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  1. I feel like folks are glomming onto the wrong part of my post. The "99.9%" was a turn of phrase & had nothing to do with the overall point. I wasn't trying to sound elitist. UPT isn't easy, and it's an accomplishment worth being proud of. To undermine that accomplishment by sending a new grad off on a path he feels ashamed or embarrassed of is a huge disservice.
  2. I agree that attitude is utter bullshit from IPs, but it's not exclusive to SPS or -38s, unfortunately. Hell, just sit in on any assignment night at any UPT base & wait for a guy to drop a bomber or JSTARS, the room gets quiet & everyone looks at the dude like he just got diagnosed with stage 4 ass cancer. It's fucked up & a really great way to send dudes who just did something that 99.9% of the population could never do off on the rest of their careers. God knows i'd rather have to retrain a ton of salty copilots that are bitter about the pill fed to them by UPT than a batch of fo
  3. I bought an LCP as a concealed carry piece several years ago. YMMV, but for me, the gun was entirely too small, even with the small grip extension I could only get about three fingers around it. Couple that with significant recoil & I wasn't a fan. The wife didn't like it either, couldn't control it. I ended up gifting it to my mother as a purse gun & she had much better luck with it. I carry an XDS .45 as my concealed carry & am much happier with it. TL;DR - hands too big. Gun too small
  4. No, I'll agree with you there. As a cadet program, CAP is outstanding. The issues come (mostly) from the senior members who take themselves and their cog in the machine WAAAAY to seriously.
  5. Exactly The problem is, they're still speaking to the lowest common denominator in the room, which insults the intelligence of the rest of the moral, non-rapists in the force. I'm just getting very tired of the "man is evil, and all manly things are bad for women" mentality.
  6. http://youtu.be/td1PbsV6B80 So this is the current SAPR message, discuss. IMHO, they've gotten slightly better than the "you're a man, therefore a rapist" message of a few years ago, but there's still a huge logical (fallacy) leap in place that ties any male mindset to that of an anti-female mindset. It's complete horseshit, but this seems to be the official party line.
  7. In one of the only strokes of sanity I've seen in AFGSC in a long while, one of our folks got tagged as a volunteer with no family. Word on the streets was there were more than a few volunteers. If this program is as big of a family crusher as it sounds like, maybe somebody in the decision-making seat actually made the right decision. Leadership actually made a pretty big deal of it, going so far as to bring it up at an OG/CC call. So maybe, in this community at least, that particular person will be taken care of on the backend. Here's hoping.
  8. Shouldn't be a problem at all for joining. However, expect that topic to come up on your security clearance investigation.
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