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    Assuming this is about the FISA warrant, the evidence isn't even available to us to make an informed criticism of the FBIs actions. I'm all for having a close examination of the FISA process and how we approve things, because I think a lot of rules exist outside the knowledge of the public. We have been provided cherry-picked data points from one side of the political spectrum that flopped when scrutinized. The cherry-picked response to the R side was sidelined. We are currently ignorant of the entire truth, but it seems folks are content to jump to their conclusions...much like the Trump/Russia investigation. Just because folks don't like what the outcome was, or how the outcome was achieved, doesn't mean it was wrong or even illegal. It's best to wait for the facts to unravel themselves and we can have an honest discussion based on the facts.
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    If these guys bust daily rides/checkrides, the IPs are going to be blamed. They'll get 88/89 rides and the CC will push them through because he's going to be evaluated on his ability to max produce pilots and send them off to be someone else's problem. Being an IP for during next few years is going to be soul crushing. ALL the focus going forward will be quantity, not quality.
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    Fella's, Let's not act like we're in love with the PCSM. I took the test twice, got a 60 something the first time then a 90 something the second. Zero flight hours, I just studied "what color taxi lights are" (I think I forgot that one btw - I'm going with green) and other simple questions that require about 10 minutes of exposure to understand right before the test (I think Sheppard Air could ensure all future PCSM == 99 if they made a study guide). I've never asked a Wingman what his PCSM was. No Squadron Commander has ever asked me. There was a filthy rumor that the PCSM score nearly measured up with ones chance of graduation UPT (an 85 PCSM == 85% graduation rate). I later was told that was false, and the Air Force was going to do away with the AFOQT and simply accept SAT/ACT scores. Then someone got promoted and that idea didn't follow through. Either way, the slides and other data we've seen on this thread over the last week ask one really big question. What will the future of the Air Force look like? I think the REAL issue no one has addressed ISN'T that there is in fact a pilot shortage, it is specifically where that shortage falls. So while the Air Force is missing 11F's, are they all missing Captain 11Fs, or are they missing Majors to do staff work? How does increasing production fix that problem? Are we going to start sending 2-3 year Captains to the Puzzle Palace, send Wingman to sit in the Map Cell at CENTCOM? The scariest thing I saw on these slides was REDUCING the length of first year tours. Let's discuss THAT for a moment. For those of you who did a Korea tour straight out of FTU, and maybe extended, imagine if your next assignment was anything other than in the Viper and if you NEVER got back into a tactical cockpit. What value are you at A8, A4, or any other office? What a colossal waste of investment. Who get's picked to get cut short? The strong or weak swimmers? Do we even know who is which by that point in their careers? Many of pilots struggle as Wingman but grow as flight leads, many sharp wingman lose focus later on and become limfacs. More importantly, why isn't ONE SINGLE bullet point on any of these slides directed at a retention improving measure?
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    I had a 55 PCSM and a 2.7 GPA when I got my slot in 2005 with ROTC. No idea how I got a pilot slot, to be quite honest. Edit: had like 12 flight hours, and took the AFOQT blindly because the cadre was like “hey you need to take this” with like a weeks heads up
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    I’d rather know BEFORE an election. Regardless of which way the report goes.
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    We lost 5 out of 26 in T-6s and another in T-1s. There were also 2 who washed out of my IFS class. When the Air Force upholds standards, people do wash out. Now they are only interested in production so good enough is ok. Why do you think IFS morphed back into IFT?
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    Light a candle but why only the AT-6B and A-29 in the second round of LAE? To plagiarize @ClearedHot "Scorpion crushes the other offerings" and that is not to say the others are not without merit but the difference in capability is too great to pretend they are similar aircraft. But if it is to be between the AT-6B or A-29 let's just cut to the chase and get the AT-6B. Not resignation as the AT-6B is a good buy but just impatience at wanting to see LAAR finally get here.
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    Plenty of room at Grand Forks, that would make Holloman a paradise.
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    Remember, the Air Force could make a blow job unpleasant
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    This was my thought as well, my PCSM was a 91 and my AFOQT were fairly high as well. The officer recruiter initially told me I wasn’t competitive because I didn’t have 200+ hours and all of my civilian ratings. I always felt lucky to be selected during a competitive time, but damn that seems like dropping the bar pretty far.
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    52 PCSM. Fucking great. Somebody send this shit to the HASC/SASC and let them know this is the AF’s plan because they refuse to spend a few pennies on bonuses. “We need a $69B white jet to train UPT studs with radars and datalinks. Also, the studs will be mildly retarded.”
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    "The Air Force takes a balanced approach to maintain core capabilities and is committed to providing the competitive military compensation necessary to recruit and retain high quality and experienced Airmen..." Is this a satire document?
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    I told this story 2 pages ago. Style points 4, Situational Awareness 0
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    You can't have one without the other--progressives own the overly done PC/microaggression bullshit. You don't have to like it, but don't be so naive about it.
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    How many Flag-level officers realize that the bright, shiny low-hanging fruit they're chasing in attempts to "fix" the disaster are not the actual root causes? More importantly, do they realize they are both the living embodiment of the problems forcing pilots out the door, as well as the key to fixing those actual root causes?
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    This. Wing structure wasn't near as broke as the oddity that is a NAF.
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    You can't hide shit. The risk reward equation is untenable. You'll get caught. The judge will spank you badly. Be as reasonable and compromising as possible. If you can work through the details without the need to be right, if you can let her dump on you a little bit if that's what helps her get past things, then set aside your ego and let her. My ex and I wrote up the details of our divorce on a legal pad one afternoon at my house before the kids got off the bus. There were a couple of little things where I felt like I could of done better, but there is no amount of money in the world worth the aggravation. I know still have a friendly relationship with her and the kids have done better for it. Whatever gains I might have eked out would have been totally eaten by attorney fees. My kids never hearing anything bad about their mother come out of my lips? Priceless. Money? You'll make more.