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    Interesting article. Everyone serving should read Boyd. As to the Be vs Do choice, I think it’s simple. Be a “Do”er and let the chips fall where they may. If your career doesn’t take the trajectory you wanted, well at least you can look at yourself in the mirror. I’ve seen too many people compromise their character using the justification that if they can just move up the ranks they can affect real change. The moment you start down that rabbit hole is the moment your lobotomy begins. Next thing you know you’re pulling people out of scheduled training events to attend your mandatory all call where you stand around in ABUs (even though you’re a rated officer) where you pat yourself on the back repeatedly and insist on spending over an hour handing out awards to everyone on the base except for those who directly accomplish the mission.
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    Although the "regional airline flying on a major airline pay scale" thing isn't really my cup o' tea, I have a neighbor who has been at SWA for about 8 years now and he loves it. Lives in base (Vegas), bids reserve, and at least during the non-summer months, doesn't appear to do much work at all. Every time I go running past his house, he is out in his garage restoring a late 60s Mustang. He loves it and makes fun of me for (apparently) only flying nights and working too much, at that. Different strokes.
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    Fun fact: The moon landing scenes in First Man were filmed on the same sound stage as the actual moon landing.