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    Saw Midway today. Not a bad flick once/if you get past the early 2000's quality CGI. Pearl Harbor crushed it in terms of graphics and that came out when again? Otherwise the story started back in the mid-30's, then Pearl Harbor, then touched a tad on the Doolittle Raids, and finally onto the Coral Sea and Midway.
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  4. MyPers and that network you've been building for the last 12 years. Sorry, no secret database. Talk to any of your buddies at the big staffs. Almost always an IMA opening floating around at Scott, Robins, Langley, etc. Here's the directions, though, for Det 5 (AFRC). It's not the "Volunteer" button. Other Dets will have their own processes.
  5. Airline Apps will ask for sim hours buried a few pages into the hours section. Otherwise they count for nada. Sent from my SM-G960U using Baseops Network mobile app
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  7. Ours are due to the wing Nov 14. This Thursday.
  8. Not applicable for flight time logging, no mil sim is I believe Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. What can we do with CAE Simulator time for our hours? How does it translate for the airlines?
  10. At least it wasn’t Midway. Probably would have ended up on Cicero.
  11. soo... 2-line PRFs and all the associated racking and stacking hustle and bustle for our next groups of 2-BPZ and 1-BPZ folks meeting this next O-5 board or not...
  12. A sporty landing on a icy runway at ORD today.
  13. So, here’s what jumped out at me from the height article. “Don’t automatically assume you don’t qualify because of your height,” said Maj. Gen. Craig Wills, 19th Air Force commander. “We have an incredibly thorough process for determining whether you can safely operate our assigned aircraft. Don’t let a number on a website stop you from pursuing a career with the best Air Force in the world.” I get all the anthropometric standards at all, but I think it may be time to, oh I don’t know, change the standards a little bit. The way it’s worded is horrible, proven by the fact that a two star has to get on the internet and say “yeah, I know what the reg says but apply anyway and we will waive it.”
  14. Ugh... wow. Bad timing. I just changed my signature block to Hanlons Razor about a week ago? Jesus that is bad. So sorry. Q-3 for low SA stand by for changing it back. No offense meant.
  15. I don’t understand the relevance of the quote here.
  16. I watched them load up as I drove by the runway on my way to work. I was wondering why a few hours later a 130 was circling so low over the gulf. My buddy was in the air as the search started, the amount of help and support was pretty humbling, fighters, bombers, tankers from all over the south were overhead almost immediately (relatively speaking)
  17. "Praying for him and his family" Here's some info from Friday - via my local grapevine/I live in Mary Esther (take with a serious grain of salt but it does sound plausible): "His emergency parachute somehow accidentally deployed while he was standing near the aircraft ramp. He was then pulled out of the plane and possibly injured in the process. After he landed in the water he was seen alive and looked to be treading water. They are trained to immediately remove their gear so not to impede swimming or treading water. His gear was recovered by search teams, but he has not been found. He has 2 children."
  18. Other open source reports mention the reserve chute deploying in the aircraft.
  19. RIP 🍺 "Unplanned parachute departure"...is that a chute opening in the aircraft or the harness failing on opening?
  20. I can second that I’ve heard similar rumblings in my corner that this may be coming down the line soon, though I haven’t seen specifics.
  21. Well good for him if he’s able to pull that off. I’d be excited yet terrified to work for an airline that allowed me to drop my schedule then paid me premium to pick up a different schedule. That can’t be a viable business model, but hopefully it works out.
  22. I called him on his claims bc I also found it hard to believe, and he sent me last month’s pay stub as well as the month‘s break down (similar to a rainmaker breakdown but whatever frontier uses). I don’t want to post it here but I’ll give the breakdown. Last month was 11 off, 180:09 hours of pay credit, and 65:57 block, 113:18 total credit (before premium). He flew only one awarded 3 day trip at straight time...the rest was premium he picked up (@150% credit) by dropping and swapping. 18:52 credit at straight pay for that 3 day, 94:26 prem trip credit @ 150% (=141:39 total credit), so that equaled 160:31 credit hours. But for them (something I didn’t realize), any credit above 82 credit hours is @125% pay. So he got 82 hours at regular pay, and 78:31 hours 125%, or 98:09 pay credit for the above 82 credit. That took his total pay credit to 180:09. Total days off: 11. Total overnights: 10. This was a heavier month with heavier credit. He has some lighter ones that took his avg days off up. But with as much premium as he is able to get, and the fact that they get 125% for any credit above 82, their garbage pay rates can actually end up paying pretty well...especially if you are able to do most of your flying at premium (especially once you’re over 82). I still don’t understand how he can drop most of his awarded trips and fly mostly premium. Apparently he’s been able to do it consistently this whole year as a 2d/3d year FO. My airline is short staffed and has what I thought was a lot of premium out there, but it’s hard to be able to drop enough in the first place to get much premium because the reserve grids never support much dropping...so if we get it it’s generally on a day off or an emergency reassignment. It seems like if it was as easy as he makes it out to be to fly mostly premium trips, everyone there would be doing it, which I find hard to believe is the case. I only know one other guy there and he’s on first year pay on reserve and not getting any of those goods. But I can definitely vouch that one guy is making decent bank on 2nd split with 3rd (half and half) year pay there this year. Don’t get me wrong, I still think Frontier sucks, but apparently it isn’t as bad as their pay rates (or their product) appear at first glance.
  23. Checks with how I read that legal'ese, outside their "window-of-opportunity"
  24. From WOR on training/readiness for Hornets: https://warontherocks.com/2019/11/improve-super-hornet-training-and-readiness-with-more-missiles-and-fewer-missions/ Good arguments for changing training tables, allowing for more/often missile shoots.
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