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  1. Just found out I’m heading to Holloman later this year for TX. Anyone there with the latest intel on what to expect? My RIP says training should be about 93 days but I’ve heard RUMINT there may be significant delays. If so, what kind of timeline should I realistically be looking at? Additionally, what’s the lodging situation these days? Have they updated the on base rooms in the last 8 years or should I look forward to the same tired old rooms I faced there in 2012? Any insight is greatly appreciated.
  2. I’ve got ten commitments so far and the invites have been sent. Once everyone signs up I’ll post the draft details. For anyone else still interested in playing, please stand by for now in case I have a fall out, if that happens I’ll post back here and take new managers on a first come first serve basis. Thanks for all who have responded and I’m looking forward to a competitive season!
  3. That’s one reason I’ve always like drafting late, you never know what craziness happens during the preseason. On a side note that’s a crazy decision to walk away from that kind of money though I’m sure broadcasters will be falling over themselves to get him in a booth (if that’s the direction he decides to go).
  4. Been a couple of weeks fellas but I’ve been working the rounds at the local offices trying to drum up additional interest and I have six total commits so far. Still looking for 2-4 more players to kick it off officially as the NFL kickoff is fast approaching and I would like to do the draft during or just after Labor Day weekend. As a reminder for anyone interested in joining, we’ll be a 1/2 point per reception and 1/2 point per first down league played on the Sleeper app. Buy in is $25 paid via League Safe. Hit me up with any questions!
  5. Thanks for the thoughts gents. As a passed over guy I get no strats or decent pushes anymore despite assurances of a job well done from leadership. I just have to tell myself it’s a vicious cycle of crapping on the passed over guy because it’s easy and “I had my chance” than a true measure of my performance within the organization. Still, it sucks to be down in this hole trying to climb out while the USAF keeps shoveling more dirt in on top, no wonder the APZ rates are so low.
  6. Awesome! Five down and at least three to go. Ideally I’d like 10 of us to play but an 8 man league could probably see some monster weekly scores since teams would consist of a bunch of super stars. We’ll have a good time either way.
  7. Anyone here refuse to sign their OPR because they disagreed with the strat (or lack of one) and job push recommendations? If so, how’d that work out for you? Asking for a friend....
  8. Just wanted to update that I have a 4th player for the league. We only need 4 more to join in now to officially kick this off. If the number of views on this thread are any indication there has to be some interest out there for this so come on and join already you bunch of lurkers! There’s still plenty of time before the regular season kicks off as I plan to do the draft after the last pre-season game is played.
  9. Agreed, money league it is then.
  10. Great! Three down and five more to go. If we end up playing for money the prizes will be handled via League Safe. If you haven’t messed around with them before they’re widely trusted for fantasy payouts and an easy sign up. On a separate note we can make this a free league and play for pride if that generates more interest. I personally like having even a little money on the line as it keeps everyone interested and competitive throughout the season.
  11. Awesome! Two down and at least six more to go. After some consideration, I’m thinking of making it 1/2 point per reception and 1/2 point per first down, I think this would make it model more of a “real” football game while keeping the scoring interesting. Once I get enough interest to form the league I’ll DM the links to sign up. I figure this thread is also a good place to talk trash and call out the weekly scores. Looking forward to potentially more interest and an exciting season!
  12. Any of you heroes interested in starting a Baseops fantasy football league this year? I can handle the details as commish but would need at least 8-12 players to make it work. I’m thinking $25 buy in (flexible on that if we get a consensus) played via the Sleeper app. If interested reply here and I can DM the details.
  13. I want to believe there’s some kind of conspiracy that leads to this but I just don’t think it’s true. Once you’ve been passed over twice you either get the boot or you get offered continuation. Continuation is purely voluntary and is the ultimate “get out of jail free card.” All ADSCs are waived though you would have to pay back portions of the bonus. I would think board members would realize this when making their judgements.
  14. Reference the promotion stats from mypers that show an overall promotion rate of between 5-10% for those above the zone (depending on category). Even if an APZer gets a DP that person is about 8% less likely to get picked up than if they were in the zone (91% chance for APZ vs 99% chance for IPZ). If the board were truly agnostic I would think the APZ promotion rate with a “P” only (currently 3.7%) would be closer to the IPZ with “P” only rate of 49%. Maybe it’s my crappy statistics skills here but that, to me, shows that APZ with “P” only is about 13 times less likely to get promoted than one in the zone. With a gap that big, I think it shows the board is not agnostic at all in regards to in or above the promotion zone.
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