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  1. So I’m sitting here at the gate on a delay at Logan (thanks Newark) reading the Bomber 134 thread and discussing it with the Capt and a C-17 taxis by. Odd for BOS but whatevs. Capt says “Do they use those for firefighting? Seems like those would be awesome for that.” Which got me thinking, with so many ANG units equipped with C-17s, are they going to adapt or develop MAFFS for that airframe?
  2. Hey, hey...I’m right here. I can hear you. 190 is a great little jet. I’m a JetBlue 190 guy, I drive to the Guard and to the airport. One year in I’m at 50% seniority. Sometimes money isn’t everything. QoL.
  3. (Scooter turns off Matlock, picks up iPhone, yells at kids to get off his lawn...) Well, it has been a long time, hasn’t it? IIRC...and my time was only OSW, I never got to do ONW, but I think it was the same: It all depended on where you flew. Tankers and ISR got combat support sorties because we were further back and qualified for Aerial Achievement Medals based on a 20 sortie count. The OCA/DCA/SEAD guys patrolled in areas that should have rated combat time and thus should qualified for Air Medals. Does that help? Any other old guys correct me if I’m wrong.
  4. Or, the ARC has been so busy and people have deployed so much that they are actually within striking distance of an AD retirement and they would rather drop 3 years of mil leave and go be an ROTC instructor and call it quits rather than continue in this revolving door of constant AEF deployments...
  5. Holy cow, I had no idea either. He will definitely be missed. Prayers to his family and his squadron. A nickel on the grass.[emoji481]
  6. So, here’s what jumped out at me from the height article. “Don’t automatically assume you don’t qualify because of your height,” said Maj. Gen. Craig Wills, 19th Air Force commander. “We have an incredibly thorough process for determining whether you can safely operate our assigned aircraft. Don’t let a number on a website stop you from pursuing a career with the best Air Force in the world.” I get all the anthropometric standards at all, but I think it may be time to, oh I don’t know, change the standards a little bit. The way it’s worded is horrible, proven by the fact that a two star has to get on the internet and say “yeah, I know what the reg says but apply anyway and we will waive it.”
  7. Valid point. I just wish they’d just use normal language.
  8. They left out the word “enterprise” and they didn’t say “big rocks”, “low hanging fruit” or “too easy”. More Air Force-y buzzword bullshit.
  9. JetBlue is age based, oldest to youngest, on the night before your first day of Indoc.
  10. If you’re going Guard there 47, it’ll be old home week.
  11. D-Ron is correct. To expound a bit, if you’re a good dude and you go the fighter route and you have issues, your odds are good that there’s a heavy unit out there for you. Caveat...whatever takes you out of fighters cant be something that takes you out of heavies. For instance, if you fail out of T-6s, you are pretty well screwed. If you have issues in T-38s, then they will have to decide if it’s a fast jet thing or a pilot thing before they decide what to do with you. If the state the sponsoring fighter unit is in also has a heavy unit, that helps since you stay “in state”. However, I’m from a one wing state surrounded by other one wing states, and we (tankers) have picked up guys from surrounding fighter unit states. They have all been solid additions. Based on manning, you may have to shop around, but in this current climate I really can’t think of a unit out there that can’t benefit from a “free” 2Lt.
  12. Duck It’s not optimal obviously but i think it can be done. Talk to your finance next week. IIRC you can do it to a point. I remember chasing down guys for sigs (we used to have to sign them multiple times) well into October. As long as they “load” them up for you into AROWS it should be alright, but verify with Finance and your DO just to make sure.
  13. Duck, I’ll have to check and see how many points I got, but I didn’t have to do anything, they just showed up in my PCARS summary eventually. I wanna say it’s ECI points or something like that.
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