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  1. Not sure if this is the best technique....
  2. EN 16-05 Eurofighter x2 Tornado x2 F-16 x4 (1 ANG) A-10 x3 (2 ANG) F-15E x2 F-15C F-35 B-52 T-6 FAIP T-38C FAIP EC-130 DM C-130 Dyess
  3. IPUG not a requirement now? Job description sounds like they'll put you through IPUG with >470 hours?
  4. One of the C-130s and the C-17 were for two studs who requested them. The other stud who got the C-130 wasn't a high performer
  5. Where would the +20 F-15C to Boise in FY21 come from?
  6. buckleypilotjob.com
  7. Day X at 1300 hrs, I am able to access my ANG email via OWA. Then I go get a new CAC, because we got issued shitty tablets that doesnt want to read my CAC, and cant log on without it. Same day, 1400 hours, I can no longer log into ANG OWA webmail. This was 2 weeks ago. My ANG comm just told me "I think OWA has been down for about a week now." My AD base Comm said "sorry, this isn't an AD issue, we cant really elevate it".
  8. So... I did PKI recovery, downloaded my previous ANG email certs, imported them into IE... but whenver I log into ANG OWA, the box pops up to load a certificate and is ONLY reading the ones on my smart card.
  9. Sigh... nothing's worked. Active Duty webmail loads fine, but impossible to get past the 500 error for guard webmail. I think I've exhausted my resources at this point. Definitely has something to do with my new CAC.
  10. I got a 'us.af.mil' account I guess when I got to AMS, but when I got to my guard unit, I got a separate @ang.af.mil. I thought they used to all direct to same inbox, but as soon as I PCS'd to current AD base, I found out they are now acting as independent mailboxes. Herk - I've seen those directions, I'll try it. Do you know any way to get that private key back on to the CAC? Or do you have to lug it around with you and load it on every computer you want to use? Thanks all
  11. I got my previous CAC at my guard unit.. then PCSd... CAC was getting unreliable, so I got a new one here at an active duty base. Now I can't log into the guard webmail (mail3.ang.af.mil/owa), keeps saying internal 500 error. The email address on my cert changed back to ###@us.af.mil. I used RAPIDs online self service to change it back to my guard email, but no luck. Anyone have prior experience with getting a new CAC while on an Active Duty installation? Somethin aint right with mine.
  12. holy ing thread revival
  13. http://www.ayotte.senate.gov/?p=video&id=1745
  14. Nodong... Taepodong....
  15. No expert but id say so. Job seeking expenses or expenses required to maintain proficiency in your profession.. That's how I would justify it. Or something like that