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    If you need a little motivation or inspiration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlXt5KhLPdo
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    But remember... Ugly/Fat girls will do “stuff”... because they have to. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So the Kurds/SDF don’t want to be helped? It seems like they’ve been one of the better draft picks in the past few years. I get the impression that we’re conflating US strategic incoherence and collective fatigue of open ended OCOs with a willingness to walk away from those conflicts, damn the consequences (and any allies). The SDF has been one of the few competent indigenous forces that is a militarily able and willing partner who actually has a shot of policing their own territory. Walking away from them like this will have repercussions for the US as well as discourage any future state or non-state actor from working with us in the future.
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    I will now be on the lookout for flying Tic-Tacs off the coast of CA. In all seriousness, dude sounds like he's telling the truth. Call me a believer. I will leave the chemtrails switch on MINDCONTROL - FULL in his honor on my next flight.
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    These AoA are likely very close to L/Dmax, but I imagine that in each aircraft, test teams built in a pad to ensure acceptable handling qualities were maintained. This would be to protect against moving in-and-out of backside and frontside regimes. That said, none of the flight manuals I have read corroborate such a hunch, but I know that in evaluating "Steady-state flight-path response to pitch controller," the MIL-STD evaluation criteria requires that an "aircraft remains tractable at commonly encountered off-nominal speeds." In this case, off-nominal is 5 knots slow. Given that airspeed behavior becomes unstable at speeds below minimum drag speed, and that L/Dmax occurs at Dmin, it makes sense to build in a buffer, landing performance notwithstanding, and thus, published flight manual approach speeds are above L/Dmax.
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    Yeah, I know... (eyeroll). I don't believe, I don't not believe, I've never seen anything. I just don't know and don't spend much time thinking about it. However, I watched the latest JRE podcast this morning and I had never heard of this guy. If I want to hear a UFO story, I want to hear it from a pilot. Cmdr. David Fravor tells an amazing one. EDIT: This is just the first part of the podcast. The full podcast is pretty good if you have almost 2 hours.
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    Saw a documentary on these things back in the mid-80s.
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    I spent a lot of time with the Kurds over the last few years and I think we should support them in getting their own state. Drastic, for sure, but the Iraqi Army of ~20k abandoned Mosul to 200 guys and the Kurds basically saved the day (including Baghdad). The only reason they’re so screwed is a treaty from post WW1 that left them in the cold. I know it’s about 15 layers deep with all the regional players and such, but they actually seem willing to join the 21st century and fight for what’s theirs.
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    I mean, I just hit request and it sends me back numbers... God forbid I have to use the iPad and calculate it myself. Lol Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    That guy was also featured on the PBS “Carrier” documentary a few years back and his (very Navy) callsign is “Sex” hahaha.
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    Congrats man! Welcome to the squadron.
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    I just received my acceptance letter and a phone call from the 183rd AS in Jackson, MS. Thanks for all of the advice divulged on this forum. Got a slot! Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    The commander has blessed us with his presence
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    I can confirm this rumor. Or at least I can now say I’ve seen a guy move to another unit after getting hired. I am in a heavy ANG squadron and for some reason there has been tons of delays at the NGB level to process packets in a timely manner. One day I had a bunch of squadron CC folks calling to tell me to stay motivated during the slow process and constant delays. Turns out they were calling because a particular candidate that was selected before I go hired got picked up by a reserve unit on a short fall slot to UPT and was asking to be released from the squadron. I might not have the full story on how he did it or what unit. Long story short, he didn’t have school dates in my squadron, got school dates with another squadron and he was gone. Good luck. Cheers 🍻

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