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  1. The Next President is...

    Imagine the OPR potential...
  2. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    I fail that test wholesale, and have an indefinite waiver for colorblindness. It turns out being able to tell the difference between green and slightly darker bluer green has no effect on my ability to operate an aircraft.
  3. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    There was no such program in 2004. AF used to pay for 40 hours of flight time if you didn’t have your PPL. That program went away when IFT/S was implemented
  4. Help with a Divorce

    All cases go to discovery. What one forensic accountant says is not what another says. Ask me how I know.
  5. Help with a Divorce

    Reference USSC Howell vs Howell. https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/16pdf/15-1031_hejm.pdf
  6. Help with a Divorce

    It’s called a prenuptial. And let’s all divulge how to hide money on a public Internet forum.
  7. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Droids count as .5
  8. Help with a Divorce

    Once you make an agreement there ain’t no going back, so long as it is covered in the agreement. If something is omitted, who knows.
  9. Help with a Divorce

    I’m no lawyer, but I’ve paid one a lot of money. With that, she is entitled to half of what you put in your tsp while you were married, unless you were lucky/smart enough to have a prenuptial (I wasn’t). As for her retirement, you were only married three years dude. She doesn’t get a pension for a three year fling (but in my state she is entitled to 3/40 of your twenty year retirement if she really wants it). I’ve known strippers for longer than that. Alimony or spousal maintenance (SM), is wildly different depending on the state in which you are getting divorced. Some states (mine) are very conservative with awarding SM if your ex can or has worked, and with such a short marriage it doesn’t matter who much she worked, it matters if she has a skill set where she can support herself. If not, you’re on the hook to pay her to get on her feet. Again, state dependent, SM is for rehabilitation into the single, self supporting world. I would consult an attorney, it may save you thousands. Find an attorney who is AV rated and ETHICAL. Regarding legal battles, if you can’t agree to a settlement, attorney fees are a BITCH. If it goes to trial, plan on ~$60k. Do your best to avoid that. I sometimes day dream about the cars, houses, vacations and college tuition that I gave to my lawyer, though she was worth it in the long run when dealing with someone who is unreasonable.
  10. Help with a Divorce

    Wrong. She is entitled to the community property accumulated while married- ie your points toward an active duty retirement. Half of the three years worth of points. Be glad she dropped papers now and not at the ten year and 5 day mark. Long story. There is a very recent USSC case that favors the disabled veteran, detracting from the separated spouse’s portion- but only if you’re disabled. The only way out of not owing her a portion (albeit a small portion in your case) if you’re pension is to buy her out and include in the settlement that she has forfeited her portion of that community property in leu of a buyout. Our walk away from a military retirement at the 19 year, 364 day mark- seen that done. 10/10 spite points. Very sorry to hear dude. Take vertigo’s advice. The best thing to do is talk. Talk to your friends, family and loved ones. It gets better. I promise.
  11. Promotion and PRF Information

    What will we do without you?
  12. Promotion and PRF Information

    Nah, I don’t wonder. She did well under the last administration and I can only assume given her success that she did pretty well. I have a biased opinion that someone who is responsible for the air strategy in the pacific should be a warrior, but WGAF what I think. If I wanted my opinion to matter, I should have done better in SOS. chucking Spears at someone for not having combat time seems lame. Luck and timing got me mine. However, I do wonder about navs (or ABMs) who don’t wear glasses- I heard somewhere that they’re not to be trusted.
  13. Promotion and PRF Information

    The plane responsible for this sleepless night in the alert shack on Christmas Day- vipers
  14. Promotion and PRF Information

    From the perspective of this very middle of the road officer, I have been in the company of some very big brained dudes who performed commensurate with their IQs in combat and as leaders and were identified as captains. Maybe bureaucracies don’t do a good job at quantifying this on paper via the “HPO” track or whatever they call it, but as sure as BQZips mom swims after troopships, they were identified early as being above their peers in leadership ability and I’m glad they were as the AF got it right in those instances. I’m sure some sniveling whiners bitched about their success out of jealousy, but bitches gonna bitch- always. Also, ma Robinson is an ABM for fvcks sake.
  15. Wtf are you talking about?