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  1. Thanks for the info. I'm 13-12, so a little ways out but good to gather some info. I appreciate it.
  2. 2 questions folks. Do the EWOs for the MC's sit on the flight deck? Second, previously MC Navs needed a tour on regular 130s first right, is that still the case? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the correction, somebody corrected me on the front page of this post for that as well.
  4. While we're talking about total training time for airframes..what is it for F-15s, B-52s or B-1s? Looks like C-130s is 18-24 months, depending on whether you go Rescue/AFSOC. How about the Compass Calls down in Arizona? I know F-15s require IFF and then the FTU Luke, anyone know about the training lengths for those two qualification schools? I'm guessing E-3s, E-8s and RCs you do the FTU at the main base since there's only 1 base those airframes fly out of in the CONUS.
  5. Oh trust me, screwing her over is not in the cards, period. We've been married for 4 years, and this will be our 3rd AF move together (she's CE, 32E) so we're not strangers to this whole bit. And the AF will be here for 15 yrs, she'll be with me a lifetime so I'm not going to make her unhappy. I wouldn't be here if she wasn't supportive of the whole bit. If there's a job at Eglin/Hurlburt for her, we'll be finding a place in the middle that's not a terrible drive (hopefully) for either of us. Unfortunately that area just sucks in terms of driving from one place to another because there's not really a highway. If we were to live out the back of PCola, that means she got out. Just gathering info like I said. If they get her a job down at Eglin or PCola we'll definitely weigh the options. Her getting a job there though I believe is pretty dependent on how long the training is since they will only move a military member for a join spouse assignment after 12 months TOS. Hence the initial question. Again, I appreciate everyone's feedback!
  6. Dupe, I'm curious about TPS for WSO/CSO. Granted, I just got picked up to be a CSO and won't be attending the school till June '12 so I'm minimum 4-5 yrs out from being able to put a package together. I'll have 6 yrs experience as a 33SA (Communications Engineer)/17D (cyber guy) where I did write/conduct DT/OT tests for our latest and greatest Air Control Systems. My bachelors is in Electrical and Computer Engineering, going for a MS in Cybersecurity right now (will finish right before UCT starts). Having the engineering undergrad, I can tell you the MS in Cyber isn't the same, but its still somewhat technical. My worry is that the masters will handicap me, since its not a 'full up engineering' degree. I'm hoping this could be corrected by getting qualified in a few yrs as a Instructor CSO based off of what has been said here. Deployment, 700 hrs, etc. Any advice?
  7. So figure about year at PCola. Right now I'm supposed to PCS in early June with the T-6 phase starting end of July, '12. I appreciate the comments about where to live, we've heard great things about living on the west side of PCola but we could also do Gulf Breeze. The drive would not be terribly fun for either of us but it could be done. We're just trying to get the necessary info so we can make an informed decision when the time comes in early Spring. In terms of then reporting to your follow on assignment, I'm guessing that largely depends on what airframe you track. For example, it sounds like the Strike Eagle guys go to IFF, then to the Strike Eagle schoolhouse at Luke before reporting in at their unit? On the flip side, a guy doing RC's would probably just PCS straight to Offutt and do his specific training there? Forgive me if I have bases messed up, just trying to put it all together from what I've been reading on the boards. Thanks for the input! -Luke
  8. I've done enough research that I think the CSO training lasts about a year. Can anyone just confirm this for me? I just got picked up from this past summer's board and I'm join spouse so hopefully my wife can find a job at Eglin/Hurlburt. Obviously the duration of the training will determine whether AFPC moves her down to the area or not. Thanks much!
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