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    Very weird/ unusual indeed. I had a green card before but wasn't a citizen. Only citizens can be officers. Now I am a citizen though. I am gonna try my luck with this Active Duty board - hopefully the stars line up finally!
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    Pretty sure it was Kavanaugh. Probably did something to the plane 30 years ago and couldn't remember what he did.
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    Ah, a life of meaning and purpose, felt so strongly by C-130 pilots dropping off and picking up the same pallets of water around the AOR for 4 months in a row, or by a fighter pilot starting their 4th hour of orbiting supporting a JTAR that the army forgot existed 9 months ago, or by the major spending 365 days away from his family building powerpoint slides that people glance at for seconds at a time, or the captain right in the middle of the IPUG who spent a weekend finishing up OPRs on his guys that don't even end up going in front of a board. This whole thread is a testament to the meaning and purpose the Air Force provides.
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    I just saw this on the AFPC Facebook page. Has anyone heard much about it? Air Force Personnel Center Yesterday at 9:37 AM · If you’re an officer over 30, you may have thought you couldn’t apply for pilot training. Good news! Air Staff has granted a three-year extension to the limits for both Age and Total Federal Commissioned Service for the 2018 Undergraduate Flying Training Selection Board hosted by AFPC this November. This means that applicants who are under their 33rd birthday (instead of 30th) and have less than eight years TFCS (instead of five) do not require an exception-to-policy for consideration for a Pilot, Combat Systems Officer or Air Battle Manager slot in the next UFT board. Applicants for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Pilot have no age limits at all…you know, other than the whole retirement age thing… This exception to policy is intended to increase the eligible pool of candidates meeting this year’s board. Oct. 26 is the application deadline for the 2019 Undergraduate Flying Training selection board, to include any approved waivers and exception-to-policy requests. Visit myPers and search “UFT,” or the UFT page on the Air Force Portal for detailed application information. #AirForce #AFPC
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    op is a known troll. stop feeding him and kick him back to sit under his bridge
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    Is this even for real? This seems like just in time for me! I was so much worried about how I can go active duty from reserve during UPT. Trying to be a pilot physician ultimately and I know that program is Active Duty only. Does this mean I can apply to AD directly without a waiver? I'm 30, took AFOQT and TBAS already! ..PCSM 82 and AFOQT pilot 86. However I am not already an Air Force officer but enlisted Army Reserve. Any help is appreciated.
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    It’s exactly that, bullshit. We can’t have an investigation into Rep Keith Ellison beating his girlfriend, but a 30 year old allegation is held back during all of the confirmation hearings and now she won’t even testify until an FBI investigation is started? I think this woman probably was assaulted at a party, but she was probably too drunk to remember who it was and it now becomes a convenient piece of political theater. She is a pawn for a group that will stop at nothing to lose their influence on the Supreme Court. This is why judicial overreach is bad for the country, the Supreme Court should not matter this much. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Returning next week, re-starting Tech until his training date. Ugh...can't say I have a great opinion of her work. Can't see how things would get worse when she finally pulls the lever for good.
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    So that’s the reason why the pacaf commander and amc commander got picked not because of their merits? Diversity.
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    Because "All Day" Ray will take...All Day.
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    Maybe. But a dismissal is a felony equivalent in civilian employment circles. So even for regionals it's probably a stretch; the regionals have plenty of low time applicants with clean criminal records. This cat is marked. Nobody in the civilian world gets confinement for consensual sex. So it's not an even playing field, when it comes to UCMJ adjudications versus the civilian criminal law landscape. I am of the opinion his sentence was an overreach. And to keep it in the BUFF family: Kelly Flynn (ugh, beer word) got a straight up pass for doing the same fucking thing in 1997, while arguing sexist bias towards her as an affirmative defense for her bored fucketry in Minot, and the lack of hands or work ethic as a short-stint Buff co-pilot (IOW, the golden key defense, STANDARD). Walked away from a court martial outright, and into a layup general discharge, which allowed her into ASA and the eventual UPS job she's been riding on since 2005, her name legally changed of course. Nevermind the fact she got zero confinement for her equal disregard for the almighty UCMJ. The civilians at the time absolutely sided with her in her quest to decry the anachronisms of the "patriarchal military justice system". But this cat does the same thing 20 years later, even making a similar UCI argument on appeal no less, and this is all of a sudden blasphemy? I can't stand that hypocrisy. Look, I don't personally know this cat, but what they did to him punishment wise is bullshit. Hell, give him confinement as the price for pulling that insubordinate sexual stunt (beats a barrel roll in a Q400 I suppose). But the dismissal (dishonorable equivalent for officer) was flagrant. Different spanks for different genitals. Equality my ass. The SQ/CC in question was a straight up POS, and ruined the careers of other young men who actually didn't do anything but be falsely accused by the spouses of bitter SNAPs who didn't get their dream assignment. Not a good track record for DLF on this front.
