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  1. rancormac

    I need some advice

    I was in your shoes. I worked for one of the top defense contractors for 8 years as an engineer. The money was great, benefits, super flexible work schedule. Almost zero accountability. After over a year dealing with idiotic shoe clerks in the accessions process, you begin to wonder "wtf am i getting myself into??". I can't decide for you, but from my personal experience, after the crappiest, 12 hour day filled with BS at UPT, I'd go back to my 200 square foot mold infested "dorm" room and think to myself "This is still a thousand times better than sitting in a cubicle all day". At the office, I used to stare at the clock.. trying to find ways to fill the time until I could clock out. Now, you're getting paid to learn about, and fly, aircraft. Sure beats paying $120/hr to rent them like before. First takeoff in the -38... first flight in a fighter... that made it all worth it. Amazing to think thats your job now, not being a cube dweller. Makes you forget all about that office job. Even everything outside the flight... studying tactics, briefing, debriefing.... it's a long day, but its hours spent (and getting paid) about doing the coolest job in the world. But maybe you're super in love with that you do now... do you go to the bar after work and talk about finance? Is that your dream job? Do you read finance books for fun? I'm in the guard, so USERRA law applies. I'm not a huge expert in it, but AFAIK, the company must hold my position (or provide a similar one) upon my return, with me being on orders for up to 5 years. Mandatory training for your military job (i.e. UPT, IFF, B Course) are technically USERRA exempt and do not count towards your 5 year time. The tip of the iceberg comment was spot in, in my experience. When dudes aren't flying, they are trying to fix the mistakes of other peoples jobs. Getting 5 month old travel vouchers paid, trying to get paid for orders they were put on 2 months ago, getting Comm to un-F your computer permissions, etc. It's frustrating, especially when you can compare it to how a Fortune 100 for-profit company runs its business. Tech support would fix issues within the hour.. travel vouchers paid within a week of getting back, etc. There will always be incompetence and inefficiencies in the military.
  2. rancormac

    Blended Retirement System Puzzle

    Something to keep in mind for guard dudes... Any contributions to TSP (BRS or not.. but now dudes under BRS are more likely to be contributing finally... as you should) still count towards IRS personal contribution limits ($18k per year I think)? So if you're working for another civ job and contributing to your 401k, both account contributions combined technically cant go over the annual $18k limit.
  3. rancormac

    Finance Problems

    That's definitely what I did and passes the common sense test. I just couldn't find anything in the JTR that I could reference supporting it incase finance wigs out
  4. rancormac

    Finance Problems

    Went to Edwards for a course and the closest airport is 90 min away in Ontario and diff Per Diem area. I'm authorized lodging around airport site for an early flight out the next day right? Would I have 2 per diem locations (airport and course)? Ive combed through the JTR and I cannot find where- 1. It mentions flying into airports outside of TDY location 2. Lodging allowed in airport location prior to return travel
  5. rancormac

    Flying in ANG - Asthma

    I have a waiver for it. I was 'diagnosed' with it shortly out of the womb, and paranoid mother always made sure I had preventative inhalers. I was able to take multiple PFTs (w/ methacholine challenge), pass with flying colors, and provided a solid packet of evidence for the waiver. Approved indefinitely. 1. Do you know for certain you actually have asthma? You could be in the same situation I was... Can you go run a few miles without the inhaler and not keel over aside from being out of shape? Probably a misdiagnosis.... It's common for young children to get misdiagnosed by quack doctors at an early age, when its usually just bronchitis. Growing up, when we would run the 1.0 mile in 6th grade and I was huffing and puffing, I thought it was from the asthma. Looking back now I laugh... no shit, I was in 6th grade and ran a mile once a year, if that. Of course I was out of breath. Also, yes, you can grow out of it. The waiver guide talks about it, but it also discusses the potential for it resurfacing as an adult. 2. Know the AF Waiver guide. If you haven't read every reference in that thing regarding asthma, you're wrong. If you don't know how to interpret PFT results, you're wrong. You need to become the expert on the cause you're fighting. It's equivalent to a legal battle.
  6. rancormac

