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  1. We attended a memorial for a former soldier turned VA employee who was very popular in the local military/veteran community. At the service, we saw a few different collages of uniforms pieced together, which seems to be the thing here. One lady, who allegedly retired as a USMC PFC in the late 70s, wore the top half of her dress blues (which still fit somewhat), and a civilian skirt which had nothing in common with the official uniform except the color. In BMT we were schooled that if you didn't retire in it, you don't wear it once you leave the service. Is this no longer common knowledge?
  2. Does this mean we can finally move into the BPC (Beautiful People Center)?
  3. Same. The "Psycological Wounds" are more likely due to not getting a Viper on assignment night or not getting a DP at their previous base. Yep, shift work sucks. Clovis sucks. Got it. Press.
  4. Vegas wasn't the issue. The issue for most then was being told "3 years and you're back to your MDS/MWS", then "3 years plus the FTU time", then "we really have no idea when you can leave due to the SURGE Ver 4", then "we're going to let TAMI and UPT Direct guys leave first because they've never really flown", to finally "You can't ever leave unless it's to another RPA base. We're really sorry. Here's an aerial achievement medal. And PCS orders to Holloman."
  5. Plenty of comments like this heard at Creech when I left in '09. Nothing has changed, and no one is willing to fork out the money to move MCE anywhere. When Admiral Mullen came to visit and the question was asked, we were told it was an OPSEC issue. Right...
  6. I enjoyed my time at Creech, minus the commute. It is true, it is not flying nor do those hours count outside the Air Force. I typically worked six days on, three days off. Shifts were 8.5 hours long plus whatever time you spent on additional duty type stuff. There was some satisfaction when we got to help dudes on the ground or shoot. A lot of what we did was intel-related activity which can be dull. I would choose RPAs over ABM or other non-pilot career fields. When I left, RPA dudes were still getting flight pay and deployment was almost on a volunteer basis. Like anything, it is what you make it.
  7. Volunteered (to avoid ALO) for 3 year Alpha tour in Preds with the verbal promise of AC and base of choice on the return. 5 1/2 years later I was still at Pred base #1 asking when I could go back to flying. A PCS to Pred base #2 was all they were giving out. TAMI21 guys and other late arrivals to Pred had priority over my year group to go back to flying. After 7 years in Preds, I "scored" a MC12 gig which at least got me current flying again. Separated at 11 years, 8 months, 6 days because I wanted to fly again more than anything. I'm happy with the guard, love the flying and the jet, and no lack of pay days to be had.
  8. You may be right. I just have hard time receiving a medal while dudes in OEF are flying at night in the mountains in inclement weather or on the ground hunkered down in a FOB and get shot at daily. Living in a tent, eating at the DFAC and enduring crap conditions for months. The majority of those guys don't get jack. I'm all for highlighting emerging technologies/capes but don't give made-up B.S. medals to dudes who's highest risk is during the drive from Creech to home.
  9. Good. I don't think I'd want one even if they offered it. Seems a bit disrespectful given that our bros are over there risking it daily. Keep your made-up medal. No thanks, not interested. We showed up for work and did our jobs. Copy.
  10. Gleim for CFI renewal. Used them since UPT exclusively. Tried other brands, all were slower and more B.S. You're not required to spend X minutes on each section to satisfy the time requirement. $100 plus the FSDO fee if you're not local to one. http://www.Gleim.com
  11. The IRC instructor said (paraphrasing): McChord OGV was giving out Q3s for dudes who showed up to fly with less than XX% battery charge. True? Altus has the update ability now, and was issuing them to studs as of a couple weeks ago.
  12. 2xAGM114

    USAFA Brawl

    OTS, 2000. They had some made up thing called the "position of modified attention" which was sitting in a chair, at attention. No kidding, feet at 45 degree angle, hands on knees, sitting straight up without touching the seat back.
  13. http://www.wantscheck.com/UPTPrep/UPTGouge/tabid/306/Default.aspx http://www.baseops.net/militarypilot/ http://www.milpilot.net/gouge.php There used to be an old church converted into a printing shop in Enid, OK (Vance AFB) where two older ladies reproduced JSUPT gouge. Not sure if they're still around. Notes, warning and cautions and Boldface/ops limits. Familiarization of anything you can get your hands on, even slightly out-dated. Good luck at UPT.
  14. Unbelievable. There are still dudes at Creech in their 6th or 7th year of their VOLUNTARY "3 year Alpha tour" and they're allowing the UPT-D guys out? What about the TAMIs? As someone who served his sentence at Creech and was released for good behavior, I think THIS is what's wrong with the manning in the RPA community. And that's why so many are leaving at the conclusion of their ADSC...
  15. After weighing the risks, I chose to get the glasses. Love SI's products and would do what is required, within reason, to get them again.
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