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  2. T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    Not if you all start ground aborting, the Navy did this and a few F-22 guys back in the day, just don't go on 60 Minutes.
  3. Chief of Safety is designed to be a Sq CC/DO or a former Sq CC. The AF did this on purpose because they wanted someone who wouldn't go ROAD running the Safety program/have someone who is a peer with the flying Sq CCs. AFI91-202 Active duty military COS will be selected from a current or previous Squadron Commander/Director of Operations/Chief of Safety list; or be a former Squadron Commander. MAJCOM/CV or above has waiver authority for this requirement. (T-2)
  4. T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    All the T-6 SQ/CC have an extreme erection on this plan from what I hear and are 100% in support of it. Looks like we have the right crop of commanders to lead the next generation of Air Force... oh fml... If there is dissent from higher ups they are shut up effectively.
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  6. The Next President is...

    ^^Fair enough! Then again, that's what we were told in Oct 2016. We will definitely find out!
  7. FC1 - Dental worries (Bite Issue)

    Might be a good idea to have your dentist write you a letter explaining the condition, recommended treatment (if any) and prognosis including risks factors and limitations. If they bring it up at FC-1, then BAM! You’re covered, at least initially.
  8. The Next President is...

    I think the FBI releasing the report late-summer is only going to feed into this "deep state" red-hat conspiracy theory going on and will make roughly 33% of the country reject any and all facts presented to them on the matter as simply political sabotage. Even worse it could lead to a "FBI purge" or whatever the right keeps hinting at. My personal opinion is Mueller should release the report when it's done, regardless of optics and political influence...which is most likely what he will do. Many see this report release as the democratic life support in 2018. Like we need it to prevent being faded into irrelevance. I don't think it's true at all...the democratic base is motivated to show up at the polls to kick our government back into action. With every policy announcement R's have done a better job than any democratic leader of stirring up democratic voters and chipping away at their base.
  9. I'd go and worry about it later, the ART program sucks donkey balls plus you can't do mil leave as an ART, only an AGR. Excel in UPT, and toward the middle//end, start beating the war drums that you can't accept an ART position due to being an airline guy, they'll get it if they don't already. The airline job you have already might be your saving grace.
  10. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    If I were a Russian or Chinese paid troll or bot programmer, I’d be rolling in with everything I’ve got on military leadership. How I know when I win: US military leaders begin publicly attacking their own with claims of bullying, microaggressions, and unintentional biases. The possible unintended silver lining for us: the weak-minded leaders will remove each other via Twitter while the IDGAF types like Mattis will be more likely to survive.
  11. What’s the latest with this? My situation is I’ll be going on mil leave from a major airline to go to UPT/IFF/B course/seasoning. I was an O3, almost an O4 in my previous life, so I anticipate making O4 at the end of my B course or right when I get back to my unit from training. I just signed an AFRES contract, but haven’t yet started UPT, saying I am obligated to the standard UFT commitment, as well as 6 years in a full time status, with the first 2 in AGR status for initial training, then the rest for seasoning as either TDART or AGR based on needs of the AF Reserve. Am I going to be forced to resign from my $200k-$300k airline job to be a GS9, and/or give up seniority/longevity since I’ll be a TDART? What are the chances of the unit getting AGR orders for me? Can I pick up deployments to get some AGR or full time orders? Usually mil leave seems like an easy thing, but this new TDART thing is throwing a wrench in my plans. If I have to give up O4 pay and seniority at a major airline to be a GS9, it’s going to be one expensive move to get back in the military.
  12. Flying Videos Thread Part 2?

    Can't let that cat outta the bag I think Freq and Maestro are still in. I think I have it somewhere. Apparently there is a Part II at the 16 WPS but its in the vault, which means it cannot ever come out.
  13. The new airline thread

    Not only that, if you don't live in or near a major hub, you probably only have one or two choices for airlines anyway. See: Abilene, TX - the only way out is to fly American or drive 3.5 hours to Dallas.
  14. Flying Videos Thread Part 2?

    Anyone have a link to the gold bond video from many years ago?
  15. I've often seen both used as a holding pattern for a guy who never made commander and is now waiting out retirement. Could go either way.
  16. The Next President is...

    Would you like to provide your opinion as to why? You (like the rest of us) aren't shying away from providing an opinion on nearly everything else.
  17. T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    Don't ask...I have no doubt that they could.
  18. T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    So....no spins, cross country, or solos?
  19. T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    Great. How could they make it more convoluted.
  20. I was fortunate enough to be TDY at Maxwell about a month before i PCSd. 4 out of 5 weekends i was down in Pensacola driving around checking houses the Mrs picked online, checking neighborhoods/drive times etc. it’s a 3 hr drive one way from maxwell so the day gets long but getting eyes on was clutch. I dont know if you’ll have that kind of freedom at TFOT or a car but i’d try and ask for the freedom and if u dont have the car get a buddies go borrow. Worst they can both say is no... i’d highly recommend your wife give you a power of attorney to sign as her for lease purposes...that way if you’re down here and love something you can work a lease, deposit, etc. and sign on the spot. I didn’t do that and we worked the lease via email post my TDY which was ok just, i just like doing that stuff in person. take away if u can sign a lease like @nunya said you set up your move for a door to door vs door to storage to door
  21. The Next President is...

    We discussed this a page or two ago. There is reason for and against, but only Coons knows the answer to that...ask him. Asking private citizens repeatedly isn't going to get you anywhere. We can only speculate, but in the end what he wants doesn't matter.
  22. Future T-38 replacement?

    It is impressive and they probably have the inside lane but to balance things out here's Leonardo's T-100 integrated training system page: http://www.leonardodrs.com/products-and-services/t-100-integrated-training-system/t-100-embedded-training-program/ and Boeing's http://www.boeing.com/defense/t-x/index.page?gclid=Cj0KCQiA2snUBRDfARIsAIGfpqHQLQAOEossg9gCAIfC9o6Tg40ukrUC1CBZjiXD5aahfqXskHHzJ7MaAhVjEALw_wcB#/video-player/boeing-t-x-real-as-it-gets-training
  23. FC1 - Dental worries (Bite Issue)

    What does your dentist say about this? Can/will it lead to potential health issues? Has surgery ever been advised?
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