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  1. Carpetbagger

    Retirement Grandfathering in ARC

    Those who opt in... Will the matching TSP not start for 4 additional years of service or will those members be "grandfathered in" based on having at least 4 years of service already behind them? Anyone have any intel on that part of the deal?
  2. Carpetbagger

    U-2 Dragonlady info

    Anybody have any new info on when they will open the gates for AFRC/ANG guys? I called Beale and AFPC and we are still not able to apply without a valid exception to policy letter in hand. AFPC said to keep waiting as the tides "may change" but nothing definitive.
  3. Carpetbagger

    Aviation Jobs site down

    Any idea when the Aviation Jobs site will be back up? Unable to access via Safari.
  4. Posted this exact plan 2 years ago Great plan that uses an existing structure that is acceptable. Gives the beneficiary both the pension and the 401k. The other workable part of this is the Tricare for life issue. Considerable cost to the government that can probably be remedied by a modified TAMP program of 3 years benefit, followed by subsidized access to a Tricare Reserve Select type plan. ALCON, Send these good suggestions up through your congressional reps and senators and prevent bad solutions by presenting acceptable ones. Go back and read the defense business board report if you think they won't completely ruin the military retirement system without touching the civil service system already in place for ATC, firefighters, law enforcement... and congress.
  5. Carpetbagger

    Flying jobs malware?

    Anyone else with a Mac getting a malware warning when trying to access the Baseops.net jobs page at www.guardreservejobs.com?
  6. Carpetbagger

    ANG/AFRC Pilot Bonus

    Any ARC Pred folks out there getting the pilot bonus? What is the latest word on the bonus for RPA operators?
  7. Carpetbagger

    MAFFS C-130 Crash in South Dakota

    :beer: :beer:
  8. Carpetbagger

    U-2 Dragonlady info

    U-2 Application Any visibility on whether the Air Staff is going to lift the moratorium on ANG/AFRC applications?
  9. Carpetbagger

    3-star ripped for presentation referencing God

    Nice assumption. You obviously missed my point. PM me if you want to discuss it further. No sense flaming out over this one - my popcorn machine is broken.
  10. Carpetbagger

    3-star ripped for presentation referencing God

    Nope. But I do own property near an airport that I'm trying to persuade to move somewhere else... How can I build a house there with all that airplane noise...[/sarcasm]
  11. Carpetbagger

    3-star ripped for presentation referencing God

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Our country has rapidly moved from a "Freedom OF..." country to a "Freedom FROM..." country. The one "right" people seldom talk about is their "right" to leave, walk away, move, turn the channel, etc. These arguments are often started by the same type of folks who buy a house next to an airport, then ask the airport to move because they don't like airplane noise... Humanism and Atheism are "religions" unto themselves.
  12. Carpetbagger

    Little Rock info

    Any folks moving into the AFRC jobs over at 22 AF/Det1? What is the timeline and plan for that transition?
  13. Carpetbagger

    Lack of Flight Discipline

    Agreed. Well said. Agree. It is the "intentional" part that should be hammered. Stupid mistakes happen, and accidents happen, but stupid accidents are often a result of poor leadership and accountability. Most folks don't aileron roll a non-aerobatic aircraft unintentionally. Spatial D is one thing, "hey, ya'll watch this" is another situation entirely. BLUF, it comes down to asking the right questions: Poor leadership and accountability = what if I get caught, what will this do to my career, etc... Good leadership and accountability = does this help the mission, does this save lives, does this set a good example of professionalism, etc... I had an instructor one time tell me a story from his Vietnam days. The story involved a non-standard, combat situation and the conversation went like this: Pilot: "Open up the NATOPS manual to page xx, and sit on it." CP: "What?" Pilot: "Look, we are in a bad spot here, and what I'm about to do isn't in the manual, but if this doesn't work out, I at least want the crash investigators to know that we referenced the book the best we could, and your seat cushion will probably be the only thing that survives the crash..." Instructor to me: "Sometimes things happen that aren't in the book, and that is when you have to leverage your experience and judgement to get the job done, save lives, and bring your crew home." Dumb, dangerous, or different. We've all be in situations where we have to push it up, think outside the box, and take some additional risks to save lives and get the mission done - and not everything is in the Dash-1 or NATOPS. That is why we've been entrusted with the job and rely on good judgement and experience to bridge the gaps. Taking those same risks when NOTHING is on the line but "showing off" is unacceptable.
  14. Carpetbagger

    Lack of Flight Discipline

    Agree with you on the safety part and the lowest level part... However... Taking someone's wings for a SLOJ may be EXACTLY what prevents a mishap. A LOT of folks have lost their wings and jobs (civilian) for making "honest" mistakes (i.e. landing at the wrong airport) that in and of themselves were not a breach of the "public trust" that accompanies flight discipline. As was stated by others, there are a LOT of dead people out there who are dead because of the second, third, fourth, etc. breaches of flight discipline by particular individuals. Not taking the appropriate action (there is room for objectivity here) the FIRST time SLOJ and breaches of flight discipline occur is EXACTLY what gets the leadership and any other responsible parties fired after the funerals ceremonies and investigations are completed. A lot of occupations have "one really stupid mistake" clauses that bring about the termination of employment. All of us that have signed on the dotted line to fly these machines should know exactly where we stand and what will and will not be tolerated. I had a former commander show us a video detailing in his words, a specific pilot's "last flight in a military aircraft" for a "seemingly innocent" breach of flight discipline that didn't hurt anyone or anything. It was this person's first, and by default as they no longer fly military aircraft, only offense. There was absolutely no question in anyone's mind who attended that briefing where the boss stood on flight discipline and professionalism in the cockpit.
  15. Carpetbagger

    'Bama vs LSU, or LSU vs OSU?

    BLUF - Subjectivity among voters will determine the BCS title game - OBJECTIVITY CANNOT happen with the current system. LSU - AL: Arguably the two best teams, hence the conundrum... LSU - OSU: Both won their divisions - valid point Stanford: Lost to a good same-conference team, bumping them out of the PAC championship Oregon: 2 losses - thanks for playing "Earned the right" doesn't even belong in this conversation as the system isn't built that way. If it were so, the only way some teams could "earn the right" (aka Houston or BSU) is to move to a better conference and play better teams. Until we get a playoff there will always be chaos. The big schools won't play the "little" schools with good programs for fear of messing up a good season right out of the gate. Face it, a team like LSU stands to gain nothing from beating Houston in September, but Houston stands to make great gains the other way around. Solution - 6 x 16 team conferences (96 teams, public math...) The WAC, SB, MW, ConfUSA and MA conferences have no business playing in a playoff in their current state. The handful of good teams in those conferences and all the independents should make a choice - join a real conference and play with a solid chance every year, or join the FCS and duke it out there. 120-96=24 teams, good luck in the FCS - thanks for giving it your all. 6 x 16 team conferences with ALL conference champions and 2 wildcard teams (don't really care how they are chosen) should play an elite 8 style playoff with 2 games before Christmas and the final 2 games after. Disclaimer - yes, I know that won't happen because "its all about the money" but if that is true, then the whole thing is moot. This format would initially benefit the weaker big conferences, but eventually, conference moves would even out the playing field, and the best 2 non-champions would still have an opportunity to make a "statement." Let the winners win it on the field like real champions, not contenders chosen by a computer with human influence and human voters who "decide" the fate of the bowls. Without a playoff system (basketball), Gonzaga, UNLV, Providence, et al, would have never been heard of by the majority of NCAA fans. Final tally... LSU-AL, if for no other reason than the pure chaos it throws into the mix. Here's hoping for a playoff.