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  1. HossHarris

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    If the bad guys don’t know you’re there .... or can’t do anything about it if they do know ... you can linger as long as you like, or as long as fuel allows for an air breathing asset.
  2. HossHarris

    Happy 2019! May your exit dreams come true!

    There are many wickets to run thru to both leave AD and gain into the guard/reserves. None are cosmic .... but you’re not gonna figure them out nor jump thru them in the last week before terminal leave. Start early. Start often. Get scrolled.
  3. HossHarris

    Personal credit card on the road?

    Amex platinum only gets you gold.
  4. HossHarris

    Personal credit card on the road?

    I always Used it for plane tickets via dts....because i couldn’t figure a good way around it. Everything else was personal card. Then moved the split disbursement on the voucher side to only pay Gtc balance and everything else went to my account. 20 yrs, 3 days, zero issues.
  5. HossHarris

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Make buffs great again and solve the dilemma
  6. HossHarris

    Part time jobs...

    I hear blimp folding is lucrative ... but seasonal
  7. HossHarris

    Finance Problems

    If you haven’t already, find the first officer up the finance chain on your base. Stop arguing with airmen and NCOs.
  8. HossHarris

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Still trying to figure out how they’re all “indeterminate” tdys and not pcs-es
  9. HossHarris

    FY 18 ACP take rate?

    You can be the best of what’s left!
  10. HossHarris

    Concealed Carry

    TL:DR but important note from 3)..... the website is handgunlaw.US
  11. HossHarris

    Concealed Carry

    Handgunlaw.us is useful as well
  12. HossHarris

    Concealed Carry

    On base is wing/cc dependent. It’s getting better, but is not good. State depends on the state you’re physically in and your state of residence. Not much info ... but you have bigger fish to fry in the short term.
  13. HossHarris

    Fighter Pilot in Need of Prayers