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  1. Let me get this straight... So what you are telling me is that the Air Force wants us to get rid of irrelevant AFIs, but since every AFI is critically important to the bureaucrat nonner that wrote it, then those AFIs can’t be irrelevant and we can’t get rid of them? You got it! That’s some catch... It’s the best there is!
  2. Libyan Air National Guard - what are my chances Hi everyone, long time lurker. It’s been my dream to fly the Mirage F1. I’m 45 years old, been flying KC-135s for the last 15 years. Hearing shift, slightly overweight, decent AFOQT and PCSM scores and even better Microsoft Flight Sim scores. What are my chances to fly the mighty Mirage F1?
  3. Well, add this to the list of alternate ways to get a fighter slot. Can’t get hired at your ANG unit? AFOQT scores too low? No bachelors degree? No problem!
  4. I don’t see what you are getting at. As an aside, our safety officer is briefing the Le Bourget ASAP tomorrow, so there’s that.
  5. Oh good they rolled the KC-46 approach to Le Bourget and the C-17 all into one. Perfect.
  6. You did a much better job of illustrating my point than I did. Stand by for more briefings and SIIs...
  7. Its a good thing we haven’t had like a hundred “Stabilized Approach Criteria” and “Airmanship and Flight Discipline” Special Interest Items over the past 4 years from AMC.
  8. I thought we had to say his name three times to summon him...
  9. But, but, aren’t we all the “tip of the spear?”
  10. Yes it is a complete lack of understanding, but that’s not a free pass. It is an indictment. The vast majority of comments that I read, and in full disclosure did not read them all, were of people condemning this egregious act of fraud and/or political partisanship on the part of the Aircrew and calling for harsh discipline. We support the troops! (Oh and by the way, make sure you confirm to our Snow White recruiting poster image of what an American fighting man is in our eyes. No squadron bars, no drinking in uniform, no bad language, don’t you dare go cross country and have any fun at all and don’t really tell us any stories about the bad things that happen because we really don’t want to know. Oh and no morale patches either.) Now, I’ll just place this little yellow ribbon magnet here on my car....that will make me feel better... oh and “Thank you for your service!” It will never change, I know that. I just want them to leave us alone. Let us do our job. EDIT - The angry Vets make me laugh as well. “I was on the USS Goatrope from ‘68-72 and this would never fly! Disgraceful!” Oh really? Back when you had full beards and the Philippines were a thing? Please...tell me more.
  11. The twitter comments are actually frightening. Beyond the politics, there are people angry that taxpayer dollars were used for the patches and that the USS WASP Stands for White Anglo Saxon Protestant and that’s why Trump visited that ship. It’s on the internets, it has to be true! These people need the book thrown at them!!! They must be held accountable!!! For shame! The sheer ignorance, stupidity and self righteousness of the general public at large has me at a complete loss for words.
  12. I can’t speak for MAFFS specifically, but I can speak for the ANG when I say that if you are a rated pilot and a good dude that wants to join any ANG unit, no matter what your background, you have a very good chance these days.
  13. What SocialD said. This happens at every guard base regardless of the mission. Shoe Clerks - “Gosh, where are all the aircrew? They must be slackers.” Oh I don’t know, using their drill periods to support a two shift local flying schedule during the week, deployed, TDY on an AMC mission, alert, NATO, PACOM, CENTCOM. But sure, let’s all show up on a Sunday and sit around and stare at each other and do fire extinguisher training. Chida - Bring that shirt in to the alert facility next Monday. Invite him to cook hot dogs and burgers for the crew chiefs and pilots (and security forces for that matter) that are stuck there and not with their families this holiday weekend. They all serve meals at the DFAC on drill weekend, tell him this would be more meaningful...because it honestly would.
  14. Why would the faceoff specialist on my lacrosse team need to read this? He’s not even in the Air Force.
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