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    She's allright. I've had better.
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    Based on experiences and conversations with chief pilots at my airline, I don't think they feel threatened at all by military service. The pay and work related stress disparity is so great for the majority of Guardsman/Reservists now that the chief pilots barely notice the ones who are gaming the system. The incentives to take mil leave are rapidly diminishing. The insignificant few who are not legitimately showing up for military service during military leave aren't enough to influence hiring practices, and is indicative of a poorly functioning military, which only serves to drive more people out. Those who are showing up to military service, even during holidays, are still appreciated by management. Pilots are in short supply, so it's in the best interest of an airline to get their hooks into you now even if you aren't immediately productive... because you will be when you either quit, retire, or get smart and realize your airline gig is an all around better deal.
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    Damn. Hoping they got out.
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    You an wear your leather jacket if you wear blues. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    You can't bash old people here. Give me your username on Twitter so I can have the millennials bombard you with how insensitive you are Bendy.
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    Dude, you're so old...you were old when I joined this board as a stupid student and I'm already old. It's like me talking about the model T when the kid is trying to tell me how cool his Tesla is. If you were subjecting yourself to this monster out cluster of a fvck right now, you'd shoot exactly as many people in the head as you had bullets...minus one. As for the PRF... if the strats had gone down the side in lieu of the worthless "stellar pilot" openers, there would be another entire line to talk about your career. Not saying it's right, or that there is more (as using the UCI shit on there at all would make me think there isn't. (No offense) There should be an entire thread on this forum with successful PRFs. Bendy
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    Caveats. 1. The path that worked for me will not work for you. I started writing my own PRFs. A, it was the times, B, thats what folks did that were a bit out of the core AF (Joint), C, that was the advice I was given as a new Lt from the OG, (3x overall BTZ back when they did Maj BTZ). I made Lt Col with a P while on a joint (other) staff and only a few DPs available. I put all strats on the 1st line, command roles on the 2nd, all awards on the 3rd, and big ticket items in the middle. I understood the game of those times and put the words on PRFs to match. Key point: Included were combat hrs and a combat story of leadership. And thats what combat will do, provide opportunities for the shit to hit the fan (it will, guaranteed) and you to roll in and LEAD. So, if any of you ever get the North Koreans to grant clearance to land US Mil cargo in Pyongyang to deliver humanitarian air after thay have a natural disaster, you get O-5 automatically. Out (3x 10% -OH IPAs this eve)
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    How often do you plan on sitting top 3?
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    During my interview at Southwest, the Captain interviewing me point blank asked me if I was considering Guard or Reserves. When I said I wasn’t sure, she told me that I should find a Guard unit and that my Active Duty time was too valuable to throw away. She then said that Southwest loves their Guard/Reserve guys. I thought they weren’t supposed to ask you about this, but she was just giving me professional advice to do both.
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    There are other folks who currently fly for them, ahem, and haven't heard such a rumor.
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    Marry a stripper...problem solved! Cooter
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    Hard to imagine anything is easier than the American interview
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    ANG baby, the only way. Best flying I'll ever have, best people I'll ever meet, have seen things nobody else will. I can't wait to retire.
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    Had I known getting stuck in drones was an option, I would not have joined the Air Force.
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    Flying fighters is the greatest job ever. Being in the USAF is the price you pay to do it. Once you figure out the game and play it accordingly, you can have a great life flying fighters. If you allow however, the USAF will take all the fun and pound you, your family, your morale and love for flying into the ground. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums