuq is all that ink? We tracking every bomb successfully dropped off the aircraft now? 🤔
  10. FedEx hiring info: The last two classes (8 pilots in March, 10 in April) were all hired into our Hong Kong 767 domicile and will be arriving in HK in mid to late summer. Quick update we received today on future hiring via internal comm: "Due to the increase in extra sections and charters, we were unable to post a realignment bid this spring as originally planned. However, we will begin hiring 757 First Officers right away to shore up staffing needs on the fleet. In addition, we will hire 767 First Officers to staff FY21 aircraft deliveries. The 767 fleet currently stands at 85 with 18 coming into the fleet in FY21 (June 2020-June 2021). In addition, some of the schedule opportunities for the 767 are in crew-intensive international long-haul, which is also driving this hiring need." My takeaway from this is a steady hiring cycle continuing through this year and into next year with probably a minimum of 400 pilots simply for attrition. Many of the companies that made a practice of moving their products as belly freight on passenger aircraft have obviously had to change their mode of transit. FedEx has taken the opportunity to negotiate long term contracts (7 years in some cases) with them and locked in a significant increase in future expected business. So, all things continue to indicate growth and hiring. One other thing I forgot - We had a pool of about 200 that were interviewed late summer into the fall of 2019. My guess is those poolies will take us into late 2020 before more "off the street" pilots are being put into classes. But, I think late summer to fall interviews this year with start dates in 2021 are a realistic expectation for anyone not interviewed yet. Caveat all of the above with an end to Covid BS by this fall if not sooner. We won't dodge that bullet forever if this keeps up.
  11. Yep - I'm a dumass. No one has every held me up as the most observant and I'm staying true to that. 🙄
  12. T-37 with: Stronger wings, 3x hard points per side Tip tanks GAU-2 mini-gun in the nose T-38 (J85) non afterburning engines Beefed up gear Better, FAC style radio suite Cooler paint job
  13. Well FedEx is making a lot of lemonade with those lemons. Hacker’s info is accurate. They’ve also said there isn’t enough time this year or aircraft in our fleet to move all the freight that’s available as a result of the lost belly freight from the pax airlines cutting Asia flights. They are making a metric shit ton of money. Now if we can just convince them to give us lowly pilots a little taste in exchange for all the ass pain we’re enduring out on the line. Once again through nothing other than external circumstances, the cargo airlines might start looking pretty dayum good to those who may have turned their nose up at them a month ago. Whether you reconsider cargo or stick with chasing a pax gig, It is a worthwhile wake up call to some of you guys thinking about making the leap off active duty. It’s been ice cream cones and blow jobs for quite a few years and it’s easy to forget ( or lack awareness to begin with) what a shit show the airline industry can be when things suddenly get bad. Those of you considering pulling chocks without a safety net might want to reconsider that guard or reserve job. It saved my ass when I got furloughed and just prior to that, things were looking just as rosy then as they have been lately. Just sayin’ - give it some serious thought.
  14. A shit-ton of money, successful business ventures combined with an obvious business acumen make you..... a very good businessman and entrepreneur. I give zero f#cks about his opinion on the future of manned air warfare.
  15. So are you talking “1” in the context of the over 40 year old gentleman’s binary rating scale (1 or 0)? or the true 1-10 scale used by youngsters who actually still think it matters if a chick is a 4 or a 7? Just curious 😁
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