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Sample Letters of Recommendation, Resumes, etc. Please omit names and personal information.

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  1. Do I have a chance

    The file uploaded is questions about whether or not I have a chance on being a fighter pilot or in the airforce in general. I also give some background and concerns in the file about my college past and education. I very briefe description of jobs I have done.

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  2. PDR 15-1018 ANG Airplane Pilot Update

    GS 12 to GS13



  3. Resume Example

    This resume is oriented towards ANG applications. I have modified it several times after receiving feedback. Feel free to have a look at the format.

    I hope this is helpful to future applicants, and I'm not leading them too far astray.

    *NOTE: I used this for seven applications, and was invited to interview four times.



  4. Cover Letter Example

    As you can see, the cover letter I used is fairly standard. I kept it on the short side. Who you are, why you want to fly for that unit, and what makes you a good candidate. (Mine happened to be scores, but there are other good reasons and examples out there.)



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