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  1. Scooter14

    OCPs Arrive Oct 1st, 2018

    It’ll never happen, and this is why... Every student pilot starts off in an ejection seat aircraft, so every student pilot will continue to get regular flight suits and wear them at their first duty station. Plus, the fighter mafia runs the Air Force, so they will never let the one piece leave the normal rotation. It’s all about the supply chain. Ejection seat bubbas across the US military all need to wear one piece flight suits, which means they’ll always be in the supply system. They may become a little more difficult to procure at a helo or AFSOC base, but they’ll never ever go away. I really like my green bag, I also really like my OCP flight suit. Each one has a time and place. Hopefully common sense prevails and we can wear the one that makes the most sense given the situation. As an aside, I hate the set of ABUs I was gifted before a staff deployment and I’m glad they are going away because they suck.
  2. Scooter14

    Blended Retirement System Puzzle

    Thank God
  3. More specifically the date you started aviation service, so if you were a navigator for 8 years and then went to UPT, all that time counts.
  4. Scooter14

    Flight Pay increases

    Bergman, Are you suggesting that reserve component crew members that have to maintain the exact same Vol 1 currencies and requirements as their active duty counterparts get paid the SAME AMOUNT of flight pay per month? Now that's crazy talk right there mister.
  5. Scooter14

    New Deid Dorms

    Any updates or reviews on the new chicken coops? Are they up and running? I have heard very few reviews or details.
  6. Scooter14

    ANG: Be Careful What You Ask For

  7. Scooter14

    ANG: Be Careful What You Ask For

    Tanker guys have been going to Guam for years under the Pacific TSP (voluntary under 12301(D)) and all my orders have been submitted and approved through VPC-GR for reduced retirement credit. Granted, it hasn't been this new mob authority (12304?) but it should still count.
  8. Scooter14

    Bentleys for Bombing

    Weekly WAR Report... Weekly "weekly activity report" report
  9. Scooter14

    Bentleys for Bombing

    Oh I was there. But I'm a Guard guy. My orders said it wasn't a war...and big Air Force knows best...so therefore it wasn't a war. I guess I don't post enough for my sarcasm to get picked up anymore.
  10. Scooter14

    Bentleys for Bombing

    I'll give you the first two...but Libya wasn't actually a war so there was no way you could have actually bombed them.
  11. Scooter14

    Classic thread - Good puke stories

    I don't know how Fred survived.
  12. I was a prior nav SRO. I made sure that, except for my wings on my name tag, I was the same as all my classmates. Same boots, same patches, no leather jacket. UPT is not a place to highlight yourself that way...you're just inviting some pissed off FAIP to take you down a peg. Play the AETC game, lead the team as best you can with your knowledge and experience, leverage everyone's strengths and don't be a dumb ass. It'll all work out. (for the record, the FAIPs in my flight were all good dudes...but there's always the 10% out there in every group)
  13. Scooter14

    Tops in Blue (TIB) - WTF?

    I don't even know where to begin.
  14. He's destined for the "he who shall not be named" moniker alongside all those whose names shall not be named.
  15. Scooter14

    Whoops-747 Dreamlifter lands at Jabara KS

    The next 5 min was mind numbingly painful. Pull out your goddamn smartphone that you probably left on for the whole flight. Figure out where you are since you have zero SA. Look at your FMS. Write down the coordinates. Look up the identifier for Jabara on AirNav. Compare the coordinates. Do they match? Do I have to think of all this myself? Finally, for the love of all things holy, just shut your pie hole!