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  2. As Met records for 2019 LAF O-5 board are showing in PRDA.
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  4. What do you have to be to be eligible for no property tax? After reading the disabled veteran’s exemption, mine would currently be $10k from the appraised value. I’m expecting more disability when I’m officially done with my military service but that still only shows $12k off. Does a 100% VA disability rating make you eligible to pay no property tax in TX?
  5. and the race is on to recover the avionics and ISR equipment...
  6. Anybody get picked up by Fairchild and want to meet up in Spokane?
  7. Do they know what they are getting into? I’d like to think (hope) cyber has a big red button that would turn off all the lights in Iran.
  8. Yeah, I’m 100%, I should be running to TX but there’s nowhere there I really want to live.
  9. RQ-4 shot down? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-48700965
  10. I also had a great experience 2 years ago with Amy at NBKC. No hiccups at all moving to Utah.
  11. Fighter drops out of pilot are to FTU location not to the combat units and the only C model FTU is at Klamath Falls.
  12. No. There's an AD training unit there.
  13. Is your ANG filter broken? Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  14. Just saw that they updated the promotion board status. Both the Major LAF and Lt Col LAF boards are now at the Under Secretary of Defense. Still says release will be early or mid July.
  15. KEND 19-17/19-18 (tried to filter out ANG/AFRC) T-1 KC-135 Kadena KC-135 Fairfield x2 KC-135 McConnell KC-135 MacDill C-21 Scott T-6 FAIP x2 T-1 FAIP C-17 Charleston C-17 JBLM C-17 Elmo x2 C-17 McGuire x2 C-17 Dover RC-135 Rivet Joint Offutt T-38 F-16 Luke x3 F-15E Seymour Johnson T-6 FAIP B-52 Barksdale F-15C Kingsley Field
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  17. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/legal-issues/ex-senate-staffer-sentenced-to-4-years-for-doxing-gop-senators-in-kavanaugh-confirmation-fight/2019/06/19/31a977a8-92aa-11e9-b58a-a6a9afaa0e3e_story.html?utm_term=.b635f8204b9b Good. Hope he enjoys his time out. Funny, except for "right wing" publications, you can't find a picture of the smug little yuppie, only Republican politicians.
  18. I'm sorry to hear this! Would you mind PMng me directly to I can get the particulars from you? Yours is not a typical experience with NBKC, and I would like to find out what happened. I appreciate your time and hope to hear from you soon! Amy
  19. Wow sounds like you had the exact opposite experience to me with NBKC last year. I always meant to write a review but never got around to it. Lots of issues around closing and something like $6,000 in fees to extend our rate lock. Some of the details have faded from my memory but I would definitely not use them again or recommend them to others.
  20. Yet another rather big deal: Opinion piece with one very important specific detail contained: https://thehill.com/opinion/white-house/449206-fbi-warned-early-and-often-that-manafort-file-might-be-fake-used-it-anyway Weissman, Mueller's deputy for the investigation.
  21. I had to look that up because I'm moving to Texas soon... I called to inquire and it's off the appraised value, not a tax credit (so you're still gonna pay a ton, as I understand it.) What is the amount of the disabled veteran's exemption? The exemption amount that a qualified disabled veteran receives depends on the veteran's disability rating from the branch of the armed service. Disability Exemption Disability Rating Exemption Amount Up To 10% to 29% $5,000 from the property's value 30% to 49% $7,500 from the property's value 50% to 69% $10,000 from the property's value 70% to 100% $12,000 from the property's value A disabled veteran may also qualify for an exemption of $12,000 of the assessed value of the property if the veteran is age 65 or older with a disability rating of at least 10 percent; totally blind in one or both eyes; or has lost use of one or more limbs.
  22. Is that a VA rating of 100% disabled or 100% permanently and totally disabled? I’ve been told that you must be 100% permanently and totally disabled to not pay property tax in TX.
  23. Also interested in word on 135's... asking for a friend.
  24. I understand his reasons completely, but the absence of any support from his bosses (i.e. Trump) just causes my blood to boil. It was a perfect opportunity to put this trend to an end, but I guess since Trump feels he beat the sexual assault allegations by 19 women against him since the 80s that Shanahan can do the same. So it's not so much Shanahan as it was the lost chance to put a stop to this practice of condemning someone before they are actually found guilty of something... I should know better, being that it's OK for Michelle Obama to nail Harry Styles in the crotch with a dodgeball, but Benedict Cumberbatch is going to get a visit from the Secret Service for drilling her with the same. She should be man enough to take that!
  25. Don't disagree with any of your post, but I thought it was more along the lines of Shanahan didn't want his son's name plastered all over the news. Seemed like the wife was borderline nuts, the son went after the mom with a baseball bat, and the whole thing sounded really sad. Didn't think it was so much that Shanahan was going to be accused of anything, but more that all his family drama would be drug up for all the world to see.
  26. New AWACS business jet project, not big wing but... https://embraer.com/global/en/news?slug=1206607-embraer-and-elta-to-create-a-new-market-segment-with-the-launch-of-the-p600-aew https://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/paris-embraer-and-elta-team-on-p600-aew-aircraft-459043/
  27. https://youtu.be/NMLe734lHFo The clip is from a Colombian news cast. It's in Spanish but looks pretty wild. Towards the end you can see the right seat pilot gets hit, and the medic in the back has to work on him while in mid flight. As a prior army rotor head, I had the pleasure of running into plenty of Colombian pilots at Fort Rucker. Very humble and also very professional group of pilots. Also, this is why we prefer Night Red Illum del ops over day time shit. Cheers
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