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    Listen, man, sometimes Army cooks have it tough.
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    Down range is the best place to get into the books, in my opinion. You fly and workout. That leaves tons of time to get in the books. Maybe that’s just my community but our guys are way sharper and ready to upgrade at the end of deployments. I don’t say that derisively, simply my communities technique that seems to work. Personal note: I’m the son of a tanker pilot and love the entire tanker enterprise. I’m not the only one. Talk to a Thud or Phantom driver that went downtown in Route Pack VI and had his bacon saved by some warrior minded tanker crews. The tanker dudes won’t be able to buy a drink all night.
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    If this is what your WOs are telling you at your base, you have a serious problem. Good tanker planning leverages both off-board capabilities and tactical situational awareness to place you as close to your receiver’s objective area as the CFACC’s ALR permits. Your job is to identify and mitigate risk, not to stay outside the WEZ. When was the last war the tankers were able to remain that far away? Hint: probably not in your lifetime. RWR and LAIRCM don’t make you tactical. Neither does flying low to the ground or using high bank angles. And in our most important missions, you’ll never be able to rely on the AWACS to be able to provide you timely threat information. If you’re a tanker crew dog, you need to get back into the books and ask more questions. The next enemy won’t be polite enough to forgive you your flawed logic—and as far as we know our amazing new fighters and bombers haven’t learned how to fly without fuel yet.
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    The option should NEVER be taken away. Green pajamas is what we wear.
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    That’s because you were probably dealing with WUGs or selected airdrop crews. MG17 we made a conscious effort to not stack the deck and send crews 4 deep on IP/EPs. Only time we picked crews for the most part were when regs drove crew qual positions (formation or package lead qual’d etc). Turns out when you send our line ACs on the road TDY/deployed for 200+ days minimum every year there’s not a lot of chances for them to hone those other skill sets and then GOs act shocked when they go tumbleweed and blow right through a a TACSAM WEZ.
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    That’s been tanker standard for decades. If we wanted to be tactical we all would have done better in UPT.
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    Sounds like a conversation that needs to happen in the squadron. Building combat capability is the primary purpose of any AF squadron. We can blame competing requirements all day long, but until your commanders take personal risk in order to prioritize what matters, we’ll continue to perpetuate these tactical myths and forget that there’s an enemy preparing to take us out. By the way—no snark intended. It’s a legit question. Though I’d love to see a commander fired for saying no to the queep and getting his crews into the vault. Also, there’s ample opportunity for crews to study downrange. That’s simply a matter of coordination.
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    It will be a sad day if we aren’t allowed to wear flight suits; and I get all the “more comfortable” talk. But I’m an Air Force aviator, I didn’t join the Army. I want my green pajamas!
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    Hahaha nice. My vis recce needs some work, I guess.
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    Chief, running for 100ft, breathless and not spilling a drop of coffee from his mug. "Sir, I see you're all about ready to board to do that mission. However I noticed one of the SrA linguists in the back was in a A2CU and the rest of the crew was in bags. You're going to have to get everyone standardized before you can take off. If you crash, and survive, what will the enemy think if you're not all in the same uniform." AC - Logic about how stupid that is. Chief - "Sir, I understand how long it'll take him to get back, get a uniform and then have MX adjust the flight times, and all that. If he hustles like a good Airman you won't even have to get a crew rest waiver. Ground forces will have to wait for your capabilities, because if you're not all in the same approved flight uniform it'll be a detriment execution and upholding standards." "After all, if we can't trust you to make sure everyone is in only one of the two approved flight uniforms what can we trust you with?" Chief notices the AC has left, and the hatch is being pulled closed.
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    That’s General Robin Rand. The AF Global Strike Command CC.
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    May - 13 days June - 6 days July - 9 days August - 12 days (I'll likely drop my entire schedule and pick up trips on days I actually want to work. So maybe drop that to 9 days). All for between 13-18k Gross, not including 401k/PS/Per diem. Before my last trip I hadn't actually gone to work in 21 days, without taking a day of vacation (to include all of July 4th week off). If you can sit short call from home, WB reserve is where it's at! I'll caveat this with the fact that Jul & Aug are actual lines and not reserve. Another caveat is that my June/July schedules would reflect more days of work, but that's because of deadhead days that I deviate from and stay home. For example, today I'm getting paid to sit at home...my trip doesn't sign in until 1830 tomorrow at JFK, so I'll just DH over there tomorrow afternoon. Also, I don't have a wife or kids so I don't mind going on trips here and there. Spending a few hours sipping wine at the base of the Acropolis or Pantheon isn't a terrible way to spend a day "working." That said, I spend more of my time in Amsterdam, which also doesn't suck. Delta 4 yr WB
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    I had 2 1/2 weeks off into a trip starting tomorrow. I’ll work sun-wed the rest of the month. I’ll gross around 10k. Delta, year 2