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    These are my problems to solve but I’m not empowered to solve? I’m responsible for outcomes without being given the authority to implement solutions? If you consider the amount of time, money and effort we spend educating General Officers, it’s truly astounding to hear them utter this kind of crap. One good thing though— at least they’re showing you the way this works now, at SOS, while you’re young. “I micro-manage, hoard authority, stick to the status quo, secretly reduce your strat for thinking out of the box, and blame you for screw ups only I was actually empowered to fix” will be a commander you work for in the USAF. So recognize the broken organization for what it is, and make your life choices accordingly. It’s good to show the young the absurdity of what awaits them higher up.
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    Punctuation Nazi sez: inappropriate apostrophe use, remain in AETC one more tour.
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    For units that don't offer rushing, it can be a little harder to stand out. That said, it just puts it more on you to have a solid, squared-away packet that stands out. Have a good picture of your face. Even if they ask for full length, nothing says you can't have another of your mug to help make you recognizable if/when you do get invited to a meet and greet/rush weekend/interview. Honestly, I used my firehouse headshot with my helmet on. Cheesy, for sure, but it stood out and made me more recognizable as the old geezer fireman trying for a spot. Make sure your resume looks professional. Have business-minded friends or colleagues look at it, or feel free to send it to me, if you want random stranger feedback on it. Include unofficial copies of your transcripts, any flying stuff you have, and your LoRs in the packet. Make sure it's all in one PDF and not multiple files. Spend some serious time on your cover letter and, like your resume, have it proofread by friends/coworkers (or send it to me). It should have a little of everything; who you are, why you want to fly, why you want to fly for that specific squadron, and what kind of asset you want to be to your squadron after training. Keep it to one page. Lastly, make contact with the hiring PoCs through phone or email (or both). They're getting blasted with packets from a bunch of people they don't know (who are probably blasting packets out to lots of squadrons themselves), so all you are is numbers and letters unless you make contact. Try to speak with other pilots to ask questions, express interest, and (without sounding like a bragging douche) talking a little about yourself to have them get to know you a little. The pilots will talk and, if they know who you are, I'm sure they can help the hiring board with input on who to invite for interviews. It'll also make it less awkward when you do show up if you have spoken with a few pilots in the squadron to strike up conversations. Bottom line, you've gotta create your own luck and that's by putting in most of the heavy lifting yourself. You don't want to be psycho stalker level of bugging them, but you want to make sure you're making solid contacts and showing you're interested, if you can. The squeaky wheel getting the grease and all. Just sending your packet out and hoping the numbers and letters on the pages are enough to get you a job offer might not be enough when you have plenty of other solid candidates; you've got to have personality do some of the work. Good luck!
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    1) How do the training results hold up? 2) What value is there in every squadron spinning up their own version? 3) What is the level to which home-spin VR will be utilized to train of a single class iteration? 4) How does it get funded? 5) How do you get that shit to work with the Cyber dudes? That's just spitballing. By all means, keep home-growing (in each squadron) a separate solution to the same problem without any outside expertise for input.
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    So, perhaps many of you folks here have flown upside down in an airplane like the T-6. We all know that the shape of a wing is what causes lift due to air on top of the wing moving faster than below the wing, which creates a pressure differential. Low pressure over the wing, high presure below the wing, inturn produces lift which balances weight. Thrust forward balances Drag backward. Now, when you fly inverted and level at the same altitude- the lift should be pointing toward the earth because the same shape of the wing is upside down. This adds to the weight. So what force is balancing upward the (weight + downward lift) that's pointing down?