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Change of plans

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Ya knew it was going to happen! Well, dates are still the same, but we'll be moving up to Travis AFB instead of Oregon. Still pretty excited about the move; even a little moreso now that we'll be at an actual base with all the amenities therein. I will be sent to Oklahoma City for a day or so to take an ATC aptitude test to see if i'm "worthy" to be an ATC dude. I guess a lot of people have been washing out of the program so the AF wants to implement this test to nip these things in the bud. I liken it to IFS for the pilots: if you can pass this, then you should be good to go for the rest of the training.

I have to go through the rip and orders process again so probably won't get orders for another week or two. Oh well!!

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Sounds great...like you said, it's a much bigger base with all the trappings that go with it. Question...Will you actually be an air traffic controller or the officer in charge...I don't know too much about what goes on in the control areas/tower. Thanks for the update.

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I will get controller certifications, so I'll be able to control from time to time; but i'll mostly be the guy in charge dealing with more of the management of the airfield aspect of things. I will have to control from time to time to keep certifications, though.

By the way...thank you and everyone else for reading this stuff. I don't know who else is reading it, but you sir, are a very dedicated reader of my drivel!

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Its been my pleasure to have followed your track since IFS and I find it very interesting..I thank you and all your fellow classmates for your service to our country and wish you continued success. I look forward to hearing more as your journey unfolds.

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