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  2. Networked data is GREAT provided you have unrestricted access to the full EM spectrum because you’re fighting cavemen. Being able to do this would require the AF to prioritize EW. https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1816024/air-force-announces-electronic-warfare-electromagnetic-spectrum-superiority-ent/
  3. Networked data sharing is the future, and there is a lot of momentum behind it. You are right, we will not need a bunch of large airframe C2ISR in the future. Not to say it won't still have a place, but the paradigm is certainly shifting.
  4. I'm more with matamcwc. Why dont we put a radar on a dozen RPAs and fly them simoltaneoulsy in the battlespace while they broadcast their picture to fighters/CRC. I would add the same thing could be done with sigint packages and ground radars. Is it necceassary to have the C2 crew airborne? A network based construct like this allows for Fielding cheap/replaceable sensors in a redundant fashion. The biggest aim of AWACS to begin with was to leverage air powers third dimensional advantages on line of sight posturing but previously we never possessed a capability to relay that information over a broadcast. Now the recipients of sensor data can be anywhere in the world.
  5. Anyone had issues with someone other than their Wg/CC signing their 1288? Mine has refused and my ISR said I could have my Sq/CC sign it instead. I'm trying to make sure the paperwork is right to minimize issues at AFPC. Sent from my SM-G960U using Baseops Network mobile app
  6. The area is nice if you like small Midwest towns. Get ready for 4 seasons.
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  8. PIlot's points are valid...you can't have your cake and eat it too. Even after more than a decade of flying fighters, I still have 30 years of dragging bags through an airport ahead (knock on wood). Seniority is "everything," but let those numbers sink in. In the grand scheme of things, would 42 years of the airlines (vs 30) be worth not having 12 years of military flying? Intangible opportunity costs/gains may be worth a lot to some, and none to others. To each their own, there is no right or wrong answer.
  9. YES!! Well played Found it: USAFCENTI 36-2903, 12 December 2018 13 3.4. Desert Flight Duty Uniform (DFDU or Tan Flight suit). 3.4.1. Headgear. OCP patrol caps and OCP ball caps are authorized. OCP Campaign (floppy) hats are only authorized in theater. Headgear will not be rolled, tucked or otherwise formed. Hats will be worn in their natural form and will not be hung around the neck when not being worn. Officer rank will be sewn on the OCP patrol cap or floppy hat. 3.4.2. Scarves are not authorized. 3.4.3. Boots will be Coyote Brown.
  10. Yup My year group there were 100 slots for all of ROTC and you had to have 20/20 vision. My kid is a cadet now (that’s how fcuking old I am) and the class two ahead of his got somewhere around 650 pilot slots for all of ROTC. “Life isn’t fair, timing is everything, there is no justice.” -Bergman
  11. Anyone ever press to test on wearing the coyote brown boots w/ the desert bag? Can it work?
  12. 6x E-7 squadrons, with less tails to each, at more bases. Hill (or Travis), Langley (or McGuire), Lakenheath, Elmo, Kadena, and Tinker (w/depot). Real defensive suite. Maybe make it a white jet tour.
  13. Totally not true today, just about everyone who wanted a pilot slot got it this year in ROTC. PCSM's in the teens, sub 3 GPA's, bottom of the class cadets
  14. I too am interested in Wisco, anyone with a help, it would be much appreciated.
  15. I never met a single airline pilot who wishes he could have a worse seniority number . I'm half joking, but in the OP's situation if he gets an AD pilot slot, he won't be at the airlines for another 14 years if he goes active duty, probably closer to 15-17 depending on how long his break in service is and to finish out his 20. If he continues on the straight civilian route he'll be at a regional in 3-4 years and a major in probably 5-8 with the current retirement situation and projected hiring. That is literally millions and millions of dollars of opportunity cost. To the OP, I think it all depends on what you want to do. If you want to fly in the military, that will be the longer road at this point to flying in the majors. The flying is way more fun in the military, but there is exponentially more BS associated with it. The camaraderie and friendships are way better in the military. The sense of accomplishment and service are better in the military. The medical benefits are better in the military. The guaranteed retirement is better in the military. The QOL is exponentially better in the airlines (unless you value weekends and holidays off, then the military is a little better until you have some seniority at an airline). The pay is better at airlines (perhaps minus regional pay, but that has increased so much now and upgrades are generally quick now, so it's probably a wash). The flying in the airlines is just a J-O-B...it isn't exactly fun flying. Follow a line and A/P is on 99% of the time. Military flying is way more fun, but can also become a J-O-B. I think your best bet might be to press with your degree/flying plan, get your CFI/ATP, get a regional job, and along the way rush guard/reserve units. This will be the best compromise to allow you to do what you want (fly in the military) while still allowing yourself to build a longer lasting, higher paying airline career. I've never met a guard or reserve pilot who said they wished they went active duty. I've also never met a guard or reserve pilot who did OTS who wished they'd done ROTC. I wouldn't mess with OTS or ROTC, frankly. If you rush guard/reserve flying units, you are applying for a part time flying gig, in a known airframe at a known location, with some full time orders available for training and possibly a full time gig later on. The gamble there is actually getting hired. They can be competitive...but if you are competitive for an OTS or ROTC pilot slot, you're probably competitive at a guard/res unit.
  16. Has anyone heard from Savannah yet? And how often do units notify you of receiving applications, and of rejection?
  17. ROTC is a good option, but if you’re worried about their age limit, call up the detachment and ask. But they may be unaware of the new age limit of 33 since it won’t have an impact on 99.9% of their cadets. As for OTS, you’ll know for sure that you have a pilot slot before you attend, so there’s less risk there. Edit: I’d just visit the detachment and try to set a meeting with the commander to ask the questions you’re worried about. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  18. And here my WG/CC removed/consolidated flying numbers to cram more awards and strats in. I agree that ACSC is useless, but I'm one of the (apparently) few on this site looking to get promoted, so I did it anyway.
  19. ACSC is useless. Good for you. I had the same conversation prior to my PRF being submitted. Also sent up with a P.
  20. Update from NBKC Bank! We have rolled out a new extended rate lock program available in ALL 50 States. We have rate lock terms through 240 days with a float down option if pricing goes down. Very helpful if buying a new build and are concerned where rate pricing may be heading. Touch base with me for more details! Amy We also have a new pilot landing page on our website. Check it out! https://www.nbkc.com/pilots
  21. Timeline for guard heavy unit. UPT selection board - 28 March 2018 Selection notification - 9 April 2018 FC1 - 27 August 2018 FC1 stamped - 10 October 2018 Dates received - 15 April 2019 (TFOT 30Jul) (IFT14Nov) (UPT?)
  22. It's been updated since. Board adjourned 22 March I think, so about three weeks. Two weeks is the average so with some of the new guidance/experiments three weeks checks. I'll bet it takes a bit longer for release tho - my guess is late July/early August. zb
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