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  1. Scooter14

    What is right with the Air Force

    Go to Guam and cross the dateline a few times on a Coronet while dual billeted...
  2. Scooter14

    KC-135 Tanker Q&A

    Yes. It’s an AD squadron assigned to an ANG or AFRC Wing. They also have a line of ADCON back to an AD wing somewhere. It’s complicated. They get assigned like any other tanker assignment to the AD guys. 64 ARS - Pease ANGB (157 ARW ANG) 911 ARS - SJAFB (916 ARW AFRC) 912 ARS - March ARB (452 AMW AFRC) 906 ARS - Scott AFB (126 ARW ANG) 99 ARS - Birmingham AL (117 ARW ANG) I’m forgetting one on the AFRC side I think...
  3. Scooter14

    KC-135 Tanker Q&A

    A little off topic, but this right here. I’ll add that almost every ANG/AFRC -135 crewdog our there knows at least one -135 guy at every other ANG/AFRC squadron out there from our 10 years of rainbow deployments to the Died (and Guam to a lesser extent). We all flew missions, ate omelets, drank 3 beers and bitched about the same stuff over and over again. We all kept in touch and we all reach out to each other bro to bro when someone applies to our respective unit(s). It’s amazing to me how some people don’t quite realize this.
  4. Scooter14

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    Air National Guard unit level public affairs at it’s finest.
  5. Scooter14

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    Allow me to break it down. From the 1980s to about the mid 2000s... Army aviators wore a green flight suit. Air Force aviators wore a green flight suit. Soldiers wore the woodland camouflage BDUs. Airmen wore the woodland camouflage BDUs. ....and everything was ok. Then we went through a shit storm of uniform changes and ended up with the disasters that were the ABU, ACU and I’ll even throw the Navy blue shipwreck in for good measure. Now, starting on 1 Oct 2018 Army Aviators wear A2CUs. Air Force aviators wear either green flight suits or A2CUs. Soldiers will wear OCPs. Airmen will wear OCPs. ....and everything will be OK.
  6. Scooter14

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    That’s why we don’t do it at home station. Too much coordination for a local mission with a 2.5 hour show. Wear what makes sense. If it’s 95 degrees and you wanna do a tee shirt walk around, have fun. You only wear a green bag because it’s your birthright as an Air Force Pilot? Go for it. You’ve got enough lead time if you’re on a trip to figure it out and coordinate. That way you all look the same and then you won’t show up at some big active duty base and get hassled by some 36-2903 nazi when you should be going to get schnitzel/kabobs/fish and chips/tapas. Edit:and beer.
  7. Scooter14

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    This is the AMC memo. The ANG memo, as far as I can tell, just replaced AMC with ANG. (Those familiar with the ANG will not find this surprising.) So, it appears that aircrew must maintain the sage green FDU. Now, if individual units are wearing the A2CU day to day, that’s their call. In my little corner of the ANG tanker world we wear either A2CUs or green bags for local training flights depending on temperature, etc, since we all don’t have them yet. The booms typically wear A2CU for cargo checks/training. If we are going off station we standardize. If we are going through the AOR on like a Coronet or something we typically standardize with the A2CU for practicality. We wear green bags in the office. Most of our booms would have liked to have had the option last hurricane season while pushing pallets in San Juan.
  8. Scooter14

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    Does anyone have anything written that our beloved green bags are going away forevermore? The guidance I have received from both AMC and ANG both state that aircrew will maintain green FDUs. The initial issue at pilot training is still green FDUs, right? Is the sky really falling?
  9. Scooter14

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    We were angry when missile guys got green bags. Now we are angry that they are losing their green bags. I know you’re just stating facts Breckey, not saying you’re upset, I’m just finding the irony entertaining.
  10. Scooter14

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    Reference my post from 5/20. All the guidance I have read from AMC and ANG says we will all maintain a sage green flight suit.
  11. Scooter14

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    My annoyance about the wings was actually directed at the AMC/ANG A2CU guidance for non ejection aircrew that already exists. We can presently wear the A2CU for global flight ops, but nametags on the sleeve are a no-no. You must wear your aeronautical badge above the USAF on your A2CU. You also must wear the patrol cap, not a baseball cap or a floppy hat (NA CENTCOM) The final piece of ridiculousness they put in the guidance is that Aircraft Commanders are responsible for ensuring flight suit standardization for the crew. So, you aren’t supposed to have one guy in a bag and another in the A2CU. I don’t know how you enforce that but whatever. It’s just one more thing in a long line of things that make it more difficult to just get in an airplane and fly it.
  12. Scooter14

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    For some reason, this really annoys me. Here’s a uniform you can wear right out of the box! Just slap on some name tapes and some rank, and you’re good to go! Cool! I have about 27 subdued name tags at my house with my wings on them because every time I deploy someone feels the need to order me a set. I’ll just slap one on the 5 acres of Velcro on my sleeve and I’m ready to go! No so fast...
  13. Scooter14

    Heavy guys instructing T-38s

    My first six months of UPT summed up in two sentences right there.
  14. Scooter14

    Rushing Units

    Herkbum, you’re way too nice. OP...There’s a lot of info and you knew it yet you still chose to disregard the search function and roll in without doing your homework. Saying you’d take a C-130 as a “last resort” on a military aviation message board...YGBFSM. Good luck getting hired.