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  1. What SocialD said. This happens at every guard base regardless of the mission. Shoe Clerks - “Gosh, where are all the aircrew? They must be slackers.” Oh I don’t know, using their drill periods to support a two shift local flying schedule during the week, deployed, TDY on an AMC mission, alert, NATO, PACOM, CENTCOM. But sure, let’s all show up on a Sunday and sit around and stare at each other and do fire extinguisher training. Chida - Bring that shirt in to the alert facility next Monday. Invite him to cook hot dogs and burgers for the crew chiefs and pilots (and security forces for that matter) that are stuck there and not with their families this holiday weekend. They all serve meals at the DFAC on drill weekend, tell him this would be more meaningful...because it honestly would.
  2. Why would the faceoff specialist on my lacrosse team need to read this? He’s not even in the Air Force.
  3. With your pilot and PCSM scores why would you take the AFOQT again? You know they take your latest scores first? That seems like a wasted effort and a risky proposition.
  4. I hear ya, but when you’re an O-6 EOG/CC riding the bus back in with two tired crews that you have never met and you shit all over them, their aircraft, their mission the whole bus ride and then call them out in a crowded room... O-6 Full bird colonel Commander There’s a certain way you’ve gotta conduct yourself. This ain’t it. Even if he was kidding, you’re not “one of the bros” anymore when you first meet someone as the O-6 EOG/CC. Of course once we got the rest of the story it all checked out. Totally appropriate he was bros with the Bone guys, flying his combat missions and wearing his baseball hat. No offense to the Bone guys and I’m truly sorry you had to fly his wanna be bomber pilot butt around for 6 months. I bet he got up before 7 AM to go fly with them and pad his air medal stats. Captain Sobel reincarnated and erroneously promoted. The dude ruined a lot of careers and put a lot of people through unnecessary stress and heartache because he wrote good speeches and was fast tracked to “leadership.”
  5. https://www.google.com/search?q=jqp+rhatigan&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari If you search JQP Rhatigan it turns out much better.
  6. I grew up in the Northeast. Spent 36 of my 45 years here. This guy takes the cake. Top 5 on my list. He’s not #1 but he’s close.
  7. Here’s my Rat saga. One day I landed at the Died while deployed there and they parked us in an unfamiliar location. Because of this it took us a little longer to get into the chocks and shut down, you know, because we all know taxiing into something after a long day makes bad things happen. While we were gathering all the classified...you know, all the stuff you don’t want to lose after a long day because bad shit happens, a dude from the RegAF squadron at my base pops up the chute and says “hey we are sharing a bus, can you guys hurry up?” Yeah, ok, sure. So I walk over to the bus with all my crap and when I hop on I hear a voice say “Are you guys running the dick around checklist up there???” I don’t recognize the face or voice in the darkness, so I laugh it off. I leave the bus to grab more stuff and when I get back on this guy is legit busting balls. I look closer and it’s the EOG/CC, none other than you know who. We drive over to MX and past the Bones. He proceeds to look at the bombers and says “you tanker guys don’t fly combat sorties, THESE guys fly combat sorties!” And then starts telling stories about all his B-1 time. We go into MX. His jet is code 1. Mine is not. His pilots drop off the forms and get on the bus. I have to spend some time in there. I get back onto the bus and he starts in on me once again for being slow. Not even in a joking way, borderline hostile. I don’t even fcuking know this assclown. Never met him before in my life. The whole bus ride was telling us how inferior the mobility aircraft are. Not exactly the way to inspire your wing that has 6 bombers and 69 tankers and herks. No “where are you guys from.” No “thank you for being out here.” Just really hostile belittling. We get to customs. He prances off the bus with only his helmet bag and proceeds to the line. His crew and my crew gather up all the shit and schlep it to customs as he stands there waiting for his AC (who has the flight orders) with an impatient look on his face. Don’t worry Colonel sir, we will get all the bags. So we get into the customs area and there is some sort of kerfuffle happening between customs, the head shiek, some locals and some OGA types so my crew goes as far away from that as possible to wait it out and use the Wi-Fi to text back home. Rat goes and finds some Marines so he can tell them how awesome he is. When it’s our turn to go to Customs he looks over at us and yells across the room “What are you guys doing, playing Dungeons and Dragons over there?” We clear customs and again he strolls through with only his bag, gets on the bus, and then disappears when we get back to Ops. My entire Rat experience was about 45 minutes, but fcuk that guy. Once we all started talking and hearing the stories Bergman illustrated, it all made sense. I’m a pretty easygoing guy willing to give the benefit of the doubt, but he was by far the WORST O-6 I have ever run across in my life.
  8. I don’t know why big Air Force has to make this so difficult. Make 2 piece an option for non ejection seat personnel. It’s really that simple. I wouldn’t want to deal with all that bullshit in an ejection seat. My only experience is in the Tweet, and dealing with the shirt twisting around on you under the chute would be maddening. Poopy suit? G-suit? Forget it. I would imagine that would be ridiculous. We don’t make everybody wear a parka every day just because it’s cold in North Dakota. It’s the same damn thing. Mission requirements dictate. It’s f-Ing hot and you are a tanker guy? Wear the two piece. Strapping into a B-1 for a 24 hour mission? Wear the one piece. It’s a beautiful day and you’re going to an airshow? Wear the one piece, throw your squadron tee shirt and your fake name tag on and have a ball.
  9. Oh sweet baby Jesus. That guy.
  10. Yup My year group there were 100 slots for all of ROTC and you had to have 20/20 vision. My kid is a cadet now (that’s how fcuking old I am) and the class two ahead of his got somewhere around 650 pilot slots for all of ROTC. “Life isn’t fair, timing is everything, there is no justice.” -Bergman
  11. Or for better info, check this 8 page thread It's Official, OCPs are Coming! http://www.flyingsquadron.com/forums/applications/tapatalk/index.php?/topic/22350-It%27s-Official%2C-OCPs-are-Coming%21
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