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  1. We had a guy retire a few years ago who was enlisted in the unit then got picked up to go to UPT and commissioned without a degree. The deal was that he was supposed to finish it at some point. He ran into some sort of roadblock at UPT and didn’t finish, so he came back and filled some non-rated officer billets back at the wing. He made it all the way to Major before they said “hey, wait a minute...you don’t have your degree!” and he returned to the rank of SSgt, which is what he was before he commissioned. At his retirement, he took off his service dress jacket that had Master Sergeant rank to reveal his Major oak leaves on his shirt as he was retiring as an O-4 We also had a guy who was an A-6 pilot in the late 80s/early 90s. He got out of the navy and went to Delta. After 9/11 he tried to get back in as an O, ran into issues so he joined us as a crew chief. He wore naval aviator wings above his MX badge on his ABUs. I also know a guy who was a Warrant Officer -60 pilot in the Army, got out and went to the ARC as a C-130/C-5 Flight Engineer. He wore his Army pilot wings above his enlisted aircrew wings. So yeah, like they said, YMMV and it doesn’t hurt to say “hey, what’s your story” because that story may be interesting.
  2. According to the Coronet guys I work with, for a good time call (703) 904-4426 or DSN 725-3331.
  3. The first time I saw the proposed new GS-13 pilot pay tables was in 2016 when my OG at the time got a draft from a friend at AFRC and they had been kicking around for a while. I think they went into effect with the ANG in Dec 2018, two weeks after I resigned the technician position I had held since 2007 to go to the airlines. So basically it takes over three years to change one table. We lost a lot of pilots to the airlines in that timeframe. It would take that long or longer to change it back. It won’t turn on a dime. Remember guys, we are talking about the federal government here.
  4. Scooter14

    Gun Talk

    We recently moved to MA (I know) and we had to take a class to apply for our Licence to Carry. They let us use a Sig P365 for the course. My wife had never shot before and she really liked how it felt and she shot very well for someone who had never done it before. Of course she had nothing to compare it to, so take that for what it’s worth. If you buy from their pro shop in NH, mil gets 25% off two firearms a year. I don’t know if that applies to online sales or not, but I ordered mine the other day and it was a verification website that gives you a code and it doesn’t take long at all.
  5. Copy, but I’m not sure I buy it.
  6. Zero fixed wing time? Sounds like a good way to make sure someone can’t ever leave the helicopter community...
  7. The thought of making a two seat aircraft in order to have an unmanned loyal wingman makes me chuckle.
  8. We parked next to one at Bagram on an AE. We were waiting for our patients so one of the other pilots and I strolled over to the IL-76. The loadmaster was smoking and coughing in the back, smiled and waved us aboard and we got a quick tour. It did not smell good, and we had just been in a KC-135 for 7 hours.
  9. Well, with more legacy Herk units going to Js that will free up some right?
  10. Uh, Prosuper, I uh, talked to the pilot. He was smoking, he was coughing, he didn’t smell very good and he was wearing a tight blue flight suit. He didn’t speak much English but I think he said they would be leaving on time.
  11. Bottom line: Heavy - Heavy = Easy Fighter - Heavy = Easy Heavy - Fighter = not Easy
  12. I wonder if this question has ever been asked before in the 16+ years of archived data on this site...
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