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  1. Well, since the sim instructors at Altus all flew the A model, the young guys hear about it. All. The. Time. How many Altus KC-135 sim Instructors does it take to change a lightbulb? Five One to change it and four to tell you “how we did it in back in the A model.”
  2. That has been my non scientific observation with the folks I know who have been vaccinated. Those who had Covid prior got their asses kicked by the first shot. Those who did not have Covid had more difficulty with shot #2. I mean, I’m not a doctor but I did stay in a Turumi Inn last night.
  3. Some of that is host nation but yeah. I had both vaccines and nobody cared due to host nation restrictions. I’m deploying this fall and I definitely do not want to have another 14 day ROM. If we (the DoD) have control of it then we need to update and ease the restrictions IRT ROM. That will incentivize more troops than some silly AFN “do your part” commercial.
  4. Do both. Apply now and also schedule yourself to retake them.
  5. I don’t know but this illustrates an excellent reason to just go Guard/Reserve and forgo the AD rated board shenanigans.
  6. 100%. It’s all clickbait and it’s maddening. They throw around words like “mutation” and “highly transmissible” in the headline but when you read it, as CH illustrated, it’s all just hollow bullshit. It drives me insane. Well, back to the end of day 5 of my 14 day ROM...
  7. She realized the dream of every federal employee I know. Good for her.
  8. I don’t want to derail the thread but...Wow. That’s messed up.
  9. No leave enroute authorized. I’m hoping with two vaccines and a 14 day quarantine I’ll be able to get out a little bit. It is what it is.
  10. It’ll be my first time there, I’m really looking forward to day 15 when I can leave the quarantine dorm and actually do stuff.
  11. Question for those in the know. I just my hands on an OCP Massif jacket with “aircrew” style Velcro installed (not the name strips). I’m going TDY to Osan for a month. Is it legal with the green bag?
  12. Wow Bergman, that was many moons ago, but yeah I remember that. Guy Neddo, Sluggo Wilken was the guy I flew with a bunch and I also got to sim with him at Vance years later. The Billygoats, that old condemned building we were in, meticulously plotting hundreds of little red towers out of the Chart Update Manual and then accidentally spilling bleach on said towers and watching them disappear...good times. Easily the most fun phase of nav school back then. Way more fun than wandering around the western US at FL270.
  13. This has been my experience as well. I’ve had billeting give me a hard time as well but I’ve always gotten reimbursed. I use it for rentals for the insurance, airline tickets and lodging. I’ll take a few bucks out before I go TDY or use it in a sketchy overseas ATM. Why anyone would use it for meals is beyond me.
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