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  2. Actually he should fix everything in less than 100 correct?
  3. Thanks gents! Sorry for being slow to reply...for some reason notifications aren't coming through but I hop on every few days to check in. It was a pleasure helping all of you out! Thanks for spreading the word about Trident! Looking forward to helping a lot more of you guys this year! For an immediate response make sure you're calling, texting or emailing me. We expect rates to stay low for a while but finish the year slightly higher. Jon 850-377-1114 jk@mythl.com
  4. LOL. Same here. I would have taken any assignment on my dreamsheet. Admittingly, a couple were shooting for the stars though most would have been doable. But, the AF decided that I needed to go back to the base and airframe I PCSed from. No thanks...7 day opted. Two years later I'm a captain at a major airline and made O5 in the reserves....thanks for the assist, AF!
  5. Why does it not make any sense? I know quite a few who never flew the T-1 in training that are back to it now. Same with the T-6 and there are/were a select few in the T-38 as well. It makes sense when we need instructors in UPT, experienced instructors. Not just FAIP types, although I do love the FAIP motivation. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. https://www.defensenews.com/breaking-news/2020/09/15/the-us-air-force-has-built-and-flown-a-mysterious-full-scale-prototype-of-its-future-fighter-jet/
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  8. I thought the government was offering the subsidies back when the Nissan Leaf was the most advanced EV...with a range of like 80 miles. As far as I know, the tax credits for EVs started with the Energy Improvement and Extension Act, signed by Bush in 2008, the same year Tesla released the Roadster (a car that had less that 2500 built). So this was well before the Model S hit the road. And I guarantee that the people buying the $100k Roadster didn't give a shit about the tax credit. It seems like it was a pretty fair subsidy. It's no one's fault besides other car companies that Tesla seems to
  9. Enlisted at 19. I've had to email the Retirement/Separations office 5 times to request they load my checklist. This damn base of assfoonery. Why can't people do their one job? My civilian boss (ex capt) is keeping a micromanaging tab. She did say I can be out by 1300 on my one office day a week. I telework otherwise. MSM - 0 FTG; OPR - 0 FTG; Wing - 0 FTG Definitely need to acquire my old enlisted medical records. I have 2 books of flight medical records...lol
  10. uhhello

    Gun Talk

    #3Maglula 9mm UpLULA Universal Pistol Magazine Loader/Unloader: Best for Durability. This has done the trick for my glock and sig mags with zero issues. Its great.
  11. Ok, I guess you think you got me? He's been president for what, 2.69 days, I can't believe he hasn't fixed the decades of partisanship already! I think you may be forgetting the 8 years of blaming Obama for every bad thing that happened. Stop being a sore loser for long enough to realize that during Trump's presidency Democrats didn't invent blaming the president for crap that went wrong. Not much of a fake bait there hoss, the statement you made falls in line with 90% of the statements made by every Trump apologist on this forum. This was the first election I've ever voted for a dem
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  13. There's all kinds of magic bullshit you can do with billets. However, it really depends on what he's doing with the unit, and what the unit needs. If he's low in your grade/exp he is not at an advantage doing it because you won't be off the books until you've got that blue ID card. Which is an eternity in Sq time. You're a year out...ftg (Fucks To Give) should be ≤ 0. If you're coming in/leaving on time and not "out-processing" you're doing it wrong. FYI - out-processing includes calling to get your old medical records from cold storage because they will not have them on base.
  14. Go spend some time in Mexico, South America, the Middle East (I'm assuming you have), Africa, or East Asia and tell me America isn't a meritocracy. I'm sure you're being somewhat hyperbolic, but the difference between the Western meritocracy and real nepotism, which most Americans have not experienced, is vast and shocking. Ivanka Trump was an advisor, not the Secretary of State. Hunter Biden was just milking some spare change from his Dad's name, he wasn't the Secretary of Commerce. We are not nepotistic country.
  15. Is your point that meritocracy shouldn’t exist or that it doesn’t?
  16. Let me know when we find meritocracy. Everything I've seen while in, and my brief time out, is who you know.
  17. The blunt truth is it hurts non minorities. That’s the harm in affirmative action policies. It’s why white male pilots, for the most part, should go ahead and stop applying to be astronauts. Edit: The sinister end result is the debasing of the meritocracy.
  18. So the OSS/CC asked to house me from my toxic wing (tenant). I am already double billeted in my squadron, but work at the wing. The wing told the OSS/CC, yeah you can have him if you billet him. I kind of begged the OSS/CC to see if he can pull some strings or have them double billet me anywhere. You guys know a lot on this site. Probably understand what can and cannot be done with billets better than me. Is there any way to have someone billet me until I start the Skills Bridge program in January before I retire? Just trying to escape a toxic wing!
  19. Since we're discussing memes... Bernie Sanders sitting at the Inauguration takes over internet Two of my favorites...
  20. I think we're taking a bit last each other with the GPS example, and I'm too lazy to do some more digging (this has been a pleasant distraction from both work and homework). But I think we both agree that there a delicate balance, and it can be hard to draw the line. I also don't think Tesla meets the threshold to hold a monopoly on EVs or their charging infrastructure either, and wasn't my intent. But they were also not the only ones to receive tax credits: several other car manufacturers also received tax credits, though the other manufacturers elected not to pursue EVs (and associated ta
  21. Anyone know of/know where to find the AFRC FY21 Pilot Boards schedule? No luck on google. Thanks!
  22. This is what happens when the party, and to a large extent, the voters don't know what they believe anymore. The activists with very clear, but very niche goals take over. I'm amazed by how many democrat voters I talk to don't know what their party is pushing. This topic is literally one of the examples I'm thinking of. Americans are spending more time than ever attacking their political opponents and defending their allies, yet almost no time thinking and discussing what they actually believe. This is not by happenstance.
  23. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for taking the bait. Of course Biden had nothing to with that decision. However, for the last four years the left and the mainstream press blamed EVERY single thing that went wrong on Trump. Have the intellectual honestly to apply the same standard to Biden... Oh I can hear you know...But But But. Not my meme but it certainly holds true. I have yet to see the grand reach across the political aisle, instead it has been a slew of executive orders and a complete dodge on the question of impeaching Trump. He has the opportunity to push the Trump thing asid
  24. I mean in either case, if a dude is killing it all the way to phase 3 and then his grades just hike off a cliff, that was clearly a wasted oppurtunity to retain some great talent. This was a problem that could have been easily fixed.
  25. I actually came here to post about this. As a former college athlete and someone who hopes to have kids that will participate in sports, this absolutely pisses me off to no end. “The party of science and women’s rights” conveniently ignores biological differences between men and women and then signs an EO allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports. What kind of message does that send to young women athletes in this country!? Connecticut has actually already shown what a complete cluster this is. 15 girls state track titles have been won by biological boys. A large portion of the
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