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    Was in exactly your shoes quite a few years ago. I was adamant that I wanted fighters and A-G was my top choice. Mudhen top choice. Had top pick out of UPT and the deck had all of the cards to play EXCEPT for the -15E. Went Viper and loved it like a wet dream. Then TAMI rolled around- over a decade later, I'm still pulling that bitch outta my ass (no sts). I went U-28's when they were brand new. Any one of my deployments exceeded what I may have ever accomplished in my -16 career... and I did 8 of those deployments. The rotes were tough and many sorrowful memories are embedded with the war stories. War is a bitch. I did other AFSOC stuff afterward and am now enjoying my afterlife as an airline dude "living the dream." Every single airline pairing that I go on begins with "where'd you come from" followed by a short tale of how cool the Viper was to fly. After those few minutes, the next four days are spent telling stories about early life of the U-28 and those real memories that I'll share for a lifetime. I never lose my audience with those stories. The U-28 and AFSOC influenced me in ways that I never imagined, and that I fought against (being a too- cool SSFP). They opened up opportunities when I left the usaf. Looking back, things always make more sense. At the time, I thought leaving the jet was the end of the world. Chase your dreams kid. If you want the pointy nose fighter and have the stats to make it happen, then pick the one that fits the mission you want to tell stories about from UPT ADSC expiration date through airline retirement. All of the "what's wrong with the usaf bullshit" absolutely applies to ACC in every weapon system. AFSOC a bit less but it's still there. If you want to seriously take part in helping the dipshit mohammed worshipping suicide bomber goat f&kking a$$hole meet his 69 virgins them don't hesitate to put AFSOC at the top. You will execute bad guys in that command. That's a promise.
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    They're all great. Except Eagles, they're gay. Now we're back.
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    You guys may not fully appreciate this until you have grandchildren.
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    Easy killer, not at all. I have huge respect for crew chiefs. Always amazed me that no matter whether it was 100 degrees out or 5, blazing sun or freezing rain, they were out working and getting code 1 jets ready. I still keep in contact with my crew chief from the first jet I had my name on. Not meant as a dig on them at all. My point is exactly what ihtfp06 says below. What is the point of testing them if there is no plan to start using HS grads for pilots? If you just want to test the way a HS grad learns (as they have said), why do it as part of a pilot training program? Aren't there other training pipelines that could test such things? Exactly! Seems like a complete waste of time. For them and and AF. Unless there are actually unspoken plans to dramatically expand the pool of eligible UPT candidates.
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    Needs of the AF, timing, performance, leadership perception, FLT/CC discretion, luck. Not necessarily in that order. Metaphor for assignments the rest of your career. Someone who is not a team player and screws over their classmates will have a hard time as your reputation follows you to the next MDS no matter what you drop. Focus on "excruciating detail" in your study/flying and worry less about the drop process.
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    I don’t think he’s saying that. Why are we wasting 6-9 months of these test subjects’ time with no upside to them or the Air Force?
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    this is the most caring and nurturing thread I've seen on base ops without any inter airframe bickering etc etc...I hate it.
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    Whatever you end up flying is the best job in the Air Force.
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    They say the E’s will be right out of basic and will not have a degree, and that when they are done, regardless of the outcome, they will go on to their previously assigned tech school. Because they just want to test their ability to do the program without having a degree. Even if that is truly the legitimate reason for testing the E’s...why? We don’t have a shortage of degreed folks wanting to apply to UPT, applicants far exceed slots. So....why?
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    Is this actually a question, or just nerves? If you truly want fighters that badly, put them first, with FAIP second. Don't look back. You'll love anything you get, and no advice from anyone is going to tell you how to feel. That being said, should you get FAIP'd, realize that it's only another 3 years to wait, where I'm sure your desire to fly fighters has been far longer. Meanwhile, you'll be getting paid to gather flight time, experience, and cross-country "friends".
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    Enlisted Pilots? We already have a program where motivated E's can become pilots, it's called OTS. It works too. I know because I'm one of them. If an E thinks going to college while working is too tough....then pilot training will be impossible.
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    Hmmh, You must think getting an A&P is a piece of cake and it only takes a year of formal training to produce a fully qualified Crew Chief and or specialist.