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  3. Could you remind why Biden quit his presidential run in the 70's?
  4. https://rumble.com/embed/v84seh/?pub=264yz ...."criticism"
  5. @stuckindayton Do you know if we can go back and find out results of the CCT? I had my physical before I commissioned and was DQ'd from rated because of one color in one eye was below 55. I am curious how far below 55 I was.
  6. You say that, but it's hilarious because one person's irrefutable evidence is clearly another's #fakenews. All the proof has been put in here a thousand times, but the left immediately discounts any "proof" as BS and the right calls it "fake news" on the other side of that coin. You proved it simply by replying. Everyone is so convinced of their own infallibility no one's ever going to give any credence to the other side... We're all just on opposite sides of opinions. No issues in particular. Everything from social injustice to fiscal discipline in here seems to be covered by educated people. If you're able to get past some people's (both sides) smug attitude of thinking they're the only one in here that knows anything, there's actually a lot to be learned. Maybe I'm just the only idiot on BO.net that doesn't know everything. Meh... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Green boots are still good. They're still issuing green boots at UPT bases with no idea when brown boots will come in. Sent from my SM-N975U using Baseops Network mobile app
  8. Agree to disagree. There is actually evidence. Before there isn’t. Single witness testimony without evidence isn’t evidence. Anywho.....what policy would you like to discuss?
  9. Man, the hypocrisy on both sides is disgusting! You guys crying about unfair coverage kill me. Simply depends on who's in power at the time. Suddenly, everything about Biden is verified and true, but when equal sources in similar positions, and people who literally just worked for Trump talk about his shadiness you guys just say #fakenews. Gross pot calling the kettle black here. Let's just keep the discussion to what policy should be. I actually learn from people on here when they put forth well thought out ideas and articulate messages vs the constant defense of their side in spite of gross evidence damning both sides... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. That's the tricky part, now isn't it?
  11. Oh and the director of National intelligence this morning shot down that it’s a smear campaign. Edit. Why isn’t Adam Schiff in trouble for his lies and mis information? That should seriously be answered.
  12. I don’t think you’ve read anything about what is on the emails. They tie his dad directly to the money. And the emails have been verified by people who were on them. Might want to go read about them and then second guess your non fact based trolling. When you get called out you pivot to something else. Address what’s in front of you. Then we can talk about people paying to stay at a resort.
  13. Who independently verified it? I can't find anything online about verification, only the opposite that no one can verify. Are you saying that if I claimed to have a laptop of yours, and I started posting private pics of you and videos of you smoking crack you wouldn't have your lawyer give me a call? What kind of world do we live in where a large law enforcement agency comprised of cops and headed by a trump-appointee is left leaning? Do you even listen to yourself? My bad, he relinquished control but didn't divest, and still funnels millions of taxpayer dollars back into his own pocket by taking everyone to his resorts and enriching himself. Just like the founding fathers wanted. Also you dodged that you can quite literally pay to have access to Trump through Mar A Lago. Who should I trust? A millionaire who lies repeatedly when it's convenient to him and repeatedly disrespects the office of the presidency, or a lifelong public servant who has been under public scrutiny for 40+ years and the worst you can dig up on him is dirt about his son...
  14. This must be like when you guys call-out someone for overstating bullshit about flying. I'll paraphrase - "Kubernetes is cool, it'll auto-magically build, kill and rebuild applications and infrastructure that are 'more secure.'"
  15. You gonna keep just posting videos or actually address some of the criticisms of the ongoing story?
  16. The Hunter Biden narrative isn’t going to move the needle, unless you can show that VP Biden actually did something illegal. Here’s the deal, there are hundreds of thousands of parents who have to deal with their children’s addictions, yes even grown children. You don’t stop trying to help your kid just because he’s an adult. It’s what you do, because you watch them grow from an infant, and try to help them ever step of the way. I don’t care if HB was a coke head, that’s his cross to bear. He’s not running for President.
  17. Term limits. Get rid of every DC swamp creature (D’s & R’s) who’s been there for 20+ years [emoji106]
  18. Doesn’t make any sense. If it wasn’t worth it you wouldn’t have posted anything. It was still worth something to you. You hit reply.
  19. Unfortunately I was blindly listening to an individual who got “Chiefed” at a retirement ceremony about the brown boots and Flight suit. The reg says mandatory wear on 01 Apr 2021...good thing I bought them last week. However, the coyote brown (tan 499) shirts are required. When you work on staff, you’ve got lots of time to worry about the important stuff....
  20. Lol, I'm gonna use this line on the next OPR (modified of course)!!
  21. So many cool pictures from the U-2
  22. $$$$ massif and dri-fire make fire retardant moisture wicking shirts that I like. The dri-fire are softer and lighter but the massif are more durable. $ on Amazon, Soffe makes some nice cotton ones
  23. What are some comfortable under shirts you guys use? The squadron issued coyote brown ones are garbage and I will spend on good, comfortable undershirts that don’t make living in Florida extra hot.
  24. There are valid statements above from both sides, but here’s what really matters in my opinion: total fabrication or not, shady or not, the media has no problem plastering shit on trump/other GOP all over the place, but when the same level of shady shit is available on hunter/other Dems, it’s shut down by chairman mao. Regardless of the authenticity/accuracy of smear information, either allow it all (and let the consumer form their opinion), or take your “moral stand” and suppress it; your call media. But when they do one for the Dems and the other for the GOP, it’s very disturbing and frankly everybody, regardless of party affiliation, should acknowledge this bullshit. It’s still suppressing free speech even if you disagree with the content/statements, and that’s wrong.
  25. I remember in UPT phase 1/2 getting reemed for not shiny enough boots. No fucks given by anyone during phase 3 and throughout the rest of my illustrious black boot career.
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