    Finance won't pay DLA or TLE

    The finance O-5 is currently telling me I'm not entitled
  7. Off the street guard hire, just PCSd to home unit after finishing B Course. Finance is refusing to pay DLA because they are considering it my "final PCS" I also had to stay in a hotel / friends couch for 20 days because my HHG shipment was 3 weeks late delivery. I tried to claim 10 days TLE and they are also not paying, stating the "final PCS" reason I've read the JTR... I think I'm eligible for both. Anyone have other interpretations of it?
  8. rancormac

    UPT and Reserve TDY pay

    work with your unit. ask them. if you would rather come off orders in between to go back to civ job, you prob can. if you want to stay on bit orders in between for a few months, you prob can.
  9. rancormac

    UPT and Reserve TDY pay

    Youll have separate orders... in between, you'll be off orders. No need to take leave. Go back to your civ job. Once you start UPT, however, expect to stay on orders. If theres any gaps between UPT,IFF, B-Course, you'll just stay there and get Break in Training (BIT) rides. And sandbag.
  10. rancormac

    PCS Damage inspection - Do I have the right to see it?

    Got my HHG delivered, and a few items were completely smashed. The DPS move.mil site says for claims I'll need "to include the inventory number, year of purchase, and purchase cost. " Anyone have luck filing out a claim? No way in hell I'll remember when and how much I bought a CRT TV and some floor lamps for... I do have some awesome pics of the smashed goods though, along with the horrible job the carrier did of crating up my goods. edit - Also, what do they do for furniture that gets cosmetically damaged? Dressers and bed furniture wasnt packed well, so all the edges are badly chipped
  11. rancormac

    Finance/DFAS Debt issue with no resolve

    Looks like the only thing available on DOD IG website is Fraud Waste and Abuse complaint form... same thing?
  12. rancormac

    A-10 units

    LOL too easy
  13. rancormac

    Finance/DFAS Debt issue with no resolve

    What's the correct chain of command to upchannel it to... where I'm currently stationed, or my actual Guard unit thats half way across the country (I'll be PCSing there in a few weeks)? Related question about going to IG... does any IG office work for such a 'national' (DFAS) issue?
  14. Guard member, PCSd from HOR to UPT base in Feb 2015. Got paid for PCS in April 2015. October 2016, I get a nasty gram in the mail from DFAS saying they paid me twice for my PCS, and are collecting the debt. No phone number or person to call, just DFAS mailing address. I also got a 'Travel Voucher Advice of Payment' online, showing a travel voucher debt. Jan 2017 they collect the 'debt' from my paycheck. The AF never paid me twice.. I have all the bank statements to prove. When I submitted my voucher, I believe finance modified the voucher to remove UHaul insurance, and refiled it. I went to local Guard Finance... they said I'd have to go over to the active duty side of the base because they didn't have the correct finance software to look it up. Went to Active Duty finance... same run around, they couldn't figure anything out... and recommended I file a case with DFAS. So a case got filed in the Case Management System, sat there for 2 months (with all of my appropriate bank statements, travel vouchers, and writeups). After 2 months, it closed out stating "Issue moved back to Local finance unit". More run around, I start emailing DFAS, and finally someone there responds back saying although they looked into it and discovered that I did in fact NOT get paid twice, DFAS does not deal with debt and I need to have (some random acronym) offices at Finance deal with it. I've tried emailing local active duty finance and just get chaffed. I have all the evidence in the world to show I never got paid twice, but cannot find anyone competent enough to resolve the situation. What course of action do I have available now? Everytime I take time out of my flying day to go over to Finance, I wait over an hour just to get seen by some E-3 shoe clerk who either can't look me up because I'm guard, or has no clue on how to reverse the debt. Any help would be great...
  15. rancormac

    BAH while PCS'ing

    Thanks. I think I actually found JTR support for my side. Assuming "BAH-RC (Reserve Component)" applies, Ch 10, Part E, Sec 13 " 2. If the RC member receives an order modification or amendment extending the assignment, the prospective (new) active duty period determines authority. If the prospective new period is more than 30 days, BAH-RC would stop the day before the amendment/modification and primary residence-based BAH/OHA would start on the modification date. If the prospective period is 140 or more days for training or over 180 days and PCS HHG are authorized, the BAH-RC or primary residence-based BAH/OHA would stop the day before the modification/amendment and PDS-based BAH/OHA would begin on the modification date. " Sad news is this was a TSgt telling me to pound sand...