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    If you need a little motivation or inspiration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlXt5KhLPdo
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    But remember... Ugly/Fat girls will do “stuff”... because they have to. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So the Kurds/SDF don’t want to be helped? It seems like they’ve been one of the better draft picks in the past few years. I get the impression that we’re conflating US strategic incoherence and collective fatigue of open ended OCOs with a willingness to walk away from those conflicts, damn the consequences (and any allies). The SDF has been one of the few competent indigenous forces that is a militarily able and willing partner who actually has a shot of policing their own territory. Walking away from them like this will have repercussions for the US as well as discourage any future state or non-state actor from working with us in the future.
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    I will now be on the lookout for flying Tic-Tacs off the coast of CA. In all seriousness, dude sounds like he's telling the truth. Call me a believer. I will leave the chemtrails switch on MINDCONTROL - FULL in his honor on my next flight.
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    These AoA are likely very close to L/Dmax, but I imagine that in each aircraft, test teams built in a pad to ensure acceptable handling qualities were maintained. This would be to protect against moving in-and-out of backside and frontside regimes. That said, none of the flight manuals I have read corroborate such a hunch, but I know that in evaluating "Steady-state flight-path response to pitch controller," the MIL-STD evaluation criteria requires that an "aircraft remains tractable at commonly encountered off-nominal speeds." In this case, off-nominal is 5 knots slow. Given that airspeed behavior becomes unstable at speeds below minimum drag speed, and that L/Dmax occurs at Dmin, it makes sense to build in a buffer, landing performance notwithstanding, and thus, published flight manual approach speeds are above L/Dmax.
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    Yeah, I know... (eyeroll). I don't believe, I don't not believe, I've never seen anything. I just don't know and don't spend much time thinking about it. However, I watched the latest JRE podcast this morning and I had never heard of this guy. If I want to hear a UFO story, I want to hear it from a pilot. Cmdr. David Fravor tells an amazing one. EDIT: This is just the first part of the podcast. The full podcast is pretty good if you have almost 2 hours.
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    Saw a documentary on these things back in the mid-80s.
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    I spent a lot of time with the Kurds over the last few years and I think we should support them in getting their own state. Drastic, for sure, but the Iraqi Army of ~20k abandoned Mosul to 200 guys and the Kurds basically saved the day (including Baghdad). The only reason they’re so screwed is a treaty from post WW1 that left them in the cold. I know it’s about 15 layers deep with all the regional players and such, but they actually seem willing to join the 21st century and fight for what’s theirs.
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    I mean, I just hit request and it sends me back numbers... God forbid I have to use the iPad and calculate it myself. Lol Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    That guy was also featured on the PBS “Carrier” documentary a few years back and his (very Navy) callsign is “Sex” hahaha.
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    Congrats man! Welcome to the squadron.
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    I just received my acceptance letter and a phone call from the 183rd AS in Jackson, MS. Thanks for all of the advice divulged on this forum. Got a slot! Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    The commander has blessed us with his presence
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