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  1. What's the latest gouge? How's the flying?
  2. Maybe you just choose what you feel like hearing...
  3. If you want to learn more about AFROTC you can go to a New Student Orientation. There happens to be one at USC on August 25th. You don't have to go to a university that has AFROTC you can be a crosstown cadet. This means that you go to whatever school and then on Fridays you go to USC for ROTC (LLAB and AS classes).
  4. What I found effective was focusing on each circle one by one on the row I was being tested on, remember to take your time. Then I would zoom out and look at the entire row. If you have depth perception the circle should pop out. Some people had depth perception problems, as in couldn't even pass the first set. They were issued glasses and were then able to pass all of the tests. See if your optometrist can prescribe you some glasses, those might help.
  5. Hey, Does anyone know if having excessive cupping of the optic disc is grounds for DQ or if it is possible to get a waiver (if necessary)? So far the pressure tests were within the limits but the cup to disc ratio was 0.4 and I think it is suppose to be below 0.3. Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks
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