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Ifs Lessons Learned

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Alright, well, I expected to have more lessons learned, but I don't. Feel free to add on to this as necessary. In no particular order...

- Relax: I was super nervous going there. Don't be. Everyone is very helpful and friendly especially while checking in, but also throughout the whole time I was there. Everyone is really there to help you make it through.

- If you don't like really hard or fluffy pillows, bring your own.

- Bring some electronic entertainment: XBox, PS, Wii, etc goes a long way and your classmates will appreciate it.

- Go somewhere else on the weekends. Me and my buddy went to either Colorado Springs or Denver every single weekend we were there. You are generally not spending much money on food and nothing on lodging, so get out; if for nothing else, to get a room with a window! We stayed at the Hyatt Place: excellent!

- Drive and stay in Colorado Springs the night before your RNLT date if you are coming from far away. You have to get there in blues and you don't want to be driving for like 10 hours with those damn things on. I say drive because it sucks (for me) to bum rides off of everyone all the time.

- Learn the boldface and ops limits backward, forward, upside down and in no order in particular before you get there. Also learn the black items on the ops limits: you'll use them just enough to know them by memory. Learn everything you can in the In Flight Guide as far as the departures and arrivals go: it may not make a whole lot of sense, but if you are familiar with them, it helps immensely.

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Oh, and a more important lesson learned: DO NOT GRADE YOURSELF, LET THE INSTRUCTOR GRADE YOU!!!

I thought I majorly screwed up on my final check ride (went out of the area) and my IP didn't knock me for it. I kept the above advice in mind and just flew the rest of my profile the way I knew I could and it all worked out.

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Guest Sentry333


Is it sad Geoff that I check this every once in a while to see who has more hits on their blog? Haha. Hope ASBC's going well for you.

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