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  1. I’ve spent hours playing with pv, npv and different discount rates on the check of the month club. By my reasoning, it is worth at least $1.6mm in today are dollars. If you offered me $1.5mm cash right now but I had to forgo my pension I wouldn’t take it. Now whether that is worth the blood sweat tears and Usaf bafoornery-well that is certainly debatable!
  2. “Guys keep saying ARC can't fill slots...how can Draken et al fill their slots? If ARC/USAF needs to add more bonuses or work rules to the specific job to compete, then so be it. Or if that's too much trouble, make the pilot portion a contractor job.“ You haven’t thought this through so I’ll help. There are lots of folks (I am one) that aren’t going to give up an agr retirement to stay in arc as a gs-whatever and tr. the math doesn’t work. There are other guys at hyt or tig that have to retire even though they’d enjoy adair/red air/whatever. Other guys only want to do it part time. The list goes on. Until AFRC gets busy changing a lot of rules and qol issues, they aren’t going to hack any mission let alone additional missions.
  3. Termy

    BGI Employment

    Pm sent
  4. We’ve reached a point where th bonus isn’t offered until over halfway through the fiscal year. Absolutely unacceptable. I’ve heard it is because of the continuing resolutions but I think that’s a shallow excuse. No one could attach the bonuses to the military spending that has professed uninterrupted?
  5. Termy

    ADSC Waiver to Retire

    Herk is correct. I’m in process of retiring and can corroborate. The obvious question is why did you take the three year gi bill adsc if you wanted to retire ASAP?
  6. Termy

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    It is signed by MG Miller.
  7. Termy

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    The age 65 change arguably had an equal or greater effect than the economy. We could have another recession and it barely affect airline hiring.
  8. Termy

    Stuck at Kef

    Thanks all! This was strictly for a tourist trip. I think we are going to shift a little east to.....Scotland! Any tips on Scotland would be appreciated! (Tentative plan is to stay in Dundee and split time between touring and playing the classic links courses.)
  9. Termy

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    I’m still curious what the “flight training center” is of those slides. And still laughing at the slide that blames congress for this mess.
  10. Termy

    Stuck at Kef

    Necropost of Justice! I just want to confirm that there is no longer and military lodging on Iceland, right? I googled around and couldn't find anything but I just want to make sure. Thanks to anyone who has been there recently.
  11. Termy

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    I think I understand the "Contract UPT" thing on that chart but what is "Flight Training Center?" Great slides....please keep posting this stuff when you get it.
  12. All I see is yet another FMS I would struggle through.
  13. You are correct. In fact, I believe you can fund it as a traditional then convert it to Roth. They call this (focus on 'they') a backdoor Roth. But if you are in this area, you can't deduct any of the traditional contributions.
  14. Can't. I make too much now to fund IRA's. Not saying that to brag, but it was a cluster F when I hit that threshold a couple years ago. (O5 with additional income from real estate and dividends) Betcha Cleared Hot is in same boat.
  15. Retake the test as well. Even a slight improvement shows that you are dedicated to continual improvement.